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Sata’s booing at AU bad for Zambia’s image-UPND

Headlines Sata’s booing at AU bad for Zambia’s image-UPND

President Michael Sata during an Interview with Journalists on arrival for the committee of Ten Heads of States on United Nations reforms at AU Building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
President Michael Sata during an Interview with Journalists on arrival for the committee of Ten Heads of States on United Nations reforms at AU Building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The opposition UPND has charged that the booing suffered by President Michael Sata at the Africa Union youth summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is bad for Zambia’s international image.

President Sata was on Friday booed at the AU meeting when he addressed youths attending the event after he spontaneously broke into uncoordinated commentary.

UPND Vice President Canisius Banda said it was not Michael Sata that was booed. It was Zambia.

Dr Banda added, “It was us as a people that were booed! Sata is our mirror.”

He said the Addis Ababa fiasco is a reminder of the country’s need to urgently change and seriously improve its image.

Dr Banda continued, “The booing of our head of state by non-Zambians is vital feedback for which we ought to be grateful. The message is that Zambia in its current state is offensive to the rest of Africa.”

Some journalists covering the summit expressed shock with President Sata’s behaviour especially that he kept referring to the AU as the OAU.

Malawian Journalists Idriss Ali Nassah tweeted that the Zambian leader had no sense of occasion as his superstitious phobia for bald headed men prompted the booing.

President Sata is said to have commented: “While talking about disability, don’t forget about the people without hair on their heads,” he said as all other presidents attending the meeting looked down in shame considering that people like South Africa leader Jacob Zuma is spotting a bald head at the meeting.

“In Zambia we don’t discriminate. Dr Kaunda once appointed a blind person into his cabinet a long time ago.”

And in opposing the proposal for Africa to have one passport, President Sata touched on the bald-heads again and the audience instantly booed him.

“You are booing me, and with that attitude that’s why your leaders don’t listen to you.

“You can boo all you want but Zambia is saying the AU has no control over us. We make our own laws so no to this one African passport.”

President Sata also sharply opposed regulations of the International Criminal Court to which Zambia is a party saying the west should “try their relatives whose jurisdiction are they under.

“If you find a Kenyan President or Zambia President is at fault, let the Kenyan or Zambian people deal with him not The Hague.”

During another session, President Sata was growing impatient with the delay in a meeting and again blew the top.

“I don’t know why I’m here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and police.”


  1. Umwana ashumfwa aile namafi kubuko (a person who never listens at home went with faeces to in- laws). Sata has become a biggest embarrassment to many citizens home and abroad and its time to get away with him. I think is brain damage. Something is really wrong with this guy. Fr Bwalya’s ascertain that the Sata we know is dead should not be treated as an empty man’s talk.

    • Lets open our eyes guys.
      The LAW books are all over here in Zambia plus the Internet. Let us read en read like Mr. President is and break the African doom of hiding things from an Africa in books.
      Why should this court trial Chiluba, Saddam, etc but an America cab be even be called to this court, worse off trailed by this court?
      Mr. Prezo you have my back and when you come back home I would love you to commission some public libraries across the country in the ghettos.

    • @chamba the simple reason is when Africans are given the chance to prove themselves the over do things or do them wrongly. Look at the fomer presidentof zambia, the said he procured oil on behalf of zambia in a corrupt manner. But people are saying the was corruption in the deal between the justice minister and the suppliers of oil. To add to this the price has increased more than the subsidy. And the anti corruption says the deal was clean. Someone’s lying

    • I can’t comment on this, I have to wait for Sata to come back to Zambia, and he will hear what he has never heard before.

    • I just pity those that travel with this man. It must really be hell being part of his entourage – a leader of your delegation who whenever he’s given an opportunity to talk, you need as a member of his team to start praying he wont say anythjng embarrassing or insulting to anyone. What sort of president is this? Shouldn’t we have learnt from people like FTJ who knew him well enough as not to want him to be their successor? And why are the PF faithfuls in denial about Sata’s MENTAL INCAPACITY to be president? Our constitution is very clear on this issue!

    • @Chama, wait until your president akainyelawile ku UN meeting for you to BELIEVE that he is MAD!

