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President Michael Sata defends the removal of Maize Subsidies


President Sata makes a speech during the International Women's Day in Lusaka
President Sata


President Michael Sata has defended his Government’s move to remove maize subsidies saying maize subsidies have been a pillar for the huge economic inequality in Zambian society because they only benefit the already well to do middlemen and not the targeted vulnerable groups of our society.

In a Press statement released to the media by State House, the President urged Zambians not give an ear to habitual armchair critics or those practicing ‘megaphone’ politics without immediate or long-term solutions in sight to the numerous challenges facing the country.

” Those claiming that funds are being channelled to by-elections are only being mischievous because the money for by-elections is budgeted for and government doesn’t need to withdraw money from other key sectors to fund by-elections,” he said.

Below is the full Statement

Media Statement

For Immediate Release


LUSAKA, Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – His Excellency, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has assured Zambians that the PF government is taking bold steps to facilitate practical and equitable distribution of national resources amongst the general populace.

President Sata said the government is executing progressive decisions such as the removals of the fertilizer subsidy to enable it dispense development equitably throughout the various sectors and regions of the country.

“Our people have to understand that maize subsidies have been a pillar for the huge economic inequality in our society as they only benefit the already well to do middlemen and not the targeted vulnerable groups of our society. We are simply channelling resources to the very poor citizens of our society and we are certain that for real economic and well distributed growth to occur, these changes are necessary. Therefore, all well-meaning Zambians need to look at days beyond today and tomorrow,” the President said.

The Head of State emphasised that the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) is one such case where a lot of resources have been spent without the government and poor farmers recording any tangible outcome.

“The public may wish to know that during 2012, the budget allocation for the FISP was K500 Billion against actual expenditure of K1.181 Trillion, representing a budget overrun of K681.2 Billion; while during the year 2011, K485 Billion was budgeted against actual expenditure of K1,354.70 Trillion, representing a budget overrun of K869.7 Billion,” President Sata said.

“In addition, during 2010, K100 Billion was budgeted under the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) maize marketing programme against actual expenditure K2.6 Trillion, representing a budget overrun of K2.5 Trillion; while in 2011, K150 Billion was budgeted against actual expenditure of K3.2 Trillion representing a budget overrun of K3 Trillion. Therefore, as a responsible government sworn to safeguard the interests of the people especially the underprivileged, we had to make these progressive and bold decisions to guarantee our citizens a better future.”

The President further said the budget allocations to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for the year 2011 was K1.2 Trillion while for the year 2012 was K1.6 Trillion, which was far much less than the actual expenditure on both the maize marketing and FISP programmes.

“As a result money was diverted from other pressing social and economic needs to finance the two programmes, which have not directly benefitted the vulnerable groups in our society,” he said.

President Sata said he was confident that the long-term benefits of these seemingly harsh decisions outweigh the short-term expectations.

“Our appeal to the Zambian people is not give an ear to habitual armchair critics or those practising ‘megaphone’ politics without immediate or long-term solutions in sight to the numerous challenges facing the country. Those claiming that funds are being channelled to by-elections are only being mischievous because the money for by-elections is budgeted for and government doesn’t need to withdraw money from other key sectors to fund by-elections,” he said.

President Sata said the savings that will be realized, by government, through the higher contribution by farmers towards the cost of fertilizer, will all be used to increase support towards the diversification of the agriculture sector including effective livestock disease control and the construction of grain storage facilities.

“Further, in order to encourage progressive farmers to make long-term investment in customary land, our government in consultation with Chiefs and other traditional authorities will introduce legislation to ensure security of tenure for such land,” he says.

President Sata reiterated government’s commitment to increased household food security and incomes of small-scale farmers in order to reduce poverty in line with the PF Manifesto which promotes diversifying the agriculture sector.

President Sata thanked the Zambian people for the patience and continued faith in his administration’s vision for the country.

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    • This is a stupid website. I wish citizens realised Lusaka Times is PF and Zambian Watchdog is UPND. Good lucky!

    • Did he defend removal of Chief Mwamba? That maize is not as important as insulting Bemba Chiefs, weshamo mwailetelela Ba Sata.

