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Kabimba rubbishes US State Department report accusing Government of Human Rights abuse


PATRIOTIC Front secretary-general Wynter Kabimba
PATRIOTIC Front secretary-general Wynter Kabimba

Government has denied any abuse of human rights as alleged by a report compiled by the United States of America.

Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba says the 2012 Zambia Report on Human Rights does not reflect the correct picture of the overall human rights and governance situation in the country.

Mr Kabimba says the Zambian government finds the report done by the US Department of State “fraught with factual errors and inaccuracies”.

“Some allegations in the report are either unsubstantiated or not supported by any empirical evidence at all. The sources are only known to the authors and their authenticity is unverifiable,” Mr Kabimba says.

This is contained in a response by the Zambian government to the US Department of State 2012 Human Rights Report signed by Mr Kabimba.

The response is addressed to the US ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella.

In the report, the US government raised concern about the Public Order Act and alleged beatings of Gary Nkombo, the United Party for National Development member of Parliament for Mazabuka.
The report also makes reference to the arrest of opposition leaders.

“Serious human rights abuses occurred during 2012. The most important were abuses by security forces, including unlawful killings, torture, beatings, life-threatening prison conditions, restrictions of freedom of speech, assembly and association,” the US report reads.

The report further accuses Government of generally not taking steps to prosecute officials who committed the abuses.

But Mr Kabimba cited examples where the law applied equally even to Patriotic Front (PF) cadres.
He said in April 2013, Police in Solwezi arrested 10 PF district officials and detained them overnight for unlawful assembly.

On the alleged beatings of Mr Nkombo, Mr Kabimba said prison records can prove that the MP fell while playing social football with prisoners.

“I have perused the 2012 Human Rights Report. In the interest of transparency and good governance, it is only fair that the report and our government’s response to the issues raised be made public through the media,” Mr Kabimba says in his letter to Mr Storella.


  1. Kamimba talking: On the alleged beatings of Mr Nkombo, Mr Kabimba said prison records can prove that the MP fell while playing social football with prisoners.

    • But y was he in jail in the first place, for what, ???The American report is SPOT on, this is not Cuba, MR.

    • And can Kabimba also remind Storella of the prisoners at US’s Guntanamo who are on a 103 day hunger strike. And by the way which unlawful death has occurred in Zambia as a result of the government’s instigations? These imperialists should focus more on their countries where hypocryse is the order of the day

    • Kabimba should not lie to the Americans and Zambians.To start with,USA has no record of disrupting opposing political party gatherings or arresting an opposition leader conducting a workshop for his party operatives.Nevers Mumba of MMD was put in cells for having a meeting with Chiefs.Furthermore,President Obama does not appoint and swear in people for a job only to reverse one week later.Does PF not realize what trauma it inflicts on the family of the appointee through this reckless conduct by the powers that be?

    • Kabimba is one thug of a lawyer that thinks arrogance is a sign of success. But he doesn’t know than HUMAN rights apply to ALL humans whether PF cadres or not. Is there anyone in this PF cabinet whose brain works faster than their mouths? There’s a living example of what human rights abuses can lead to just south of the Zambezi river. Ask Mugabe how Kabimba’s careless and thoughtless remarks can lead us to having K1Billion note, a freeze in international Aid and an economy in which a plate of Nshima costs K5million.

  2. Is the govt really sincere to deny this? Let them just admit it that the mistake was committed but should assure us that it will not be repeated in future…period than ntotha.

    • The USA are not the right to comment on human right. We can appreciate maybe if the comment were from Britain and un influenced by the USA.

    • The US govt routinely abuses its people and is currently holding more than 100 prisoners at Guantanamo without trial and has refused to release those that committed no offence.

      The US govt and its state dept are not the right institution to find other countries wanting on issues of human rights.

      Such a report would be respected coming from an independent organization.

      We refuse to be subjected to such biased scrutiny by the world’s biggest abuser

  3. Kabimba you are just a useless loud speaker in the nation, accept when you error it is when you will learn to make collections.

    • Kabimba has tirelessly contributed to your country and should be respected, unlike your drivel spiral pronouncement which must be condemned!


  4. Wynter Kabwamba your behavior as thuggery dictatorial government led by one Micheal Devil Satana is very evident even by people who sponsored you like Storella who cheated the Obama administration about Satana.You are very good at denying facts no wonder you do not win any court cases you useless lawyer.Very soon zambia will be squeezed very badly and it is the masses to suffer not you .You have stolen enough already in less than two years together with your paymaster old dementic Chikwanda .You CNPs.