    • One newly elected president is quoted to have said ; “Zambians should themselves be senile to vote a man like Sata president …”

    • to all those tokng abt embarrsmnt includng opposition leaders,re u supportng mr sata o the boors?if u re normal enough in yo minds u wud thnk acordng to the way we consider our country as a christian nation wth great culture.do u thnk its okey to boo an elderly person lyk mr sata.stop thnkng abt politics nd thnk on hw we re going to develop our country.dnt dsturb hm, let hm try hs bst to devlop th country wich s ruind alredy.i u wnt agree wth wat i ve said consider youself to b low mindd am sory its not yo fault tht u re lyk tht jst admit!!

  2. Don`t mind the booing Mr president.Your stance on the one passport issue might have turned some heads but it is all good.You have earned yourself some enemies and i`m not surprised that some cheap opposition leaders want to gain some political milage out of it.Keep up with the spirit

    • I am a proud Zambian inside out.
      Luther Andros, MHSRIP, was booed and chased from the Apollo in 10 different seasons yet he never gave up for what he knew.
      I end here because everyone knows how it ended, probably you have some of his albums on the PC you are using right now.

    • Indeed it is upto to Sata to change his primitive behaviour and adopt behaviour befitting a President if he is to be respected. When Luther Vandross was booed at a talent night at the Apollo in Harlem he went back to improve his music and became the star that he was. Luther accepted the criticism and went out to improve himself. But is your Sata capable of that? Aren’t his supporters saying that he id perfect?

    • @zebige
      As much as you want to run away from the booing… its important to notice that president Sata needs some public speaking lessions, the man is not a good public speaker, and what is that bald head issue that keeps haunting him? ichizimba?,,, remember FTJ even if he was a lair or whatever… But FTJ was a very good public speaker

    • @Chamba
      Your comparison of the presidential office to an entertainer is nonsensical. This simplistic thinking is exactly what led to the current status.

    • Zebige, even bad comedians choose when to crack jokes what jokes to crack. They can’t just walk into a bapongoshi’s house and break out into comedy. They’ll first watch the situation and seize the opportunity when it arises. Unfortunately our “comedian” does not have such wisdom.

  3. Zambia’s stained mirror to the World! Everyone in the World knows about one Michael Sata. He is a leper who every other President avoids to associate with. Kaponyarism is ingrained in his DNA. He and his supporters have not yet come to realize that respect is only accorded to leaders who carry themselves with a degree of decorum, etiquette and dignity. Mr Sata thinks he should be respected simply because he is President. No Mr Sata you should also speak and behave like a President.

    • I understand when he went to Brazil with the Nawakwis, it was the same kaponya behavior that was exhibited. You know sitting arrangements in the conference halls are set by the conveners. But H.E. went with excess people and decided to remove the name plate of the country set next to Zambia and sat his people there. The other country’s head of state arrived to find no place to seat and a heated exchange b2win H.E. and the Yemeni delegation ensued. People who were there said it was so embarrassing.

  4. why must the International Criminal Court judge our African presidents and us all people when not one American can be summoned by it?
    Animal Farm???

    • Americans did not ratify or sign on to the ICC. Rather than cheap grand standing Sata should withdraw Zambia’s membership to the ICC.

    • @Goncalves! yes I agree with you 100%.
      help me out here, so can an American seek justice through it on me should I infringe him or her? And can I?
      And why call it international but does not include everyone?
      And more so, when George W. Bush Jnr came to zambia some cheap politicians called on Sata to arrest him. How was he going to do that and which court was he going to take him to when in his country he was declared free?

    • Every country is free to join or not join international organisations. Zambia can withdraw from any international organization be it the AU , UN, IMF, SADC , FIFA etc. Rather than behaving and complaining like a Child all Sata needs to do is to withdraw from any of these organisations. No one forced Zambia to be a member. So Sata and his sycophants should either put up or shut up!

    • @Goncalves
      wena Goncalves,,,what? withdraw from all international organisation? what are you out of your mind?

  5. There is nothing embarrassing about the president’s speech only low headed people want to show it that way. Why do we have to concentrate on the little unimportant issues that were said and leave the most critical and important issues that he addressed. Many leaders have said things that were out of order and we cannot judge them on those very issue only. There are other important things that Sata spoke about but they have been omitted and only concentrate on simple and probably irrelevant issues. Journalists should think and see beyond their nose. UPND should also develop a different style of showing their leadership not only showing up to condemn and discredit every time.