    • Ok guys let us face it. I think the PF are right on this score. It reminds me of when Chiluba introduced the Structural Adjustment Programmes. A lot of people suffered in the process, some have never recovered from it. But the overall benefit of privatisation and business mindedness of the Zambian people is very beneficial to Zambia. Zambians have become entrepreneurs as a result of that Shake UP by Chiluba. It is time for us to work hard for our own food and fuel while government builds infrastructure to enable us become richer. Give PF a chance to role out these programmes and you will see the benefits. Zambia will have money to build good highways, improve railways, build schools, stock hospitals with medicines because there is more money to go round. Let us hold them accountable.

  1. Just like I predicted ….a press statement via his immature PA when is this man Sata going to face the media. They people elected you as President not George Chellah!!

    • The day Sata will attempt to address a press conference, will actually mark the end of his reign as he will simply collapse because he has so many critical questions to answer in the governance of our beautiful country.

      He will not be able to bear the pressure and medical staff must be ready for this possibility.

      Sata must face the nation, and the sooner he does this the better for the wellbeing of the nation and indeed for his own.

      We cat keep taking this garbage press statements all the time on all critical national matter.

      Be brave and face the nation or quit!!

    • Ba Jay i was watching the News yesterday where Jay Carney the white house secretary answered all queries on Benghazi, IRS etc. I never saw president Obama right there at the WH answering questions from tuma journalists. Sata is five years ahead, why pay G. Chellah if he is not doing his job? You don’t expect the president to be on TV almost on a daily basis No No NO! I remember when MMD was in power, the 19hrs News headline was always RB RB RB, and people complained. Now bakateka is in the background and you want him to be on News everyday? We don’t operate like that in PF bane. 2016 PF you have my Vote!!!!

    • Why do you hate George? He is doing his job and you keep on calling him names. Haters. Zonda chikubabe indeed. George is okay and you wish it was you. Sorry, it is George. Get up and straighten up.

    • People that use the term “hater” are the lowest stage of the evolutionary scale. They bleed the fastest and have thought processes similar to that of a mentally underdeveloped cat.

    • @ Chipembele, are you seriously comparing Obama’s communication team and style with Sata’s? Is that how out of touch “you in PF” really are? As you may know (but not like to admit) Obama did go before the press yesterday about the IRS thing and has gone before the cameras AND taken questions from journalists on many (MANY!) occasions. Your comparison makes no sense at all!

      It also makes no sense to say that because the news under MMD was RB this, RB that, RB, RB, RB is any kind of reason for MCS not to address the nation on a matter as important as this!

      All this says to the nation is the true reason Sata does not talk on serious matters (and why he will NEVER hold a press conference) is that he is not able to be serious or coherent – look at his May Day “speech” for proof!

  2. Ubunga too expensive and we the poor who gave u the instrumental of power have been badly affected yet you are concerned with dry grasses at state house. In opposition you provided meaningful checks and balance but today you are becoming an irresponsible president

    • just imagine!!!! he worries about kapinga drying at state house… not the people.. bantu! who put him in state house,,, kupusa moonga guy sikoti

    • Guys I thought this was about the subsidies and not grass.
      I think Prezo has the right to be upset unless you tell me those workers are being paid for doing nothing so are all you cry babies.
      Where are you working so that we can check your work too and give those ready to work for the pay.
      No free money baba

  3. But this guy is a tool ai…so how does he know how many ministers are going to resign or die in a one year for him to budget for by elections? what a f.o.o.l we have for a president.

    • Friend! What career have you pursued?
      Clearly nothing of Accounting or Budgeting.
      When Minister of Finance presents the National budget in Parliament, what do you think that is?
      Trying so hard to come out smart yet you start embarrassing yourself

  4. Mr President, we hear you clearly on the need to remove subsidies, but the explanation and justification is suspect big time.

    1) You can’t be claiming to be looking for development money when you have a cabinet packed with unnecessary deputy Ministers and so creating a Govt that has consumed the most public resources in the history of the country. Address your cabinet size BEFORE you touch subsidies. In short, as Jesus put it, ” Stop straining at NUTS and swallowing Carmels” This is the message from Zambians.

    2) DO you mean to say that all the 150 MPs’ seats were budgeted for. I find it hard to believe this, because it is possible you can continue to have by elections indefinitely and you can’t budget for that but have to source funds!! BUFI!!

  5. ** BUFI **
    If Sata can stop his fraudulently induced by-electionas and extravagant ministerial and leadership kind of leadership, we can atleast manage mealie meal subsidies. This will come to haunt the PF but Iam sure that with the pace of defections we are witnessing the PF are now growing wings to not care much about what you and I say. They never did anyway….

