Father defiles 3 year old daughter


Police in Mumbwa have arrested a 28 years old man of Chief Mumba ‘s chiefdom for defiling his three year old child.

Police sources and District commissioner Sunday Shamabanse confirmed the development in an interview in Mumbwa District, yesterday.

They disclosed in separate interviews that Banabas Phiri of Mukubu village in chief Mumba was reported by his wife Bridget Kabinga 20.

Mr. Shamabanse explained that Phiri defiled his child yesterday around 14hrs when the mother went to fetch water at a nearby bore hole.

He said that when Kabinga came back home she found her child crying complaining of pain in her private parts.

The DC added that when the mother searched her child, she found some semen and blood on her private parts.

The man has since gone into hiding and police have launched a man hunt.



  1. The mother of the child is now 20, the defiled child is 3. Add period of marriage and pregnancy; my conclusion is that she too was also defiled because she it looks like he married her when she was under age. It is good she reported the matter.

    • No Mushota. That is actually you. You have just gone back to the past to see what troubles you. As sorry as we feel for the baby that’s how sorry we feel for you now and your young mother then in the past. May the police catch your farther and castrate him. It shall set you free Mushota. Amen

    • @Cat Power, that’s too much, what if Mushota commits suicide today over what you reminded her, that will be your ghost to rest.

    • @cat power

      You are probably right. I can provide another possible explanation: She is the result of a partial abortion by her mother.

  2. And the father shouldnt say that it was the work of the Devil. One of the defilerz parent of a dog, so he inheritted those mannerz ether from the mum o dad….
    Poor little doughter may God protect you

    • Ndobo old man you are too old fashioned for the new Zambia and the new world. Whether you criticise or praise on tribal lines doesn’t make you any less of a tribalist. Evil or indeed good is no preserve of any one ethnic group unless you want to postulate that humans are different. In which case you are justifying racism, colonialism and slavery which are practiced on the premise we are different. And therefore other people are entitled to exploit others.

  3. Defiler Phiri?? quite strange,,,, easterns are normally angels ….good people. is this Phiri really from eastern??

    • Ndobo I see you want to play the tribal card as usual. please stuff it. If I was tribal I would say its because they don’t report such matter as its a norm for them but no I wont. I will say he just a bad egg from eastern as there are many more bad eggs in northern and around the country.


    • Well said @Cat Power, you see I give credit when due.
      But people should remember that nowadays husbands are vulnerable, whenever child cry in their hands, they are accused of defilement.

    • @Robin…
      you see.. you are in UK yet you cant read and understand english,,`´men jag talar svenska, wil jag försöka hjälpa dig“ i did not express disbelif .. i expressed surprise, surprise that a phiri from eastern province can do such a cruel thing, knowing people from the east are normally good people, their goodnes and wisdom is even mentioned in the bible… so where are you coming up with calf borking story to compare,, you calf robin???,,, waona ka chizungu!!
      Dont go to UK to flask toilets for whites like your OAU booed grandfather,, study some english language my boy!!!

  4. ….and that makes it right by your twisted standards. This to me seems like just a drop in the ocean in terms of the number of children that are at risk out there. Paedophilia, incencestry and breakdown of human morals are on the rise in Zambia. How many of these cases go unnoticed? Things that used to be taboos are now the norm…brain erosion is on the rise perhaps spelling the biblical signs to our living in the end days before the second coming? Do you remember Daniel and his dreams in Babylon under the reign of king Nebucadnezzar? All these things have come to pass as the kings dream regarding the giant human statue with its head made out of the purest of Gold ever seen is still unfolding. Head = Gold, Torso = silver, Thighs = bronze, Legs = iron, Feet = iron&clay=Endtimes!!!

    • Are telling us that all these immoral is because of Sata? The Nebuchadnezzar? The other day a Mkushi decided to eat her own child. Probably is end of times, but I will still be here and tell story that we used to be naba “confused.com, Ndobo, Cat Power, Zebige, Numbian Princess, MMD Bootlicker.. and more”. You be missed guys.

    • @nostradamus
      iwe nostra… end of time!! i will also be there to tell the tale about removal of subsidies,,, koloboi fuel shortage, how prof chirwa was retired in national interest and given a bag full of dollars as benefits only to be arrested for pocession of eurobond dollars….
      so you wont the only one to tell the tale of end of times i will be their ´two`

  5. For those that need edifying, here is the order:

    1. Gold = powerful Babylonian empire with Nebuchardnezzar at the the helm: PASSED
    2. Silver = Medo-Persia (Less powerful Persian and surrounding areas) PASSED
    3. Bronze = Greek empire (Lesser but still power eg Alexander the Great) PASSED
    4. Iron = Powerful Roman Empire that changed the world and still influential: PASSED
    5. Iron&clay = You and me (present time spelling the end days) it is proclaimed that there’s never gonna be another great empire than the past few above. Whoever tries will lamentably fail in the end. Europe has tried to defile the proclaimation but look at what is happening right now across Europe. Iron and clay cannot and will never mix to almagamate. The fall of the European Union is nigh! Awake Africa to redeem…

    • Stop being an unthinking racist. We read everyday about white people having kidnapped their own daughters for years in our papers and you dont see this. Evil is with all races but You are so brainwashed to believe white people are godly and you arent. twit

    • You would be utterly shocked what we watch on local TV news here, if it was a Caucasian man he would have killed that baby after that gruesome act, hid the body and then appear on the live news sobbing uncontrollably while comforting his innocent wife; asking for witnesses to come forward and help the police with the search of his daughter.

  6. These cases are sky rocketing, i wonder whether all of them are true. What would stop a woman after differing with her husband then she reports to the police that the hubby has defiled the baby, and for sure our police can straight buy this story…..just thinking!!

  7. @san, not at all and I am sure you know this ain’t true. Atrocities transcends creed, colour, race, background,status and what not. Human beings can commit heinous crimes when law & order breaks down. There is a fine line between madness and genius. As an example, I am sure you remember very well the Austrian ‘whiteman’ who locked up his daughter in a dungeon and repeatedly ‘defiled’ her for 18 years and she bore 4 his children in captivity until she and the children escaped a few years ago. You don’t get to hear a lot about such things in Zambia. Let us have our taboos back in our Africanness.

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