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HH accuse Sata of being a Dictator


Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition United party for National Development (upnd) leader has accused president Michael Sata of being a dictator.
speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka this morning,upnd president Hakainde Hichilema says president Sata had lied to the Zambian people during the campaigns in 2011.

Mr.Hichilema says it is unfortunate to see the true colours of president Michael Sata after the Zambian people gave him a chance to govern the country based on his campaign promises that quickly changed the mind set of the majority Zambians to vote for him.

Mr.Hichilema also notes that there is urgent need for president Michael Sata and the patriotic front administration to urgently reverse their decision on fuel and maize subsidies if the country has to continue enjoying peace and stability.

The upnd leader adds that the current protests by the university of Zambia students are justifiable because they are affected and they know that their parents and guardians will not afford the current high cost of living that government wants to impose on the majority Zambians.

Mr.Hichilema further stated that Zambia is a democratic country and the citizens are not ready to be governed in a dictatorial manner.


  1. You are birds of the same feathers.Even you there is nothing you will offer if given the chance.Just keep on bribing those students to do the dirty work for you.

    • Did HH bribe Bemba chiefs too who are protesting and threatening to leave Zambia because of Sata thuggery of removing wise-man Chief Mwamba. Ask GBM, he will tell you that Sata’s dictatorship has put every single Zambian, in a sad atmosphere.
      If Sata dies tonight, it will be the worst funeral Zambia will ever experience. Please Lord extend Sata at-least a year to clean up his mess.

    • Politics makes even honest people to turn into dishonest individuals.This guy as an economist can`t pretend not to know the benefits of removing the subsidies.Now i understand why Tony Blair once said that to be a successful politician one has to be a very good and systematic liar.

    • Politics makes even honest people to turn into dishonest individuals.This guy as an economist can`t pretend not to know the benefits of removing the subsidies.Now i understand why Tony Blair once said that to be a successful politician one has to be a very good and systematic li-ar.

    • FORZA HH! Abash Sata and his Criminal Government! Sata and his diehard supporters are all living on Taxpayers money. The first thing he did when he became President was to increase his salaries and allowances by 150%. He is already building his retirement home unconstitutionally. He also gave his wife K1.5 billion per annum from public funds. The money he uses to bribe opposition MPs is also public money and not his personal money. Poor Zambians should not be made to pay for Sata’s irresponsible and criminal expenditure!

    • Without any prejudice, HH is not an inspiring leader, no wonder he has lamentably failed to go beyong Southern Province.

      He has no direction, and lack the agenda for the country, People cant vote for such a person and his party

      Without any doubt, Fr Bwalya will do better and excel where HH has failed.

      He has now graduated into a professional opposition party leader

  2. Awe naiwe HH. Umfwa,
    The problem with Zambians is that they want to live like they are a developed nation. They want to have cheap things, free things and bling while seated. This calls for work in order to open up this vast country by improving and expanding the infrastructure. That is the only sure way we are going to move to another level. We can’t heap all our expenditure money on subsidies when we are in need of many other things. If the government borrows, you condemn, it shifts money from this to that you condemn, they increase taxes you condemn but you cry for good roads, more schools etc. SHOULD GOVT PRINT MONEY?

    • Awe landeniko nankwe HH ine alampesha amano mweh, and he claims to be very educated but fails to see the simple logic in the removal of subsidies

    • And who told you that things are cheap in developed countries?? i live in a developed country and the only difference is that everything is available..kanonofye kafwayikwa..and also people in developed countries have social security..not that things are cheap..iyee

    • Yes why not do away with by elections. The last 2 by elections cost 18,7 billion kwacha and there are more coming. Zambia is in th ewrong hands period. It is now not Zambia but ANIMAL FARM. Africa awe Idi Amin, Mugabe, Kamuzu Banda, Kabila, Mobuto and now Sata. Just look at his best friends, China human rights abuse, Mugabe killing white farmers

    • @dora (Sliya)…you want to live a life cheaper than even the developed world? Do you produce oil in Zambia for you to want it to be cheap? When govt takes money to infrastructure which may include hostels for those students from oil you are crying.
      Look at what govt does for you to have your bag of maize at KR45.
      1. A bag of fertiliser costs KR250 commercially, you pay KR50. Who pays the KR200?
      2. Govt through Nyiombo and others transports fertilisers to your village.
      3. When you produce you want govt to increase buying price beyond K65/ bag.
      4. Govt through FRA transports this maize from your village to holding depots at KR15/
      5. Millers buy off this maize, grind it and sell off to your relatives who do not farm.
      6. Excess we export and/or disaster mgt sends relief food for…

    • Spot on!!
      Sadly this is where Hichilema and the opposition parties get it all wrong any economists will tell them that subsidising consumption (fuel and maize) is a big no no….it is unsustainable. Moreover subsidises on agric. inputs have not been removed. The likes of Botswana and Mauritius are better off today because they made these bold decisions to get rid of subsidises decades ago.
      You can’t ask for urgent reversal; that boat sailed a long time ago instead scrutinise the gov’t on where the saved monies should be spent. Ask for greater accountability and transparency in short keep them honest. Its evidently clear that the opposition has been wrong footed by this gov’t.

