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Zambia, Zimbabwe US envoys cycle for tourism


United States Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella riding a bike on a 20 km stretch from Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport to Nsongwe in Livingstone on Monday afternoon to promote international tourism, economic growth, and wildlife conservation in Zambia and Zimbabwe
United States Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella riding a bike on a 20 km stretch from Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport to Nsongwe in Livingstone  to promote international tourism, economic growth, and wildlife conservation in Zambia and Zimbabwe

THE United States ambassadors to Zambia and Zimbabwe today began a three-day cross-border bike ride between the two countries to promote tourism.

Ambassadors Mark Storella and Bruce Wharton, the US envoy to Zimbabwe were joined by diplomatic staff and celebrities from both countries including comedian Carl Joshua Ncube, ZiFM DJ Lorraine Bgoya and the reigning Miss USA Nana Meriwether, who is currently visiting Zambia.

Ahead of the expedition, Ambassador Wharton said: “Zimbabwe and Zambia share one of the great natural wonders of the world: Victoria Falls.

“With spectacular landscapes and wildlife, this area is truly a world treasure and should be protected and nurtured for future generations from every country to cherish. It is also the foundation for a growing eco-tourism industry that can and should create jobs and bring development to the people of the area.”

The bike ride is being held to highlight the economic and conservation merits of tourism in the area ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly set to be held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and Livingstone, Zambia, in August this year.

According to the Zimbabwe Tourism Association, Americans make up the largest group of non-African international tourists to Zimbabwe.

The diplomats and their celebrity cyclists began the ride in Zambia today and will finish on the Zimbabwe side of the Victoria Falls on Thursday.

Along the route, the two diplomats and their group will visit the national parks on both sides of the border, learning about snare clearing and endangered vultures, and meeting with disabled handicraft makers.

They will also meet local government officials, tour a U.S. government-funded family planning clinic, and visit the medical clinic that assists American tourists in the unfortunate need of medical evacuation.

Zimbabwe and Zambia will co-host the 20th UNWTO General Assembly from August 24-29 in Victoria Falls and Livingstone.
This is only the second time that Africa will host the UNWTO General Assembly, after Senegal in 2005.


  1. Zed is a joke when it comes to tourism.That dusty,trashy town of Livingstone will not cut it for tourists who are picky and very health conscious.Go to Tz and Kenya for lessons on increasing tourism.

  2. Each country will promote itself. Zimbabwe will do well out of this and South Africa will sell Vic Falls with the new option of Zimbabwe who has successfully made its way back in to the tourism fold on the back of Zed. The conference is being held in Zimbabwe. Are we hoping for the same trickle down effect we banked on when allowing SA to promote Livingstone as part of SA? It will be a good show but it will not be a Zambia weighted show aside from the face saving efforts. We still have a last chance to pull together something from the arts angle but the cartels only promote the same musicians/artists and we do not see the value in putting together fresh innovative and well rehearsed alternatives.

  3. Livingstone is so remote, you can hardly see a person standing next to you two meters apart. ‘Thanks to our backward politics.’

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