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Kabimba takes a dig at Amsterdam, calls him a hired mercenary.

Headlines Kabimba takes a dig at Amsterdam, calls him a hired mercenary.

Robert Amsterdam
Robert Amsterdam

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has taken a swipe at leaders of the UPND and the MMD for engaging international lawyer Robert Amsterdam to allegedly malign President Michael Sata.

Mr. Kabimba said Mr. Amsterdam is a hired mercenary who is now championing the anti-removal of subsidy campaign and corruption allegations after introducing himself as lawyer for Mr Rupiah Banda and his son Henry.

He said the PF while in opposition did not hire any mercenary to fight allegations of corruption against the MMD.

The Justice Minister was speaking during a news briefing at his office in Lusaka.

Mr. Kabimba said the PF managed to have a tribunal set up against then Transport Minister Dora Siliya and even commenced an action in the High Court against the then First Lady Thandiwe Banda without retaining a foreign lawyer.

He said the PF did not engage a foreigner lawyer because it does not suffer from an inferiority complex and colonial hangover in the manner the UPND and MMD leadership do.

Mr. Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General said the UPND and MMD leadership cannot serve the interest of Zambians if voted into power.

He said such leadership would sell out to foreign interests through the likes of Mr. Amsterdam and his superiors.

Mr. Kabimba accused the MMD and the UPND of collaborating with foreign interest against their own people at the time when the whole of Africa is fighting to shed off the last vestiges of ne-colonialism.

He said the campaign by Mr. Amsterdam will not yield any results which would bring the UPND and the MMD into power.

Mr. Kabimba said Mr. Amsterdam has failed to have the former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra regain power despite waging a similar international media campaign.

He said Mr. Amsterdam has no success story to tell except give a ray of unfulfilled hope to desperate men of fickle characters such as Mr. Hichilema and his surrogate, Pastor Nevers Mumba.


  1. Well said. Keep it up. This Amsterdam is a wizard. We haven’t forgten how insulted Zambians. Remember the issue of useful *****s. Let him go to hell.

    • This Amsterdam guy must be something!! why is kabimba and PF so scared and worried of him? i mean PF has power in zambia and Amsterdam cant operate in zambia,,, and just yesterday Acting president Lungu said PF government does not care what the world think about zambia.. so why is kabimba taking a swipe a person million of miles away from zambian land,?? if it true that PF government does not care what the world think about them

    • @ Ndobo, no one is scared or worried about Amsterdam. Amsterdam is just a thief like RB and the rest of you. He was reaping where he did not sow, so for him, it is about money which he cannot steal easily except of course through legal payments from the Banda family. Not from our coffers. Even you Ndobo knows, it is just that you are one of the bitter ones like HH and Amsterdam. So shut your sorry a.s.s. or better still join Henry in RSA.

    • Robert Monsterdam is a coward who has failed to come and defend his thieving and corrupt client Rupiah, after the govt gave him a greenlight to come.

      He knows he will terribly fail the exams to practice law in Zambia, so he can only bark from a safe distance instead of showing his legal prowess in court while he continues to claim to be an “international lawyer”….Really?

    • @illiterate
      listen to you twit! am not a follower of HH or disciple of sata… and Amsterdam is nothing to me personally.. i am just questioning this attention with sweat Kabimba is paying to Amsterdam.
      I dont worship people or follow people, i appreaciate good works, good deeds! my boy ok!
      And not a bitter blind disciple of Sata like you… illiterancy is not an issue but mental blindnes and bitternes from cadres like you is.
      For your now infromation a cadre like you is just as good as a condom!!!!

    • Whoever thinks Amsterdam is a coward should think twice. Amsterdam is not scared of losing a court case against Mutembo Nchito or even Kabimba. He is just concerned for his safety and reputation. Imagine being sent back at the airport or being given a rigged exam just to embarrass him. This man has not made his money for nothing.

      The RB case is hollow. Only Henry can get close to being convicted for corruption. You will see how these cases will simply drag until they convict RB on a minor offence of defeating the ends of justice or failure to provide the source of funds.

    • Only someone from PF can have a press conference and not have his facts straight. Hon. Kabimba, and you say you’re a lawyer, who’s the prime minister of Thailand? You’re embarrassing Zambia on the international stage just like your boss embarrasses us.
      If this man, who’s not even in zambia can cause confusion among you guys in PF,then his a good lawyer.

