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Ghana set 11th hour standard

Sports Ghana set 11th hour standard

Ghana has set the standard in Group D after a crucial 2-0 away win over Lesotho this afternoon in Maseru.

John Boye headed Ghana into the lead on 43 minutes to give the Black Stars a 1-0 lead into the break.

Asamoah Gyan made sure of the three points away from home after tapping the ball pasted Lesotho goalkeeper Mohau Kuenane.

Ghana topples Zambia from top spot heading into their final Group D match this September.

The Black Stars top on 12 points from five games needing only a draw in their final showdown decider against second placed Zambia on 11 points in Kumasi on September 8.



    • A black person will never be white because the transformation has never happened before
      Zambia has never qualified to the world cup and history tells you they will get close and shall never qualify

      So Silence!

      Go and study and aspire to earn PhD like some of us
      Such *****ic comments on here about football has me upset in all honest


    • Congrats Ghana and all the best… What I love about Ghanaian players is their work rate and can really grind wins. Zambians are lazy in comparison and will not do anything in Kumusi. They will be playing at the time when Hamatan wind is about to start and it will have turf in terms of water vapour amount in the atmosphere. This will surely do Ghana credit who need only a draw to go through. As for Zambia and their coach, it is a waste of time and money to invest in such overated players who are good for nothing.

    • We loose all our matches on the bench. Fire the coach and the entire technical team. Better still elect new fases at Faz AGM.

    • Ola # 1.2, Ghana needs to win in Kumushi. A draw for Ghana means Zambia qualifies. Having said that, I only see Ghana thumping Zambia by not less than 6-0.

    • Ola # 1.2, here are points to consider:

      1. Ghana needs to win in Kumushi. A draw for Ghana means Zambia qualifies. Having said that, I only see Ghana thumping Zambia by not less than 6-0.

      2. If Zambia had won in Maseru and beaten Sudan at home, Zambia will have 15 points by now and Ghana will be at 12 points. In Kumushi however, Ghana will still pound Zambia and also end up with 15 points and a better goal difference and proceed to the next round.

      In short, Zambia was never going anywhere!

    • I believe it’s Ghana that only needs a draw.We have to beat Ghana in Kumasi to qualify for the WC in Brazil.Simple analysis no juju or mathematical chances

    • @Neo-Patriot: Ghana has 12 points, Zambia has 11 points. A draw is 1 point apiece. A draw in Kumasi will give Ghana 13 points and Zambia 12 points. So how can Zambia qualify with a draw in Kumasi? It is over!


    • i really dont think thats a fair comment seeing that we have never seen you play soccer for this country.

    • In fact, I wanted the Chipolopolo to lose as the situation looks. They would embarrass us at the World Cup. Imagine FIFA was so good to us by giving us a three point starter and even then we still fail to qualify? This is embarrassing enough. Hon Kambwili, just dissolve the whole team and we start afresh. They should not even waste the tax payer’s money by going to Kumasi. They are a let down.

  2. Lesotho should have just given us the points. They decided to compete against us and give Ghana the points for the money they received!

    • A national team with a name like cheap-polo polo is not needed in the world. Deluded Zambians so think u r on ur way to Brazil, we r waiting for u zombies in Kumasi. Ghana for life.

    • Stray bullets you black Ghanian have respect. You people as black as a blackboard and that is why you foolish grandfather sold you as slaves

    • @ Bwaima..you african raciest, Football has got nothing to do with skin color, yes we (Ghanaians) are as black as blackboard and what of zambians, you think the fact that your ladies are being Fuc**d by the chinese makes you white or yellow, no. we are all black Africans. So shut up and dont bring racial comments into the game. Anyway, i dont believe in big names or teams in soccer, am Ghanaian but i wish the best team wins in kumasi. Africa needs a good team at the world cup to do us all proud. Go zambia, Go ghana…….bring out Africa’s finest

  3. Beating Ghana at home with the current crop of strikers and that mediocre defence is like what Jeffrey Sitali once said ”digging a hole to China with a teaspoon” it is impossible and we should just forget about it and ”shift”our focus to the cosafa tornament where we belong.


