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Decision by the Government to remove fuel and maize subsides is irresponsible-George Mpombo

Economy Decision by the Government to remove fuel and maize subsides is irresponsible-George...

 George Mpombo
George Mpombo

Former Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria George Mpombo has said Government should not have done way with fuel and maize subsidies. Mr Mpombo said the decision by the Government to remove fuel and maize subsides was irresponsible.

Mr Mpombo said the reasons Government gave for its decision were not genuine. He said that agriculture was important in improving people’s livelihoods as the majority of Zambians depended on agriculture.

Mr Mpombo said in Chipata on Monday that if the Government wanted to save money, it should have cut down on the number of deputy ministers instead of removing subsides.

Mr Mpombo also said he was also in the process of launching the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

And reacting to Mpombo’s statement Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni urged Zambians not to be misled by politicians whose interests are personal.

Mr Sakeni who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services said yesterday that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government took a bold stance of removing the subsidies in order to develop the country for the benefit of future generations.

He said it was mischievous that some politicians who were running ‘one man show’ political parties were trying to mislead Zambians on the Government’s stance on the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.

Mr Sakeni said Zambians should be patient and wait to see how the Government was going to use the money which is going to be saved from fuel and maize subsidies.

“I am urging Zambians to stop being swayed by politicians who are running a one man show political parties but Zambians should be patient enough and see how the money which is going to be realized from fuel and maize is going to be used,” he said.

The minister said Zambia for a long time had lagged behind in infrastructure development saying it was now time to build the nation through construction of health centres, road network, schools among others.


  1. yes!!!… thats my president right there using bombasitic words….viva,, mr president!!!!! No other president can use bombasitic words like you in zambia,, let alone in the world..

    Tell them mr president,,, we need those subsidies back

    • and were asking all our new member and those who want to join us ( people`s democractic party) to start training yourselves in bombastic words…. and start getting ready to bombard PF vampires with with bombastic words….

      viva PDP…vIva PDP!!!

  2. Now thats the real president Zambia is been waiting for. We need people of intellect and not ifikopo

  3. Infrastructure development is the new excuse for the PF government. Clearly all subside removal, new airport taxes are a result of an over BLOWN budget. If they planned for them atleast the 2013 budget should have highlighted all these changes

  4. Mr Mpombo , please talk about how the PF is going to use the money saved. Check them so they do not abuse or steal it the MMD way. PF I am warning you that if you steal the subsidy money , just now that in 2016 you are out. We want to see development by that money saved from subsidies.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  5. Waste of time, how can you come up with a party, when you failed to develop KAFULAFUTA. THE PARTY DULL PEOPLE

  6. ba mpombo stop misleading people the so called subsidies are just a drain to the treasury. Say something else you are just want to gain political mileage.We the people of Zambia have accepted the removal of subsidies mwaluba ba Mfumu K amwikala lukoso.

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