    • Illiterate

      I commend you greatly for one thing, and one thing only: Your choice of name.
      I hope that the same expediency has been exercised in real life, at your baptism?

    • @Saulosi, for the first time ever, I agree with you. Kabimba does rock.

      There are a myriad of reasons a person “rocks”.

      Most commonly it’s a symptom of a mental disorder such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder …….the list goes on.

      I’ll leave it to you to decide which it is.

  2. And you Kabimba you’re a hired goon,political thug and mafioso all roled into one.They didn’t name you Winter for nothing- its coz your heart is ice cold.

    • @Enka, even if you insult Winter, nothing will change, he is a minister and in a powerful government. There is nothing you can do about it.

  3. Why is Robert Amsterdam becoming a factor in our political scenario? Is he a Zambian? If he is not then let him cut off his nose from Zambian politics and whoever shares a plat form with him does not have a heart for Zambia. We can differ internally because of divergent views, but let us avoid drawing in outsiders. It is like a marriage if you are fond of engaging outsiders in any marital affair, just know that your marriage will never be respected and will not last!



  4. This Kabimba acting as a lead dog of Sata PF bad governance will not change the bad image of Zambia PF has created to the world. Kabimba is vile and full of bitterness. PF is in power and Kabimba is its justice minister and yet can hardly demonstrate leadership that benefits the nation except bitterness and hatred statements coming from him day after day. Zambia is bleeding with poverty, high prices of basic food commodities, roads and schools un attended to, PF militias hacking innocent citizens and corruption is high as ever and freedom of Zambians curtailed. Give the nation a break.

    • @Quaasi, so for you, you would rather have Amsterdam barking insults at Zambians? You are a dog without a tell. Waba icipato (monkey’s red a.s.s.).

    • You are missing the point Simplicity.Kabimba is now in the ruling party and is a minister he should concentrate on providing leadership not politicking or attacking RB wewant him and his friends to fulfill what they promised not just making noise everyday.

  5. Very very well said. Amstadam will vote for them come 2016. These HH and Mumba are a disgrace to us Voters. The have no manners whatsoever. People who are always hire foreigners to dent the name of the country they want to rule. Shame on them indeed.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Dont talk on behalf of others. Ati we voters?. this a2rse hole. you think we are interested in Sata and his fellow dead?

    • But imwe @ truth Hates( Supposed to be Hurts) are a foreigner uko mwikala and am sure have been hired to do work are you a mercenary bushe? Does RB not deserve to get the best help possible in the global village? Mr kabimba himself is saying that while wearing an expensive foreign suit BUT I respect the right for you to have your view,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jst asking thank you,

    • Yah, haven’t you realized yet that your name should be “Truth HURTS” not “Truth Hates”.

      Every time I see it I think that you just haven’t noticed – how illiterate it makes you seem! Sorry I know the truth hurts, but I had to say it, it’s been wrong too long.

      I should probably just wash my eyes out with bleach every time I see it because you won’t change it.

  6. Kabimba, how far could you have gone in your Law career if Sata never took you under his wing and made you Secretary General of PF. Just face it, you are just a lousy lawyer and you are nothing without the protection of Sata. Just wait until Sata falls, the little allies you’ve got will also turn against you. You will be crushed to dust my friend. You need to sober up and humble your self a great deal.

    • It does not matter whether Winter is lousy lawyer or not. The truth is he went to UNZA law school. So you want him to sober up? You can dance to the tune of that useful i.d.i.o.t Amsterdam and ask him to sober up.

    • I do not care about Amsterdam my friend. To me he is a non entity. If kabimba is one of the best Lawyers that UNZA can produce then I fear for our children wanting to go through that school. But let’s be honest with ourselves Sabaila, would you appoint Kabimba to represent you in a life or death case? This man is just a politician and a bad one at such who is depending on Sata.

  7. It is dumbfounding that aspiring presidential candidates (Mumba and HH) and former president (RB) can possibly continue to associate with this fo.ol in Amesterdam after his exposure. This guy’s clients are desperate millionaires ( Russian Oligarchs, Taiwan former president, RB etc ). While amassing a lot of money, he has never won any case and he only thrives on media propagamda. What kind of a lawyer is that? Maybe he should be called an international manipulator. But Alas the opposition that should be representing us find him credible. Why they cannot just google him is beyond me. If this internatiional lawyer really cares he should report the plight of women in Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to drive in the 21st century and America will tell where to go.

    • Ask yourself nokoh ichinyoh before you yap yap, who is acredible person between kabimba and amsterdam?

