Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PF has not done enough in the fight against corruption- Rev Banda


A clergyman has observed that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has not done enough in the fight against corruption.

Reverend Alfred Banda of Jesus Family Church says since the PF came into power, little has been done to curb corruption especially among high profile officials.

Speaking to Qfm in an interview, Reverend Banda says government is selective in the way it is fighting corruption.

Reverend Banda says the pace and transparency in dealing with corruption cases by the PF GOVERNMENT DEPENDS on who is involved a situation he has described as worrying.

He says every person regardless of the position in society needs to be held accountable in accordance with the law and punished if found guilty.

Rev Banda says it is very sad to note that the PF who were advocating for the fight against corruption have disappointed the people of Zambia because some corrupt cases are not followed accordingly and in some instances forgotten about.


  1. Zambians can not agree more than what is expressed that PF Sata and his government have not done enough in the fight against corruption. Currently, there are numerous cases the general public is amazwd at how Mr Sata has decided to ignore in instituting his ACC to investigate people involved in corrupt prictices. Without naming Winter Kabimba and GBM as cases in point, Kambwili who has been involved in the scrap metal dealings, evidence involving copper thefts in copperbelt has been linked to him. Almost all defected MPs from MMD to PF who have been received by Mr Sata PF party have cases of either office abuse or corruption allegations. These MPs are being cleased by PF into innocent people. Its true Mr Sata has issued directions that none of these corrupt people can be investigated by…

  2. As long as concrete evidence to prove allegations of political corruption is not furnished by reliable whistle blowers, criticism of government will remain counterproductive. Corruption concerns all citizens. Therefore it is necessary for citizens to play a leading role in putting government agencies to work in the fight against corruption.

  3. Individuals Church Leaders today and many others are misleading the people on corruption like Rev. Banda who has also joined in blowing the whistle. Churches must not only point fingers at the government and yet corruption exists among themselves and want to shift peoples minds to cover up their failures in assisting. If truely these Fathers, Bishops, Revs, Priests, Pastors and the list goes on are led by Gods Spirit things could have changed in the fight and not leave the fight to the government alone. A true servant of God does not condemn but seeks Gods guidance for any action and lead by example. Churches are now throwing away the Holy Bible and are using Political Bible which does not have even chapters or verses.

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