    • It was irresponsible of him to compare baldness to other disabilities. And that nonsense about why he was even at the AU was childish. He went there on his own accord. No one forced him. Before he went there was a lot of fan fare in the shallow Zambian press that he was been “Expected” in Addis Ababa. And after the Youth have told him what they really think of him, he now wants to pretend that he is wasting his time in Addis. Loser!

    • Nothing embarrassing, really?

      He repeatedly called the AU the OAU and went off on a tangent about bald people being disabled. He also demonstrated ignorance about the ICC and pointed to KK’s appointment of a blind minister “a long time ago” as solid proof that Zambia does not discriminate….. in the same week his defense minister said it is just ok to beat women!

      Is this really how you think Zambia deserves to be represented on the world stage?

    • @Goncalves
      He was not comparing baldnes to other disabilities…. the man is scare sick of baldnes,,, it seems baldnes haunts him… he is very scare of baldness… if you want to prove it, get yourself a potato cut and secure yourself an appointment with him… i can promise you, the men wont meet you because of the potato cut not any other reason

    • Its embarassing to have a President who brings superstitions to a summit. I know he represents Zambians’ love for superstition but since when did baldness constitute disability? Those who went to school know that baldness is caused by too much testerone. If this was a jibe on his political opponents as some journalists are assuming, noone is bald: HH Chipimo Miyanda don’t wear wigs. However to misname the AU the OAU isn’t embarrassing. Its not like the AU is ashamed of its original name like say Northern Rhodesia.

  6. A wise man among *****s will be perceived as the *****. That’s evidence that our president can make independent decisions. Its normal to clap and boo as aspects of public address and that’s what’s called humour. Keep it up Mr. Presient.

    • Its such kind of thinking that has allowed Sata to get away his mediocrity. We should honestly demand better from our head of state. As the journalist there said, the man has no sense of occasion. ‘keep it up’ my foot!

    • “It is a wretched taste to be gratified with mediocrity when the excellent lies before us. ”

      How anyone can be satisfied with the presidents performance (as reported) is beyond me. Plain mediocrity is becoming the norm.


  7. Bringing into question why Zambians voted for this man. It becomes a shame to be zambian no wonder foreigners can dictate everything in zed. Even the Chinese take the gvt to mockery . Nigerians did 419 to the entire president . Shame on us

  8. I support the president on opposing one passport 4 africa. isnt this thing that Gaddafi wanted to do? what is lucking in our passports and if we have one passport is it going to finish poverty? i also side with him on denouncing the International criminal court(ICC) which seem to prosecute only African leaders however there is need to use diplomatic language…

  9. You can say whatever you want we gave him the mandate to preside over our affairs & honestly given another chance we wouldn’t vote for HH. Am sorry Mr Banda but I think you joining UPND thinking they I’ll make government in 2016 that won’t happen. Just watch this space & remember my words or maybe HH thinks you I’ll help him get eastern province. Sorry ba Sata bachili baleteka.

    • nabateke bapwishe term yabo, but come 2016 tatulefwaya ifya bushilu no musebanya.ni go HH

  10. It had to take outsiders. Awe we should also start booing kanshi they have showed us how to deal with those sensless statements!

  11. The president did not make any serious blunder 2 deserve being booed.
    I think sum disgruteld chap conived with friends abroad 2 embarass him.
    Its stupidity of the highest oder 2 boo an elderly person.

  12. Perhaps our president should practice talking to his own journalists back home instead of hiding in State house and only emerging at swearing in’s, it obviously isn’t helping. It still baffles me why ‘intelligent’ Zambians voted for him… hope in 2016 they won’t continue down this path and vote for Father Bwalya! For now lets continue buying pop corns and watch the presidential performance.

  13. Don’t know why done bloggers can’t have a clear mind and brain to think ? Why blind support when it’s clear that our president is sick in the head

  14. A wise person will always know where, when and with whom to make jokes. If you make any jokes with anyone everywhere, then you are not better than a f.ool. People overlooking such mediocrity from Sata must be ashamed. An African president Sata who does not seem to know that OAU is no longer existing (10 years now), is a danger to Zambia’s international relations. It is simply stupi.d behavior from a president.

