High Court orders the release of Former President Rupiah Banda’s passport


The Lusaka High Court has ordered the release of former Zambian President Rupiah Banda’s passport to enable him to travel to Tanzania where he had been invited by Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete to attend the Global 2013 Smart Partnership Dialogue.The passport was supposed to be released yesterday for a period of 4 days.Media reports suggest the government is currently playing Cat and Mouse with the former President’s passport.

Below is the full High Court Order.

Court Order1
Order pg2
Order pg3
Order pg4
Order pg5
Order pg6
Order pg7
Order pg8
Order pg9


  1. ………….But Monze Central Member of Parliament Jackie Mwiimbu said the Zambian watchdog was the only source of credible news and information in Zambia….UPND Journalism and you say you are educated? My foot!!!

    • RB has no passport, he needs to apply for one. These guys inviting RB should be told in clear terms that they should stop messing around with our judicial process. RB is a suspected criminal and we don’t want to risk losing him before he clears his name in our courts. We won’t take any risks.

    • @actionman, I thought yuove just read the ruling of the High Court. So who is messing with our judicial system? Is it the people inviting him, you, Mr Banda,the courts or me? I dont support any of our politicians at the moment but the law is the law but it appears its been thrown out of the window by people like you, Sir.

    • @Action Man, Lungu has no constitutional right to withdraw a former president’s passport. If you look at the timeline, the action to withdraw the passport was another silly attempt to frustrate a court decision. I’ve had the privilege of reading the even the judgment on the earlier case and found that Lungu told the nation a LIE that the High Court judgment only authorized release of the passport but not travel. The truth is that the judgment clearly indicated that the passport be released to enable RB travel to South Africa. Even the argument that the State had information that RB would tamper with witnesses was rejected in court and the judgment clearly states so. If a Government does not respect the courts, who will?

  2. Nothing good will ever come out of Sata. He was created in the image of the devil. His purpose on earth is destruction. Just look at his eyes and those of his sidekicks like Mmembe and Kabimba…..What do you see in their eyes? Pure evil!

    • Me too…i hate this evil chi Sata govt with all my heart and i wish it would fall sooner.The evil men in this govt have very cold hearts.

    • Sir repent. We are all created in the image of God. Do not ask for calamity from above. The State has reasons not to allow former President to travel. These invitation one can now suspect.
      Its good that RB has no passport so the people who are inviting him should know his current position.

      RB should face the Law and clears his name. Now one will harm him we are a Christian nation.

  3. Sata and his PF bunch of criminals wants or does not want, am returning to my homeland to fight them on the political field in whatever capacity i will participate before he destroys my lovely country.

    His evil man former dictator UNIP chimpanzee murderer Kenneth Kaunda; the first destroyer of Zambia’s economy his supporting Dictator Sata because, Sata has appointed his destitute son the illiterate pathological failure Panji Kaunda.

    Panji failed all his academic exams including examples in school.

    Zambians should not pay attention this criminal with dementia called Kaunda.

    Kaunda always sided with the wrong sides starting from Joshua Nkhomo in Zimbabwe, Savimbi in Angola including Mozambique.

    Am telling Sata that am coming back to Zambia so that u will go quick!

    • @ SHAKA OZ , let’s see your father’s photo so that we compare with that of the statesman’s KK’s photo,for us to see who looks like a chimpanzee between your father and KK.How about that?From the way you write,one can tell that your upbringing was terrible.Your entire family can’t achieve what KK has achieved.Learn to respect elders.

    • @Sansakuwa

      I’m with Shaka Oz.
      KK is a joke. He deserves all the ridicule being heaped upon him.

      Surprised that even today you can’t see that he was a dictator who set Zambia up for failure. Also the number of people killed under his regime for merely disagreeing with him cannot be ignored – except by people who refuse to see.

  4. How can the court order the release of a passport which has been invalidated by the Executive arm of government? Rupiah should first challenge the invalidation(Cancellation) of his passport.

  5. The document title should read “Sata versus Rupiah Bwezani Banda” rather than “The people versus Rupiah Bwezani Banda”. By the way, when will sanity return to plot 1? Lord, forsake not your people.