    • @chindakwanda @ jay jay
      There is not wrong with removing subsidies responsibly but removing subsidies to feed the bottomless expense pit of bye election or to corruptly entertaining the once corrupt MMD MP to cross over to PF is insane! kupusa!! thats what people are saying!

    • Ndobo,
      How much will it cost to hold 20 parliamentary by elections and how much will it cost the govt to continue with subsidies?Let assume your party UPND was in govt today(God forbid),how much was it going to spend on subsidies?Is it 4trillion or even more?

    • @kalu
      Am against the removal of subsidies…heck! for your record,,,am not UPND neither am I stupid kwalolomwela bemba!

    • @Ndobo
      I for one I’m disgusted by these bye elections BUT as long as the opposition is disorganised and the constitution allows it, the ruling party will always look forward to them who can blame them, reality is that you can’t change that now. FYI the ECZ has a budget to cover these “wasteful” bye elections….the fact of the matter is that bye election costs are a drop in the ocean compared to what the gov’t will be saving from the removal of subsidises, GRZ will be saving a whooping 5 billion US dollars over 5 years.
      Is it not wise for us to debate about where the money SHOULD be spent? If you blindly follow the opposition you will forever be wrong footed by this gov’t. try to be open-minded and not view issues via politically tinted lenses.

      Wake up!

    • @jay jay
      mwaiche wandi! blaming the opposition alone is like close one eye and leaving the other one wide open hoping not to see what is happening… Budget or not budget for bye election! that money could be put to better use,,,zambia desperately need development in alot of areas!,Sata for one is a very senior politician go to state and start ukubuta!..People dont eat bye election,,, they also dont eat PF or UPND,,,they eat food,,,this is bigger than Sata or HH,,, beyond stupid tribes… bemba or tonga.. Some of you people in the diaspora hide when films or ground pictures of zambia are shown on your TVs,,its a shame to see those desperately pictures of poverty in zambia,while big mature politicians are fighting over MPs and spending huge amount of money on stupid bye elections!kupusa

    • @ Jay Jay I must spot on again, you present a clear refreshing view, one that would be beneficial for the entire nation. Yes, removing the subsidy is a good move, and right direction… we mustn’t encourage reaping where we haven’t sown, it doesn’t make sense. Even at household level sometimes our father or mother could not buy us that object that we wanted, or that holiday we wanted, because they suggested we use surplus money to say, lets build a property or improve the farm etc. Jay jay rightly points out that we have as nation missed the mark, the subsidy is done, implemented, we NOW URGENTLY need to closely scrutinise our leaders with regards to where the surplus SHALL be SPENT. H.H has failed lamentably to point out such issues. GRZ seem also to have failed to put up a PR…

    • GRZ seem to have failed in putting on a P.R exercise explaining/educating the people on the need for the abolishment of subsidies, impacts and benefits etc.

  3. VIVA HH VIVA !!!!
    We knew that voting for a Kabova-type of president will not bring development to the motherland. We need an educated candidate with a strategy for managing the socio-economic policies of the country. Not a man who just goes about governing a country without direction. Most of the educated people that Zambia has produced can contribute to the development of the country instead of going to the UNIP “graveyard” to shovel the likes of Daniel Munkombwe and other geriatric members of the PF government. I am a Bemba but I support the likes of HH and Chipimo because they make a lot of sense in this 21st Century politics ! And not politics of Arrogance and the stomach !!! ABASH DICTATORSHIPS ABASH !!!! PANSHI !!!!

    • Iwe wechipuba, so by your unimformed Logic, Zimbabwe, which is governed by the most educated president in africa if not the world should be the most developed country in africa?

  4. I agree with HH its very clear

    I am in London just came to see London from Glasgow
    I Just want to stay when I look back the times I used to suffer in Lusaka, I pinch myself everyday , who would have ever though it, I am marrying a white person, having his children, using airplanes once in a while driving a car, eating with folk and knife (compared to using bare hands) eating meat or sausages when I want to all in the fridge, and above all doing my PhD

    This is what it means by making it in life, everything I have watching programs on TV we have sky with all channels and Nick just bought some safas where we sleep in the afternoon if we want to, Just want to stay if you want your dreams to come true its not too late, wake hard

    I have ACCA. MSC, CIMA, MBA Bsc and I am only…

    • This imbecile doesn’t know that viewers in Southern Africa started watching DSTV multi-screen before Rupert Murdoch introduced Sky in the UK.