    • I totally agree with you. I always ask them to go and dance naked again and I wonder what happened to that song …donci kubeba; has it gone out of style or what?

  15. President Sata,
    I would like to salute you and, please keep it up. I might/or in fact differ with your regime when it comes to economic policies, but when critically analysing your conduct one has to very careful. You have displayed to the world that no matter where you are or at any platform, when a Zambian national engages in a sensitive debate he/she must always retain the essence of being a Zambian. You are not an embarrassment to anyone. I am not a PF supporter and I am very educated academic. My mother is a proper Southerner. Be a proud Zambian and wear proper lenses when analysing Sata’s conduct. Viva Sata, viva PF & viva UPND, viva HHHHHHHH

    • omissions in inverted comas
      …..but when critically analysing your conduct one has to ‘be’ very careful.
      I am not a PF supporter and I am ‘a’ very educated academic.

    • @boom

      Don’t even know where to start with you. You supposedly have a good education, which means you possess critical thinking skills. It’s not evident here – with due respect of course.

    • Really? coming from you Boom.you have impressed me this time,teach Ndobo to analyse issues without being tribal all the time.This tribe thing is old fashioned.I dont belong to any of them but a proud Zambian.

    • It is due to his very strong belief in witchcraft. We have a very primitive guy for a President. Remember his comedy on labour day . He accused Nevers and HH of wanting but failing to bewitch him because of his powerful charms from Mpika. Honestly why should people expect progressive ideas from a retard ? Zambia deserves better!

    • Remember PK chishala…in his song…ichishimba umutima wa kanyelele
      but this one is ichishimaba ulumpala!!

    • Instead of rioting, all these UNZA students should just shave their heads bald and match to state house…the presido will flee the country and never come back!!

    • @Crazy Horse awe wanjipaya….that is the best I have read on the blogs this year. Now that is one crazy idea….kekekekekekekeke hahahahahahah kikikikikikikiki…I need to show my children this.

  16. Its better to have a president who is honest than one who is eloquent, corrupt and internationally respected.

    • What makes you think that Sata is not corrupt? This is the only man in the history of Zambia who deposited a Ministry’s budgetary allocation in his personal account. This is a man who uses taxpayers’ money to buy off opposition MPs. This is one man who donates state resources outside of budgetary allocations. This is one man who illegally grabbed K2 bn in 2000 from parliament to spearhead Chiluba’s third term bid! How about some Justices of the Supreme Court that are only there as a corruption protection racket?

    • i presume you are talking about president Sata although you don’t mention him. I find it absurd for a president to openly exhibit his honest ignorance about international bodies to which his country belongs; a president who in his honest imprudence passes jokes anyhow, speaks about bald heads in context of disabilities. It is saddening.

    • indeed its better to have one who is honest. Unfortunately our dear president meets none of the above criteria.

  17. I dont really like Sata, but i like a man who is himself. I personally dont agree with the way the Hague mainly targets african leaders.

    • As soon as he signed up for the highest office in the land, he gave up the privilege of “being himself”.
      He is Zambia first, Sata second.

  18. Being booed is not the worst thing that can happen to a president. Only Africans believe that a president should not be ridiculed. Okay, Sata is a bit of a museum piece and a lot of educated people sneer at him, but he is honest and candid. That is what won him the last elections. These AU meetings are by large just a waste of resources. They are just an old boys’ club for old African dictators. A lot of Europeans feel the same about the European Union meetings. UPND are always willing to surrender our country to foreigners at the slightest whiff of controversy. They wanted us to go grovelling to the South African after Scott’s little tirade. They need to grow some balls!

    • Being patriotic doesnt mean being baldphobic naiwe!Tell your hero to do abit of Civics so that he stop confusing AU with OAU.Awe verbal diarrhoea yachilamo mwe .

  19. Something must have gone wrong for the bIG man to be booed. The BIG MAN thinks wherever he goes he can say whatever he wants. He did the same in Botswana and its a habit he has which is a shame. I miss Chiluba (MHSRIP). He knew how to use words when & where.

