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Speaker orders Minister to issue a ministerial Statement on Zambia Railways

Headlines Speaker orders Minister to issue a ministerial Statement on Zambia Railways

 Retired Zambia Railways Limited chief executive officer Clive Chirwa
Retired Zambia Railways Limited chief executive officer Clive Chirwa

The speaker of the national assembly Patrick Matibini has ordered Transport Works, supply and Communications
Minister to issue a ministerial statement on the suspension of Zambia Railways Managing Director Clive Chirwa in the course of next week.

This follows a point of order raised by UPND Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu on why the government had retired Zambia Railways managing director Clive Chirwa when he was under investigations and why a former board member had been appointed as managing director when the former board was also under probe.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has said that it concluded investigations into corrupt allegations involving retired Zambia Railways (ZRL) chief executive officer Clive Chirwa and the company’s disbanded board of directors.

ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono said findings of the investigations would be communicated in due course.

Mr Moono said in a statement yesterday, that the Commission would soon be making a decision on the next course of action arising from the investigations.

“I wish to inform you that the ACC has concluded investigations on this matter,” Mr Moono said.

Prof Clive Chirwa was suspended to pave way for investigations into alleged mismanagement and had since been retired in national interest.

He was appointed by President Micheal Sata as the ZRL chief in November last year, taking over from Knox Karima, who was acting after Government took over the railway company from the railways systems of Zambia.

He served in his position for six months during which a rift surfaced with the ZRL Board headed by former task force on corruption chairperson, Mark Chona.


  1. THE Anti-Corruption Commission may arrest former Zambia Railways managing director Clive Chirwa for alleged solicitation of gratification from a foreign company he wanted to repair and maintain company wagons, The Post has learnt.

    • this is funny mwebantu. the acc says it cleared clive chirwa but the board was found wanting. now the person acting as CEO of ZRL was a member of that board that was found wanting,yet he is allowed to carry on and we are tld he will soon become substantive. The person who was found not guilty was the one who was retired instead in what they called public interest and given full benefits. The investigations were not concluded. I mean what is going on people, comeone we are not children. you cant just lie to us like that. we are grown ups and not children!!!!

    • leave chirwa alone..he wants to go to some holiday island to enjoy with a bag full of dollars.,,,benefits from ZRL

    • Gosh.

      Fred Mmembe now has to stay up all night writing it. Nowonder he always sounds bitter. It’s fatigue.

    • @ Hitman, The ACC never said they had cleared anyone of corruption be it Chirwa or the Board. It is some mysterious ‘Source’ who came up with that rubbish in yesterday’s LT article. I have reason to believe that this ‘source’ was Chirwa himself. Chirwa has a history of doing this. Remember when he rushed to the Press accusing the Board of corruption only to hear later that the Board actually had queries about his activities at ZRL. He always comes out first with his ‘version’ of things just to muddy the waters and mislead people. It is unfortunate that there’s a crowd of gullible Zambians who are cheering him on! Sad!

  2. It is Sata and Mmembe that should have been retired in national interest.Those two are a national liability but Mr Clive Chirwa is a national asset.

  3. nothing wrong in Chirwa’s plans of getting good train coaches from people he knows. leave the man alone

    • Government or public institution procurement of goods and services is through advertised public tenders and not ‘through people you know’. That is the law in Zambia.

  4. Attanga does not know anyone and he will get poor quality train coaches, wagons etc from China where there’s more corruption.

    • Government or public institution procurement of goods and services is through advertised public tenders and ‘not through people you know’. That is the law in Zambia.

  5. So for Chirwa now it’s ‘package or jail’ his reputation tarnished, that’s what you get working with crooks!

    • Clive is drinking from his own cup. He’s just as much a crook himself. In the words of scripture: He is reaping what he sowed.

    • Ba Billy… , Chirwa was not just working with crooks, but he is a crook also, an opportunist. The mother of violence and crooks, Sata, usually enjoys working with crooks like Namulambe, Taima, GBM, Kabimba, Masumba, Masebo etc. I am now even doubting the likes of Chibamba Kanyama; that guy must be a crook also…

  6. Now, I do not trust the minister because he is not transparent about ZR corruption. It is not normal to appoint a member of the board who was accused and not cleared to be CEO of ZR. I can smell a rat. Maybe the whole board was corrupt. Maybe Mr. Atanga has been assigned to clean up dirty paper work. A true report will stop members of the public to speculate. The ZR issue has been handled careless in terms of communicating to the public. No proper truth has been communicated to the public.