  5. We are just not good enough. Ghana have managed to win where we could not, and that tells the reality. FIFA can you please give the 3 points back to Sudan. Zambia is useless and so is the coach and the whole entire FAZ group. We all knew it was about points but as usual not doing anything. How do you win AFCON and yet you do not play teams like Brazil, Spain, Egypt, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Ivory Coast etc the answer is ” we are crap” and no one respects us, only when it comes to beer drinking, wife beating and having sex with everything that moves. Kwena tuli fipuba, vipuba

    • That’s why some of you will never make it in life with this mentality of “koma baja ise iyayi”.Be positive ,at this stage we just have to do every thing possible ,we have done it before.

  6. Foolish talk,who gave Lesotho money for them to play it soft against Ghana ?? The current Zambia crop of players are no match to their Ghanaian counterparts period!!! The best team will eventually represent Africa at the world and not any mediocre team like the chipolopolo.i repeat Zambia cannot qualify for Brazil and not even in the 2018 World Cup in Qatar!!!

  7. Lesotho and Sudan are the barometer in the group that measure the relative strengths of the two top teams in the group. So far, going by the results of playing the “barometer teams” both at home and away seems to indicate that Ghana is the stronger team in the group and Zambia the lucky free-rider! While Zambia may lung it out in Kumasi, the team has lacked consistency so far. What this means is that the strength of the Zambian team is more an illusion in our heads. Why not accept reality?

  8. Yabaaaa..!, kwena ee…, Indeed winning afcon 2012 was just God on our side to wipe our tears for the true heroes who perished in Gabon. Ghana is the team we are not. Kwena ba Zambia tuli masushi, pwi.., pwi.. Nway my team the real chipolopolo is in form LETS GO KALAMPA.

    • Probably a mere extra curricular for the black stars. Albeit pray it doesn’t become your un-doing, considering Ghana could big-headedly go unto that crucial game and stumble right in their backyard! Strange things still happen in soccer.

    • Dude just shut up. Ghana can play but find it had to play Zambia and thats why Ghana is going down by a goal in their home ground. Remember these dudes embarrassed themselves in AFCON 2012.

    • Ghana may qualify to WC but will not beat zambia. the match will end in a draw.forget about Ghana beating zambia.

  9. i’d be interested in seeing the reverse comments from everyone here if chipolopolo miraculously beat Ghana………….congrats Ghana, you are a strong representative from African at the world cup. no need for much analysis given Zambia’s inconsistency

    • Even if they did win in Ghana….honestly who would you want to represent Africa from this Group from an unbiased viewpoint? Zambia Or Ghana.

    • We are always praying for miracles…manna from heaven sort of living; that is not fair on people who work harder to achieve what they have. Would it be fair if Zambia won through a miracle in Ghana, like perhaps giving Zambia a penalty they didn’t deserve? Why should this be the case? Why can’t Zambians say that may the best team on that day in Kumasi win? Be it Zambia or Ghana BUT the best team please people. Let us not be lazy and want everything handed to us on a silver plate like we deserve it more.

    • @jay jay. From an unbiased point of view, i would love Ghana to be there, this is simple because they are a worthy representative and stand a chance in changing the fatality rate African nations have endured during their tours to the world cup, where as Zambia would just be another country that went there and didnt last, this also gives me the chance to Zero in on kaponya’s [email protected] kaponya, Micracles are miracles, regardless of how they come, look at how barcelona was eliminated from contending in the champions league by chelsea few years back, therefore the miracle of football is called efficiency and some luck( luck defined as ‘when opportunity meets preparation’), so which ever team won in kumasi would be deserving, its that simple, but i certainly agree that Zambians are less hard…

    • Am still surprised at how sure you can be that if Zambia qualified they would perform badly. Remember Senegal beat defending champs France in Japan and went all the way to quarter final

      Ghana too in 2010 were first timers who had never won any trophy at national level the decade before and they nearly reached semi final. Its all in the mind, the difference between those that make it and those that dont is that losers lose before the game is even played. If Zambia didnt have it in them they would never have lifted the cup beating Senegal, Ghana, Tunisia, and Ivory coast along the way

  10. Like I said before…there is NO WAY ON EARTH the Black Stars were going to fly (not drive) to Maseru and comeback with a mere single point. I have learnt costly lessons from this Zambian national team at Betting shops during the AFCON 2013 cup and there is NO WAY they can win an away match in Ghana NOT under the overrated overpaid PE teacher he simply hasn’t got the techical know-how or he is tactically impotent just as the Great Mighty King himself (and his empty suits) is to overall football administration and management….the least I can guarantee you is mere a draw.