    • Mr. HH 2016 – I am not compairing Amsterdam with anyone but in your right mind do you think this is the person that should be middling in our affairs? If you find him credible I am not surprised as instead of having a debate you resort to insults – God bless you

    • @HH 2016, your language says it all—DESPERATION WRTTEN ALLOVER!

      HH-2016 my @ss, more like HH-20NEVER!

      And stop hiding in fake “names” you filth-mouthed coward!!

    • Such people who jump to insults especially insulting someone’s mother are just social rejects who would even insult their own mother. Indeed god bless him

    • @HH2016, you must have really looked at your mother’s anatomy when you were being brought in this world, besides, it is the same anatomy that you cherish most. Sorry, I forgot that you are a homo.

    • International Conman or not I would hire him if I were RB. At this point I would be looking for someone with a big mouth that shouts loudest to bring attention to my plight.

      Indications are that he will not get justice by hiring someone that PF can manipulate/threaten.

      It’s do or die for him in this justice-free environment that is Zambia today.

  8. Can someone remind our honorable Kabimba that the PF govt Has Vice President who does not qualify to be one. On what grounds does’nt he qualify. Is judge Chikopa from mbala or Malawi? Hypocricy!!! Oh, it’s just BUFI!!!!!!

    • Guy Scott is Zambian……this lawyer is not Zambian, expensive and has no respect for ordinary Zambians including YOU truzambian.

  9. Don’t we have very good lawyers in Zambia, why hire an expensive foreign lawyer who has no respect for ordinary Zambians?

    • Our good lawyers are not free to be good lawyers in a politically sanctioned case such as this one.
      Any lawyer defending RB would be blacklisted and unprotected from the wrath of PF et al.
      Would you take the risk?

    • Also, RBs concern right now is not finding a lawyer who respects ordinary Zambians.
      It’s keeping his head connected to his neck for as long as possible in any way he can.

      Does he need to be tried before a court? – bring the charges and arrest him, and then conduct a fair trial. If guilty, punish him lawfully, that’s all.

    • Local Lawyers are easily corrupted that is why if one has money or means can hire a lawyer outside Zambia. Can you trust Nchito to represnt you of winter?

  10. Yaba, LT, this is AGONY FOR ME. How am I now supposed to comment now

    I HATE BOTH KABIMBA AND AMSTERDAM, and I don’t want to be seen to support the other

    Please next time just bring a topic with either Kabimba or Amsterdam, it is very hard to take a stand for me now

  11. Amsterdam is a big factor my hubby does not rest over this name ,he’s really causing stress on my hubby’s fragile heart.This Kabwamba is just hallucinating he’s knows the power of Amsterdam no doubt about it ,ask my hubby not these little opportunists.

  12. What is Amsterdam?This inferiority complex the opposition has is just showing us how they will take us back in case they came into power.Is there no lawyer in Zambia who can stand for them?

    • Have you forgotten how Sata proudly called Storella his “cousin”? This is now a global village and you cannot hide behind “sovereignty” to do all manner of wrong against your people.

  13. Sometimes I wonder at the credibility of our leaders. Why give the guy the time of day if you dont care! Whats wrong with PF do u have to respond to every divergent thought? Come on be serious with what u were tasked to do and stop playing games. If u deliver people will speak for u and u wont have to defend yoselves constantly!

    • @Ganda…its not about listening to divergent views in any case this fake international lawywer overates himself and he is trying so much to get into our own issues…as far as i know him this chap has a very very bad reputation in UK!

  14. Why would kabimba be throwing tantrums if there is no issue. Is he guilt of something or what? I really can’t understand why someone would be wasting time over nothing.

    • He his afraid of a competent learned lawyer who is tiring them apart… can not even reply with substance but a pack of BS

  15. So the Shushus have come as bloggers. Am sure they are sitting at the red brick house cafe in lusaka and are being paid for blogging in support of Kabimba and government. You can see the dark forces against light! The devil at its best in PF. JESUS IS LORD. Read in your conscious as MISRULE IS A SIN and PF and doing just that. Amsterdam and the opposition are fighting for the rights of the mojority of Zambians and one day JESUS will answer their prayers. WATCH THIS SPACE!

    • Iwe Decotexx, JESUS is too smart and inclusive to be misled by you, HH, RB, Mumba, or your ‘motor-mouth’ lawyer, Amsterdam. So keep the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST out of your misguided political propaganda!

