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University students boycotts examinations, demand government address

General News University students boycotts examinations, demand government address

Mulungushi University Great North Road main campus students have vowed not to sit for end of semester examinations until they are addressed by the government over several outstanding issues affecting their studies.

Academic Affairs Secretary Jessen Siamutwa told ZANIS yesterday that the union has since written to the government seeking to be addressed over a number of issues among them, the University’s infrastructural developments, students’ bursaries and the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize.

Mr Siamutwa said the students are deeply disturbed and that they have therefore resolved to boycott examinations that commenced on Monday 20th 2013 until they get answers on the prevailing issues from Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

And construction material and other items worthy over Sixty thousand (KR60,000) rebased was yesterday gutted at the campus under unknown circumstances, allegedly to be in connection with the students reaction over the prevailing issues.



  1. SO who is going to suffer by wasting time? Really these students of nowadays are so dull. How can you chose to inflict pain on your body? Its you who will waste time by delaying your exams. During our time at UNZA we never inflicted pain on our selves as far as boycotting exams is concerned coz we knew that by taking these measures it would be us to suffer mentally and psychologically.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.


  2. Baiche naimwe just go back to classes.You went to university to better yourselves intellectually and socially not turning into overnight stone throwers.Weigh your options and priorities well.

  3. @Truth Hates Iwe Osanama. When I was at UNZA we all got very excited once Monk Square started getting populated in anticipation of a street demo. I realised at the time that these demos were mostly led by those whose continuous assessment portended Mwanza’s axe was to fall on them. Nevertheless it was so exciting to stand face to face with the Riot Police and taunt them: “You dont even get enough to buy your uniform yet you are obeying Kaunda’s orders. Just drop your guns you fools”

    • Kwati bufi shuwa. We were scared of Mwauluka’s axe in our time and if things were going bad we made a bee line for great east road stoned a few cars university closed Grace period catch up time Ha ha!

  4. How does the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize affect your studies when you are residents at the University and feeding from the dinning room? Just say that you are not ready for the exams because you wasted too much time on drinking and other unproductive activities.

    • They are forgetting that they are subsidised and are also the benefactors of this subsidizing culture…removal of these subsidises will mean more money for higher education..

  5. These are the leaders of tomorrow really laughable…what are they teaching these girls and boys at UNZA nowadays. There is clearly lack of reflective reasoning about actions in today’s youth.

  6. These Chaps cant compare with us who participated in the 1991 unza Viva and managed to remove Kaunda.Unza was the only alternative that time to which the rest of the population could look at for alternative opinion and social and political concious. This time I cant kick as there are so many universities.Your friends at UNZA have resumed classes and you have dubbed.What bursary do you want when you agreed to pay for your school fees.The university did not force but because you were not picked by UNZA or CBU your parents decided on an easier option.May you are not prepared for the exam and CA is terrible and you want to buy time.Just work hard you failures.

  7. You as students of ‘history’ have a right to strike and the university management must find another approach in assessing your academic performance for this semester. As a reputable university, your institution has already worked out your individual DPs because no student should sit for any examination without a good DP. The university management and your student union representatives will under any cicurmstance arrange an appropriate future date for future examinations. Wish all eligible candidates the best of luck in their studies and exams.
    Buy the way, Kabimba is not the right/qualified expert to address the above listed concerns. Unless if you want him to list his side of the story but if you looking for an outline or for a liberatory discursive language, the Minister of Finance…

  8. An omission in the above post @BOOM & WHATEVER #7
    “if you are looking for …………..”,

  9. I call upon the minister of education to let the university see to it that the exams run their full duration and no interruptions.

    After all, the students have a right to sit or not to sit for exams. But, whose time are they wasting ? I pity their parents

  10. This is st u pidity of the highest order. let them b.Exams must continue as planned .Bafyatile were not studing. failures!

  11. ifipuba fipuba and you cant retrain them otherwise!!! how do you boycot exams !! only abnormal one can manage to do than . they is no reason enough to justify that !!! any way that is the way dependants think.

  12. This subsidy argument is getting old guys…It was a hard but necessary decision to make. And whether the nature in which the Gov went about it is wrong, we cannot run away from the fact that it was not sustainable. How exactly do you justify all those budget overruns? Budgets are created to ensure a structured distribution of resources, and if overruns are experienced concurrently, there is a problem. And if this is one way of addressing that problem, let us see where it leads us. Better to have tried something, than to seat around cooking up theories about all the things that will go wrong. of course something will go wrong, but should that be reason enough to prevent us from trying?

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