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FAZ restricts tickets for Sudan match to 2 per person

Sports FAZ restricts tickets for Sudan match to 2 per person

Chipolopolo fans giving their support
Chipolopolo fans giving their support

FAZ has announced that demand for tickets for this weekend’s World Cup qualifier against Sudan is so high that they estimate that over 3 million people want a share of the 37,000 tickets which will go on sale today.

FAZ has since and directed all selling points to sell only 2 tickets per person.

FAZ Communications Manager and Spokesperson Erick Mwanza has confirmed the development in a statement.

Here is the full statement from FAZ

Tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qualifier match Zambia vs. Sudan which is scheduled for Saturday 15th June at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium will go on sale on Wednesday 12th June.

Tickets will be sold across several post offices in Lusaka, Kabwe, Ndola, Kitwe, Luanshya, Mufulira, Chingola and Kalulushi.

The other outlet which will stock and sell tickets in Lusaka is Axis Centre on Cairo Road.

There will be NO ticket sales at Football House or Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.
Parking tickets and cards are not for sale.

These are given exclusively by Football House.

Any persons touting Parking Cards and Stickers should be reported to the nearest police as these are fraudulent.

Further, in an effort to ensure that as many people manage to buy tickets, each person presenting themselves for tickets at any post office/selling point will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of TWO tickets.

We therefore would like to implore members of the public and fans to respect and follow this guideline as well as be on the lookout for any possible breach.

Members of the public are further encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale and go to the stadium early on match day.


    • I want to fly with Amsterdan to watch this game. Are you online FAZ? I want to buy a ticket online. FAZ give one VIP ticket to RB to come and support the team. Mulishani imwe

    • Go and stay in lusaka, thats why we live in muma komboni in lusaka to enjoy such benefits but you chose to live in dambwa then you are crying out loud!!!!!!

  1. Lorna u have friends and/or relatives in Lusaka who can buy on yo behalf. if u dont have I can buy on yo behalf and u can do the necessary when we meet in lsk. Better yet u can buy on Friday on yo way to the Ndl coz the ones for zmw 150 do not usually finish. However if u are planning on buying the ones for zmw 20, forget u wont find any. Travel safely my dear chipolopolo fan. Chipoloplo all the way to Brasilia!!!

  2. Yes , thats good, but also warn yourselves coz its you guys at FAZ who give tickets to Kaponya to sell for you. We know all these things guys.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother

  3. BA FAZ what of us in Luapula, where do we buy the tckets from???????? You are not being fare, we are also Zambians

  4. I was very disappointed with the fact that selling of alcohol into the stadium was allowed. I was sitted in the lower deck of E wing. The people on the upper deck were polling beer and throwing empty tins on us, some became so drunk that they even started misbehaving. FAZ can you look into this matter because some of us will start watching the matches in our homes.

  5. I was meant to believe that is a 40,000 seater stadium! Where are the other 3,000 tickets? surely not for Sudanese fans!

    am sorry my zambian friends if history is something we should not overlook or ignore then history will repaet itself again in kumasi when you guys come for the return leg and the last match of the group stage.
    In 1993 zambia govt could not pay Danish Coach Raold Poulsen so FAZ parted with him. Govt then gave Chipolopolo Ian Porterfield. Zambia was leading their World Cup qualifying group and were favourites for a slot. Their next game was against Senegal then a pushover (like Lesotho). Zambia needed to beat Senegal twice to put Morocco out of the reckoning. In a game that they could have won by a cricket scoreline Zambia drew with Senegal in Dakar. Senegal lost the return 4-0 in Lusaka. Zambia, needing just a draw, then had a crucial last game against…

    Zambia needed to beat Senegal twice to put Morocco out of the reckoning. In a game that they could have won by a cricket scoreline Zambia drew with Senegal in Dakar. Senegal lost the return 4-0 in Lusaka. Zambia, needing just a draw, then had a crucial last game against Morocco in Rabat. They lost that game 1-0 to Morocco and Diramba. Substitute Senegal for Lesotho and Ghana for Morocco in the above narration for a taste of things to come.
    1. Zambia sacked bonati for herve.
    2. ian potterfield moved from zambia to coach my darling club asante kotoko of ghana.
    3 herve Renard moved from ghana to coach zambia.
    4. zambia drew 1-1 with lesotho and won 4-0 in ndola …..history is just repeating itself.

    • You are right ‘history repeats itself’, but in football there is nothing like that, actually you might be surprised, Zambia can even qualify this coming weekend only if ‘we beat Sudan and Lesotho wins against Ghana’ lol

    • Kumanyoko!
      Why don’t you concentrate on your Ghana ans leave our Zambia alone?
      This shows how scared you are of Chipolopolo. Mind your own business and leave us alone. Time will come to meet and then we shall see you. Are you orphans?
      Kumanyoko Nyangalakata, Sikanka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Erikuz you negative twitt!Dont you think that we know all about what has previuosly happened in the past concerning our attempts to qualify for the world cup?So what do you expect us to do?go there with a negative attitude to lose so history can repaeat itself?We are were we are because we have come a long way!who would ever think we were going to be africa cup champions ?Like it or not we are beating both sudan and ghana!

  9. Here in Chingola, only less than 200 people bought Kr20.00 and Kr50.00 tickets and they are all finished. Ba FAZ, how many Tickets did u send to Chingola. This is the problem selling with Post Office they have kept tickets for the people they know

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