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Jani Sikazwe stands his ground against Nchanga Rangers


Kapiri-Mposhi FIFA referee Jani Sikazwe on Saturday responded to Nchanga Rangers officials who criticised him after their team’s 1-0 loss to Nkana.

Sikazwe challenged angry Nchanga officials and supporters who confronted him after the match to start refereeing if they thought he was not performing accordingly.

“Mukambeko naimwe ukulisha ( You should start officiating as well),” he said in bemba.

Sikazwe had sent off Rangers defender McDuff Chungu just after the break before dismissing Nkana winger Kelvin Mubanga who was the lone goal scorer on the nick of full time.

New FAZ life member and ex-Nchanga secretary Jim Chongo was among individuals that confronted Sikazwe on his way to the change room after the Super Division Week Nine match.

More than ten yellow cards were flashed in the match.


  1. Fellow kitwens tell had the good days of kapambwe,kelvin,mordon and the rest returned?i u soon concentrate on my local team I feal great even if Real Madrid lost the cup ,but nkana is giving joy,I am praying for you sponsors will come from all over.

  2. Jani Sikazwe is the best referee at the moment. What I would suggest to football administrators is to learn the Rules of the game.
    It will help in understanding some decisions that referees make rather than express personal opinion. However, some referees have decided the outcome of games in what I call RAW (Referee Assisted Win)

  3. Jan did not see the incident as it happened,he was simply signaled by his first assistant that it was a simulation when chungu was fouled by the Nkana player.Sikazwe and simwanza you robbed us the fans of what was to be the most entertaining match of the season.Raz needs t charge such Poor Refs.

    • What about the disallowed Nkana goal ? Say something about that also ! And also the violence by Nchanga fans AND OFFICIALS ! In fact if FAZ looks critically and fairly at what happened , Nchanga stadium should actually be closed !

  4. Unfortunately , there seems to be violence at all stadia ! At Godfrey Ucar , some Lime fans say they were harrassed ! And I have been harrassed at Woodlands , Sunset and the same Nchanga stadia in the past ! FAZ should be firm and take action !

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