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Government to introduce new National Registration Cards next month


The Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship is expected to introduce a new type of National Registration Cards (NRC) next month.

National Registrar General Mathews Nyirongo said the new National Registration Cards (NRC), which will be bio-metric with a chip, will contain additional security features such as finger prints to reduce fraud on the document.

Mr. Nyirongo told ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday that the new NRC will be used concurrently with the old ones for some time.

He explained that after carrying out a successful tender evaluation, the department shortlisted three foreign bidders for the contract of issuing new NRCs.

He said the project is sponsored by the United National Development Programme.

Mr. Nyirongo said the programme of issuing new National Registration Cards was a long process which will be carried out in three phases.

He said Lusaka province will be in the first phase followed by all provincial centres and lastly by all districts.

He said soon after the tender is awarded, the department will embark of a sensitization tour across the country to educate the citizens on the credibility of the new NRC as compared to the old ones.

He observed that the current NRC has been vulnerable to fraud as perpetrators of the act have found it easy to open and refill or disfigure the face on the NRC and replace it with a fake one.

Mr. Nyirongo said the current National Registration Cards’ security was compromised thereby lowering the integrity of the card.



    • Oh please !!!! You are so backward .. Don’t you electronic IDs are the best.. Iyo mulifontini!!!

    • @mwana lubemba
      its okay. you can be too confortable and well understanding,,maybe exposed also..
      but this is the first step of the mark of the beast… first the the mirochip in you card… next the microchip in your skin!! wait until you are there

    • you are so primitive with your religious nonsense, superstitions & conspiracy theory
      its technology not witchcraft

    • I completely agree with you. The mark of the beast is at hand now. This is in lime with the American bill on Health signed by President Barrack Obama this year which has introduced a system of implanting a metallic chip in your forehead and in your hand for all to acquire medical facilities. It must be connected to your bank account. THE MARK OF THE BEAST as in Revelation CHAPTER 13

    • Mr Facts you are very dull and very backwards!!Electronic IDs are the best and are very secure.This will enhance the security of the Zambia.Nigerians,Congolese and other people who have been getting Zambians passports after stealing the NRCs will find it impossible to do that anymore.Be patriotic man!!

    • #1.6
      one question for you mr clever man! what will be the use of zambian NRC if the world is going global and becoming one world where anyone anywhere can live where they like and want?..there will be no congolese, no nigerians and NO zambians….there will be one world… just take closer look at europe!!!

    • imwe please ubututu. We have National ID’s that are typewriten, on laminated cheap paper in the 21st century, it’s a shame. They’re so vulnerable to counterfeiting. If u are afraid of the chip, stop using your Bank card, cos it has one.

    • Iyooooooo! Mulabeliever. You are applying street crap here? What the hell is mark of the beast? Kwena mulifontini.

    • Whats this 666 nonsense you keep parroting? You are so superstitious you are scared of progress. Superstition arises out of a fear of standing out and leaving the crowd. This wanting to move with the crowd is so endemic in Zambia you cant find a free spirit of the likes of Richard Bryanson, David Gates. Everyone is scared of something someone else told them. Noone is brave enough to do the extra-ordinary. Noone is brave enough to discover things on their own. They have to move in the comfort of the crowd. Atase!

  1. Hope the government will maintain the system after UNDP leaves, otherwise this is a very very expensive system to implement and maintain

  2. ”the new National Registration Cards (NRC), which will be bio-metric with a chip” is this not the 666 chip mwabantu, be carefull with want you introduce, for me i am corfotable with the old one on need of change.

    • Move with times iwe. Bushe chino chalo chaba shani kanshi? Remain behind alone. While other people are enjoying technology, you are resisting it. Yaba!

  3. More revenue sources after the exhaustion of the Euro Bond! Next, it will be vehicle registration books, then again passports, and the cycle goes on. electronic or not foreigners will still get them bwana!

    • Nigerians I’m told have already made the new Zambian NRC and Matero has already started manufacturing them.

      He he He……..

      I remember the new passports when they were introduced, GOVT said were forge proof but within a month some con men were already making them.

    • Please they should leave the passports out of this and don’t give them any ideas. I am tired of changing passports. I know they do read blogs and they will be like…well that is a good idea. No my friend, let us just mourn about the NRCs and just to think that most of my family members just reached of age and had to queue for a long time to get the nrcs only last month. Why the hell werent they told that in June they will be back queuing; this is extremely unproductive.

  4. India has embarked on a similar programme which is said to the world’s largest such programme. The Chinese are already using electronic national identity cards which are renewed every 10 years.

  5. Didn’t we change NRCs not long ago? This is just meant for more money in pf pockets. nigerians will still get hold of these cards.

  6. The Zambian Population will 20 million at the end of this year. All congolense who voted in 2001 from Luapula, Zimbabweans, Malawians, Tanzanias all will have Zambian NRCs. Pa ZED palimabvuto.