    CONGRATS BLACK STARS you are TRULY WORTHY representatives for the continent, FOOTBALL is about winning matches NOT drawing OR past achievements OR past careers!!

    • Jay Jay, any kind of draw will put Zambia to the next round! So stop dreaming about the draw, the Black Stars won’t let that happen.

    • @ jay jay you are too early sir, you cannot write off this chipolopolo team just becoz they are playing away, they are destined for greater things that you think, let the world watch this match, my bet is not on the black stars they have had their time; now its Zambia’s time to show that champions rise from ashes to the summit of the mountain.

    • Soccer is not like that my friend. Its always going to be decided by 2 sets of 11 people in 90 minutes and the cowards loose before they even step on the pitch.

      The Zambia i support have shown they can do it , even the likes of ManUtd and Barca have shown they can loose to smaller teams. Just because we drew doesnt make us a bad side. We can still bit Ghana and we will

  11. YOU have fought bravely, You are not so “CHEAP-POLO-POLO” as some-one wrote. BUT YOU are far far below the standards of the Crop of Ghana players. In Kumasi, you will meet more player-giants who have not yet surfaced and much more determined captain Asamoah Gyan(Jan) and his team eg, Prince Boateng , Michael Essien, the Ayew brothers, Richard Kingsley at the Post, etc etc. You have been giving Ghana the means to sharpen up the World Cup playing skills- You are not disgraced.
    Congratulations Ghana , G.G.G
    (Go,Ghana. Go)

    • We dont care about the names. We beat ghana’s best 11 in Equatorial Guinea and bit your re modeled team and we are coming to Kumasi to burry you like we did many years ago so that you can learn to respect Zambia the deadly bullets. Lets see if we’ll hear the word chaep coming out of your mouth

  12. Zambian can beat Ghana with the following lineup:
    Goalkeeper – Mweene
    Defenders – Mbola, Nkausu, Mtonga and Hichani
    Midfielders – Sunzu (defensive midfielder), M.Mulenga, C.Lungu and Kalaba
    Upfront – J. Mulenga and Mbesum

    Fyayo to come in for Kalaba in the second half

    • All the need is to work hard and be the best team. I hope you are also not praying for a miracle like God favours Zambians more.

  13. Not out. No. Not yet. We are still in this fight. This is our opportunity to improve our skills and vigilance. BaZambia, for once, let’s learn to fight to the bitter end. This is a great opportunity for heroism. Yah! We are taking this fight right into the enemy camp and rout them there. We are not cowards, we are not cry babies, come on Zambia. Why are some choosing to surrender even before the real battle begins. We shall fight this battle to the bitter end. Come Kalusha! Come on BaKambwili! Come on BaZambia! We are chipolopolo. Iyee Chipolopolo!
    Viva Renard, Viva Chipolopolo, Viva Zambia.

    • Chishinka ba wesu…the fight is on, the challenge is sweet. Its not finished yet, we are not cowards, we are fighters..we are Zambia, underestimate us at your own peril.

  14. Not out. No. Not yet. We are still in this fight. This is our opportunity to improve our skills and vigilance. BaZambia, for once, let’s learn to fight to the bitter end. This is a great opportunity for heroism. Yah! We are taking this fight right into the enemy camp and rout them there. We are not cowards, we are not cry babies, come on Zambia. Why are some choosing to surrender even before the real battle begins. We shall fight this battle to the bitter end. Come Kalusha! Come on BaKambwili! Come on BaZambia! We are chipolopolo. Iyee Chipolopolo!

    • Luck does have the knack at supporting the underdog. The outcry here, however, is about squandered opportunities in Maseru and Ndola where the Chipolopolo could have done better.

  15. Congrats Ghana for beating Lesotho!very true,Ghana won’t b happy 2 top da group without beating Zambia(Zambia humiliated them in 2012 AfCON)-Ghana r da favourites in our group but we should also know dat football is neva played on paper,mwenso utulya dats why we lose.We can’t b wining all da tym,neither can we b losing all da tym but a lose shud tell us where we need 2 improve.Chipolopolo Boys 4 Lyf!