    • Where have you been? I thought you had resolved to keep quite like me I just read what people post. I have trouble comprehending the logic of most of my country men. They think on political affiliation. Subsidies are everywhere. In fact UK and elsewhere they pay citizen for failing to give them jobs. Is that not a worse subsidy than the ones the PF have removed. Our fuel is high not necessary because of the removal of subsidy but because of the high taxes. What is a Tarred road for if people die of hunger.

      If they want to save money why are they increasing their salaries? Why do they have 2 to 3 deputy ministers in one ministry? Why are they encouraging by elections which the claim are budgeted for? Why budget for 20 or so by elections if they care for the people? They are a fraud.

    • Started school at 6 years.Did Grade 1 to 7. At grade 7 you were 13 years. I assume you did grades, from your writing you could not have done Forms. Grade 8 to 12(5 years). you must have been 18 years in grade 12 years . You did a Bachelor of Science course after that, (4 years). At the end of that course you were 22 years. You enrolled for CIMA( normally takes 3 years) and by the time you finished, you were 25 years. Nick told you, why not go for ACCA, so you enrolled for that and you got exemptions because of CIMA but you had to do some courses such as Auditing(another 2 years) by then you must have been 27 years. Hang on a minute there is MSC which you did some where there, another 2 years . We have a cheat here. Do you even appear on the CIMA & ACCA registers?

  5. Am sorry guys but is thats all Mr HH called a press briefing for, just to say the obvious and you call him intelligent

    • His intelligence has made him a millionaire.Period.What about you and you PF thieves?
      This is the beginning of the downfall of PF.Even those dander head PF Police will turn against soon.After arresting the students,they will return to their dilapidated homes smelling nothing but hunger

  6. Hichilema: you are a very unpopular person, an unpopular human being, an unpopular politician. Whatever you say or do won’t wash with the majority voters in Zambia. Continue spending your money on ventures from which you will never accrue profits.

    • Speak for yourself. Your Sata is gone! No one wants him. He is a liar , irresponsible and down right evil. His is the worst government Zambia has ever had. The only people who are supporting Sata are the parasites who are dependent on taxpayers money. Stop milking Zambians to pay for your irresponsible and criminal expenditure.

    • Sata is history,,, we will make him run…potato cut protest in moving in! potato heads are coming after you sir, run go and hide in your bedroom

  7. UNZA is crying for hostels, as well as CBU. The govt embarks on a programme to decongest UNZA and improve on the chances of your relatives in those villages to go to their nearest University and you want to be funny? How else do you morons want the government to raise the money for that? You are saying the roads are narrow and congested with so many accidents yet you do not want to sacrifice or face hardship for a better tomorrow. USA, England or Europe, Japan and the other major rising economies did not get there promoting a bourgeoisie lifestyle for its people. This infrastructure development will emancipate the country and aid us a lot in achieving decentralisation, as each province will have better infrastructure to jump start regional progress. OK, IF YOU CAN’T THINK, WE DICTATE!

    • no wonder our country is not developing because of dunderheads like you. first start by asking sata to stop wasting meager resources on bye-elections and a bloated cabinet, then you can talk about the subsidy ii*****

    • criss is criss! dont take money to fund stupid bye elections,, someone should have thought about that earlier before people reacted with their emotions,,,



  8. Politics makes even honest people to turn into useless beings.This guy as an economist can`t pretend not to know the benefits of removing the subsidies.Now i understand why Tony Blair once said that to be a successful politician one has to be a very good and systematic liar.

    • It is you who does not understand why countries even the rich ones have subsidies. Let them not only remove the subsidy on fuel but let them remove the taxes also. That way the cost will not go as high as it has gone now.

      People in this country are too poor and hence need support from the government through subsidy. Government world over are in the business of helping citizens and not to make profit like corporations. Subsidies in my view is one way of distributing resources to citizens. It is illogical to say that subsidies are benefiting the rich because the revenue that the government collect to be used for subsidies is paid by the rich and not the poor. The rich do not need the subsidies as much as they poor hence removing the to take them to roads is killing the poor period.