  20. The heading is misleading only pipo that are not exposed to world affairs and those with a lumpen mind would call this booing an embarassment. What the president did has been done by countless other presidents. he is even better than an opposition leader president that hides his wife from zambians.
    Is stating a fact at a world fora now a crime. Too many small minds in zambia. As for this cani banda, improve on your personal apperance and enjoy your hollow small position under 5 has given.

    • Iwe Chika…. He wasn’t booed when he was talking about the international court, he was only booed when he said bald headedness is a disability. So explain to us why your hero is superstitious about bald heads. He is just a sillyy old man

  21. How can Zambia have a president who is unpresidential, i dont vote but i just want to say that this man is an embarrassment to the country, very uncivilized black president. I hope from today onwards, he will only be confined to statehouse and not attend any official function because he has proven to be an all-weather unofficial president.


  22. President Sata of Zambia was BOOED at AU heads of state meeting in Ethiopia.
    This has damaged the image of Zambia. Some Zambians may not like it but these are facts and can not be reversed or to justify Sata’s ranting wont change the bad impression about Zambia to other heads of state. The bad image has already been beamed to other African nations for our shame. What remains today fro Zambia is to correct this self inflicted damage for our political imaturity. Mr Sata may manipulate docile Zambians but not the world out there haven’t got time for lunacy.
    What a wake up call for Zambians from AU and other international players to which Zambia belongs. Zambia has to change politics to fit with the rest of the world.

  23. Firstly A.U is a non functional organisation. Its dead so the president is rite. Secondly 1 passport n africa is not acceptable for wat benefits n way. So again the president is rite coz thugs from somalia, nigeria, mali etc will just disturb the peace in other african countries. Thirdly the ICC is a very funny entity. Only african and other leaders not close with powerful world leaders are prosecuted there. George bush and tony blair are not there. The question is why. So again i support the president on that one. All in all his ok coz his thinking outside the selfish and time waisting intrests of the AU.

    • If it is dead, why the hell did he go to this dead thing like someone was holding a gun against his head? Dont be dumb, he is wasting my hard-earned tax payer’s cash. That is totally unfair, he was better off here in Zambia and saving on the mula….I pray this is the last time he ever attends such a function. Let the dead bury themselves in this case let a dead institution bury itself no need for the Prez and his large entourage to go and waste money.

  24. aprt frm de behav, Sata wz 100% rit on de passport and de so cald hegue.These failures u cal african leaders insted of solvng de problms affctng de contnent thy r busy smokng. if thy want, we shld form United States of Africa wth Sata as President (4 15years), RB Special assistant to the President 4 press and public relation, and Robert fimifimo Mugabe as Vice President (4 life).

  25. This booing is all because of tribal voters in the north. If Munkombwe was Bemba, Northerners were going to vote for him for sure. To them quality is not important, but tribe. Regrettable indeed

  26. I agree with Mushota. This man is crazy. He is not fit to be councilor of Chitulika, but because of tribal voters, he is in state house

  27. Can’t believe there are people condoning this nonsense! What have you Zambians become? o shameful

  28. a very good political platform for upnd, but the behavior of hhhhh does not even qualify him to be president for all Zambians except…. Chakubaba, create people to vote for you from the universe and go to state house. dont fight any one guys, fight the people’s mind to vote for you if you can manage,lo!

  29. Well well well, this is the headcase you wasted your votes on. It has become Satas tradition to always draw attention to himself whenever he attends official meetings. Only God know what blunders he makes when he has his private consultations during his check ups. He has truly embarrassed Zambia, now come 2016 is you want this rubbish to continue, then go ahead and waste your votes on this man who will lead us deeper into debt with a monthly by-election and doubling his cabinet, which currently is the largest in Africa full of relatives, drunkards and kaponyas and making more enemies.

  30. so you see,going through branch chairman,ward councilar,mp,minister upto presidency does not make one a good president.

    • far from it.in fact he is the only president who has bee a councilor and it shows in his conduct.

  31. Mr Sata’s main stumbling block is the lack of any form of education. He sees no difference between addressing an international gathering and a bunch of PF hooligans.
    The graduate clause for presidential aspirants must be introduced.
    And what is this sickening obsession with bald headed people, is it witchcraft?