  6. This statement is informing us of budget over-runs, it is not justifying the removal of the subsidy. Further this statement has deliberately ignore the cost benefit assessment which is key to this argument i.e. Bumper harvest.

  7. tomato balunda, onioni nayo yadula unomwaka tulefwa kunsala.
    that money “budgeted” for by-elections cant it improve souls in the nation and by removing the subsidies cuz the middle income people can afford it simply means mealie meal is only for the rich

  8. I am worried about my people their in Zambia. I do send money for food every monthend but now that the food prices have gone up, I am really worried. The reasons given here for the increases in food prices or removal of subsidies are quite lame. Could it be that the government has depleted the euro bonds and is now desperate to pull money from every where in order to sustain the biggest cabinet in Africa of more that 80 ministers ??? Furthermore, I think more MPs are need to be poached from MMD/UPND in order to acquire a ONE PARTY STATE which will come in handy for the constitution processing in due course !!!

    • Chi shinka! Have you noticed now what 200 pin used to buy for your relatives is now more like 350 in terms of food and other groceries? Too much pressure.

  9. George Chella, can this guy not be replaced by someone mature and more articulate sure? Anyway, everything about this government is mediocre. Awe mwe.

    • How you wish it was you in George s shoes ******we kaboke munyela mumpoto. Just grow up and learn to know that George is competent.

  10. “President Sata thanked the Zambian people for the patience and continued faith in his administration’s vision for the country.” so concludes the statement………it’s all BUFI! Manipulative and playing on intelligence of the citizenry.

  11. “I know him too well. . .SATA is not and will never be presidential material but does well as a minister under strict supervision” KK 2006

  12. But Mr President you promised us farmers 15bags of feteleza each under FISP and voted you on that basis.Now look what you doing to us.Chani kalipa maningi ine nditu.

  13. Lekeni Sata ateke ! Well said sir.You are not a messiah and we know that you are just doing the best you can.Way to go.

    • You are right my brother I want to say well spoken because even the devil has got supporters so I can’t be surprised to see people like you support Sata. One thing time will tell let us wait and see.

  14. BUFI – Legacy of PF Sata. How does a president continue to lie even on common sense issues. Ati removal of food subsidies is meant to benefit the poor in society. BUFI- who are the hard hit in society? The very poor of the poor will be vulnerable in this removal of food subsidies. Fuel hikes will hit hard the poor, sky rocketing of food prices will be felt pitly on the poor. UBUFI will be felt by the poor from PF Sata. Let president Sata say something else like paying back K14 billion back to DBZ by Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito to benefit Zambians. Not UBUFI.

  15. I hope the electorate is finally getting the lesson: Dont vote based on any politicians’ promises. They will do the same things that the ruling party is doing. They will just find excuses for doing it. I think we should just vote on the basis that we like or hate a candidate. S0 we would like them to come steal our money or go languish. Politricks

  16. Ba president namukasa, and i don’t see a sense in what you have said. This money will be channelled to the salaries increments that yoyu promises the civil servants. in short your statement is BUFI!!!

  17. ….””We are simply channelling resources to the very poor citizens of our society and we are certain that for real economic and well distributed growth to occur, these changes are necessary. Therefore, all well-meaning Zambians need to look at days beyond today and tomorrow,” the President said””if you are not a thief u will agree with that. they took a risk which even them they know of loosing popularity. people as long as they please people back in the village, 2016 is for PF….folks in the city talk too much for nothing.

    • Hey buddy go back to school and learn more I think you do not know what you are talking about. If you do not understand economics then kindly keep quiet kindly do not exhibit your ignorance in public.

  18. It is unthinkable that even with such a crucial pronouncement affecting 99 per cent of the population, the President chooses to speak through his spokesperson Chellah. This in effect give less credence for the so called President defends removal of subsidies. For such pronouncement the president should take Prime time on ZNBC and make the pronouncement himself publicly.
    That aside I see many holes in the justification for removal of subsidies – all at once and not gradual – as the Civil Servants that work on the estimates for Agriculture are fast asleep and not working at all. This is a case of serious under budgeting with the notion that supplementary budget will take care. How honestly do you have a variance in budget of over 100 per cent? Indeed it is a necessary evil to get

  19. We are not children that you should talk to us via that child- Chellah and also give a statement full of lies.BUFI….Please respect the electorate.When will you hold a press conference?