  9. Wise words HH the only one for Zambia no wonder they do not understand you becoz your calibre is beyond their understanding hope one will listen this time around Viva Viva

    • your HH alenyafye amasushi ati wisdom.if he strongly believes in subsidies let him provide free education, free inputs, free everything to his workers since the profit from their labor goes to him.this nonsense of pipo supporting brainless chaps is not helpful

    • Please tell us what ‘beyond our caliber’ anything he said apart from the obvious unpleasant but inevitable consequences of removing subsidies which by the way every man and his dog are talking about in tarvens.

    • Viva HH! The muppets are always sick whenever you say something! These are parasites who are dependent on taxpayers money that is why they become jittery whenever you utter a word! Zambians will soon withdraw the life support from these leeches!

  10. Chikwanda-Galilleo, walandafye bwino. If we want development, we must stop subsidizing consumption, epela.

    • @Yes Chris, I mean we do not produce oil in this country. And coming to maize, remember that even the IMF at the beginning of 2012 expressed concern at the levels of expenditure that goes into the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) as well as FRA. Actually, the subsidies on maize have not been removed completely, but reduced. Where, a farmer will be paying ka KR100 instead of KR50 for a bag that costs KR250 commercially. And they will slowly introduce vouchers or coupons which farmers will present to local suppliers or agro dealers. In this arrangement, the supplier will incur his own transport cost and the farmer will collect at own cost (cooperatives for small farmers). The govt will pay these suppliers directly, thereby cutting out so many middle men in the name of Nyiombos and tra

    • Sata increased his Salary by 150%. Gave his wife K1.5 billion annual allowance. He is already building his retirement home unconstitutionally. He is using taxpayers money to buy off opposition MPs. Only a criminal will support the criminal activities of this government. Abash Sata and his criminal enterprise! Stop living off the sweat of poor Zambians. Zambians should not be made to suffer for the incompetence and criminality of the PF. And the leeches at the various Zambian missions abroad should desist from flooding websites with shallow comments in support of PF criminality . Besides you’re living on taxpayer money!

  11. Its about the sudden removal of every subsidy. even animals when they want to wean the animal or even human being, they do not do abrupt stop it takes a while. PF is using short cut and that why the revolt. you do not need to go to school to know that you need to creep in policy decision bit by bit with enlightening. You see even in business, you do not wish to make 500% profit and eventually you clients dump you off.

    • Rubbish! how gradual do you want it to be, do you want us to remove fuel subsidy this year, run battles with UNZA mor0ns then maize subsidy next year followed by another UNZA war? N0, we might as well deal with it now and get on with delivering what we set out to achieve for the remainder of our mandate. Its either you do it or you don’t no middle lanes.

  12. but sure! isn’t sata a dictator?definitely he one time when street vendors protested they went to seek audience with ftj at state house and ftj alowed them.mwanawasa did the same with unza students in 2003 when they complained over coruption.but what does sata do against students,shoot them with teargas.the man is a despot kwasila.

    • What culture are you defending naimwe. No economics and logic in your expression. It is not just a matter of allowing students to go to state house. If they go in a riotous fashion and with a funded agenda. FTJ himself used to call these as rented protesters who do not understand the depths of governance issues. They are dull chaps that could not even write proper messages on their placards and banners. Let them go back to class.

      What happened to those students in the UK who protested against the increase in tuition fees under Cameron?

    • @chikandakwanda galileo seem to be wise except that you think using tribe.i pity you because you believe whatever sata says even if he acts unwisely.if sata meant to be cost eficient,the man could hav first started by reducing his inflated govt and reduce mps salaries,stop inducing by elections.iam sure you know that zambia doesnt produce oil and yet the hypocrite donates fuel to malawi,maize to zim.

  13. These are painful but correct decisions. A serious president with the eyes fixed on genuine development of a country would do that. Chiluba and Banda could not have done that.Thanks Michael!! He is not only interested in votes but the development of Zambia is close to his heart. We Zedians have been tricked by politicians for a long time now by mere political eloquence.

    • Which genuine development? He increased his salary by 150%. He allocated his wife K1.5 billion from public coffers. He is already building his Retirement home unconstitutionally. He is only interested in his personal development. Sata WORST President ever!

    • @Gonclave if u are so against the removal then wait for 2016 u shud even be happy that MCS has gven u free campaign topic. So top complaining coz some of us who know how bad these subsidies are we thank him for removing them. I know HH deep down his heart his happy coz he wudnt be the one to o it.

    • @musokonjinga
      iwe wait until 2016? what? are you serious? No waiting we wont wait for sata to destroy zambia… he has to sharp up now…or ship out!!!!

  14. HH is speaking common things and uses his common sense which unfortunately many bloggers here don’t seem to possess and appreciate.THIS THE MAIN REASON ZAMBIA ELECTED A COMEDIAN AS PRESIDENT AND LOOK WHERE WE ARE.HATRED FOOLISHNESS AND TRIBALISM OF ONE TRIBE WHO WILL SUPPORT AND CONDONE WRONG WHATSOEVER THE COST.WHY?