  7. [1] is this development or wasting money? [2] we did not vote for you to look thieves!!!we want you people to develop ZAMBIA not those your INTRODUCTIONS everyday!!!!!!!!!today is the SUBSIDY tomorow NRCs ,muli ba PAKAMWA chabe you HYPOCRITES change for the beter not fima fake promises and your fake developmental agendas useless!!!!!compare and contrast {NRC intro,and DEVELOPMENT }dont waste tax payers money on useless agendas please!!!!!!! BUILD ZAMBIA not vochinja ma NRC!!! WORK DONT WASTE TIME!!! remember TIME WASTED NEVER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! dont say SEMBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I just dread the HELLISH ques Zambians will be subjected to at those dirty stinky home affairs offices! Awe mwe just leave us with the old NRCs You don’t have the capacity for such sophisticated ventures

  9. Not again, hope this is not another way to make money for the government. Passports, driving licences now this!

  10. Only demonic pipo with a lucifer filled mind can link this to 666 and am not shocked… look at the names of bloggers linking this exercise to 666? The answer is, all of them devil worshippers and ve a DNA of devilishly hating and wishing this government anything bad. Their minds are incapacited by the devil who rules over them day and nite.

  11. Why are these tenders always given to foreign companies? Are you telling me that no company in Zed can buy equipment to print this ID? Issuing of these reg cards will go on for years right? Just saying.

    • My brother nipa zed, we still believe if something is foreign sourced then it top of the class. I have a sibling who graduated from a Finish university and worked for Nokia for sometime on one of their past versions of cellphones as a consultant, then they decided to go to Zambia in the name of ‘patriotism’. they stayed for 2yrs 3months without a job, and the reason was that, they were over qualified for most jobs. Today they are working for Zamtel, but Zamtel is still bringing in so called ‘experts’ in some areas where my sibling is even way more experienced than these so-called experts and they’re proud. They will never come to a Zambian for advise because we are still in the colonial era of thinking anything foreign is better. We have no self belief and we hope to develop? God…

    • @Kaponyas Tinaamba kale kukamba… Inferiority complex is Africa’s BIGGEST problem. We cant develop because we have been programmed to think we cant do anything. Through various actions the coloniser for a long time reminded us that we were inferior beings. He rejected your names, your languages, your style, your food, your religion, your everything and told you that progress comes only through doing what he did. The African therefore started thinking that to go foward he had to discard everything African including himself! The result: The African has a mentality that only a whiteman can save him from whatever problem he has. 50 years after independence, Africa is full of e.g.s like the one you have given . It will take a mammoth revolution of the mind to rid ourselves of mental slavery

  12. An advanced move indeed by the ante christ…it had to take UN to fund it…Daniel said technology will increase in the last days..Phones were forbiden in church ,today you use phones to read bibles in church ,i mean i saw a preacher with an ipad on the pulpit….There is alot hidden from us lets be careful…..

  13. improve the outlook too, not as ugly as the ones we have………… glad now i will hopefully get a better looking ID

  14. There is alot hidden from us lets be careful,,This is just one advanced move by the antechrist..i dont trust UN agendas these hypocrits are all agents of the Vatican. i mean who doesnt know the agenda of the vatican ? THE NEW WORLD OLDER is near..

  15. Whats this 666 nonsense you keep parroting? You are so superstitious you are scared of progress. Superstition arises out of a fear of standing out and leaving the crowd. This wanting to move with the crowd is so endemic in Zambia you cant find a free spirit of the likes of Richard Bryanson, David Gates. Everyone is scared of something someone else told them. Noone is brave enough to do the extra-ordinary. Noone is brave enough to discover things on their own. They have to move in the comfort of the crowd. Before you venture out you have to check what’s my neighbour doing? Will other people approve of my actions Atase!

  16. pipo never believed Noah’s Ark until the floods came. even now pipo don’t seem to believe the mark of the beast, the anti christ and the new world order until it comes to pass and believe me that tym will be too late cozy the days of grace will be ova by then.
    the mark of the beast is real, they r using the very best things u desire most. they r clever n ahead of u, they will come through ATM cards, Id’s and all access control mechanisms which can’t do without. then it will be no banking if u do jot have a micro chip inplant. they will use the sake chip to track u. plus pipo research, don’t just live aimlessly. the world is near end, Vatican n UN r pushing for a new world order, they r wolves in sheep’s clothing.the only organisations with access to every human being on earth.

  17. If the cause of high mealie meal prices is lack of capacity by current millers to satisfy the “nshima market”, then new players (ZNS, Mr Kantwa, or anybody else) in this market can only help bring down the prices (the laws of supply and demand). But if the govt is planning on supplying cheap (subsidized) maize to ZNS for them to mill it and then turn around and sell mealie meal at below market value, then this scheme won’t survive for too long.

    Let ZNS source maize at market value; help increase the abundance of corn meal on the market, and then let the laws of economics (supply and demand) take care of the rest. This will be the surest way for the govt to permanently and surgically take care of this “cancer” of high mealie meal prices. Any Socialist gimmicks will fail!

  18. In the last days………………. Even if you argue, the mark of the beast is at hand!!! For you who think you are clever, you can stay blind like that, but one day you will remember these warnings…. Be watchful in everything you do, or see

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