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Newstead Zimba denies assaulting his 48-year-old wife, Naomi


Newstead Zimba in red , President Sata and Shamenda at May day
Newstead Zimba in red , President Sata and Shamenda at May day

Former cabinet minister in the MMD government, Newstead Zimba has appeared in the Lusaka magistrate court and denied assaulting his 48-year-old wife, Naomi.

Zimba 70, of Longacres residential area in Lusaka told Lusaka resident magistrate ObbisterMusunkwa yesterday that although he understood the charge levelled against him, he was not guilty.

He is facing one count of assault contrary to the law. It is alleged that Zimba on April 29 2013, did assault his wife Naomi
thereby occasioning her bodily harm.

Naomi told police at Longacres police post where she reported Zimba for assault that on the material day, her husband followed her to her office and demanded that she meets the costs of servicing his Toyota Hilux motor vehicle.

She alleged that when she refused to give Zimba what he wanted because he had been using the vehicle for his personal errands, he was angered.

Naomi claimed Zimba started beating her until she was saved by a cleaner and three students.

She said even after Zimba had been pulled out of the building, he continued hitting the gate of the building with an unknown object while demanding to have the gate opened so that he could further sort Naomi out.

Zimba is on a KR500 police bond signed by former first lady Vera Chiluba Tembo.


  1. uyu madala nichinangwa. He is not ashamed beating his wife at his age, If anything the age difference with this woman appears to be high.could this be his first wife or second or third.

    • This Naomi left her job at some Kitwe company and grab Zimba from his first wife. This lady used to be a professor when at her peak. This time that Zimba has been brought back on his knees, she must have found some starving guy to replace old Zimba

  2. The first thing I noticed is the 22 years yawning age gap between News ya Zambia and his sambamulopa. Now, at 70, Zimba’s oil is dry why Naomi still wants lubrication. Surely, she must be sampling sansamcation elsewhere, just like Kaseba has her own gallant Linyungandambo combatant UTH Doctor Mulumemui! Awe sure a Zimba, uku ndiye ku lakwa nditu! Just go back to your former wife you discarded after becoming minister.

  3. Naomi Dodi Mbewe was in the same class with me at Zambia Institute of Management together with Moono Lubezhi (MP for Namwala. We were very shocked when she got married to this old man who has children of her age. She was a ‘holier than thou type. Newstead fathered 3 teenage children with her. I think she has realised that he is old and no mula so to hell. I would do the same.

    • Buga, just one word you have said make me assume that you an old useless man. It is a lesson for you old cows that are busy sleeping with young girls. Zimba has met his match. He thought Naomi loved her. BUFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diva you are so right. I was also at ZIMCO with her and boy, she really thought she was it. Even at Zimco she was sponsored by a married man, whom she claimed was her boss. When I heard and actually saw her with Mr. Zimba I was surprised but not shocked. Silent burner for sure. That is what you get now, the glory has run out, and man is probably broke!

  4. Old men like young women…… How old is Christine Kaseba?, is she 40 yet? I know Sata is about 73 or 74 years old. Their age difference is more than 30 years.

  5. Nubian Princess. You see how some guys behave towards their women? I would never lay a finger on you. The question is…where are you, long time no blog!??

    Solola Bye!

    • Solola, I didnt know you were looking for me. I am around. Where are you? Lets go to Hawaii for summer.

  6. It’s only stupid women who follow their husbands to their work places and start talking rubbish there. Am surprised an old gogo like newstead could do such. He must be fined ka one million so that Vera can pay for him.

  7. The woman has realized that Newstead is broke and she has lost interest in this old Man. Why is it that, when these chaps leave government they become so broke that they cant even afford to buy pizza?

    • Bala Tombela mula whilst in Power. They start furnishing Girlfriend’s houses and buying them utu ma Spacio.

  8. Young lady at 48, how can you be beaten by this old buffoon of 70 years. You should have just pulled the Ujeni. Period!!!

    • For what he did to his first wife and mother of his children, Im just sad that the gold digger didnt kwempa him, step on his neck and scrotum for effect. so that he remembers the wife he publicly humiliated in line with the 90s new ‘cultcha’

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