  15. Let us spend some of the money saved from removing subsidies to lock up all unruly students and throw away the keys

  16. Goncalves it’s hard to understand your logic neither your argument. From your contributions it’s very easy to analyse your contributions that they are deep rooted from political ideology of hate rather genuine contribution that is based on fundamental principles of law of economics. Today UK used have benefit culture that some of her citizens refused to work because they get more than working. The Tory have changed the system and I can assure you many people are looking for employment as the govt have come to realise that benefits are not sustainable. If three quarts of the budget goes to subsidies then you are in trouble. Zambia subside other neighbouring countries such as Congo DC, Malawi, Zimbabwe and others. Subsidies are not sustainable in Zambia

    • Give me a break. Sata is making people suffer for his irresponsibility. The reason he has removed the subsidies is because he has been spending taxpayers money on useless projects and programmes. I would have welcomed the removal of subsidies if it was been done by a CREDIBLE person. Sata is not credible. He has been spending money without regard to the national budget. The stupi.d bye elections are costing money. The biggest political bureaucracy in Africa is costing money. The overstaffed embassies are costing money. Now Zambians have to pay for this incompetence! Sata wants to raise money for his own political vanity and not for development. He is a liar!

  17. ECZ spends more than $1 000 000 dollars, 1 million dollars on one bye election, 5 billion unrebased kwacha, that’s just unacceptable .

  18. 1.1
    Nostradamus, Bembas will never leave Zambia its generally your visual and auditory hallucinations. Chief Chief is a sub chief and coincidently Chanda chimba the third is a son. Therefore sub chief Chimba is fighting a losing battle. Senior chief Mwamba Kanyanta sosala he has never even gone to Mwamba palace, he lives in Kapoka village between Kasama town and Kasama air port. More concern to sale land in Kasama village , between Kapoka and Kasama town. The past senior chief Mwamba none has lived in Kasama town but ituna palace. People in Kasama they do not even see him as senior chief Mwamba. Too many unfinished business to ascend to the throne no wander he is more interested in selling land even for people who have lived in Kasama and Chinji Chiluya villages for more than 60yrs

    • Sounds you know better than Sata. Because if Ba Sata was close to your wisdom,
      ngatabatukene,and threaten Ba Sosala, just because of his son Chanda Chimba, as you explained. Ba Sata acted amano wa bwaiche or ukutumpako panono.
      About land, sounds like the airport was wrong placed, then never projected future development.

  19. HH is behaving as tho he got his money from the sky. lt had to b made .Sata is a kind of President Zambia need who does not believe in appearesement but hold a bull by its horn. HH palibe chako and that u know.Those demos are misplaced.BRAVO PF!

    • Sata is 75 years old. And he declared 7 Guns and a battered 1984 Toyota Cressida. HH is 51 years old declared property and shares worth $65m. It is therefore quite evident that it is Sata who doesn’t know where money comes from.

  20. HH must listen to himself. The people of Zambia rejected him as president of the country. Only a dictator can argue with the people who democratically rejected him by a huge margin. Is he going to force himself on a democratic nation?

    • We were cheated by the serpent,”Bufi” but time of reckoning is coming. A big apology to HH & MMD for voting for such a cluesless government. CNPs indeed!

  21. Imagine these people shouting “dictator” after 18 months, compared to KK with 324 months (27 years!)

  22. The main reason the people are protesting is that Sata and his PF has betrayed them by not keeping any of the campaign promises, in other words it was all lies, lies and more lies. All round liars at such a high level are as good as murderers and that is what makes the people so angry.

  23. KK once said’ tighten you belts but him was loosening his with ministers.
    Ministers,MPs and friends increased their salaries.Shame.By the way why remove subsidies at once. Let me remind ignorant Zedian in diaspora that one of the neighboring countries with one of the best management systems pay old people and feed the students at all schools from grade one to five. Am sure where some of you are, they pay the unemployed.

    • The fact of the matter is those selfsame developed countries can afford to pay welfare for their unemployed, can Zambia afford to subsidise consumption and for how long? Don’t forget that her budget is also subsidised by donors contributions one-fifth to be presence….when you learn to stand on your two feet that’s when you should complain be realistic with yourself.

    • @jay jay
      this is about prioritise and sound finacial management….yes subsidies and lets see good programmes on the ground and movement,,,, not seeing on the blind bend a huge bottomless bye election expense pit

  24. If sata is not a dictator and tyrant, then what is he? It is sad to read comments by people supporting unpopular decisions blindly. Mark my words, this will not die a natural death. The fact that govt is spending in excess of $1m per by election and these are induced by the same govt, does not in any way justify removal of poverty mitigating interventions any responsible govt is obliged to afford the vulnerable of its citizens. Pf will be forced to u turn on this.