  32. When Sata was swearing in the SA high commissioner not long ago, he awfully sent away a bald headed senior intelligence officer and made offensive remarks of bald heads. I said to myself that’s an expensive gaffe because the SA Head of State spots a bald head and his high commissioner was being sworn in. Sata’s points of single passport and ICC are valid and shared by many Africans, but they were drowned by his irrational behavior. Just because he made these two important points doesn’t mean he was right and cohesive in his behavior during the occasion. The President and his PF supporters must own up and come to terms with the fact that his demeanor isn’t helpful to himself, the Nation and the Continent. He must change!


  34. “I don’t know why I’m here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and police.”

    All the things you and your PF government are failing to provide! From you all we are getting is 88 ministers, by-elections and name changing!

    What Zambia really needs now is a REAL President, not this LIAR!

  35. Our President has had too many slips to qualify it to be normal and acceptable. The George Bush’s “colonialist coming back to pay” comment. 2. The Bostwana commandeering of Hotel workers “join us for tea” comment. 3. The referring of HH UPND as having been the architects of one part state in the 70s. 4. The instruction to water state house lawns at a major state function. 5. The instruction to Armed Forces to use live ammo on Lozi separatists. 6. The exhibiting of HH’s financial accounts at a Government function. And now the AU addis “bald head fiasco”. This is too much folks

  36. Some Zambians are exhibiting dangerous levels of un patriotism such that if Zambia went to war with onother country they would rather Zambia loses. The same people were sad when Zambia won the AFCON. They were happy a year later when Zambia lost . This could even be observed in the manner it was debated in parliament.

    • Do you expect us to sit back and support mediocrity for the sake of patriotism? Its time we call a spade a spade, the man needs to act with the decency and etiquette of a head of state, the world is watching.

    • Chicken wake up if you know what FAZ was doing between AFCON 2012 and AFCON 2013 you wouldn’t have made that comparison.
      Wake up!!

  37. We told ya not to elect this bozo but you didn’t listen.Now everywhere he goes he is an embarrassment to zambia with his mouth letting off lots of unguided missiles.The man lacks critical thinking,discernment and propriety.He still has village mentality and is not fit for the presidency and the dignity it deserves.

  38. Look now… All of you vomiting rubbish about our President should in the name of God shut up!!!… Zambia is a Sovereign nation and whether anyone likes it or not H.E M.C Sata is the president of the republic of Zambia until time comes when his term is over, BUt for now heavens records have him as the Current President of Zambia and deserves the due respect in this nation, i dont care what other vagabonds think or say outside this nation…it is our country !! and Long Live H.E M. C Sata

  39. Sata is a shadow of his old self. Aging is not helping him, it’s hard to defend him, when he can’t tame his mouth. This is anappropriate way to be honest puts people off. President needs prayers and wisdom.

  40. This why we always say let the man hold a press conference in Zambia as no one knows what page this man is on.

    “I don’t know why I’m here wasting taxpayers money when in Zambia the people want water, education, health and police.”

    These are really laughable utterances from a man who only shows up when its time for by elections and swearing in ceremonies for officials in his already bloated cabinet of overpaid brain dead halfwits. The old man is clearly out of touch.

    • Better you embarrass yourself in front of the local press than the international press. And jokes that are humorous in a PF gathering would not always be funny at an international summit. Moreover I’m always suspicious of someone who cracks jokes when serious sober thought is a requirement.

    • Them West African crooks will have a field day!!…thats why their youths want this thing, nobody from Botswana, Namibia or SA wants this nonsense!!!

  41. Well we learn from errors, now what is important is that we learn and should polish up and avoid such situations in the future by our president.

  42. Ba Dagga Now what Luther Andros is this u r comparing our irreverent President with? An astronaut of which apollo? Apollo 13 perhaps?

    • Proudly Zedian the Apollo is a musical theater south of the Bronx in Harlem, New York where talent is discovered especially among up coming blacks in the United States. A lot of musicians have passed through it. It’s a litmus test and it’s believed that if you impress the Apollo, then your music career is all but set.

  43. Those of you complaining about the conduct of the president, what did you expect? I mean Sata sometimes can come across as someone who is not very articulate in conveying his message. Hence the reason he veers off to silly statements about baldness etc. I am afraid its part of his nature. And those of you who voted for him knew what would likely come in the future. The thing that disturbs on this blog is the blatant snobbery directed at the president. Perhaps the president should listen more to his advisers on how to tackle such mundane issues should they arise in the future.

