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International Exhibitors Trade Fair express disappointment

Economy International Exhibitors Trade Fair express disappointment

INTERNATIONAL Exhibitors trading at the just ended Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) have expressed disappointment at the slow pace of business during the event.

Exhibitors from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya in separated interview yesterday said they had for the first in history made a lot of losses at the fair.

DRC Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Officers Almee Manyong in an interview said traders selling different products from her country had not made any profits or any partnerships with companies from other countries.

She said the traders had spent more money transporting their merchandise to Ndola but did not recoup their expenditure from the sales during the fair adding that they would go back DRC with their goods.

Kamal Saidi an Egyptian trading in deferent products said he had not made any profit from the show and he was forced to sell his goods at a cheaper price.

“The business is very slow here despite seeing a lot of people coming to my stand, the amount of money made from this show cannot even meet the charge of this stand, I will go back to Egypt with my goods,” he said.

He complained that the ZIFT management hiked the prices of the stands by K3000 adding that he had paid K10 000 for his stand in the Rex Fertig hall.

And Roselyne Mutau an exhibitor from Kenya trading from the exporters’ hall said a lot of people were just trooping to her stand to admire her merchandise but very few were buying.

She made a lot of losses during the Trade Fair as she was forced to sell her goods at a very low price to attract customers.

Ms Mutau called on ZIFT management to reduce the prices of the stands to affordable rates to allow people make profit.


  1. Manifest of a failing nation. Majority of our people are trapped in an abyss of poverty with declining or no disposable income to be involved in the economy. Everything is prohibitive to the masses because the little they make, has to be over taxed or spent on high costing essentials a situation worsened by a useless regime only interested in sustaining its bloated useless administration of 80 ministers, 120 permanent secretaries, DCs, dual Intelligence outfits, tribunals and smuggling of corn flour if not donating our maize to Zimbabwe.

    • I dont agree with you Senior Citizen. In business there are three things;
      1. Profit
      2. Break-even
      3. Losses.
      Depending on the selling price and the costs involved. The exhibitors have identified the high cost of the Stand fees as the cause of their losses. Son what is needed next time is to reduce the stand fees.

      By the way sir, where have you been hiding since the PF came into power? Are you broke so soon that you don’t have internet?

  2. that’s the more money they were dancing for
    and now they are reaping what they sowed
    this government only cares about itself and
    winning every sit which is not benefiting the

  3. Its true, the hiking of the Stand fees hit in the profits of the exhibitors. Next time make sure that the Stand charges are lower for profit making.

    Peace and prosperity to mother Zambia.

  4. Alot of factors other came into play in this disapointment apart from poor leadership,,,, road accidents so people were afriad to travel by road… sata himself stay for fear of bald head people or the potato cut youths,,, subsidies removal effects…… people were also afraid chibuku bullying PF cadres…

  5. The ZITF needs to do some marketing. It can take advantage of internet. Very few businesses in SADC were aware of the event. Can some dander head from PF go to Angola and see the development happening there! This country is moving.

  6. The whole show was so poorly marketed this year. Hardly anyone new it was on. There is also too much concentration on entertainment instead of serious business

  7. People now know how best to spend their monies. Local is laka! Well done ba Zambia amenso tayalya.

  8. the committee in-charge of TF needed even another month to be ready. no stand had even a coat of paint, dust all over the place. calling it an international trade fair is really not being serious as a country. shame to who ever was organizing it. frustrated inside , out side you cant even drive out as the people who were in charge of traffic control had no idea on what they were supposed to have been doing as a result vehicle were jammed up some ended up bruised.

  9. Sex workers are complaining as well that the dudes have been stingy this year. They were deducting beer, chicken and chips charges from the hooker’s bills.

  10. Senior citizen,kudos to you,you are spot on,@ Aubrey Musonda,this is an International Trade fair,we are trying to promote international trade here.To some extent,this is indicative of how badly we are doing as a nation.People don’t have disposable income,most of it goes to food and rent,thats why we as zambians cannot save for tomorrow,something has to be done before we crumble as a nation

  11. The ZITF was this year headed by one recycled Mr Hemmanuel Hachipuka. That is why this has happened. The previous years, it was managed by the much younger Mr Musonda. So now given this background you know who is smarter than who. Stop debating, this is the problem. What do you expect from a southerner; mabisi only.

  12. @ senior citizen, i agree with you!. @ True haters, if you read the article and analyze senior citizens statement, you should be able to pick up the fact that the issue addressed here is of consumer spending capability, due to peoples hardships now, its clear that the little they earn is now diverted to overpriced necessities, the traders loses can be attributed to this factor, issues of rent only matter when consumer spending capability is low, when its high, you will see the ‘hiked’ rent prices wont even be an issue.

  13. If me as a Zambian was deeply dissapointed, wat more kuma foreign traders?? Pipo have no money in Zambia mwebantu… Shaaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  14. Diva, I agree 100%. Phesto was doing a fantastic job. Results speak for themselves. Hachipuka, bwafya!

  15. People understand Ndola just hosted 2 big matches in a space of 1 week and before people could settle down the fair thing came. Football in Zambia is not just about the ticket. There are usually big celebrations following a match whatever the result. Many of you know what I am talking about.

    ‘She made a lot of losses during the Trade Fair as she was forced to sell her goods at a very low price to attract customers.’

    Was it 2 losses, 3 losses or 10 losses?

  17. Serious international exhibitors would charge all costs associated with participation in such Shows to their Marketing budgets and would not have to sale their sample products for profit but rather sale at discount or even give them away. Such exhibitors main concern would be making business contacts and assessing interest of their products in our market. Are we attracting the right calibre of exhibitors?

  18. its very difficult for any serious person to go to the trade fair.so dirty, so disorganised.would rather buy from pick and pay. Too much dust, no proper stands for majority of exhibitors.so map to show where u can find what and what.this is a show for kids.its basically intertainment.

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