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Zambian Delegation prevented from sharing hotel rooms due to Strict Homosexuality laws in DRC

Headlines Zambian Delegation prevented from sharing hotel rooms due to Strict Homosexuality...

Some Zambian delegates who went for the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) and wanted to share hotel rooms to cut down on costs were denied to do so as it amounted to breaking the law on Homosexuality in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

A Congolese journalist Blaireou Kajam explained that there was no law against homosexuality, but it was a taboo and anyone found practicing homosexuality was immediately arrested and jailed for not less than three years.

Mr Kajam said hotels did not allow people of the same sex to share the same room for fear of homosexuality.

“If people of the same sex are discovered to share the same room, they are immediately arrested and are jailed,” Mr Kajam said.

He said it was normally advised that people of the same sex that wanted to get accommodation should find hotels that were suitable for their pockets.

However, after negotiations some hotels allowed Zambian delegates of the same sex who wanted to share a room and were asked to pay an extra 50 percent of the actual price.

Hotel accommodation in Lubumbashi is expensive as some standard accommodation costs about US$ 300 per night.


    • Bakaboke, its just another scheme of milking visitors.

      Some of you may remember how Zambians using the pedicle road to Luapula were victims of these kabokes, and there is even a song to that effect by Teddy Chilambe.

  1. You can’t share a room if you are of the same sex?! Hard to believe Congolese themselves abide by this same rule. To me it sounds like a gimmick to financially milk foreigners who visit the DRC.

    Wow, and we thought things are really BAD for homosexuals in Zambia!!!!

  2. Vitengeni, are you a rational thinking person? I doubt you are coz no sane person will support this absurd law or whatever it is. Why cant I share a room with my friend if money is limited between us? But it is ok for unwed persons to share one room and bonk each other all night? This assumption is stupid and dangerous. In fact let them bring it to Zambia so that I shall begin pointing out any guy that has wronged me before and accuse him of bonking the friend he shares the flat with. I will have a fun time accusing enemies of homosexuality the minute i see them inviting a a fellow guy or woman over to their house. Fair game.

  3. Why is there so much obsession with sex and sexual taboos in Africa? And yet you have the highest population with HIV/AIDS in the whole world!!! Every year it seems Africa is going backwards instead of forward with the rest of the world…maybe except for South Africa and we know the reason why. Instead of concentrating on thinking about sex every time, you should be obsessed with wanting to develop. You are f.u.c.k.i.n.g yourselves up by focusing on things that don’t matter for your national development. What is the point of chasing after homosexuals when you are failing even to feed yourself? Who will give you respect if you are proving to be so dull or lazy that you can’t feed yourself, no matter how moral you claim to be!! Besides who do you think believes you with your Godly…

    • I agree with you. I always say we spend so much time talking about sex, watching soccer, drinking and lazing about while the world moves on.. We are to blame for lack of meaniful development. That explains why all the muzungus who come to zambia as poor guys end up striking gold. We have to work hard. At the moment, we are just a lazy bunch. Trust me; we do not work hard enough!

    • Kankuni and Makanika. As much as I agree with some of the points you have made. I do not agree with the following: Africa going backwards and failing to feed ourselves. I would never swap Zed for SA. Never! Spent over 10 years there and was always flying home every 2 weeks. Who told you we are failing to feed ourselves? Tell me how many Zambians have died of starvation in the past 1 year. How many food banks are there in the town you are in the UK? 1 in 4 British children live under the poverty line in your area. And you want to paint Zed like hell. Help to make it better bwanas!

    • Don’t be narrow minded!! OF COURSE EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD REVOLVES AROUND SEX – for without it YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN BORN!! The ONE THING THAT ENSURES THE CONTINUITY OF LIFE IS SEX!!! The rest, are supporting functions, e.g. Eating, Breathing, going to the loo etc etc!!! THAT’S WHY SO MUCH TIME IS SPENT ON TALKING ABOUT SEX!!!

    • @Bauze.. Boss just because you were born out of a sexual encounter doesnt mean you should be obsessed about sex. Just because you need food to survive doesnt mean it should be your pre-occupation. That is the reason i always say we are a lazy bunch, with a cheap and unique way of thinking!

  4. Vitengeni,stop being dull,is it wrong for those officials to try and cut down on hotel costs? Because I think its the reason they decided to share rooms instead of going for single rooms which obviously maybe more expensive.

    • How do they get single rooms if the budget could not allow them to do so. I believe these Zambians where looking for a hotel with atleast Zambian standards but cud not find one with the acc allowance there were given in Zb, so they had to loo for a better expensive hotel but pay for one room.

  5. I actually know a group Congolese whoe sell shoes on the streets of Chingola who share rooms at cheap Hotels in Chingola to save money.

    At times I have noticed even as many 6 male congolese sleeping in one room.

  6. Bravo Dr. Congo, thts hw we shld condct ths busnss. i hop those who went 4 ths mtng wll brng us a lessn thy ve learnt

  7. Thumbs up to DRC. If one cannot afford to pay for hotel bills then he/she shouldn’t even travel in the first place. The so called Zambian delegation went there on whose sponsorship?

  8. I find societies that are so particularly obsessed about sexuality to be quite basic actually – and quite raw in their expression of emotion (hate especially). Now I understand DRC even better.

    • There is actually nothing basic about sexuality, its all about what your parents did just like other parents, to have you born, this does not exempt kings and billionaires. Expressions can never be raw for as long as humans have five senses…please confirm if you are a freshman Alsasian wrongly in a human resource capacity building programmei

  9. Obey the rules of the land or sod off. and, why would people want to share a room if they have gone for stuff like that? I wouldn’t!
    Trouble is mufwaya shashalapo every time you got out of the country. I wouldn’t share a room honestly, kuti bakudoda Zambians are all Homos now. Ifyakukopa atase.

  10. Maybe we just brought this upon ourselves with all our current anti-homo activities…. I spent a week in Lubumbashi in 2004, I was part of a travelling group – most of us shared rooms, there was no such issue anywhere.

  11. how about in colleges and universities,,,? the norm is to share rooms…let them extend the arrests to any two people walking about, driving about…..or eating togather in a restraunt

  12. Those delegates who traveled to DRC were given enough money to pay for hotel bills + other allowances,why do they want to save for what?. Its Good that DRC did not allow them to share rooms. They should Just obey the law of that land period.

  13. imwe so are you telling me even in households siblings of the same sex cant share a room? But knowing these Zambians they probably wanted to have change from the allowances they were given so they opted to share rooms!

    • You are right. They wanted to save some money from their allowances. Unfortunately for them, the Congolese are even bigger crooks than them.

  14. Good move DRC, send the message across the world loud and clear, no homosexual behaviour. I like it, actually, you dont need to be in the act, you should just be seen to be sharing rooms. Good move antigay programme.

  15. #18 you should move to Iran, Iraq or Pakistan. That is where your intolerant kind belong. This is actually good treatment for Zambian hypocrites who preach anti-gay messages and violate the rights of others. If you are anti-gay, how can you share a bedroom with another man? This is the absurdity of supporting laws that violate the rights of others. I know that the Congolese are just trying to get more money out of these gullible Zambians. How can you imprison some one when they have not broken any law? Africa is sh*t hole.

  16. Unrelated adults shouldn’t share rooms! What cost cutting?

    My husband and I keep separate rooms and we are happy.

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