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Lusaka City Council to put up public toilets in Lusaka


Council Public Relations Officer, Henry Kapata
Council Public Relations Officer, Henry Kapata

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has embarked on an exercise of constructing more public toilets in Lusaka’s central business district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, LCC Public Relations Officer Henry Kapata said the project was meant to deal with the problem of people urinating in drainages and in the streets of Lusaka.

Mr. Kapata said the exercise is expected to be completed by June this year.

He however said there was need to sensitize the public on the disadvantages of urinating on the streets if the problem was to be eradicated.

Mr. Kapata said currently, the council was putting up public toilets at four places in the central business district.

He added that more toilets will be constructed once other places are identified and funds are made available.

He also revealed that the council has received proposals from business entities on where the LCC can put up parking slots.



  1. I don’t know why this should be good news worth sharing. You should have done this twenty years ago, at least Kaunda tried to elect toilets according to the population of the cities at that time. Don’t tell us just put it’s your job, you are the same people who remind your kids about what and how much you spending on their education etc, whilst it’s your duty to educate, feed and provide shelter.

    • Kaunda tried to “elect” toilets….?

      Yeah, well….. in a one party state KK could “elect” whoever he wanted. The real question is why is PF still giving us “toilets” to elect.

  2. They should be fee paying toilets otherwise they will be out of order within one week pantu abantu bamu lusaka balanya without fear or favour!

  3. Good.Nalichula sana last time nali mulusaka.Ati mbutukile mu Stanley bar nasanga balisala.Epashili pakuleka bane.

    • Wandepula mune. I think Kale waishile mo mu Lusaka.

      Ha Ha Ha Ha

      Ngawaile pa Shopping Mall. Evelyn Hone College Students balishukila pa levy Junction Mall.

      He He He Ama Toilet yaisa apepi for them.

  4. ‘Elect’ toilets hahahaha…@braveface, you are the one! The author doesn’t even get it. English has gone to the dogs amongst Zambians. Make sure you choose to be in an English speaking diaspora hosting nation as we won’t understand your patwa when you come home. I once saw a ‘men at work’ sign that read: WARNING, erection in progress’ and besides it stood a burly looking guy with a hard hat on next to a small framed guy looking down at him. LoL

  5. Public toilets in a nation of irresponsible twats will soon turn into a filthy mess.We can’t manage public mkts,an airline or even a zamtel because of our grabby hands and inclination to avoid real work.Watch it,this will be a no go zone once the toilets are done.

  6. People pay taxes. Build the damn toilets and maintain them, what kind of a country cannot even maintain a public toilet. Bupuba or just careless….

  7. Manda hill, arcades, levy etc all shopping malls have clean toilets for public use & for free so those suggesting fee paying for what??

    • Don’t you know that shop tenants pay for them via their rentals…why do you think rent is high in shopping malls?

  8. HEar ye! Hear ye! Its the 9th wonder of the World. Public toilets in Lusaka! Ala napapa!
    But seriously Kapata and all the city fathers should know: erecting the toilets is one thing, Maintaining their hygiene and cleanliness is another. Have any of you been in London’s public loos? You could eat a humburger inside them.

  9. Lusaka thinking toilets in the 21 century? Other african cities like Nairobi & Kigali are waaay beyond the basics and are now thinking of becoming IT hubs,building freeways and becoming business hubs.Poor Lsk.

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