  20. Next time address the nation through television live just like your old boss chiluba used to do. Has the man ever held a press conference since he took power. Some things are just too important to be left to a mere press secretary.

  21. Contd from 23: indeed it is a necessary evil to get rid of the subsidies but it should have been gradually done. I predict food riots are on the horizon when you start getting prices of a 25 kg bag of mealie meal retailing at circa KR150. The 100 percent civil servants pay rise scheduled in a couple of months is already going to be outstripped by the increase in fuel and accompanying rise in prices of all other products that follows it due to increase in transport cost. Yes subsidies does distort prices in the market and brings about imperfection of the market and therefore, the right way to go but it should have been gradually been removed to reduce the impact on the majority of the population

  22. Its not time to rely on the govt. for your survival but God in this end times. No man can save another for the current happenings going on in the world today. We need to turn to God for wisdom on how to direct the country’s affairs and our leaders need God the most. Just check what has been happening even in developed nations. Lets involve God in our affairs if we have to move to a better times. Perilous times are at hand, says TB Joshua my Prophet

  23. Where is our ardent PF blinded cardre by the name of Maxwell? Recently he seems to be avoiding debate and I wonder whether is enthusiasm in these Pathetic Failures is slowly evaporating….

  24. Mr. Sata, if RB had said what you are now saying when he was in Government and you in opposition, what would you have done and said? You lied by promising heaven and earth in 90 days, what makes you think we will believe you this time around? No matter what clever words and semantics your press attache will use regarding removal of subsidies,know this Mr. President, playing on food of the stomach, you have touched a wrong button! Read my lips.

  25. Our government wants to get another euro-bond but they been given a condition ,to remove all subsidies.

  26. Subsidies in maize production and consumption has been estimated at 300m USD per year in Zambia. Imagine 300m USD of infrastructure projects and the jobs/trickle down effects it would have had on Zambia in the last 20 years. 300M USD subsidy is excessive and sadly abused as happens with all free things world over. In 20 + years after the defeat of UNIP in 1991, Zambia would have bullet trains between Kitwe & lusaka by now!The cost of maize subsidies accumulate to over 6 Billion USD since 1991. No country has ever developed by subsidising peasant farmers and/or consumption. China’s meteoric growth has witnessed the transplanting of peasant farmer populatios from rural areas to urban factory sweatshops. On the other hand the Euro Zone is falling apart beacuse the model is based on…

    • Don’t insult the intelligence of the Zambians.Can you calculate the amount of money already spent on useless bye elections and the money yet to be spent on the soon coming ones?Every week opposition MP’s are being bought using taxpayers money.And please tell us the wage bill for the bloated cabinet as compared to the money being spent on maintenance of road infrastructure in the country?

  27. CONTINUED: based on entitlement. Most poor Eastern Europeans want to emigarate to UK and get unemployment benefits/subsidised healthcare etc instead of working to contribute to the EURO! Its human nature to aspire for an easy life without sweat/cost. However sweat, hard work and sacrifice is a prerequisite for a good life ahead. This applys individually and collectively as a family, nation or otherwise! 300m USD worth of infrastructure projects should create massive construction jobs in roads, cement manufactureof cement for concrete road. Former/displaced peasants should easily afford mealie meal and kids’ school fees from the wages to be offered by cement manufacturing and construction jobs. We should take such steps to avoid falling in the trap of countries like Greece, Cyprus…

  28. The government is 100%right to remove the bubsidy we are going to save alot of monies. Keep it up Shi Chilufya.

    • And where will that money go? Lets wait and see. This strategy wont work except inviting food riots we witnessed in 1989.

  29. Only ifiwelewele want to take advantage of this 4 their political mileage .We looked forward to this ,the removal of subsdies that have been there since 1964 .Bravo pf! Those against ,BUFI bwenu!

    • Well thought bwana…people just talk without looking beyond today and 2moro…seriously we need resources to boost infructure development…one day i felt so sad on my way to zambia from malaysia aboard ethopian airline…people were comparing international airports…i heard them say kk international airport is the most dilapited in comparison to zimbabwe and ethopia where we had stop over…so ladies and gentlemen removal of subsidy is a good step in as far as reducing pressure on GRZ spending is concerned to put focus on much desired infrustructure development…all we need to do is to inform GRZ what we need to see….