    • When did we ever win? maybe i have been uit too long, update me please? you may just rekindle some out blazed hope in me!

    • @page last week Zambia 4 Lesotho 0, Zambia 1-Ghana 0, even Ivory coast we beat, and everybody knows we have 11 points with eligible players, oooh I remember that when some people take weed they suffer from a disease called memoriosis, they forget who they are and where they are, but I have a solution for you: take more weed……

    • I miss that Mamadou guy…he is a true soccer analyst; never afraid to state his mind; not this political correctness that has killed us. Perhaps if we had hammered the boys more they actually fight tooth and nail to prove us wrong. Kubapapatila kwati mani…

    • Yes men and women like you @ kaponya and Mamadou Gaye are feable and fearful…..strong people keep their flame burning even when the chips are down, at least for him I understand because he is not Zambian but for you must be proud of this chipolopolo boys for the way they play…..they are a good sight to watch I always wish boys from my country can play like that.

  16. Ba Chipolopolo have a chance. It might be one in a million but it DOES exist! ONE in a million is ONE, not zero…. ONE!!!

  17. Good evening fellow soccer analysts.
    There is no way Lesotho can beat Ghana!Sounds familiar?
    Now am saying there is no way Chipolopolo can upset group leaders Ghana in Accra or Kumasi with the current coach and with such a team mindset.
    Concentrate on the COSAFA tournament next months.

  18. Oh my favourites for Brazil 2014,Egypt,Algeria,Ivory Coast,Burkina Faso,Ghana and Tunisia.

    CASAFA countries are hopeless and useless.Except for Botswana who won,Malawi and Namibia had draws.The rest of the countries lost embarrasingly.What a region of amakula.Look at Zambia,donated 3 points for mahala,held by little Lesotho,failed to hold on a 1 goal lead for more than 2 minutes.
    Wow! A nice header from Bernard Parker into his own net gifted Ethiopia 3 points.
    You go to Ethiopia to play toi toi football ,shame.

    • @soccer analyst I cannot see any analysis but only poor self image from you, no one is representing a country called COSAFA so why assume that tag be real Ethiopia deserved it they have been so consistent…..Malawi have done very fine this year they keep on improving but so has Cape Verde and Egypt, why the segregation, give credit where it is due we are all Africans…

  19. Lets be real for once and lets talk like AFRICANS here without emotions. We need to send the best teams to Brazil. The way things stand GHANA are the best team in the group. We can not send Chipolopolo to go and embarrass us in Brazil.
    I hereby urge FIFA to award the 3 points to GHANA so that they can represent us properly.
    Alternatively lets send a B team of local players to KUMASI for exposure

  20. Zambisto!
    …teeeti tubweleleee panuma Ba Katongo
    …teeeti tubweleleee panuma!

    Sacracandarastically speaking (I have no doubt in my mind), Zambia will beat Ghana in Kumasi. Zambia has beaten Ghana many times before, but the victory in Kumasi will be the sweetest of all.

    Iyeeeeeeeeee, Chipolopoloooooo!
    Viva Zambistos!!

    • 17.01.1988 Zambia 2 – 0 Ghana
      25.09.1994 Zambia 3 – 0 Ghana
      03.02.1996 Ghana 0 – 1 Zambia
      08.02.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
      09.06.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana

      Head to head statistics Ghana – Zambia
      9 matches
      5 wins – Zambia
      4 wins – Ghana

    • 17.01.1988 Zambia 2 – 0 Ghana
      25.09.1994 Zambia 3 – 0 Ghana
      03.02.1996 Ghana 0 – 1 Zambia
      08.02.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
      09.06.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana

      Head to head statistics Ghana – Zambia
      9 matches
      5 wins – Zambia
      4 wins – Ghana

  21. we ‘d be more fairer not blaming or insulting our team but perhaps asking why neither lesotho nor sudan cud not play as gud against ghana as they did zambia.the answer will show it’s probably ghana has been stronger than all.this means even if zambia had won lesotho and sudan twice,the group winner ‘d still be decided in kumasi with zambia still needing to beat ghana.it therefore makes much of this negative talk against our team unnecesary