  44. i suppose i can try to agree with this man on the issue of not subjecting our leaders to international courts, but what hypocrisy! this is the same man who says he wants to register his own deceased president’s london judgement! wonders never cease…

  45. His handlers at State House have a very tough job keeping him from yapping nonsense…that is why they wont dare let him address a press conference in Zambia…his shocking incoherence and very low level comprehension of economic issues will stun even the his most die hard supporters! His lack of education is proving a serious liability

    The sad truth is that the vast majority of those who voted for him are not well informed or educated either…that is why they believed his outrageous and unrealistic campaign promises!

    • The truth is that a candidate who knows that the vast majority of those who vote are not well informed or educated is the one who will win elections. If you keep aiming to impress Zambia’s aspiring intellectuals you will end up in perpetual opposition because these are very much in the minority. Besides these so-called intellectuals can easily be bought the moment they know you are heading for power. They aren’t ethical and have no balls. So on the stated argument iam very much an admirer of our pragmatic president

  46. Africa is not ready for one passport for Africa. Sata is right. Au has no teeth to solve African problems. AU just watched Ivory Coast, Libya, Mali, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan etc. passing through terrible, horrible and painful experience. Non African countries intervened. It is useless to have meetings when you can not implement what you have agreed. AU has totally failed to stop wars and find solutions on the continent, how is the one passport going to work? The intent of Sata was very clear when he said he did not know why he was attending AU. English is not Sata’s mother tongue, hence context and implication of the speaker is important. Zambians chose Mr. Sata for president therefore UPND should keep quite and wait for 2016. Being a good speaker does not mean you can make a good…

  47. He made me proud for the first tym. Big up mr president we nid More of tht. Atlest u came out we cn do it!

  48. The name change from OAU to AU has not changed anything in the outlook and behavior of that organization at all. I would actually jest continuously that it is OAU in all its stripes and hype! Sata was booed for saying the right things. Prophets were never believed until centuries after they were gone (Jesus included). Not that I compare him to Jesus, but we cannot talk passport for Africa when our law enforcement is next to the stone-age club-and-drag mentality. That said, it does appear Zambians have a penchant for superstition; you can see how they attribute laziness to the devil when there is an accident on the 50-year old infrastructure that they keep tarring and putting humps on without moving with the times.

  49. The President has successfully internationalized the ‘bald head theory’. And he has a new enemy in the name of the ICC at the Hague. Appreciate that there are reports of the formation of PF militias under Field Marshal Kabimba SC. The thugs are said to be experts in handling machetes, slashers, nsandos and fire arms. I’m told one of them died and they gave him an illegal 21 gun salute and their marshal was present. Who can support the ICC with this kind of plans up their sleeve?

  50. Hmmm! This is an issue in Africa. When somebody speaks the truth we want to boo and when lies are spoken we want to cheer. It is ok for a president to be booed, remember that guy who threw a shoe at president Bush in IraK? There were some booing in that place and thanks to Sata for being geniune.

  51. People are talking about the ICC as if it is best thing that ever happened in terms of justice, but how come America does not recognise it?
    The one passport idea is utopian, Africa has more conflicts and the economical inequalities between countries is huge, the one passport idea will just open up countries to larger number of immigrants from troubled areas. In Zambia, we have a shortage of housing and medical facilities, imagine if we have an influx of 6 million immigrants in one year and the strain it will put on our services and the economy. AU is a joke, it has no clout like other organisations because of so many dictators in the continent who are allowed in the organisation. Governance and economic targets should be set and met for each country to qualify for one passport like EU

    • What makes you think that every African would want to move to Zambia? There are more than 50 countries in Africa to go to. A united Africa, would, within a short period of time become the most powerful country on earth. However, people who are aware of this, are seriously opposed to this idea. Anyone who speaks African unity becomes their serious enemy. If Africa had one army, for example, all the sponsored rebel wars would come to an end. If Africa had one currency, it would be the most powerful currency on earth. If Africa had one passport, it would be the most respected passport on earth. If Africa had one soccer team, we would keep the world cup forever. Why do we have so much respect for imperialist boarders? Africa needs to wake up fro its slumber.

