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Father Bwalya Never supported Gay marriages, it’s all propaganda


Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa this week
Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa this week


Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa this week
Fr Bwalya conducting an interview in South Africa this week

Father Frank Bwalya’s press assistant has released a statement from the media denying media reports that father Bwalya supported gay marriages in his interview in South Africa. The statement allege that the information was mere propaganda peddled by Government media to try and get attention from the PF government that they are Times of Zambia is important.

Below is the full statement.


There are so many MALICIOUS AND FALSE allegations being peddled against Fr. Frank Bwalya. Zambians, I trust that you are not so gullible to believe the stupid and malicious statements being peddled, said so many times by several people does not make a bunch of lies to be facts or truth.

These allegations are a product of PANIC PROPAGANDA by the PF so that they divert attention from the real issues of wasted public resources on by-elections, imposed national starvation strategy by removing mealie meal subsidies and spiral effects of increased fuel prices .

Firstly, you must understand the SOURCE of such information – TIMES OF ZAMBIA, who have not been paid their two months salary arrears. So, its not surprising that they had to resort to unfounded propaganda to make themselves “relevant” to the PF government as one way of saying “we are important”.

Secondly, since when did the Times of Zambia ever publish anything positive about the opposition, now and before – even when PF was in the opposition? Get to their archives and prove me wrong. All these are lies because they are dead scared of Fr. Bwalya’s wide appeal to the Zambians on the political scene.

Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail are experts in spinning and giving wrong views to the government of the day. That’s why readers stopped buying enmass and now they are in continuous financial troubles. These lies against Fr. Bwalya is just mere cheap recycled propaganda. The public media feasted on Sata and the PF with same allegations and same reasoning, people ignored their bluff and voted for PF.

In fact, these public media chaps all deserved to be fired (or just close them down and save tax payers money). If my boy, PS Amos Malupenga can get to the archives and read what they wrote about the PF and Michael Sata in particular, none would survive at these two institutions.

ZNBC is beginning to be different under DG Chibamba Kanyama – he truly wants ZNBC to serve public interest, because he knows that the public funds their well being as an institution. We are not moved nor surprised. They have no new ideas on how to run their media, hence their begging bowls year in year out. They are using the same old dogs that their enemies unleashed and used against PF towards the 2011 elections.

Its shameful. Fr. Bwalya never said he supports gay rights. Fr. Bwalya is not a product of same sex marriage, how can he dare to support that? Those same sex arrangements are sick people, sick in the minds because they want to condemn God’s way of perpetuating life. Everything God made is male and female, how can anyone think same sex couples are sane? However, this propaganda wont’ stick on Fr. Bwalya. Wait you will hear more when we start campaigning.

For your own information, Kambwili, UPND and others say something to the public and in the night, they call Fr. Bwalya to say something else, they are living double lives, you cannot please two masters at the same time.
Kambwili said that Fr. Bwalya is not a factor, so why are they launching unwarranted attacks on a person who is a nonentity? The fact is, after 2011 elections they went to sleep, thinking that there can never be a challenger to the PF reign.

In fact, they boasted that those to challenge PF are not yet born. But, the emergence of Fr. Bwalya has shocked them and they have no system of positive response to what is happening on the ground.

For UPND, they may lose another golden opportunity to get into government depending on how the party would handle itself within the opposition ranks. But, we have faith in UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema.

For 15 years, UPND may well become a professional Opposition if nothing changes for them in 2016. PF spent 10 years in opposition and you can see the effect of lack of direction, misuse of State power.

We won’t be daunted. Our eyes are on the ball. Looking at spectators may detract our focus on the main goal – bringing about real economic, social transformation of the way Zambians live. They have been taken for granted for too long.

Emmanuel Chilekwa, Special Assistant for Press & Public Relations.


  1. Whatever ! Whether he supports it or doesn’t has no effect on me.I would rather concentrate on things that matter much than wasting my energy worrying about what two consenting adults do to their bodies.I would rather want to find out how he aims to turn around the economy.

    • Fr. Bwalya looks much presentable than any Political party leader. Now we have a president for sure.

    • Nostradamus, don’t miscontrue pulpital support with political support. Now that he has declared his intentions as a politician, he will be treated as such and he has disappointed a lot of catholics that make the majority of zambian christians. I wish him all the best.

  2. The President of one political party called Gay Restoration Party (GAREP) is homo and supports homosexuals.

  3. I hate the PF Chimpanzee govt leaders!

    If Zambians are still in doubt that Sata is a savage barking dog, Then u have no doubt

    For goodness sake how does he give Maize to human rights abuser Mugabe at the same time increase Mealie Meal prices for Zambians?