  22. Oh no! These chokers Black stars have done it again. Poor Lesotho. Ghana think they are big boys and find pleasure in beating weak teams psychologically traumatized by the name “Black stars.” Well your nightmare is now alive and real…the bogey team “chipolopolo” remember? Yes you do..is coming to get you in kumasi and send you into the black hole never to be heard. Last time you promised the entire world that you were the next kings of Africa in 2012, it never happened. Then this year 2013 but Mali cut you to size twice just like zambia did twice as well. Naughty boys! Now you are back again singing your same song how great you are and have already qualified to the finals before playing. You wait and learn how you will kiss the dust again. We shall dance with u in ur backyard…

    • @ the outsider you are the best among all these bloggers this evening, keep it up, I love u……

  23. Am bbbbbbbbbbbbbback…, not for long though.How i wish we could win over Ghana! but then again thats what happens when your heart is crashed, when there seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel, all you do is wish and dream!
    However, may the best and deserving team win, so that they can make Africa proud, after all the world is still refering to Zambia as “AFRICA”, so do they when it comes to Ghana, for they can not see any Zambia or Ghana past that dark skin! Congrats Ghana, go and represent us well, by the way, forgive us for the fights and insults, even trees next to each other brush against each other, what more us?

  24. I WOULD LIKE TO CLEAR ONE MISUNDERSTANDING: by topping our group, Zambia does NOT automatically qualify to Brazil 2014. There are ten groups in Africa (A – J). The champions of each group will play each other on a return match basis, and the five winners qualify to Brazil.
    If a miracle happened in Kumasi and we top our group, we are likely to meet the likes of: Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria or Congo DRC/Libya. The journey is not yet over.
    However taking into consideration the motivation levels of our players, I would rather they do not qualify to Brazil. Imagine them in a group with Portugal, Columbia, England, Holland, Mexico, Argentina and.or Japan!!! Teti twasebana fye kwati ba Zaire mu World Cup 1974.

    • I wish people yapping on this forum could give us some sober analysis rather than venting their empty emotions here; football is football and you do not win it with inferiority complex like the one being exhibited here; who said Zambia can never win in Ghana? Why not give reasons why you think they cannot win! If you think they can win why not discuss respectfully their motivation. For example Chipolopolo have better chance to win because they have a psychological advantage over Ghana having beaten Ghana in 2 previous big matches, at the same time Ghana will be under pressure from the home crowd…Zambia have also the motivation to qualify to the world cup for the first time. Any sober challenges no inferiority complex please……!

  25. @Neo-Patriot: Ghana has 12 points, Zambia has 11 points. A draw is 1 point apiece. A draw in Kumasi will give Ghana 13 points and Zambia 12 points. So how can Zambia qualify with a draw in Kumasi. It is over!

    • How can it be over when Zambia hasnt yet played the game? There are three possibilities, a WIN, a Draw or a loss. As a proud Zambian there was only one option in the first place and thats a win. Like we bit the best to win afcon we also need to bit the best so we will bit Ghana and then be given either Nigeria or Ivory cost and wire them also so that no one thinks we made it by accident.

  26. The chipolopolo are suffering from inferiority complex.. they have forgotten dat whenever we meet them we totally outplay them..A small team which cant beat fellow small teams like malawi, uganda, sudan and lesotho n ethiopia thinks they can beat an african powerhouse in Kumasi…In that case Zambia needs to go and rent players far better than these ones who ply their trade in DR Congo, South Africa and China. Had it not not been the boardroom points given to you guyz, Ghana would have qualified by now…but still we wil thrash you to let you know that indeed the best african teams are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and a few others but certainly not Zambia

  27. @Schneider Zambia has an unimpressive track record in qualifiers when playing away. In these qualifiers Zambia lost to Sudan 2-0 in Sudan and drew with Lesotho in Lesotho. In the 2013 AFCON qualifiers Zambia were beaten 1-0 by Uganda in Uganda.In 1994 they needed a draw in Morocco but lost 1-0 (blamed on ref Diramba). I can not recall a time they beat a West or North African team away from home. On the other hand Ghana has an impressive home record in these qualifiers. They beat Lesotho 7-0 and beat Sudan 4-0. Ghana is also eager to avenge the last two defeats suffered against Zambia. On the basis of the above I will put my money on Ghana.