  30. The poor make the majority and whatever decision these people are making directly affects the poor. that’s why subsidies were introduced to benefit the poor who are the majority. Thus removal of subsidies should have been compensated with say the promised more money in the poor’s pockets. The rich will still afford high fuel prices, high fertilizer prices, high maize prices, high electricity prices, high food prices and high school fees which in their manifesto PF explicitly promised to reduced exceedingly. The rich make a very small part of our population and will not be affected by removing subsidies, but the poor.

    I wonder how much money was budgeted for by-elections and a huge ministerial portfolio, all for political mileage. PF promised to reduce unnecessary expenses in…

  31. ‘all well-meaning Zambians need to look at days beyond today and tomorrow’

    FTJ used a similar line, ‘tighten your belts’ he said. And here we are still. Cry beloved Zambia.

    Sir, get rid of those good-for-nothing Deputy Ministers we as a country do not need them. Take a leaf from Kenya which is economically light years ahead of us.

  32. Sir reduce the cabinet and remove all the allowances from directors to vice president.Stop all theses useless self induced bye elections.You lied to the people now the lies have caught up with you.The temperature has now reached boiling point bwana,Act before it is too late

  33. How will it be?you get a loan and use the money on consumption…this is how subsidy is…we know for sure that in the last 20yrs or so we were very much dependant on donor aid and loans from the world bank and others…if the money we borrowed was utilized on infrustructure development,Zambia would have been a paradize…but u see we have been in situations were politicians used the same borrowed money to subsize consumption…take this example two people staying in rented houses get loans..one uses his on consumption while another construct a good house…what do you expect to see after sometime?…one who built a house would have reduced on spending while one who spend everything on delicious food would continue struggling to pay rentals…ladies and gentlemen removal of subsidy is a…

  34. Our Teacher gave us the following question for homework. Please help . BaSAta and PF promised a lot of changes in
    A. 90secods
    B. 90minutes
    C. 90days
    D. 90months
    E. 90years

    • you also seem to expect too much…within 90 days taxes were reduced…exam fee at G9 level were abolished…and many more and PF is projecting on more desired development

  35. Why is George Chellar always the one addressing the nation? Why can’t the President address the nation on such changes?

  36. Years and and Years of subsidising is what has sentpart of the Eurozone into recession. A good lesson for us and Kudos to GRZ (not PF). If we remove subsidies we are poising our self for a better futrue with every one working hard for their penny. This is unlike a situation where generations continue to be lazy and rely on subsidies just because the country has resources or is “developed”.

    • And the bloated cabinet???do we really need all those portofolios to drive the agenda??I agree with u on many fronts save the one I have queried here….

  37. President Sata had an option to increase tax and keep subsidies to appease Zambians but not any more.
    As aman of action he wants Zambains to see a different zambia competing with South Africa for world markets with her products.
    I am told by Grebory Mwansa on face book that Zambia used to import 6 loads of fuel per year now it has in a short period shot up 10 which is double so as visionary he saw and is now protecting a worker against tax .
    Let the informal sector also share tax rise.
    Nshima is not the only food. We have cassava chingovwa ,sweet potatoes.Developed countries are humans beings like us but they do not eat nshima.
    Only the middle class travails. We have to ut on trips.
    Those who went into transport business on subsidies must also experience a slump in business.

  38. Does anyone remember in the beginning of the nineties when Chiluba (and Michael Sata as right hand man) introduced SAP – Structural Adjustment Program. Tighten your belts now, for a better future….thing is that better future never did come, or did it???

  39. The president is very right..!! Why do Zambians like free things?We need to move foward and develop for a better Zambia 2moro.
    The problem is…Zambians just look on wat they have 2de and wat there children will have,they dont care.
    I feel so sad for those not supportingbthis move!!

    • ninga ka bloated cabinet boss???surely we can save a ngwee or 2 or rather redirect that money to something more useful..what do u think??

  40. The move is welcome sir. Zambia should not continue subsidizing millers, who never reduce prices. Zambians pay for the economic price of maize, not the subsidized price. For the fuel, why should we subsidize mines who are the biggest consumer of fuel? Please PF , well done on the removal of subsidies. This will free such monies to other entities of the economy.

