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Police still searching for youths who stormed the church

General News Police still searching for youths who stormed the church

Lusaka Police Chief, Joyce Kasosa
Lusaka Police Chief, Joyce Kasosa

POLICE in Lusaka are vigorously searching after the youths who stormed the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Matero on Friday and disrupted a Black Friday meeting organised by some civil society, politicians and some church leaders after they beat up activists and journalists.

Lusaka Province Commissioner Charity Kasosa said police were making progress in the investigations as they were now in possession of a video tape which they would view to ascertain what transpired.

She said in an interview yesterday that necessary steps would be taken after the viewing of the tape that was now in the custody of the police.

Dockets had been opened after two people reported being assaulted on Friday and were issued with police medical forms to enable them seek medication.

She, however, said police were still waiting for the two among them a Zambia News and Information Services staffer who had not returned to the police after seeking medical attention so that the police could record statements from them.


  1. Someone please give us a break! How can police search for people they know and whose whereabouts are known!

    • I am very surprised that these Policemen/women could start looking for people that stormed the church to kill those who were praying for the change of heart by the government to alleviate the sufferings of the poor through the removal of subsidies, when they have not been given clearance by the President.
      The President told all law enforcement officers only to investigate Party official when he gives a green light. All that Lungu, or whoever condemned the violence does not hold water because MC is not around.
      I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the PF violence will increase against anyone with different view.
      William Banda has incarnated in is very vicious manner in PF.

    • ZP are waiting for Zambia Information staffer to come and show them how to use the camera to view the video.
      The best is to ask Kabimba who will engage Miles Sampa, and within 3 hours they will apprehend attleast 5 Kaponyas involved.

  2. BE arrested all who involved in church intervention and attack unoffensive people!
    Nothing at all, but all about terrorism actions.

    • What language is this? (sorry, didnt realise even chinese people have started blogging on our issues!) Its allowed to blog in your mother tongue you know

  3. This “search” should be one of the simplest police/intelligence operations on earth. i just wonder if our police/intelligence can handle an investigation of higher crime for example the Boston bombings in US.

    • i totally agree with # 4. What on earth is happening in Zambia if they can not find people who they media took photographs of? Bufi!

  4. @ # 4 Spot on, our Police are not serious, very politicalized and n line with the ruling Party. If it was other way Round. We would have perpetrators in JAIL. Now being PF cadres, they will always delay and no prosecutions will be made. ZAMBIA has really gone backward with no Rule of Law. Police are just for decorations.

  5. 1. The bishop or “Mudala” knows the thugs. He said so and was acknowledged during the raid as “ba Mudala wesu”.
    2. The reporter is a key witness/victim. Police should approach him to aid their investigation. Not wait for him (as this useless piece of digested food says).
    3. We already know what happened. The video tape should be used to confirm the identities, not to ascertain what happened.

    Madam your half-slip is showing.

  6. Which part of the bishop’s statement below dont you understand? We the bloggers can interpret for you and give you step by step instructions as to what you should do. First start by reading below:

    He [the Bishop] added, “They did not physically harass me. When they stormed the Church, I just sat there watching them. I didn’t run away. They approached me and they said aba niba mudala (this is our old man) and I know some of those boys who came here.”

  7. The person who sponsored them (reportedly the area MP) got more than he bargained for. His hope was that the chaps would block access to the church but by the time they got to the place, the people were already inside the building. Since now their pay was in jeopardy they opted to just charge on the congregation. Police know the vehicle that was used and the driver has told them as to who hired him but because key PF party members are involved the police need clearance to make arrests. If these had been opposition party cadres by now senior and other vocal opposition party members would have been arrested, while investigations are ongoing.

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