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MMD Die Hard coordinator Lusambo’s abusive language was provocative – PF


The Patriotic Front in Lusaka province says yesterday’s agitation that led to PF cadres to pounce on Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) officials may have been caused by insulting and provocative language by MMD’s Die Hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo.
Speaking to Qfm in an interview, PF Lusaka Youth secretary Stanley Chumya says MMD die hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo is one of the cadres in the opposition MMD with an abusive language and that might have led to some PF cadres pounce on him.

Mr.Chumya has also refuted claims that Mr. Lusambo was beaten and threaten with death when he was abducted close to an hour.

Mr. Chumya has told Qfm in an interview that the PF’s action yesterday was only meant to stop an alleged demonstration by MMD members who were believed to have planned to protest against government’s decision to lift subsidies on fuel and maize.

Mr. Chumya has reiterated the need for the MMD members in the country to closely work with the ruling PF in fostering development in the country as opposed to engaging in violent politics.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Commission (HRC) has condemned in the strongest terms the harassment of a journalist during an incident in which suspected Patriotic Front cadres attacked Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) at Lusaka’s City Market.

A Muvi Television reporter is reported to have been caught-up in the locomotion while filming the incident in which suspected a PF mob pounced on MMD member.

In a statement released to QFM News, HRC spokesperson Samuel Kasankha says the commission is saddened with the violent attacks on journalists barely three weeks after Zambia joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Press Day.

The HRC spokesperson has since appealed to the political authorities in the PF and MMD to take action towards those who took part in the act at City Market.


  1. Ha ha ha.Bowman Lusambo was happy when he was beating his uncle Richard Kachingwe ,now things have turned against him.I wonder where scorpion Kadobi was while his colleague was on the receiving end of the punches.

    • Wow Lt the reporter was caught up in the locomotion…. next time I guess the reporter will be caught up in the locomotive…..

      Much as we live a civilised society, lusambo terrorised others with impunity during MMD reign.

      I am happy he got some as well. I have no sympathy for such lunatics like Lusambo

    • Life has a way of balancing itself!!! These two thugs were ever harassing people perceived to be against the then ruling party MMD!!! Today they are having a taste of their own bitter pill!! Bravo to the gallant Lusaka PF leadership! At least they effected a citizens arrest on these two KNOWN TROUBLE MAKERS before they could start problems at Soweto market!!!

      Who doesn’t know this terrorist called ‘scorpion’ Kadobi and this kaponya called Bowman Lusambo (is he Zambian this chap?)? Lesson 1: do unto others as you would want them to unto you!!

  2. Power Failure(PF) and Sata should have only ruled for only 90days.But mistakenly they have over stayed.hence the inhuman decisions they have started making.

  3. U spared him. Such *****s must not be near our politics. l mean chi Bowman Lusambo. Pf, do even more bamidelala sana. But leave journalists alone.Though they can be so silly also sometimes.

  4. So now we know the party that is campioning abdutions in Zambia, Kakoma’s wife abducted its PF, Bufi singer abducted its Pf now Lusambo abducted its pf. This government of thugs by the thugs for the thugs. No democracy, we need real change that will lead by noble & sober & hardworking Zambians. We need a leadership revolution in Zambia for a better Zambia for all Zambian, where the rule of law will be uphold. Youths its our time to create a sustainable Zambia for tomorrow’s generation.

  5. But when is this criminal called William ‘tekele’ Banda going back to his country Malawi kanshi?!! This person has been living in Zambia illegally since he was deported in the third republic! I really can’t wait to see the back of this aged terrorist…!!!

  6. When sunday chanda was ejected from a public institution called unza and made to apologise against his will just like lusambo, the human rights commission was very quiet. Muvi TV even mocked him for being inconsistent.

  7. Now that we have learnt a lesson,next time we gonna vote wisely.Mwisakamana balatumpafye pa myaka ibili yashalako,2016 tulelubuka babaleya because we have known them now that they liars.

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