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Kalusha: It was hard to retire


Kalusha Bwalya has recounted that it was not easy for him to retire from active football.

The ex-Chipolopolo skipper officially announced his retirement in 2001 before coming out briefly to score a lone goal in Zambia’s 1-0 win over Liberia in a 2006 World Cup qualifier in Lusaka in 2005 when he was national team coach.

In his latest Forbes Magazine column, Kalusha said he was lucky to last long in football.

“I was fortunate to prolong my career past 40 years and did so because of my love for the game.

“I am very proud of the fact that I scored my last international goal at the age of 41 in a World Cup qualifier against Liberia (2005),” wrote the ex-PSV Eindhoven striker.

The FAZ president added: “It was a difficult thing to give up and I always said that when I was no longer as asset to my team on the field, I would call it quits. It was a sad day when I did, but I have managed to create a different life for myself now, where I am still in the game and still helping it to develop.”

“For that I am thankful. It was a lot of hard work to do though and required dedication and sacrifice and not everybody has that in them.”

Kalusha is said to have begun his career in 1979 with Mufulira Blackpool.


  1. waliletele insansa muyanda yesu… we still cherish the memories and it will be hard to have your calibre again..

  2. I hope he would also talk about the penalty he damagely could not score when we needed that goal to qualify

    • Taxman, the penalty Kalusha missed was in the Cosafa against Angola at Independence Stadium, nothing to do with qualifying anywhere.

  3. One of the best players this country and continent has produced. Zambian football is synonymous with Kalusha Bwalya. People ask me which country I am from and when I say Zambia, they say oh Kalusha !.

    • Yeah, it is true! I also have met a number of Mexicans/Americans who, upon mentioning the country of my origin, Zambia, they always say: Oh, yes, do you know Kalushia Bwalya? With an accent of course. And I just nod my head and say to myself, yeah, he did indeed cause quite a bit terror on the football fields in Mexico, didn’t he!

    • To me the greatest Zed has produced are the duo of Godfrey U-car Chitalu and Alex Chola. the most entertaining players of the 70s. I hope Liwewe and anyone who listened to radio commentatory or watched live tv can support my statement.

  4. Great Kali – was indeed great. I now live in Tampa Florida. Many occasions when I’m asked where I come from and I say Zambia, they always say – you mean the Country where Kalusha Bwalya the great footballer comes down in Central Africa? And some just say – ooh Zambia, Zambia Kalusha Bwalya? The memories brings a lot of joy and actually dignity to this great nation and we’re very proud him. Many thanks.

  5. There are only two names that are mentioned whenever someone says they are from Zambia. People always say, “Kalusha and KK.” Lets give honor where it is due. As for those aspiring to do anything for Zambia now, what will you be remembered for. We need to respect Kalusha and the former president and other leaders and elders. I think the current coach will always be remembered. Right now we are reading about people complaining about subsidies being removed and people who have abundance of time are rioting. Please find organisers and cage them. No riots start without organisers. The world is now run as a mixed economy in most countries so stop the nonsense of saying Zambia should be capitalist or socialist, that is acake and long gone, get the balance and move on. Learn to sacrifice people.

  6. There are only two names that are mentioned whenever someone says they are from Zambia. People always say, “ukw and CNP.”

  7. Indeed,There is only two or few names mentioned,if u say am from zambia i work in sierra leone and if people ask me which country are u from? i say zambia, they wil say oh kalusha bwalya,kk and chiluba.

  8. However, Kalusha is a poor administrator. He is so petty and childish, typical of FIFA pettiness. If he hates someone from any club, the whole club suffers. He does not also abide by good corporate governance. he is a shame

    • If Kalusha is a poor adminstrator and a shame as you say then I will say Zambia needs poor adminstrators who are a shame. This is because he is the only adminstrator who has managed to give the country the Nations Cup.

    • Zoona ba Mwina ZeD how can a poor adminstrator do what many good adminstrators failed to do?

  9. Totally agree!! i am so privileged to have traveled to many countries around the world and so whether any one agrees or disagrees the fact remains that the ONLY names they associate Zambia with when you tell them you are from Zambia is non other than KK and Kalusha Bwalya. Lets give Honour to whom Honour is due. Long Live KK and Always Great!! The Great Kalu!!

    • Imwe ba Bwalya Whenever a South African knows Iam Zambian he will start reminiscing about Kalusha or Kenneth Kaunda. Then Mbesuma Katongo and Dennis Lota would follow that

  10. K.K and Kalu has are already been honored by Mwanawasa and LMP’s Govt built a massion for him at cost of K7billion what else do you want to honor him .Kalu was even issued with diplomatic passport and is the only winner of the africa footballer of year on the south of the equator.Next please….

  11. Quantum by ‘acake’ did you mean ‘archaic’? Sad how the levels of our education have tumbled and Zambian bloggers cannot spell. OK back to Kalusha, for me the greatest memory was the goal against Zimbabwe. We needed to draw in order to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations and in the second half great Kalu scored via a header. That goal was priceless and you should have seen the joy among the faces of the Zambians who had travelled to Harare. Yes great Kalu you are now retired but memories will never fade. Hey, how about that goal against Angola in 1990 which came right before the referee blew his final whistle? You will always be remembered Mr. FAZ president and glad I attended your farewell party at Inter Continental Hotel hosted by Colgate Palmolive when you left for Belgium.

    • It came from a free kick curled in by Charles Musonda or was it the other way round? Kalusha curling the free kick and Musonda heading in? And Zambia went haywire as Independence stadium rumbled and rattled and every one wanted to kiss Charlie and Lusha forgeting that Zambia has a law against same sex kissing.

  12. Don’t forget Ba Lotti Gunduzani Mwale! He fought the best pound for pound and he was fearless at his peak. Some of us who shared a drink with the big hitter in Lusaka’s dingy stake house will live and cherish the happy memories forever more. He was truly the peoples’s champ. MHRIP!

    • Yes he was not selfish, I heard that he used to buy beer for people.. Nice that you are one of then who benefited 🙂

    • Extremely talented sportsman Gunduzani but poor at his discipline. He would take part in street fights beating up anyone who disrespected him. Not even the indisciplined Mike Tyson did that

  13. People l don’t know were in a queue with me in a chain super market .Suddenly an argument started about who they thought is the best President Zambia has had since independence .ln the queue one said KK , another one said Levy but three said RB. This is interesting .why is RB loved so much in his retirement despite some allegations through the media?


  14. People lets not forget mushala..The man who terrorised State House ..Indeed me too was very suprised how one white man said he is inspired by KK..I felt like am from somewhere…

  15. Great kalu who spanned three continents in football . Actually he is the best in the southern region.The only administrator to bing the afcon cup here. Let him b honoured.

  16. When Zambia qualifies to the world cup you must come back and score aba abaice can’t score even sure goals. I am serious because you can really make a difference Kalu.

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