  5. The have sat up as Fr Bwalya said. They have been Plugged Off as Kalaki said.

    He He he ba Wynter Amasushi yeka yeka mu Office lelo. The problem with PF is they think the international community have no eyes!!!!

    They see the stifling of freedom of association and giving the opposition tramped up charges.

    PF was not ready to assume power.

  6. Oh dear! Things have fallen apart. Dear Wynter I always find you to be a sensible and intelligent person whenever your mouth is shut. PF sucks. The whole world knows that the PF government is evil and directionless so no amount of spirited defence from the likes of Kabimba will change the way the World views PF.

  7. Why do we still quake in our boots and bother with what America says? They have no credibility what so ever! On human rights look at Guantanamo were people have been held for 10yrs without trials and are currently being force fed as they are on hunger strike .On freedom of expression AP journalists have had their phone records supboened by the justice department and on imprisonments 2m blacks are currently incarcerated and have no hope of life and future

    • Nicely spoken….America has been the waste in terms of huma rights and am suprised that bloggers are supporting this useless report.
      Think b4 you critise people…..What has America done to other nations?

    • You don’t sound clever, that jail existed to cage the people that caused those atrocities , on September the 11th
      They don’t deserve to live among us!


    • Mushota don’t put your 2 senses into this-Guantanamo is immoral and a stain on the conscience of humanity. They have been deliberately placed there (in limbo) to keep them from the legal system-10yrs without trial. What about the killing of innocents through the use of drones? the deliberate disenfranchisement of African americans at the last elections in florida. Might does not mean right-

  8. USA the usual pointing finger, I really despise Americans with their propaganda. Yes there have been a few cases in Zambia were people have felt aggrieved but claiming there are serious human rights abuses, that is not just true. It is a pity the Americans talk about other countries yet they have serious human rights abuses in there concentration prisons and nobody can say anything. It is easy for them to note and see mistakes in other countries than their backyards. How I wish we could be shown the whole report. With the gay people on the rise, I wonder how the govt will respond because it now seems breaking the law is a human right now in Zambia(according to storella and company)

    • You are an African in a third world country, arguably born to be poor, you don’t deserve to say nothing to the greatest nation in the world


    • @ mushota why should we succumb to the US when they have failed to justify the Iraqi invasion on the presence of that country having the nuclear bombs.

    • Mushota you have really been enlsaved and you are proud about it. It is a pity you are still alive when you look shameless down at yourself and your your real country. Mushota have you just applied for the green card?

    • @Mushota

      What the fcuk does this mean “arguably born to be poor”?

      Here’s a short educative lesson for you: America is NOT the greatest nation in the world. Educated, well travelled Americans know this. It’s in fact an in-joke about subscription to this mantra being directly proportional to one’s ignorance.

      Don’t open your stinking yap hole here, particularly if you are going to disrespect us Zambians. We have our problems but We love this our country ZAMBIA!

      And stick ‘the greatest nation’ where the sun don’t shine. Effing biyotch!

  9. The USA is the main culprit on earth when it comes to violation of human rights! Any reasonable person will agree that these idiets have done a lot of harm to the world especially in the past 10yrs in the name of protecting their so called soveregnity! What they have cited in their useless report is so trivial compared to what these infidiles have done to the world! The best these chaps can do is first to remove the log from their eyes before they think of removing the speck from other people’s eyes!
    What a useless report!

    • No they USA is never a culprit at all. They are the benchmarks of true governance and they shouldn’t be criticized by you, who probably is an immigrant there.


    • @Mushota

      You are the most gullible person I’ve come across in a long time. You are more patriotic to America, more than they themselves. It’s a great country but mistakes have been made, as admitted in the highest offices here.

      You lady are a fool.

  10. There was UNIP version 1 from 1964 to 1991. Next came UNIP version 1.01 with MMD from 1991 to about 2001; it was slightly upgraded to UNIP version 1.10 until about 2006 when it suddenly got some updates to improve freedom – this saw the version stay steady… in 2008 there was a jump to UNIP version 2.1 and within the next 3 years there was a rapid increase to version 3.0… In 2011 there was an attempt to get to UNIP version 1.01 but in the excitement we have ended up with UNIP version 0.1… It has been quite a journey backwards…

    • Note that despite new designs like Heritage version -1.0, NAREP version 0.1 and UPND version 0.01, the population has resisted changing applications because their recycled Operating system called Leaders version 50Y.R.S seems resistant to any upgrades…

    • What a load of nonsense in your theory version blah blah blah, you make yourself look like a tool.


