Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Government calls on the church to pray for national leaders


Government has asked pastors in Ndola to pray for President Michael Sata so that he can continue to govern the country on the principles of the Bible.

Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge said this when newly appointed Ndola Christian Fellowship Association Chairman pastor George Palo paid a courtesy call on him in Ndola yesterday.

Mr Musenge said government regarded the church as a critical stakeholder and played a vital role in promoting morality in the country.

Mr Musenge however said the church should criticise the PF government where it goes wrong because it is a listening government and open to criticism.

He cautioned the church to remember the PF government and President Sata in prayers every day adding that without the spirit of God guiding government the nation will go astray.

He noted that it is important for leaders to go to church and called on leaders to emulate President Sata who is a God fearing man.

Mr Musenge said the PF government held the church in high esteem and appreciated the relationship that exists between government and the church.

The Copperbelt Minister added that President Sata and the PF government are not leading Zambians blindly as purported by some opposition parties but that everything that the PF government is doing is under the leadership of God’s guidance.

He urged the church to criticise government where it goes wrong as it is a listening government which is open to criticism.
He said the church and the government should support each other for the betterment of the country and for the sake of development.

And Pastor Palo said dialogue is important in the development of a country.

Pastor Palo said he was ready to pray for the government and believed that the PF government was going to develop Zambia as it seeks guidance from God.

He said the church is ready to work with the government by offering checks and balances adding that with dialogue even big problems are sorted out.



  1. Also you tell Sata and his ministers to govern Zambia propoerly; to respect human rights, right of association and freedom of speech. Tell Sata to stop lies (Donchi ukubeba principle), as a way of deceiving the masses for their (PF) benefit.

  2. yes! we need to pray so that our national leaders can stop acting insane & stop making the people sponsor their stealing and by-elections by removing the likes of subsidies

  3. YES ! We will pray for the PF government to be ousted in the 2016 elections !! We will pray that God searches their hearts and if he finds that they are and have been lying to the people, they should be ousted out of power in 2016. Just like the former corrupt MMD were ousted in 2011 !! God is Omnipotent, omnipresent !! Amen !!!

  4. Yes the prayers are need so that God may give them wisdom and knowledge to govern his people, bcoz so far our leader has the wisdom and knowledge problem, their heads a blocked!! Amen!!

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