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Bush hails Zambia’s commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS

HealthBush hails Zambia’s commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS
Former US president George Bush at Ngungu clinic in Kabwe where he visited patients
FILE: Former US president George Bush at Ngungu clinic in Kabwe where he visited patients

Former United States President George W. Bush has praised the Zambian government for its commitment in the fight HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Bush said Zambia’s commitment is evident by the increased budgetary allocation to the country’s health sector.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Bush was speaking when Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Palan Mulonda paid a courtesy call on him at his Bush Institute Office at George W. Bush Presidential Centre on the Campus of the southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

“I am happy with the Zambian government for its commitment to the fight HIV/AIDS as evident by the budgetary allocation to the health sector. I also strongly believe that the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is a divine intervention for Africa. Most of the affected countries on the continent are taking more responsibility over the fight against HIV/AIDS”, he said.

Ambassador Mulonda and Mr. Bush discussed among other issues the Global Health with a focus on the Pink Ribbon-Red Ribbon Initiative (PRRR) against cervical and breast cancer.

Mr. Bush explained that there was need to take advantage of Zambia’s youthful population to create innovation hubs (I-hubs) that would develop technological solutions to the many challenges faced by Zambia in a number of areas including the delivery of health services.

He noted that the positive results from PEPFAR could be wiped out if cervical and breast cancer screening and treatment were not addressed.

He further noted that former US First Lady Laura Bush would be hosting an African First Lady’s Conference on Cervical Cancer in Dares Salaam, Tanzania in July this year which the Zambian First Lady is also expected to attend.

Mr. Bush has meanwhile lauded the Zambian First Lady, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata’s leadership and commitment to health related issues.

And in response, Ambassador Mulonda said the Zambian government, under President Michael
Sata, has increased the budgetary allocation to the health sector in line with its vision of making health service delivery sustainable in the long term.

Ambassador Mulonda later held a meeting with Dr. Eric Bing, a senior fellow and Director of Global Health at the Bush Institute and Dr. Doyin Oluwole, who is the Executive Director of the Pink Ribbon-Red Ribbon Initiative (PRRR).
Dr. Bing has co-authored a book entitled: “Pharmacy on a Bicycle” which proposes innovation solutions for global health and Poverty Reduction with a number of examples drawn from the developing world.

PRRR partners include PEPFAR, Susan G. Komen, Bristol- Myers Squibb, Merck, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BD Products, UNAIDS, Qiagen, CARIS Foundation, IBM and GlaxoSmithKline.

Ambassador Mulonda was later taken on a conducted tour of the Bush Presidential Museum.



  1. AIDS is being contained in Zambia but mushrooming in some communities in the US especially poor minority neighborhoods. Charity begins at home, ba Bush.

    • we are not that gullible…… we can read between the lines……. we see with our eyes and hear with our ears…….

  2. A true leader that cares about Africa and Africans — George Bush. Well done sir. Actions speak louder than words.

  3. This is the man who is responsible for more than a million deaths all over the world, a wolf in sheep skin. If he was an African, he would have been commited to the International Criminal Court. Being white, wearing a suit & tie & calling him president does not make any less a terrorist than all others. PEPFAR is tax payers money, he was just the terrorist in white house when it was implemented. I will always regard him as a murderer. Up yours bush!

    • Thats how ironic life is, the most ruthless always carry the day Goodie Goodie landed Ghaddafi in hell by renouncing the nuclear weapons, being friendly to all those fake smilling Sarkozy, Italian former prime minister, by the way, he used to refer to Obama as his son, Gosh the guy was so friendly he was dancing with his enermies who sweet talked his dallo people to rise against him, now there is no peace in Libya, the riches of that nation are splashed overall to be scavenged by wolves. Just the other day on the news, some big EU political short set the record straight, he lamented the Aid given to Africa is 10times less than the wealthy being dug out Africa! As for Bush just his face makes you feel pity for him so much that you declare him innocent in full view of the crimes! Strange

  4. I have a feeling if the Bush family was not ill treated on their last visit the cervical cancer conference would have been held in Zambia and not Tanzania

    • I hate to bust someone’s bubble but never ever be proud of breakthru’s largely achieved thru the sweat of others.

      (like Ghanaians being proud of their “fast growing economy” yet its the foreign oil companies that did the hard work of finding the oil)

  5. Sata: Its gratifying to note that colonialists that took so much from Africa are finally coming back to pay”.

    Bush: “Mr. President, I don’t wanna argue with you…..”

    These two statements immediately reverberated around the world’s social networks almost becoming viral on some online media. One of an ill informed gullible African dictator and another of a polite former President of a free world nation, trying hard to be polite to his host.

    George Walker Bush is a native of a west Texas city of Midland Odessa where I’m a permanent resident, while Micheal Chilufya Sata is from a sleepy Mchinga Town of Mpika of Northern Zambia. Talking about two worlds clashing!


      Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahah! U made my day SGT GUNDUZAN.

      God bless George Bush. May he have more years to live because he never gave up against terrorists axis of evil nations like Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea name it.

    • Ba Gunduzani, your point Exactly? Seriously this day and age you are even proud to make such comparisons? One wonders whose more interligent, the guy from Muchinga mud house or??? I rest my case!


    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahah! U made my day SGT GUNDUZAN.

    God bless George Bush. May he have more years to live because he never gave up against terrorists axis of evil nations like Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea name it.

  7. While Kaseba (u wonder why Sata’s wife is not Mrs Sata but maintained her maiden name) wants to maintain relationship with the free world, satanist/communist Sata & Kabimba wants to maintain relationship with countries that sponsor terrorism like Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea name it!

    No wonder Kaseba has managed to maintain relationship with the free world like & statesmen & stateswomen like Laura Bush (George Bush wife).

    At one time in late 1990’s, developed world countries wondered why communism was experimented in developed countries like Russia & not in the third world.

    Communism is for people low IQs like UNIP dictator Kaunda & PF Sata who have low grades & are illiterate.

    Kaunda was just a grade Nine (9) drop out who was a traitor & selling other freedom fighters

    • Ubututu bwaku Africa! make a survey in Europe or just developed countries, most if not all independent women stick to their surnames after the vows, just even house wives, Lawyers docters ect, it doesnt mean a thing in the world am living in, infact most african independent women feel abit uncomfortable using their husbands names, of which always follows an explaination, something to do with culture, I wonder which century you were born in?

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