    • They need to send better shushushus than the ones I’ve seen here. Saumosi (there’s a typo in there somewhere and it stays) needs to work harder because they pay him to squash any anti-PF blogs but he just sounds retarded, brings no substantive arguments for his masters.

      You must try harder Saumosi.

  16. A “pretend” foreigner lawyer calls all of you “useful !d!ots” and you applaud and give thumbs up? Why, because to some of you anything FOREIGN is RIGHT and SACRED? Well, at least this so called “International lawyer” was smart enough to know how some Zambians think, and he decided to included “International” as a prefix to his name—it seems to have worked wonders for RB, HH, Mumba and their sycophants—they seem to think he his the ‘Einstein’ of our jurisprudence.

    Now he is the advocate for poor Zambians who he insulted not too long ago. Did Rupiah hire him to comment on Zambian economic/subsidy policies too? Yeah, and people have the audacity to say Kabimba is wrong by stating that some of you folks in MMD and UPND suffer from a ‘DAMNING INFERIORITY COMPLEX!

    • Ba yambayamba HE did not not call ALL Zambians as usefull *****s do not take PFs’ word as the truth he did not insult and piss on our intelligence the way some polliticians are. By the way I do not like Amsterdam myself.

    • I can tell you, the one thing I don’t have is an inferiority complex. I do however have the ability to think objectively – without emotion or prejudice. As right here in this case.

  17. Zambians you must be ashamed of yourselves those who are surpporting Amsterdam. How can you allow a foreigner insulting your integrity as a nation? He calls you “useful *****s” and you are busy smiling….shame. Let Ruphia Banda pay for his sins, you know what he did with impunity, allow his children illegally running the affairs of the nation and every saw this, including some of these disgraced politicians like HH, even though some people are busy cheating to each other that he has agained popularity. Have you forgetten the issue of ZAMTEL, Mobile hospitals, tempt to sell all government schools to individuals, sell of National Airport, Post office and Zesco. His children were turned into international estate agents by now Zambia could have been reaped off BUT GOD loves this country.

    • Nobody is saying RB must get off scot free if he did commit these crimes. You hear? Nobody!
      We want the proper course of law taken, that’s all.
      As for hiring a foreign lawyer, he has the right to hire whomever he likes. I can only guess at his reasoning – hire a foreign lawyer who cannot be threatened or manipulated as a local one would be.

  18. @ Ndobo, I can sense a lot of anger in your attack to my comment. Generally, you are the one who is a blind follower of i.d.i.o.t.s. like Amsterdam. You are a f.o.o.l. who is not ashamed of your comments. It is not about Kabimba, your bitterness is about the new government in power. You have no power to remove this GRZ bwana. Try in 2016 and you will be disappointed yet again. Get lost and go to hell, some of us love our country. I will defend my country no matter what. On the other hand, some of you look like you have nothing to do but are just waiting like vultures for any article to do with GRZ and comment. I can tell by your comments. Everyday you have something to bark about. Anyway dogs normally bark at air.

    • We have plenty of “chikopo” who are Zambians—yourself, @namalinga vashove, comes to mind—Hahahahahah!!!!!

  19. Father Frank Bwalya has been attacked at Flava Fm situated at Mukuba Pension House a few minutes before his interview by suspected PF caders about 30 minutes ago.

  20. Father Frank Bwalya has been attacked at Flava Fm situated at Mukuba Pension House in kitwe a few minutes before his interview by suspected PF caders about 30 minutes ago.

  21. Well said Wynter. It’s easy to say just ignore these interfering foreigners, but who knows what other kind of mercenaries our desperate opposition leaders can afford to hire? We should be vigilant at least

  22. Only in Zambia where a foreigner can insult the citizens and the insulted still shout words of praise for him.Smh

    • Do you even understand what an insult is? Since you have access to a computer google the term useful i.d.i.o.t to understand what it means. Only useful i.d.i.o.t.s pretend not to understand the term.

    • Only in Zambia can a brainless citizen continue to spout government propaganda like you do.

  23. Kabimba you are being silly. Your are busy destroying all democratic institutions in our country and you are so big headed you want to chose the lawyers for the people you are persecuting .

    They have every right to criticise the Boma in the manner they wish. You guys are always insulting people after your smoking DOBO.

