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Zimbabwe has not been charged for Zambian Maize-Mugabe


File:President Mugabe (l) and President Sata after a closed door meeting at Royal Livingstone Hotel
File:President Mugabe (l) and President Sata after a closed door meeting at Royal Livingstone Hotel

Zambia has told Zimbabwe that it is in no hurry to be paid for 150,000 tonnes of maize it is sending to its southern neighbour, President Robert Mugabe said on Thursday.

Zambia’s Vice President Guy Scott was in Harare last week to finalise the maize deal, but Mugabe said the two neighbours are as yet to put a value on the rescue cargo.

Mugabe said following his meeting with Scott, he spoke to Zambian President Michael Sata on the phone who took pity on his neighbour’s poor bank balance.
“When I was talking to him about what we had in mind about paying, he said ‘no, no, no’. He is a humorous man as you know,” Mugabe told a conference in Harare on Thursday to launch the Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Implementation Plan.

“He said ‘let’s have the food in the stomachs of our people first, and when we have the food in the stomachs, then we will talk about the price’ and I said ‘that is a great man, he shares our affliction’.”
At today’s prices, 150,000 tonnes of maize is valued at about US$25 million.[pullquote]

Sata told Mugabe let’s have the food in the stomachs of our people first, and when we have the food in the stomachs,then we will talk about the price


[/pullquote]Mugabe’s partners in the coalition government have expressed fears that the maize – which is set to be distributed free in drought-prone provinces like Matabeleland South and North, Masvingo as well as parts of Manicaland and the Midlands – could be used as a campaign tool through selective distribution.

The conference was largely boycotted by the MDC parties in the ruling coalition with Zanu PF – with just two MDC-T ministers in attendance. Parliamentary and Constitutional Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga and Obert Gutu, the Deputy Minister of Justice, were the only ones other than Zanu PF ministers in attendance.

Mugabe told the gathering: “The official launch of the Food and Nutrition Security and its implementation plan, indicates the government’s strategic shift in addressing an issue which is not only of national, but global concern as well.
“It is a well-established fact that food and nutrition insecurity lead to a vicious cycle of malnutrition, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired mental and physical development, reduced productivity and poverty.
“In Zimbabwe, the nutrition situation is of concern to the government as one out of every three children is chronically malnourished. Twenty-five percent of all deaths of children under the age of five are attributed to nutritional deficiencies and 47 percent of women are anaemic.
“Given the recent challenges of spiralling food prices and climate change, the food situation in our country has worsened as the number of people unable to meet their daily food requirements has increased by 21 percent since 1995.”
Mugabe said apart from food handovers, some remedies lay in supporting new black farmers who benefitted from his government’s land reforms over the last 13 years.
“The government will continue to take measures that empower farmers, especially small-holder farmers and women so that they access cheap finance, knowledge on climate and the environment, smart farming systems, infrastructure and farm machinery,” Mugabe said.
Vice President Joice Mujuru, who chairs a National Food and Nutrition task force which was first introduced to respond to the 1993 drought, will lead the government programme to “co-ordinate and implement multi-sectoral interventions to address the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity”, she said.



  1. This is what pisses me off.Who gave Sata the right to decide on how much of our maize to give and how much it will cost.Our farmers are suffering due to delayed or no payments, mealie meal prices are high,fuel is high,by elections are rampart and now you are giving away free food? Can PF really be trusted with the money they will raise from the removal of subsidies.I think not.


    • Bovix don’t be naive. The bible says if you are not faithful with little things how can you be trusted with much.The maize grown in Zambia is not for Sata and its not for him to decide who to give it to.There are systems in place that need to be respected.A president should not act like he owns the country.So far he is abusing his powers.He has recently removed subsidys so that it frees resources for the social sector and infrastructure developement.That sounds excellent but he has not been a good steward of the Zambian tax payers monies.Look at PF busy bribing Mps and causing By elections,look at his bloated cabinet.Our own people are starving and he has the audacity to ignore them and set his eyes and compassion on Zimbabwe?

    • Dont bring the bible on this one, we have people starving in Zambia, why should we give food to Zimbabwe, Zambia is not a donor country, we are far from it. Sata can not be taking us for a ride, he gave fuel to Malawi and now we are giving maize to Zim.. what the hell, when we had a drought in Zambia non of these countries we are helping gave us food.

      It is a shame because this maize will be used to oppress people in Zimbabwe.