    • @mushota

      Congratulations on having the most gigantic inferiority complex ever. What did your parents do to you?

    • @Mushota
      You wrote:
      “What a load of nonsense in your theory version blah blah blah, you make yourself look like a tool.”

      What is theory version? Or did you mean version theory. Who’s the tool now?

  11. So are we justifying human rights abuses in Zambia on grounds that the USA is the ‘chief culprit’? Before we refer to the USA record, lets respond to whether what is contained in the report about Zambia, is authentic.

    • My brother, we condem all forms of human rights violations and especially in instances where the government have vehemently denied the opposition the right to assemble so that they can express their freedom of speech and association! BUT FOR SUCH A CONDEMNATION TO COME FROM USA IS A JOKE OF THE YEAR! If such a condemnation came from countries like Sweeden, Norway, Finland or Holland, i would get worried! So, to hell with these unbelivers and death to them!

    • So what are you doing in their country if you have such strong sentiments against them hope you are not a terrorist.

    • Harold Muna, your advice is spot on. We should not look at the messenger instead we should concentrate on the message. The fact that some countries which are the so called human rights champions are quiet does not mean that there are no human rights abuses in Zambia.

    • CIA and FBI should fish you out for such strong sentiments which terrorists use, hope you are not Zambian because Zambians are not terrorists.

  12. What is US? Can USA talk abt human rights?I think in this line US is the waste!! Why should we be fooled by this country mwebantu??? Let America check itself b4 talking abt other country!! F.oolish report.

    • @mushota

      “Taken serious” or “taken seriousLY”?

      You are hereby crowned “ignorant-pathetic-bitch-that-doesn’t-know-it-but-everyone-else-does”.

      Go away and come back when you’ve resized your ego appropriately.

      You’re Welcome.

  13. On the alleged beatings of Mr Nkombo, Mr Kabimba said prison records can prove that the MP fell while playing social football with prisoners

  14. Everything that comes from this PF government BUFI, even when they are faced with the truth, they just can not admit or keep quite. The guy that sang BUFI is as spot own as can be. This surely should be the only response from all nationals of this wonderful government. Can you believe Kabimba, Ati he fell playing soccer in prison, how does one end up with injuries that look like you have just been bitten up from falling, Ba Kabimba this story of yours BUFI.

  15. I wonder what kind of lawyer Kabimba is. His arguments in defence do not make sense at all. How can a whole lawyer argue that PF cadres in Solwezi were detained for unlawful assembly as justification for denying opposition parties permits to hold rallies. The law school which produced this lawyer must bury its head in shame. There are human rights abuses in Zambia. In addition there are even potential human rights abuses, such as a president stating that places which do not support PF will be denied development. You cannot separate basic human rights from development. Probably the people in power in Zambia do not know what human rights are.

    • True, even if PF members were arrested unlawfully that is still human rights abuse, I thought as a lawyer he would know better. I can see some people getting a bit jittery as this may indicate potential evidence in an abuse of human rights case.
      America may not belong to the human rights court, and may have their own cases such as the one mentioned, the reality is they do carry a lot of influence and power, you ignore that at your own peril. Look at the majority being prosecuted…….. Africans, does that not tell you something?

    • @Mushota

      Use words correctly. A ‘whole’ lawyer is not PHD-speak.

      You mean a ‘fully qualified practicing’ lawyer perhaps? I understand that you are translating directly from vernacular, but you are so critical of other people. Take care of your own sh*t first.


      You’re Welcome.

  16. This accusation and denial by the US State Dept and Hon Kabimba respectively has come at the time. Why do I say that? The UPND has applied for “permission” from the Zambia Police to hold a nation-wide demonstration. If Mr Kabimba is frank about what he is denying, his government will allow the UPND to go ahead with their demonstration. If the government refuses the UPND to demonstrate, then that will just confirm what the State Department is saying. Americans put you in power PF and Storella is still in Zambia, you really think he is a type of your Diplomats that you have sent out there? Mind you, he was posted to Zambia during the MMD era, he saw how things were and he and his team at Ibex Hill are comparing then and now.