    Our gallant security men in uniforms who are the real patriotic Zambians and have Zambian relatives dying of hunger and preventable disease, SHOULD SHOOT this Dictator in front of the gate at State House together with Kabimba & the evil Chief INJUSTICE Chibesakunda

    Sata should just be shot to save Zambians from perishing and dying!

    Zambians are so happy that Sata and his evil PF corrupt govt have come to an end now
    Surely Sata should be tied behind a speeding vehicle and paraded along CAIRO road when he will be arrested

  4. Iwe father Bwalya, BUFI!!! You actually said what was reported!If you say that the report was BUFI, they say to every lie, there’s some truth!

  5. The real problem is evil sadist greed Dictator Sata!

    Sata should never be left like the way Kaunda was left in an ambulance in Ndola, he should be brought in public so that we the Zambian sufferers of his evil PF policies should apply the real punishment on Sata and all his evil BLOATED greed PF govt leaders. HUNG THEM IN FRONT OF Chimbokaila prison.

    Every Zambian will celebrate the death of Sata and his evil govt.

    Sata is using all the govt money on his bloated govt and his huge salary!
    Sata must die for making Zambians die of hunger while he is feeding Zimbabweans and Malawians!

    What a shame

  6. Didn’t I tell you people that you be embarrassed when President Bwalya comes back home. I told you to stop shouting, ba coward mwebo.
    Kambwili tell your ka Kabimba and your Sata to change that ka Chella. Read above, that how to WRITE press statements.

    • ba Nostradamus mwila sapota umungulu. just bcoz this boy bwalya refutes to windhook small brains like yours does not mean he did not say it.

  7. But kamichita ka father aka. muzafapo che navikonko. viva father bwalya viva ABZ. All catholics, copperbelt,northern but to mention a few are beind you. Dont tell them that you will form a party with chipimo. Ni zee

  8. Father Bwalya said it that “We are many” abalempandako amano bengi. Lelo PF u in deep trouble.

  9. I knew that ,it was a propaganda. let Fr. Bwalya teach this PF govt how to work.We are behind U Fr. Bwalya.U’re the Man to watch.PF has let us down.I would have died if PF would not have won elections.I had so much hope in Ba Sata. But to see the govt i loved turn against my people ,awe i’m disappointed and looking forward to the man inspiring me at the moment called Fr.Bwalya. Let’s Ba kateka Bwalya.Mr.Sata has failed us terribly.His ministers can’t even tell ministers to explain to the people advatanges of removing fuel & melie meal subsidies.

  10. Okay this is getting interesting!

    President of the Party: wanted to get a scholarship corruptly, but claims he does not like corruption.
    SA for Press & Public Relations: who is very emotional and does not embrace diversity.

    Not a bad start gentlemen your party just might appeal to a few characters

  11. Why this Government is keeping the Casual workers Instead of giving the jobs .The government is keeping Casual workers and they are busy terribling privite companies, First clean your yard face others.

  12. Instead of drooling and attacking like a rabid dog, why don’t you tell us exactly was said or even better give us a video clip to show the answer he gave when he was asked about homosexuals. Attacking a newspaper is not the answer and ZNBC has nothing to do with what Bwalya said.
    Chilekwa, you still got a long way to go, in politics never rush to defend something you are not sure of otherwise it might turn around and bite you in the butt. The article is filled with irrelevant details which are not related to what was said in South Africa in the hope of distracting people from the main question, What is Bwalya stance on homosexuality?. He can even say it in South Africa if he is against homos!

  13. Zambia begins jailing gays ;And so it came to pass. After weeks of hate speech and ‘gay-bashing’ by homophobic politicians and religious leaders, two men have been arrested in Zambia for the ‘sin’ of being gay. Ever since Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu launched into his latest anti-homosexual tirade a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before the police – and public – took action. And now they have.
    This is except from the website of the organisation that hosted Frank Bwalya. Let him tell us in his own words what his stance is on homosexuals and not what he said and or what he did not say. From this posting on the organisation website, one would conclude that this man said it. He is a supporter of gays.

  14. Comrades, it is God who appoints leaders and it is up to the appointed leader to use his leadership position to benefit the masses who ushered him into the office. Talking about Fr. Bwalya supporting gay rights, my suggestion is can those people who have full information bring it to the fore or if they recorded something about it. Alternatively, lets wait for him to come back so that the media can interview him. Personally, I feel he can make a very good politician and he has offered a big challenge to the PF governent. The rest is your to judge, he is even courageous to come out in the open and show us that he has presidential ambitions.

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