  52. UPND must understand that ruling a country is not populaty contest. One must make bold and unpopular decisions for the good of the country. Iam not PF but i say no to ICC if Bush is exemted. No to one passport if it will enable crooks traverse the leng and breath of this continent. Viva Sata for 2016. Cowards out.

  53. Upnd only demons like dese above will agree with u. Sata said right dings at dat forum where hypocrise is displayed at its worst .How many meetings these morons have had since the inception of this toothless club,a den of wolves?

  54. One african passport or not crooks still travel internationally and zedians are still caught internationally drug trafficking!

  55. HE MC Sata was right i see nothing wrong with his comments.Mr President we are behind you for you have the heart for the poor people not these crooks who have plundered our economy and yet they want to rule our country that we refuse.

    Fellow Zambians read the following the makea comment.

    PRESIDENT Michael Sata says he does not agree with the concept of Africa having one passport.
    Speaking during an inter-generational dialogue for children at the UNECA headquarters, which included an interactive session of children and selected heads of state and government as a prelude to the 50th anniversary celebration of the African Union, President Sata said Zambia would not subscribe to any policy implemented by AU, to which it is member.
    President Sata was responding to a question by some…

  56. Someone should sit down with him & explore his phobia about baldness!!
    If he is really concerned about Zedian poor without water, food , medicines etc etc,
    why has he appointed so many ministers & deputies?? Increased their allowances for fuel etc etc??? IT IS SUCH IN-CONGRUENT STATEMENTS & ACTIONS that call for activation of one Article of our Constitution!! One that questions the Health of the Presido – in particular Mental Health – we have to appreciate he is old – the demography that suffers most from ALZHEIMER’S!! There is a reason why this article exists – we have never required to summon article till now, simply becoz we have had young Presidos – just as we embraced his presidency, we should be prepared to face this fact.

    • This has nothing to do with meekness. It is about madness. Why cant you read the article and see the what is wrong with our presidents behaviour? Should we be supporting nonsense just because someone is our president? Count me out of Mr. Faulty Towers antics.

  57. shame of the nation how can sata continue doing this to himself and the nation? who does that imwe bantu and how? yaba

  58. well its not good. 4 sure he needs to work on his image,its really getting more and more difficult to defend my president when he continously takes the worst route all the time.well still hopeful.

  59. this is what happens when you employ your relatives in foreign service!!!! Your stance is good but the reasons are poor!!!! this only shows how uneducated our diplomats are because their are better economic, social and political reasons the diplomats would have given him to explain. am only doing my second year and I have better reasons than crime. If the government will even have a chance to get their hands on me or some other career diplomats things will really change.

  60. Sata is not only wa BUFI but misrepresenting a characteristic of educated, wise and thoughtiful mature Zambians like Alexander Chikwanda who when speak out, you feel a statesmanship opinion being conveyed to listeners.

  61. To be honest,I don’t even know why people are getting shocked at the Presidents behavior. Everyone knew the kind of Man Sata is even before Elections. He is just been himself and we should not complain about his conduct as we signed for this when we gave him that sit.

  62. What scares me is to hear such comments from Dr Banda. People should only comment when they understand the full context of the President’s comments. Yes, the president might not be articulate in English, but there is what is termed `dysphemism’. We have to be careful as Zambian intellectuals. Let’s not be sucked in by the minutiae. Who cares about AU? The problems are at home. While the goals of politics may gain from brinkmanship, it does’t benefit Zambia. Zuma has been accused of rape and has six wives and poor rated in the developed world. We don’t hear that as a basis for impugning him. Talk issues.

  63. First of all, the booing was not about the ONE PASSPORT for Africa. It was about his lack of tact and dwelling on an issue such as baldness in an insensitive manner that only ultimately exposed his ignorance. Secondly, when you cannot intergrate economically as Africans and have failed to sort out most conflicts on the continent, (usually you let them ‘run their course’ – meaning people butchering each other until the cows come home) how do you, in all honesty talk about one passport for Africa? Aren’t there more pressing matters to discuss at that ‘talk shop’? Thirdly, Sata was NEVER (in my opinion) Presidential material. Soon enough, things will come to pass and we will wonder how we allowed this to happen – when Zambia is a ghost country. Superficial ‘boom’ to bust!

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