  7. This is why I mentioned in my yesterday comment that Zambians are generally docile. It has to take the all speaker of the nation assembly to order the minister to explain the all Chirwa retirement saga after 6 months on duty. who retires after 6 months of working anyways. Meanwhile the all entire nation including the constituence representatives in the name of parliamentarians are just watching except for one brave Mwimbu. When are the smart lawyers, engineers, real doctors, teachers, businessmen and later on peace Zambians citizens going to wake up like the Tunisians, Egyptians or the Libyans and say enough is enough. Or maybe Zambians where meant to be docile so that clueless politicians can thrive and stumble on them like fake bridges on realigned lakes and rivers in new Muchinga prov

    • The statement from the minister should include Dr Attanga ‘s qualifications for this particular job. I hope the man was not given the job on the basis of being husband to PF deputy secretary general, Bridget Attanga. Is he the most suitable man for the job? ZRL needs someone who is going to turn it around and put it in a position to repay the Euro bond debt when its due. Is Attanga that person?

    • If you read the majority of the comments here, you won;t take lonmg to understand why the country is as it is. We a re a country of educated illiterates my friend. No analysis, no reflections, just sheer illiteracy. Have you seen how many people are praising CC. One even said, ;fyaume, hero worshipping a plunderer! What kind of a country is this. It make those working honestly for their living feel very bad to be Zambian.

  8. So Mark Chona is the former chairperson of the ACC.SHAME!!.Clive is clean,just leave him alone.The board is the one that’s corrupt.

  9. UBUFI government keep on wallowing in doctrines of governance by taking Zambians for granted or intimidating Zambians to the extent that we have become a docile nation with fear. How can it take the opposition and national speaker to order PF make aministerial statement regarding the retiring of CEO of ZRL. PF Sata have an obligation to tell the nation what they are doing with our country. Governance is not just by elections and parading chiefs at state house or setting up endless and inconclusive CoI. To Zambians PF has shown that would not want to rule again as they have discovered its tough and takes intelligence to run a country.

  10. LT now.. whats the story here? Has ACC stopped the investigations and cleared Prof chirwa as you reported yesterday or what?

    Whats the story behind the story here kansi? Is Prof chirwa cleared and paid ful benefits?? was he found wanting or what?..

    I thouht this was a closed case and Prof chirwa was on his way to some holiday island with a suitcase full of dollars from ZRL

    • that time of tambaring fye is gone iwe, do something and make your voice be heard for the country to be alright. tutambakofye? what a loser!

    • Realist is right. Voice to be heard by who naimwe….. Tekuti ukulasabailafye na pashilingile. In certain instances, where the benefits of silence outweigh the risks of ukusabaila, one would better to the former

  11. Just asking…., how long will the rumbling and shuffling go on in this part of the world?
    Do you people ever work or are busy looking for someone to take to the slaughter? i hear now you are on Kalusha,why are you so full of hate? anyone one seem to be doing well and recognised internationally is a target, mostly those that have lived abroad, as for the local thieves and thugs killing armless poor Zambians with nothing, not even salt to eat with Nshima, you are killing.
    No more dual citizenship for me, not even proud to be Zambian at this point in time, am very disappointed, very sad happenings in my country which i love very much! Am still dumb founded with the killings i feel really cold and frozen with the entire incident, i guess this is what they refer to as trauma, am in shock!

  12. It really worries me to see the failure rate of Zambia’s major undertakings.There are so many issues crippling the nation.This raises a questions as to whether we Zambians are indeed capable of developing our nation.Every government that has so far been in power seem to have failed.PF wont be an exception.
    Are we always choosing wrong leaders or is it that we as a nation have some serious unknwon issues.

  13. The best thing to ask here is what is the big picture? I think it is that Mark Chona and Fat Desk lawyer Mutembo are mates…so where does that live Chirwa? He was not paid off his full contract he was paid prorata and asked to leave but he will face the full wrath of the law, he will pay back for hurting Chona…watch the space…the PFPOST has warned you.

    • What do you mean pro-rata, the article states ‘full benefits for 5 years’. BTW was he confirmed in his position? If he wasnt why pay him Kr 200 m as we hear. That money is enough to set up a foot bridge in Shangombo, for kids to go to school during the flood season. After losing all the money in rentals etc, Chriwa should not be paid a ngwee.

  14. So Zambia allergic to the learned!! no wonder God left the country a long time ago.

  15. The problem is not with the govt in power, it is with the people who voted these inept people into power. Some people are better in opposition and thats what is typical of Sata and his thugs. Not until such a time when a good majority of electorates will be educated to a level where they will be able to differentiate good leaders from bad leaders , we will just continue on mary go round. The question i always ask myself is why are european, asian countries more developed than african countries, our leaders always go to these countries and no one has thought of bringing that development to Zambia, we deserve better, fellow country men and women.

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