    • You have hammered the nail on the head, HH is the best way forward for Zambia & he will restore the sanity Zambia has lost through midiocrete leadershi & even Pf knows!

  25. The big problem in Zambia is that people are used to short term solutions instead of long term solutions. For the country to move forward economically, we cannot continue subsidising fuel or maize because this distorts the market pricing mechanism. I am surprised why Zambian economists are quiet when they have been the ones who have condemned government subsidies in the past. Let the market forces determine the prices and those businesses which cannot compete should shut down. At the moment, we assume that every bus should make 100% on one litres, if the other players comes in and they are prepared to take 20%, the people will benefit and this bulls**t of bus owners blackmailing people by withdrawing buses will come to an end. If you cannot compete, find another business.

  26. Though HH has never conviced me that he can make a good leader, i tend to agree with him here that ba Sata is showing some elements of dictatorship. I think Ba Sata is absolutely mad. I begining to think that Zambians made a mistake to vote for this man called Sata. It can do us better to reorgernise ourselves and remove this animal from power before he becomes more like his comrade Mugabe. Ma rubbish!!!

  27. Failure to Lauch, HH. You have been sitting on the tarmac for too long and getting rusty, move over. Obviously you will never talk off!!

  28. Only those who are in politics for their bellies like grand-pa Munkombwe see sense in what pf is doing. I will keep my voter’s card safely to 2016 to use it remove this useless government by used force Ukwa & vote for a progressive leader who will move Zambia to a greater hights preferreably the son of our Zambian soils HH or someone else.

  29. in addition to his unbudgeted for expenditure such as:
    a bloated cabinet, by elections, creation of a new province and several new districts that have been pronounced without any planning or budget line, Sata gave free fuel to malawi and now he has sold maize to Zimbabwe at a discounted price. These are subsidies costing millions of Dollars he has extended to citizens of other countries. Honestly, how can he now withdraw subsidies to his own citizens , countrymen and people?. No wonder his ministers are laboring to explain to the people because there is no plausible explanation for this. What kind of parent can you be, feeding your neighbors and starving your own children? What is coming out is that this govt has been caught left footed in its own web of deceit.

  30. Pathetic opposition, if they had anything to offer on this subject this was the time! Condemning without offering any solution, no opposition party has said anything about what it’s manifesto says on fuel and maize subsidies. This is because no party has even considered it or even thought about it on how to handle it. This culture of getting things for free without working for them has to come to end, MMD has left a legacy of begging and politics of appeasement, politicians were making to decisions just to further their political careers instead of making decision which can build the nation. Giving handouts and selling council houses at giveaway are just a few examples, HH has nothing to offer on this subject, he cannot even give one reason why subsidies are good!.


  31. For as long as opposition parties/leaders remain the NO, NO, NO messiahs to everything the Sata govt does, they will always sound hollow and disingenuous. Like what @sk has said, none of these opposition leaders have given a convincing reason why they think subsidies make good economic sense. If they are honest enough, especially people like HH, they at least can appreciate a very simple fact in economics; the fact that “SUBSIDIZING CONSUPTION IS NEVER A PRUDENT ECONOMIC THING TO DO!

    Smart, narrowly-targeted subsidies, which encourages job creation and production is the way to go. But this can never be attained with poor infrastructure all around us. Build the infrastructure first which will sustain everybody, including the poor. BLANKET SUBSIDIES misses the target almost always!

  32. We understand there’s been a shock to the system with the removal of subsidies but we kind of expected empty heads like HH and his choma mob would jump in and through in all manner of spanners in the works but it is what it is, someone had to do the dirty job at some point. People don’t realise we were subsidizing not only fuel that run our industries but also fuel for drunks who sprawl Adis ababa Drive looking for prostitutes every night. Am sorry but i don’t want to continue paying for fuel for the millions of Japanese wrecks clogging our roads.

  33. It’s a complete shame that this blog is mostly accessed by people outside the country than whom it’s meant for. I was in Zambia when the PF won the elections and I could not understand the euphoria that ensued. Everywhere I went bars were paying that rubbish song by that stoned drug dealer and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the masses. Two years down the line they are ll crying! If you dangle meat to a dog, he will no doubt yank it off nearly missing your flesh in the process.

    @ Mushota, let’s hookup in Trafalgar Square and I will buy you a drink as we discuss how to assist our clueless brothers and sisters back in Zamunda, sorry Zambia.