  17. If the dates are correct, yes the reports could be flawed. If for example Garry Nkombo’s arrest is in there, then it is flawed. Garry was arrested in February 2013. So if this is the 2012 report, you are the best judges. If Wynter says they apply the lwas equitably as in the example of the PF cadres arrested in april 2013, this has to wait too because that is meat for this year’s report. It is a mixed report, I have not read it yet but I thought these should come to the fall. Are they both use different calendars??????????

    • @ Pomps,
      Much as what you are saying is correct but I must think you do not understand what a report is. It is very much correct to sight 2013 issues in 2012 and the year prio to for comparison’s sake and for justifications. If issues arise at the time you are writing the report and you find them necessary to be included in the report then it is common sense to include them. What matters is the way you structure the report. I am sure if you saw the actual report being talked about here then you will be able to see the sense.

  18. I am wondering where the members of Lusaka times have shifted to. Looks like very few people are reading hence the reduction in comments.

    On Kabimba that is Bufi sir. We the Zambians have seen the Human rights abuses with our own eyes. The genocide in Rwanda started slowly like this yet indicators were there. The then government in Rwanda was refusing until it was too late. Let this not repeat in Zambia. Just admit and assure stakeholders that you are seriously looking into the issues and putting corrective measures.

    • If you a comparing the number of comments on ZWD and LT then you got it all wrong. ZWD has very few bloggers who comment 20 times using different names. Most of us here on LT were blocked a long time ago by ZWD

    • Its nice you are back.

      Get some education? is that a a sentence or a question with a misplaced question mark? You should learn how to punctuate.

  19. this is the problem with our current government, like Kabimba just showing
    his kamushi manners, where is diplomacy thinking everyone is an enemy, just humble yourself before you are humbled


  21. We saw such arrogance in mms and now pf is doing far worse than mms . Kabimba and his cronies are just busy tapping gvt resources until they lose elections in 2016. I don’t see any sane zambian who will vote for pf again

  22. Zambians, dont fall for this report. The bottom line issue with these Americans is not anything close to what they are talking about but the whole issue of homosexuality. if Zambia agreed to homosexuality, you will be surprised with the nice reports they will write about Zambia. The americans want to push their weight on everyone. For this Storella , human rights is about doing each other nothing else. So Zambians stand fast otherwise this is the begining of the push on Zambia on homosexuality.

  23. America is a troublemaker looking for a war and corruption to Africa as it prophetised that Nigeria will be divided in 2015 so look at boko haram is shaking that country. hh is a member to freemason ha that is American religion. mmd is a friend to US as it praised Banda. US despised KK before and now hate Sata and PF as it never forget what Sata spoke unkindly to Bush in Lusaka. Study and learn the history of what US did to Africa. US loves Obansanjo and still miss Mubuto because they both even others poured money to US pocket.

  24. I am amazed.Today Kabimba says Nkombo was playing football in prison and hurt himself.How can someone holding the respectable title of Justice minister lie blatantly to the whole world like this. Nkombo was beaten at the police station by PF western province minister Mwaliteta even before he stepped into the cells..and this in full view of the police.I’m so disgusted.Zambians please vote properly next time.

  25. No doubt “prison reports” do show Mr. Nkombo fell playing football…. just like the reports on Mr. Biko show that he tripped and bumped his head.

  26. When was Nkombo convicted of a crime for him to be in Prison? And do people who are detained in Police cells get to play social football? Kabimba is a dimwit.

  27. The USA is the not the right country to lecture us about human rights, what did they do to Saddam? How did they let the Eygptians down when they needed help during the uprising, they let down the people of Palestine by siding entirely with Israel even though we value the Biblical importance of the state, they killed Patrice Lumumba in Zaire, they murdeded Gadaffi and they must mind their own business!!! My foot!!

  28. Offensive tactics from US side could radicalize democratic government in Zambia. The instrument being utilized to measure alleged killings, poising and other violent forms human rights abuse in the country need to be displayed publicly. Poor developing countries risk anarchy if they will authorize any unplanned demos, rallies and other forms of mass gatherings. It is advisable for the rapporteurs to engage government in a fair and responsible manner. Glorifying or worshiping opposition is not a substitute for dialogue with democratically elected government. It is instinctive for Americans to suspect Africans. The issue of gays should be contextualized since anti-gay laws originally came from the west. Let us go beyond instincts and start addressing governance issues rationally.