  24. Spot on general secretary!keep it up.Ndobo is a muzungu worshipper.You need to change your mentallity.Who doesnt know that this monsterdam is a crook who represent fellow crooks like RB?We are a sovereign state and we have laws that govern our land

  25. I am indeed convinced that Mr. Amsterdam is a hired mercenary. His zeroing on Zambia tells it all, you wonder what he is focused on!
    He defends Banda and sons, the we discover 2% in contract, wrongs in Nigerian Fuels, Mpundu Trust, I/Hills flats deals
    He goes to French speaking radio station denouncing zambia, for what? For representing Bandas?
    He is commenting on Banda’s personal Passport, let alone not being allowed to go outside the country because of court cases and other suspect issues of wrong doing!
    He swings to subsidies!
    He is commenting on cases that is in courts;
    He is insulting Zambians;
    What a fello of an international lawyer who has no limit regarding legal representation. i finding him just sniffing for anything to talk about as if he is resident in Zambia. He is…

    • I beg to differ. There is a lot to talk about.
      I understand that it goes against the grain to have an outsider pointing out the wrongs in your house, but sometimes, you have to elicit a neighbours’ help when things get out of hand.

  26. Mr. Kabimba before you try to discredit the record of achievement for Amsterdam can you give us your record of achievement as a lawyer. You and Mutembo Tchito are the waste failures. You Kabimba can’t win an erection, Michael Sata has to nominate you to parliament, appoint you as secretary general….which case has you ever won as a lawyer? Even the poeple that has been hiring you are equally dull.

  27. Has he a work permit to work in Zambia? Does our law allow ukucita import ba loya or are you following Judge Chikopa of Malabi’s invitation? Please stop ifimaprecedence

  28. Very well said from Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba. Amsterdam, a white hired mercenary! Ha! Money seeker or Africa destroyer? I didn’t think of this clever outside lawyer. What is wrong with African brains who are supporting this pig?

    • If things were right in Zambia, you could be assured of good representation using a local lawyer.

      But things ain’t right. Anyone is subject to intimidation depending on your political affiliation.

    • What are you doing in US, hearer? Come over and see yourself in beloved Zambia as I have been going there every year also people there phoned me that all go well and some already got jobs after a long being in jobless.

  29. Yamba Yamba, JESUS LOVES YOU. Love your neighbour as you would like them to love you. satan is a trickster and he is at work at this very moment in PF. GOD created you and therefore you cannot influence him or advise him as per your message. You cannot separate him from his people or politics. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom. WHERE DO YOU BELONG?

    • What competent lawyer, anyway let him be competent in other countries. Oh, of course you and the rest are really having sleepless nights and feeling the heat of PF. Just wake up from your slumber, PF is on the throne.

  30. A person in his/her right mind and can afford the cost cannot hire a lawyer who can easily be accessed by his/her adversary as that lawyer will be as vulnerable as the person being represented because he/she can be bribed and threatened and hence the intended job will not be well done.

  31. bushe aka ndobo, is he a normal human being or extraterrestrial. His thinking is as bizzare as a lumpens.

  32. @37,my brother ,Chindobo,NKa,enginear and other like minded pipo are lunatics just like their leaders ,Hate hate and Sekwila .l am urging genuine pf members not to give space to these useless Zambians. let even masqueraders b flushed out.

  33. The mentality of I don’t care ought to stop. Zambia is bigger than PF. This regime is so much power hungry that it will do all it will to kill all those who are saying the opposite. Sadly those who are home in Zambia who even comment on this are risking your lives. Your lines are been tapped into.

    Zambia was peaceful but no longer the Power Failure regime. Mind what you are commenting on. We are not safe in Zambia. Sad! Sad! Sad that even the Acting President can say such silly things as We don’t care like that. Uyu mwana wa ku very silly! Its like that vibana vakukomboni when they assume power. Let him defend the plight of Chawama residents, if he can’t, let the Chawama people kill the PF thugs.

    Chi MP cha kwa… Protect our Ground than saying silly things.

    Stupid PF MPs,…

  34. How can u fight Sata and win when u lamentably failed to overcome him despite the colosal stolen sums of our money u used when he was in the opposition for ten years? What kind of Zambians who allow foreigners to medle in our affairs?Only i d iots.

  35. “Mr. Amsterdam has no success story”
    Of all the people you Kabimba should be the least to make such utterances. Its shameful and appalling especially when they come from one individual who is a complete failure.
    What success story do you have yourself?
    You have never won any court case and yet you are a lawyer.

  36. only those living in self denial will believe that PF can bring development in Zambia. Self denial

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