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National soccer team defender Stoppila Sunzu weds

SportsNational soccer team defender Stoppila Sunzu weds


NATIONAL soccer team defender Stoppila Sunzu yesterday bade farewell to bachelorhood when he married Gift Katebe at a colourful wedding ceremony in Lusaka.

The towering Chipolopolo defender could not hide his excitement when asked how he felt to walk down the aisle.
Responding to questions from journalists, Sunzu said from the luxurious Chrysler car shortly before departing for a photo session: “I feel good.”

Stoppila said none of his Chipolopolo team mates were present at church because they were in camp preparing for this Saturday’s World Cup qualifier against Lesotho, adding however, that he had extended an invitation to the Football Association of Zambia officials and was hopeful that they were going to be present at the reception at Sandy’s Creations later in the evening.

And Lusaka’s Nyumba Yanga-based Bethel Christian Centre bishop, Andrew Mwenda who based his message on Proverbs 17 verse 17 and John 15, urged the newly-weds not only to become husband and wife, but that they should become best friends as the Bible categorically stated that true friends in marriage sacrificed their lives for each other.

Bishop Mwenda said he was aware that Stoppila and Gift had best friends, but that with effect from yesterday, their respective best friends were “relegated” to third position.

He observed that Stoppila was a football star, but that soccer had an expiry date and thus advised the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations scorer of the winning goal that gave Zambia the country’s first ever Africa Cup title, to start building his life with effect from yesterday.

He urged the couple’s relatives and friends to help him in that area, but also cautioned relatives to the newly-weds not to become a burden to the young couple, saying Stoppila and Gift had become an “Independent Government”.
[Times of Zambia]


  1. Umunensu ageta.Nice one ba Sunzu ,ala tata musunge bwino ichipe icho.Good timing too looking at ka weather pa central Africa this time around.Wish you nothing but the best.

    • Kekekekeke “good timing” mu June ka? Cold… anyway Stopilla mwaiche I can’t comment much except:
      Too early. He is 23 yrs + 20 yrs (son) = 43yrs old. The time his son will be playing in nation team, Stopilla will be eligible to play for nation team too.

    • Congratulations on your wedding Sunzu. Nomba iyo uleteya ku menso uleke. Is it because of staying pa TP Mazembe? Our brothers across like kuzola…

      All the best mdala.

  2. That is the end of Sunzu now!! Let’s start looking for another defender! Married and football don’t go along….chapwa aipwisha umwine

    • @3 zoona, uli cilifontini, what about all those football stars in in europe who are married, are they finished? Jealous! Pantu iwe no tweno at home.

    • He works in DRC, compare with Congolese celebrates like Koffi Olomide, Wenge, Awilo Longomba, all of them use same cremes. Stopilla is 100 % clean & fit. He passed all trial medicals in UK.

  3. Congrats Youngman, well done. Forget the negative comments; it’s the start of good things. Look after your wife and Family??? Ama Jealousy Mwema Zambians, Opee Alufyanya, Alelopola Amaulee, Abifya?? So what do you want?? You cant just wish someone well?

  4. @The Prince. The mind of a Zambian, generally, very negative. Is is genetic or environmental, nature or nurture? A Christian nation, my foot!

  5. Why is SUNZU not in camp? is it because of this marriage? The lady looks like his sister, ah u never these congolese they marry ama relatives. The church looks suspicious without a ceiling board, sure thats where SUNZU CAN WED FROM with all that money he has made in soccer. Enjoy whilst you are living, infact you are lucky that Congolose are not making noise to claim you are theirs maybe they know that u are finished

    • He did not marry the mother of his child cos she comes from a crooked family whose cousins and nieces are all harlots.

  6. Congratulations Stoppilla.Take seriously the advice against the use of skin creams if its true that u use them. Those creams have destroyed so many people’s skins. I really pity the young girls especially who are using these creams. They’ll all the years of their lives with skins darker than the natural BEAUTIFUL DARK colour that GOD gave us. Good Luck.

  7. Congrats young man though i also think its too early at just 23yrs of age.Anyway,its your life but just know there are 3 rings in marriage: an engagement ring,a wedding ring and suffering.

  8. Why can’t people learn to respet other people at such a wonderful occassion for two people on a wonderful journey together. Are people so miserable with nothing to say and just post insults to boost their self esteem? Learn to be nice and if you have nothing good to say then don’t utter a word at all. So what if the guy uses creams at least it’s his money. Even if he has a rash on his face those are his issues. Let the bride be a happy one and don’t post negative things about her as you don’t know her. At least she will have all the money she can ever have and be taken care of unlike most of you out the who don’t take care of their wives. Just be happy for them that’s all and keep the negativity to yourselves.So much ama jealous why? Time wasters!!

  9. how does he marry just a week before we play Lesotho, is he in camp when is the honey moon Yaba unless you tell me that he is not playing…. anyway congrats bro

    • Some of you pipo should just read the comments instead of commenting on what you don’t have a slight idea about. Don’t talk about football if you are not a soccer fan. Sunzu has an injury and won’t feature for the Zambia-Lesotho game, ma rubbish just congratulate him and end your comment there, komboni child!

  10. mwe ba zambia ubupuba tamwakaleke. ufwile mwasapotafye umunenu not ubotolo alaaa, umuntu ni cupo.

  11. iwe number 10 PANYOko u are very dull,what does the church ceiling board have to do with Sunzu and his money,the guys fellowships there,u people dont have the money sunzu has,infact u are just jealous coz the guy has money..some of u are busy toking abt his pimples so what,he is married now and some of u cnt even keep a simple relationship..grow up and just be happy for the dude.

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