  34. “Pabwato!” Why is this Sata guy always rocking the boat? I had thought he knew how to paddle the canoe?????

  35. The ineptitude of the Zambian electorate at it’s highest. You voted for sub-normal Michael Sata because he was a news maker. And he has been making news since day one. But why do you complain when you are getting exactly what you asked for?

  36. i refer to MUSHOTA comments; mushota you are not educated at all,not a bit,a person who is studying PHD, wont write in that manner my dear.i therefor ask which school did u attend in uk ?u dont even match a person with associate,that writing is a grade seven (7) my dear, either u are lying about your education or what?button line is u did not attain a barchelor degree ,if so tell us which school in zambia.from your writting I can tell ,u dont have skills of analytical writting as for MBA or PHD per say.dont foo not foolish like u.

    thanks very mch.

  37. Listen all you Satamaniacs! When you go to Government to eat but prevent your citizens to eat three balanced meals per day because food prices have sky rocketed and fuel that enables them access the market and send their children to school has shot through the roof, you begin to play, not with toys but with fire! If you fill your belly and empty theirs with the “90 day don’t kubeba” lies and justify it with your semantically sugar coated explanations on the removal of subsidies, here’s what you are doing; you are playing with fire! Mulilo! Balance it up. Reduce Government over staffing and by elections. Then let’s talk about subsidies, people may understand and listen.

  38. HH is correct ! We should just have an open mind and realise that Zambians cannot afford Mealie meal and fuel without subsidies since the majority of our people are not in employment. The unemployment rate is in the region of 80 % remember? If the government want to reduce the expenses, they should start by cutting their cabinet of over 70 ministers to below 20 and do away with the unnecessary by-elections. It is ironical to remove subsidies on maize and fuel and then give free fuel to Malawi and free maize (150, 000 tonnes) to Zimbabwe ! This totally STUPID ! CNP !

  39. Zambia have learnt a lesson you don’t need these old ancient men as president the world has changed so much, Sata is completely out of touch with the people , with his
    Irrational decisions look at what happened to Zimbabwe with Mugabe irrational decisions completely destroyed the country. This has the potential to destroy our country , tou can’ t have a president wake up next day and tell you no subsidies with no warning , give people ample time like in court so they are adequately prepared. That’s why I am I like Mushota’ attitude we are treated like fools in Zambia. If Sata did this in developed nations he would be a goner.

    • @Chimbwe, one day you will look back and thank “these old ancient men” for taking politically unpalatable decisions for you and your future. Pretending that Zambia can afford the consumer subsidies at the levels they were is really PLAYING OSTRICH with a Lion trailing your @ss!

      Whether these subsidies are ended today or tomorrow make little difference. The fact still remains, the subsidies were unsustainable and, one way or the other, they had to come to an end. And you should thank “these old ancient men” for not leaving such hard and politically unpopular decisions for your generation to deal with sooner or later.

      It seems subsidies have really killed innovation and given birth to the culture of always wanting freebees from the govt. Be careful, HH is a big-time flip-flopper!

  40. Sata was voted in by a majority of thugs who voted on the day, not the majority of Zambians. He is not a popular president if you look the the entire population and then consider how many people voted. Serves you right!!1 You so called Zambian middle-class citizens and the aristrocrats, if we have any, stayed home or went abroad. Sata has always been a loose cannon. FTJ knew this and that is why he handed the relay baton to LPM.

  41. Juanita……what drugs are you on today?? Made me laugh. Just make sure your husband to be doesn’t introduce you to joints and smoke, Fwaka

  42. The Post reports Mugabe saying ‘Sata is a wise man’. Out of all presidents in Africa and the world Dictator Mugabe is the only president ever visited Zambia since Sata became head of state. Just wondering this coincidence of DICTATORS. Reminds us that even thieves have honour among them selves.

  43. All you armchair political analysts out there in the diarrhoea – call it what you like. Once your bloated stomachs have eased off from eating mass genetically modified produced foods in your respective hosting nations, try and live in Zamunda for a year or two. You will no doubt be reminded why you left in the first place.

    The Tories in the UK have readjusted policies time and again due to public pressure. Zambia is a landlocked country as you may be reminded and as such most of our imports are driven into our land from shores afar – that is costly! The flip side of the latter sentence is true for our exports making them unattactive due to transport attributed cost.

