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Police pledge professionalism in bigamy case of Golden Phiri

General News Police pledge professionalism in bigamy case of Golden Phiri


Police in Lusaka have pledged to observe professionalism in the investigations into the case of Bigamy involving the marriage of Lizzy Machina who is the officer commanding for Mazabuka Police to Mr Golden Phiri.

Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Charity Munganga Chanda, said the fact that Mr Phiri is married to a senior police officer does not warrant special treatment and that the case will not die a natural death.

In a statement made available to ZANIS today, Ms. Mungnaga Chanda said the matter is receiving utmost attention and is being handled by experienced investigators who are looking at all angles critically as opposed to the impressions created in certain media circles.

She said the fate of the case will depend on the outcome of the investigations which are being carried out and further wished to correct the wrong impression that has been created in certain sections of the media.

She said the Zambia police instituted investigations into the case the day Emma Chima, who is the alleged legal wife of Mr Phiri, reported the case to Lusaka Central Victim Support Unit (VSU).

She stated that the offense which is being currently investigated is that of Bigamy contrary to Section 166 Chapter 7 of the Laws of Zambia.

Last week, the media carried a story in which Lizzy Machina who is the officer commanding for Mazabuka Police, was allegedly involved in a marriage scandal involving a Lusaka businessman, Golden Phiri, who is believed to be the legal husband of Emma Chima of Lusaka.



  1. I find the statement made by the Deputy PRO officer a very laughable one.This case is a non starter.It will indeed die a natural death like so many other unresolved cases!

  2. You see Ba Sata this of handing over ZP to women (girls) in name of “empowerment”, has just disposed what those Zambian female officers are good at = fornication. Its better to give schools/education, Clinics/ healthy to women, not the corrupt ZP.

    • @Diva – Take it easy sister. Know your worth as a woman and these wayward comments about the effectiveness of women in power will not offend you. Men’s ignorance should not be your pain.

  3. Bushe ba Lizzy Machina ba officer commanding for Mazabuka Police bena baletilapo shani? If Lizzy has any morals she should divorce this chi Phiri immediately….if not it becomes clear that lizzy knew that the man was still married but decided to still go ahead with marriage. In this case charge her for marriage interference

  4. The press statement is already biased by the mere fact the police presume that the story in media is incorrect. The very simple question is did Phiri marry before the earlier statutory marriage was annulled or not?

  5. Hahahahaha!!! Golden Phiri, I saw him struggling to explain the situation on Muvi TV news yesterday. He seem to be a natural problem. He needs prayers. He told the other lady, a girl friend that he has 4 cars, a Hammer, Prado, RAV 4 and a Corolla. Additionally, he has 4 houses in Lusaka. What a manifesto? Awe mwasebana abena Chipata

  6. Ba LT Bigamy is contrary to s. 166 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia… your chapter 7 is the National Anthem Act!

  7. Congrats Golden Phiri, some women are so stupid when u start calling them wives, they want to control u in every movement u make, Being a business man is bound to know a lot of people. I guess this Lizzy , had started getting into Goldens pants beyond control, casing his friends, relatives, maybe threatening to kill him. So as man , if a woman start acting like that , leave her immediately and do not hesitate.
    IM sure this Lizzy ,just fodged that Married Certificate.

    • A marriage certificate is just a paper dainted with ink.whenever,your wife insult you of fight it will not do anything but just lie in the shelves or drawers.

      Women tend to become arrogant and stupid when they are marriad.They feel they own a man entirely and relatives to a man become *****s.Mr phiri has a reason to doing that.
      Zambian women especially are useless..i am planning to marry an indian myself because they are natural and not spoiled by fashion.GO PHIRI GO.YOU HAVE FOUND A MATURE WOMAN FOR YOURSELF

    • Relatives are not supposed to interfere with marriage in the first place so as a wife why should I be going out of my way to please them?

      Especially if they are broke relatives, I have no time for such. Fumeni apa bonse! Once I got that marriage certificate I became the boss, divorce me and I will take half and move on.

      Marriage is very exaggerated, single people with lovers are the happiest.

  8. this ***** is an embarrasment to easteners because this level of selfish selfcentredness is evil this guy should be jailed hes very dull

  9. Mbuya Phiri .boma ni boma ka …… 4 cars, a Hammer, Prado, RAV 4 and a Corolla. Additionally, he has 4 houses ……careful mind the way you treat women before you are treated.

  10. I am surprised be Kay Hummer, there goes your email posting to LT. kKkkkkkkk.
    LT has become useless in terms of managing mails

  11. I am surprised ba Kay, there goes your email posting to LT. kKkkkkkkk.
    LT has become useless in terms of managing mails

  12. The blame should lie on the Zambian laws, how can you have 2 streams of laws dealing with the same issue of marriage! Traditional laws or Zambian laws, the country has to pick one and apply it. We have many polygamists in our society, the law should clarify if polygamy is illegal in Zambia instead of saying traditionally it is legal but in Zambian law it is illegal. We have to revisit the constitution and remove the application of traditional laws in our society, they are outdated and clash with modern norms and country laws. In some parts of the country people are still marrying off their 13 yr old daughters to older guys in polygamist affairs and claim it as traditional but now we call the older guys pedophiles!

  13. I feel for ba Lizzy Machina. Do not comment on this matter. As for your hubby, judge him by what he will do when pressue is exerted by the State. Support him all the way. You are married and he needs your support. I salute you, mama.

  14. Evolutionary, we humans have never been monogamous. In zambia if you look beyond the 1900s, the norm was not less than two wives at a time. To understand our nature, its better to look at the behaviour of other mammals in terms of sexuality.

  15. I have 3 wives and planning on the fourth. None of them work and I manage to feed the extended family. Without the resources I wouldn’t manage this mammoth task but we are all happily multihomed and very very comfortable. Don’t try this at home!

  16. Iyee…ci…Phiri..iweee…..wecipuba cishakwata amano….walafwa bwangu…we nchushi yamupamba bakusunga fye kubana

  17. Icipuba chiPhiri…kwena tawakwata amono….wecimuntu abana ufyala kwati nimbwa mubanakashi abapusana pusana…..iye…wecimuntu iwe wenda fye icabola…wencushi yamupamba nakaputula kamukati tawakwata ubufi bweke ati ni iwe ci business man……Cimoneni cilefilya noku cita testify pa Muvi TV…..Iyebelele kuli Lesa …..before its too late……necili ule co be ci solola police comanding officer…..

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