    • @ Bovix,

      Ba sata has put himself in this mess.. Even sensible things he does will now be questionable. Honestly how do you kill your family at the expense of the neighbors??? Don’t be deceived by the people you see at MandaHill with big trollies and think that people in Zambia have got plenty. Our leadership somewhere somehow is thinking in reverse

    • Do you think if that maize was put on the zambian market you’ll start buying the maize at K2? Lol! Cost of production (fuel, electricity, wages) wont allow that. It’s opportunity costs. you cannot feed the whole world out of a flower pot

    • chopti vima gore-gore!eating our sweat for free and yet u treat us harshly wen we come to your hunger stiken chopeti,lousy country you call simbabwe!sata n mugabe dont deserve to be in plot one.wat a mistake i made in wasting my vote!

    • SADC is mismanaging this neighbour. Zimbabwe is raking in millions of US Dollars from their marange diamonds and are boasting of overtaking most world leaders in the diamond trade soon, yet they can’t even finance a referendum or election. South Africa is bailling them out to the tune of USD100million for elections, and now their northern neighbour is filling their tummies. Where is the diamond money going? Is the PF one of the beneficiaries from the Secret trade of Marange diamonds? I find it such a pity that Zimbabwe’s neighbours are not teaching them to be responsible, and I see more trouble coming as a result …

    • RB made an announcement that Zambia was donating 10 000 tonnes of Maize to Zimbabwe to help in that country alleviate a food crisis. When did Sata announce this ‘gift’ of his? Stop looking for equivalences that do not exist.

    • RB, made his donation at the time Zambia had more maize than what could be stored, or was required. Sata made his deal at the time when we have a maize crises in the country. Just as was the case when he gave away our fuel to Malawi, shortly afterwards we had fuel sortagies. I think it is foolish totry and defend or justfy his actions when its plan to see that they r bad for the country.

  2. So we can donate to Zim, while subsidy is removed for Zedians??? It is EVEN KEPT SECRET FROM US if it weren’t for Uncle Bob we would have never known!! If they don’t pay back, THIS WILL BE ABUSE OF AUTHORITY!!!!
    Zambian fishermen have been shot on Kariba for alleged fishing in Zim – have we been compensated nor an apology offered??? NO!!!!

    Opposition you need to take up this case & make SURE WE ARE PAID!!!!!!!

  3. First it was free 5 million litres of fuel to Malawi. And now its 150 000 tonnes of free Maize to Zimbabwe. This is abuse of office. No one authorised Sata to dish out free stuff to his friends. The stuff he is giving away for free is not his.

  4. Our Christians of nowadays are the meanest people i have ever met.Ask yourself,how many of these Christians can help a neighbor?Very,very few.Maybe those of long time ago it could happen but not these days.May of them are just pretenders.

    • Zaliya, please do not misunderstand the bible and do not point fingers at Christians for the inadequacies of Sata. Jesus, in Luke 3:11 said, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.” It is clear hear, If you have extra then share!!! So go figure on your own…

  5. president to president deal. how do supply without knowing the price.
    the money will be used for bye-elections or erection

  6. We have a serious readership problem in Zambia…This is a deal meant to keep Mugabe in power. And i cant believe Sata is doing this when food prices are rising in Zambia….

  7. Already we have typical Zedians with their VERY SHORT MEMORIES & MYOPIC VISION!!!
    Zambia Already did help ZIm, SA etc to gain their independence – what happened after Zim got independence?? They laughed at our economy which we had sacrificed to liberate them!! Ask Livingstonians how they were treated once they crossed to Zim for a days shopping! Talk of SA, We can’t even import & DRIVE THRU our 3rd, 4th even 5th hand cars!! We are even slapped with YELLOW FEVER vaccinations!!! Yes, believe in the bible – BUT THE BIBLE ALSO SAYS, GOD HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES!!!!
    (Wonder why I even bother to mention all this considering that SHORT memory Zedians can’t remember some of what they have recently read in the bible they are quoting!!)

    • There is no where in the bible were it say, GOD HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES!!!! Just thought I should correct that that. Otherwise your comment/observation in very accurate and is without fualty.

    • There is no where in the bible were it says GOD HELPS THOSE THAT HELP THEMSELVES!!!! Thought I shold just correct that. otherwise your observetion is correct and vey true.

  8. Give when it feels painful to give, not when u have plenty! but unza students are rioting, whyy????

  9. If Zambians are still in doubt that Sata is a savage barking dog, Then u have no doubt!

    For goodness sake how does he give Maize to human rights abuser Mugabe at the same time increase Mealie Meal prices for Zambians?