    But you PF make sure that you use the freed monies well for the benefit of all Zambians. If you do not , but steal these monies in the same way MMD stole, then we will flash you out in 2016.

    Peace and Propeprity to Mother Zambia.

  41. I’m amazed at how people from all sides (Bootlicker, Paolo, etc) are so gullible to swallow the “no subsidy” line.

    1) This is not what PF supporters voted for so is another big U-Turn (broken promise) by PF.

    2) Subsidies DO have an important role to play and were introduced by MMD for good reason. OK, MMD and now PF mismanaged the hell out of FISP and FRA, but that’s another story! The goal of wanting to help very poor farmers access fertilizer for their own food security and the nation’s is still valid.

    3) On past and recent performance there is little/no reason to believe govt. will manage the savings and achieve better results elsewhere. This is what they need to show.

    4) The pain of cutting subsidies overnight will be huge. Wait for a MUCH lower harvest next year!

  42. Dear Mr.President!

    I would like to advise your presidential wisdom to explain to your people in the simplest terms possible.You have always been a man who explains his party programs in plain English making it easy for a man and woman in buchi to understand. Where are we heading as country?Please George ask the big man on our behalf,because you are the easiest access to him.

  43. Sata is years ahead of you.He thinks lke a business man.Look at the invstiment he decision in his personal life.He invested in real estate and RB,Chiluba bought luxeries and RB almost cracked in eastern province where it not for his kids who kept on bailing him. Let us invest in infrastracture that on consumption and have a better zambia in future.We cant afford subsidising fuel and maize meal as though we are in a communist state.You are the first peope calling for the gaovernment not to interven in maize meal and fuel pricing mean while it pumps money in this commodities.Let the real market forces determine the prices for these products as there is competetion on the market.Let each and every miller put their own prices and the competion cpmmission do their work where price fixing or…

  44. The article is not very clear to me.Is it FISP that is being removed in the production of maize or the price at which millers were buying maize from FRA? Can someone help me understand this thorn issue please.

  45. It is really sad to have gullible ones that are against the govt move. Why should we continue to remain behind like this? Those of u that have never moved Zambia is still a jangle and 4 her to develop u need a leader with an iron fist.Bravo pf!

  46. The step taken by government to withdraw subsidies is a bold and giant stride in achieving an economic benefit that may seem challenging for 2/3 of our population including pf members and pf mps to comprehend,This being the position! what this our government needs do is to get the general public know the short and long-term benefits of this policy change. If the ministry of finance is going to manage to save an estimated 5.5 billion re-based,then this move is partly welcome and helps meet the vision 2030 but defeats the expectant Zambian who is hoping to see immediate results from the pf government.The govt must find a short plan to help cushion this effect or else we will a Zambian recession.

  47. Bravo the first president to dare to begin tackling this difficult issue! KK bankrupted Zambia partially by subsidising the maize consumption of surrounding countries – they just needed to go to Zambia to shop for maize meal, take it home and sell it. We have made countless Congolese traders very rich through this subsidy. It’ not going to be popular but we need to take a hard line to bring positive change that means something, not clueless people like HH

  48. on the issue of subsidies,the impact is heavenly felt,stringent measures were supposed to be put in place,we are not against these development,there are good,the government was suppose to use other means so that the impact is not heavily felt to the the poor,let the government collect more tax from the mining sector,rather than punishing innocent Zambian who are languishing on the street

  49. These unnecessary by election can be avoided by visiting this clause in a constitution on the by election of a member of parliament if he dies or resigns,less vote in the constitution to allow by election after two years approximation and the constituency must have a representative in the parliament within this time frame who is going to be appointed,or picking the second rival from the previous by election,i can assure you they can be avoided,and this will allow government to raise more revenue for by election.

  50. Zambia’s economy has experienced strong growth in recent years, with real GDP growth in 2005-12 more than 6% per year. Further more, unlike some countries neigbouring Zambia, democray is live and true. Presidents come and go, where as in neibouring coutries dictators come and stay, put their famies in high positions; creating instabiity and uncertainity. Zambia is moving forward. I’m not Zambian but I lived in Lusaka for 4 years and oh men the culture is beuatiful. I hope that you Zambians continue to fight for more economical rights and at the same time working very hard to reach a level of stability and fulfilment.

    If Sata is not liked by the majority, then when it’s elections time by the power of the people and the vertue of democracy, he will step down and the new leader will…

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