    Certain subsidies such as the ones on that silly unnutritional maize powder and fuel are a must and should stay in…

  44. Teach people that there are more choices in food than just that starch ‘pup’ thing. If you visit Zambian markets, you will find a lot of nice farm produce which I think are the closest you have to organically produced. Lovely, tasty tomatoes, juicy potatoes, sumptuous greens the variety is amazing and I am not even a chef not by a mile. The kind of dishes I can make out of your farm produce are endless without the starch thingy. When I say farm produce, I am excluding livestock -ok. You can eat one odd egg once in a while for your proteins but be sure to include beans and nuts in your diets. Have you seen the number of tomatoes that go rotting in Zambia? Those tomatoes can be tinned or made into a purée and compressed in tubes, the cabbage can be pre-cooked and bottled or canned. Etc..

  45. @msanawanzili, please don’t embarrass us with your in-cohesive points above. What are you on about?

    Fuel price hikes left unchecked can bring down an economy such as Zambia’s economy do you understand that. In general, there is gonna be stealth price hikes in all things sold and in most services rendered. Even the price of the hookers you mentioned and you seem to know first hand their whereabouts are going to cost more per shag.

    Don’t be blinded, the major talking point is to crawl back the money that is being lost through taxation of the mines and to close loop holes in profit/loss accounting. A village in Switzerland is swimming in Zambia’s money obtained from copper sales via the the so called ‘transfer pricing’ scandal, The village even lowered taxes on its people…

  46. @msanawanzili, please don’t embarrass us with your in-cohesive points above. What are you on about?

    Fuel price hikes left unchecked can bring down an economy such as Zambia’s economy do you understand that. In general, there is gonna be stealth price hikes in all things sold and in most services rendered. Even the price of the hookers you mentioned and you seem to know first hand their whereabouts are going to cost more per sh@g.

    Don’t be blinded, the major talking point is to crawl back the money that is being lost through taxation of the mines and to close loop holes in profit/loss accounting. A village in Switzerland is swimming in Zambia’s money obtained from copper sales via the the so called ‘transfer pricing’ scandal, The village even lowered taxes on its people…

  47. …furthermore, you and I are more likely to jump on a plane to Switzerland to go and sh@g their daughters in that rich village as payment in kind for steeling our copper. Just don’t mention you are from Zambia. Say you are from Zamunda. Come to think about it, how about our brothers who might not as so much had a sniff of the inside of an aeroplane? We’ll shag for mother Zambia.

  48. …furthermore, you and I are more likely to jump on a plane to Switzerland to go and b@nk their daughters in that rich village as payment in kind for steeling our copper. Just don’t mention you are from Zambia. Say you are from Zamunda. Come to think about it, how about our brothers who might not as so much had a sniff of the inside of an aeroplane? We’ll sh@g for mother Zambia.

  49. Zambians must find time to think and analyse issues and avoid being misled by Hichilema as there is no much logic in the manner he presents issues. In first place he is not a seasoned politician and thats why he does not know where and what to talk about. Nothing real insipires Zambians out of his many baseless speeches, even if summed up together one cannot pick any points what makes him think is better than Sata.
    He needs to outline his plans and tell peolple what he would do differrent from what Sata and PF are doing now. If it is just a matter of opposing any and everthing then his ambitions are placed at the wrong direction and will not take him any where near Plot 1.

  50. @PPC, Poor Performing Cunt or whatever the pseudnym stands for.
    I hate the sound of that ‘Plot 1’ in its real form, it already means a free meal ticket from rags to riches. Non of that is from HH you bent twit. I am rather tired of silly comments from non-reasoning bloggers without clout. Show your salt before you can run for presidency. Very soon you will be hoodwinked by that Fr Bwalya as credible material for president just because he carries a bemba name. All smaller tribes need to get together and remove the bemba prevalence in Zambian politics that have stagnated development in our country. Think of the provinces that provide real and tangible product and resources – they are all outside the Northern/Luapula and non-required muchinga provinces.

  51. @PPC, Poor Performing Cunt$ or whatever the pseudnym stands for.
    I hate the sound of that ‘Plot 1’ in its real form, it already means a free meal ticket from rags to riches. Non of that is from HH you bent twit. I am rather tired of silly comments from non-reasoning bloggers without clout. Show your salt before you can run for presidency. Very soon you will be hoodwinked by that Fr Bwalya as credible material for president just because he carries a bemba name. All smaller tribes need to get together and remove the bemba prevalence in Zambian politics that have stagnated development in our country. Think of the provinces that provide real and tangible product and resources – they are all outside the Northern/Luapula and non-required muchinga provinces.


  53. Mushota you are a liar!!!educated people don’t show off,and who is interested in y our education anyway?Dad or mum not so and i don’t even know why am replying to the nonsense.

  54. i have been PF support but of late i have been seening Mugabe way of ruling which is very unfortunate, people spoke and we never listened anyway all we wanted was to be free from MMD bondage of thieving but i never saw dictatorship in MMD

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