    • That doesnt still mean Ghana will win the game. Zambia is not Lesotho neither are they Sudan. They are tough competition but they are beatable especially by Zambia.

    • Yes, Zambia is not Lesotho or Sudan. Lesotho and Sudan are both weak teams yet Zambia struggled playing the weak teams at their home turf! How will they cope with a team that stronger? Lets chat on September 8th!

  28. 17.01.1988 Zambia 2 – 0 Ghana
    25.09.1994 Zambia 3 – 0 Ghana
    03.02.1996 Ghana 0 – 1 Zambia
    08.02.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana
    09.06.2012 Zambia 1 – 0 Ghana

    Head to head statistics Ghana – Zambia
    9 matches
    5 wins – Zambia
    4 wins – Ghana

    • Compare the away record for Zambia and Ghana in it’s current form with the current P.E coach.Musanawandalama what you are giving us is history,the past.Currently;
      Sudan 2 -0 Zambia
      Lesotho 1- 1Zambia
      Sudan 2 – 4Ghana
      Lesotho 0-2 Ghana
      As for you Ms Paxina,COSAFA is regional body for Southern Africa.It is the worst performing regional soccer body in Africa.They say charity begins at home.How do you expect the soccer standards to improve when the whole region soccer standards are below par?

  29. Lets just fire Ka “Leaner”, the chap is not improving our football standards despite getting so much money… Kalu, Leaner and FAZ should take the blame… so talkative and pompous but pliz lets get rid of Herve

  30. Ethiopia played just like Lesotho.One tall man upfront and use long balls,later hold on to the ball.This is the kind of football that disturbs Zambia.They might play well in Kumasi but i doubt if they can win.We have some tired legs there and need fresh ones.No wonder the coordination has become so poor.Let Cosafa bring in some new legs.Others money is controlling them.

  31. The only consistent thing about the Zambian team is their inconsistences so you might be surprised, they might beat Ghana. All the same I never put my money on them and I learned to do that a long time ago. I hope they weren’t doing their stone age silly dance after scoring the first goal, someone needs to tell them to behave a bit mature than they usually do. I think failing to beat Sudan at home proves we are not as good as we think. So we are not going to say much for now, just surprise us by beating Ghana because this nonsense of draws is just so despicable to say the least, you are better off losing so then we know you are just a bad team but when you keep drawing then we don’t know what to think. You are lucky I am not the president, I would fire the entire team and appoint…

  32. Oh Zambia, since d year began, Uve kept on ranting n chanting, uve kept on losing, u keep on disrespecting top teams n 4 dat u will keep on missing the world cup. Ghana easily beat sudan 3-1 at their home…even wid 10 men…n walloped them four nil at kumasi…lesotho took 7 goals..zambia will be humiliated on dat dae

    • either you are not Zambian or you have low self esteem. If this type of thinking reaches the national team then we cant be supprised when we get bad results. How do you loose a game that has not been played against a team you have beaten twice in a row?

  33. Its disturbing to see how some the Zambians here think of our national team. I see a poor self esteem coming in the blogs being posted here. You exhibit the attitude of children of Israel in the bible who saw themselves as grasshoppers in the eyes of other people. Have some self belief, you cant lose a game before its even played. What kind of cowardice is that ? Spare us the bad energy, if Zambia hadnt conceded you would have been drinking the whole night on sunday…. If you have nothing good to say better keep quiet

  34. Zambia may still be rough around the edges but we are as good as they come. What that team needs more belief , more winner mentality and absolute concentration.
    other than that , they need to get rid of Chamanga as he has a poor convession rate and responsible for a lot of disappointing results

  35. When people are predicting the Ghana -Zambia final match,
    1).They are considering the current form of the 2 teams.
    2).Home matches are tricky because of the 12 th player player factor and that is the soccer fans.
    3).Lets be realistic and stop cheating oureselves.It’s not poor self esteem of the suppoerters but the players.
    4).Do they have the determination,mental stamina and courage to overcome the 60,000+ chanting fans and the skill of the black stars?
    The current form and attitude of the national team with the poor technical knowledge of coach HR does not inspire Zambians to expect victory in Kumasi.

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