  29. If the criticism came from other country than the USA I would say Yes. But since it is coming from a country that has untold human rights abuse I spit on the report.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia

    • We must USA remain who they are not to lecture us into rhetoric human rights to advance gayism. They can keep their $ and we can keep our KR. It’s time Africa rose up and defended its place and desire to shape its destiny. Why can’t we also denounce George W Bush, Michael Chilufya Sata atleast did his best to denounce him publicly when he arrived late for a meeting. We are equals with them and no one must lecture us, indeed we agree, we can do better and live in peace and develop our own ideology of governance and improve our human rights without being lectured by them.

  30. sometimes what we see is not what really is and what we hear is not what really is and what we read is not really what is

  31. Hon Kambiba stop being being basic and be sensible. There is nothing that the USA report has said that is not in the public domain. Let the government work on improving it’s record instead of being simple and cheap. Zambians deserve a more responsible response instead of demonstrating foolish pride.

  32. Yabah! Justifying their perceived good governance with a 2013 event that happened in Solwezi, we are discussing 2012 ba muntu wesu.

  33. If you have problems with USA human rights abuses you must issue your own report as Zambian government. For me I have chosen not blindfold myself to realities of what is happening in this country:
    1. Why arrest DR. Mumbai for visiting markets and a chief?
    2. Why abuse the judicial system by arresting opposition leaders when you knew as PF that you kill each other when sharing money given you by your president.
    3. Why arrest H. H., why arrest and disrup meeting by Chipimo and allow PF to conduct workshops for party members
    Kabimba should give answers to these questions, if Zambians choose to bury their head in sand….time is coming when you will wake up only to realize you are behind bars.

  34. What Human Rights are they talking about…? it only becomes human rights when perpetrated by any other countries apart from USA and the United Kingdom(and a few euro states). let them first practice what they preach, Zambia will be governed by its own human rights and those advocated by double standards western imperialists!

  35. What Human Rights are they talking about…? it only becomes human rights when perpetrated by any other countries apart from USA and the United Kingdom(and a few euro states). let them first practice what they preach, Zambia will be governed by its own human rights and NOT those advocated by double standards western imperialists!

  36. What has happened to this f*cked up Mushota?After writing some brocken English on this site in the past and cheating and pretenting she is studying for a PHD,she is having a go at people that have more sense that she will ever have.I think it is that ithcy so and so which is a problem.

  37. MAy be he should stop screwing your f*cked up mind which is nothing but one brain cell hell bent on being a glory seeker.Are you honestly studying for a PHD?

  38. continue critising each other but mind u keep it to yourselves bcose if get exposed u shall be sorted out nicely.

  39. ‘No they USA is never a culprit at all’…..

    what is this or what are you trying to say Mrs PHD student.Spoken English and written English are not the same.

  40. Hardly 2 years in and the country is on fire… Indeed : When the righteous rule, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2

  41. I can see that it was very agonising for Splinter Kapimbe to respond to the report. Everything in the report is true and the government struggled to find what to say. You can tell that it was difficult to deny the contents of the report.

  42. The problem with this Government is that its too much busy talking instead of working. They answer to every report and comment made by anyone. Unfortunately they answer without understanding what they are supposed say. There are some things they should keep quiet about and manage silently. But i know they are too proud and that is their undoing. soon they will be out and all dragged to court

  43. @Mushota is a Zambian MAN who is GAY and fished out of poverty, living in the European country, but NOT in the UK. He was fished out of poverty and has no idea about education what-so-ever, and he is being f uc ked by this white gay boy friend and thats how he earns his living but has all the time to vent out his frustration on every Zambia, who in his small brain, are responsible for his life’s failures.

  44. Report is a reasonable reflection of events on the ground. ZP is a huge culprit.

    Please take steps to correct ills and avoid being blinded into inaction by power!

  45. Well mr Winter what action did the government took when a senior zambian based in usa was assaulted by Ben Kangwa the deputy Ambassador in washington DC the state dept is aware of the beating of mr Ken Chirambo in the embassy ground even mr Francis Chalabesa is aware of the situation what the permanent secretary of foreign affairs was aware no action was taken Ben Kangwa is still working at the embassy..this is what they are talking about Human rite.

  46. USA is one of the worst human rights abusers in recorded history, they cannot stand and lecture zambia. Iraq: over 1.5 million people dead, support of genocide in palestine, endless assasinations using drones in multiple countries, guantanamo, etc etc. A country that has no pity for its own children by blocking stricter gun laws, what can you expect from such people.

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