    Our gallant security men in uniforms who are the real patriotic Zambians and have ZAmbians relatives dying of hunger and preventable disease, SHOULD SHOOT this Dictator in front of the gate at State House together with Kabimba & the evil Chief INJUSTICE Chibesakunda.

    Sata should just be shot to save Zambians from perishing and dying!

    Zambians are so happy that Sata and his evil PF corrupt govt have come to an end now!

    Surely Sata should be tied behind a speeding vehicle and paraded along CAIRO road when he will be arrested!

  10. Zambians do you have to count how much you give?and when are you going to start giving?it’s like you only want to be given,it is written that it is better to give than to receive,that’s the reason you are not developed because all you are good at is complain,complain and want to be given.

  11. Who told we have maize crisis? Mugabe was just asking for breathing space to pay for the maize.So you wanted Mugabe to talk to FRA CEO? He to talked to his counter part.You Dim wits in diaspora! I cant see any sane Zambian in Zambia to get bonkus about all this.

  12. The subsidy was NOT trickling down to the intended target – thus said your government. What I would like to appeal to you to do is watch the pricing outside of whatever the fuel issue will influence. I understand this removal MUST NOT influence the price of mealie meal. I think we should be looking closely at this before we lose the plot on confusing subsidy with mealie-meal shortage that actually isn’t there…

  13. Hey Zedians don’t cloud the issue. You are saying its free maize?
    It is not. It is being paid for. If its being paid for and you keep
    thinking it was donated therein lies the trick. That now bodes the question Who was going to get this 25 million dollars had Mugabe not told us of this “donation”? If Mugabe hadn’t told us we wouldn’t have known and PF or Sata would have pocketed the cash.Shibukeni

  14. if am not mistaken i remember reading something on this site that sounded like people in southern province where askin the GVT to help with food am telling theres hunger in zed this year and the maize is going to zim.and can someone please tell me which book,chapter and verse in the bible that says God help those who help themselves.

  15. I find annoying how some people can rave about people being not being the idilic christian by not givng out food be the million ton, when if they had not pesecuted the farmers oringianly providing the food they wouldnt be as starving, anyhow farmers cant just provide 1 million ton of grain to a people often only interested in taking and not giving back or repaying the massive dept, there are currently many millions tons of grain short in the us.
    Appologies if some of the figures are not wholy correct,

  16. Someone above mentioned that we have a ‘readership’ crisis in Zambia. I am sure they meant ‘leadership’. But it IS still correct to say we have a readership crisis. A lot of Zambians are lazy at reading, analysing and following authentic reports about whats happening around the world. Mugabe has been ‘raping’ the diamond resources in Zimbabwe for himself and his henchmen for years now. Ordinary Zimbabweans have been maimed, tortured and killed for ‘meddling in the extraction of the resources in eastern Zimbabwe. He has also personally benefitted from deals in the eastern Congo. Giving when you have enough and have sorted out your own house is good. But are we sorted as Zambians? Shouldn’t Mugabe be spending the diamond money to alleviate poverty in his own backyard? Then there is…

  17. …. Sata. (cont’d from above) Its difficult to discern whether there is a particular economic pathway or underpining for Zambia. The President appears to act from his own knee-jerk ‘blue-print’. Somehow we can afford to donate free fuel, put maize payments from Mugabe on hold, announce the construction of ambitious new Universities and airports, but be unable to rehabilitate existing higher institutions, primary and secondary schools, health centres, hospitals or provide a social safety-net for the vulnerable populations. We can suddenly and unexpectedly remove maize and fuel subsidies and give ministers 800 litres of free fuel per month. We can afford to accommodate govt. Is there a plan? Please, someone show it to me.

  18. Donating to Ethopia & Somalia & the Sohal might be more understandable – but Zim, which was once reckoned to be Sothern africa’s bread basket???? There is no major drought, they still have rich soils!!
    They haven’t even paid their outstanding dues for Kariba Power station – this has been deferred for decades – do you think we will see our “Chiwaya” money??? It is an election year, & it seems it all about scratching ones back!! we hope we don’t see Zim Police come 2016 – & given excuses that it is a force to force exchange program or tour!!!!

  19. Thank you Mr president these are our fellow African brothers and what happens there affects zambia too,again with the dumb selfish comments bambi imitima shenu shalifita am sure its a shame

  20. Zimbabweans say thanks and also remember us when their economy picks up may be after the erections,we as Zambians should learn to take advantage of our situation to better our selves before thinking about others who dont think about us.

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