  6. deputy minister of finance miles sampa has revealed that government spent over Kr 5, 000, 000 to eliminate the mailoni brothers in the central province and the high authority has ordered him to stop issuing statement because he is not conversant with the state security

  7. Every week this vile thieving **** Ala Bee is itching to fly out somewhere. Iwe Ala Bee stay at home with your teenage wife and young twins, use the little energy you still have and play with them before you are up away.

  8. @Action Man, only parliament can withdraw a former president’s passport. The action to withdraw the passport was another weird attempt to frustrate a court decision. I had the privilege of reading the judgment on the earlier case too and found that Lungu told the nation a LIE. The High Court judgment explicitly authorized both release of the passport and travel to South Africa. Even the argument that the State had information that RB would tamper with witnesses was rejected in court and the judgment states so.

  9. Yes, RB should be given his diplomatic passport and be allowed to travel. How long is this government going to mistreat RB for it’s own incompetency in giving evidence. If the government had enough proof as it says RB’s case would have been dealt with. The minister of justice, Kabimba is just watching injustice being done to RB without doing anything. Is it because Kabimba was mistreated when MMD was in power. If RB wanted to run away he could have run away a long time by passing through the bush or bribing the authority at the boarder. The Government should stop abusing RB rights with weak reasons. It’s the government faulty that it has failed to extract Henry from RSA not RB. RB cannot suffer for Henry’s crimes. Henry is an adult.

    • @MB, I concur with you fully. If Xavier Chungu, who did not have a passport escaped and found himself in Portugal what can stop RB from doing the same, if he so wished. To borrow KK’s words, this is just “small people with small minds” being power hungry and scared of their own shadows. Recently, Malawi allowed Bakali Muluzi to travel to the AU Summit despite facing corruption charges. His passport was released to him and after the summit he returned to Malawi. So, even the lady in Malawi has done better than this holier than thou Government.

  10. Seems a catch 22. I gaze passport will be issued but exit will be tricky. But why not inform those sending invitations your status quo? Just decline invitations, otherwise you end up with high BP at airport. Why force things when you can simplify you situation- getting cleared of all allegations? Whats wrong with that? Tourism is curtailed baba. Sort out your issues first, the tag makes govt think you will run away, hide, or temper wiith witnesses as they put it. Govt also may be thinking that when you go out you will talk bad stuff about your govt and leadership. I wish you good time, and hoping you handle your issues calmly. Do not stress if you are turned away at the airport. It happened before and you know the reasons. Wish you luck in Tanzania or nowhere, let it be same difference.

  11. The courts are throwing too much rope at the likes of Lungu to hang themselves…one day, one day, the full weight of the law will visit – Mulandu siuwola!

    • Mulandu siuwoladi mubale wanga. We shall bring up all those buried crimes like Winter Kabimba (while serving as Town Clerk) buying a council house on Independence Ave for Kr4000 soon after the council spent Kr11000 renovating it. Then someone, while serving as Minister deposited Government money meant for the Merzaf project into his personal account and kept all the interest earned on the funds. The same person also while serving as Governor in the 1980s abused authority of office by selling a council house to his parents-in-law without giving similar offers to other tenants in the area.

  12. Both the ones inviting RB and the courts are id iots just like this dog of a human being calling himself Shaka oz. l have no symphath for crooks like rb. Sadly even those investigating him are questionable as in Zambia a crook is worshipped.

  13. The level of incompetence by the government lawyer can be seen through her arguments.The time waisting tactic is overwhelmingly visible.The boss stayed way so that he can switch off the phone when contacted.


  15. Osmore have some sense leadership comes from above and you can’t call another nation’s president an *****. Just remember “He who commits injustice is ever more wrenched than he who suffers it” Plato

  16. what a country of jokers! Ruining the name of the country among the international community is not even a consideration on our mind, since we fear each other and hate each other. I am thankful I got out of this basket of potatoes many years ago. Carry on jokers…

  17. Even in the midst of corruption, evil and turmoil,heroes and heroines are being realized.

    Judge Banda Bobo is such a one. Courageous, incorruptable, upright and alert. She’s delivered her ruling according to the book and to the best of her ability, so help her God!

    So much for the boiling pot of a compromised Judiciary head, compromised Legislative head and very compromised Executive head. But such persons like Judge Bobo stand tall and astute.

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