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It’s unreasonable for Wynter Kabimba to ask for an incomplete draft constitution-CCZ

General News It's unreasonable for Wynter Kabimba to ask for an incomplete draft constitution-CCZ

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has described as unreasonable an order by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for the Technical Committee of the Constitution Review process to submit an incomplete draft constitution as a way of sticking to the earlier timeline of completion by June month end.

This is contained in a statement released to the media and signed by the General Secretary Rev Suzanne Matale.

A resolution passed at the end of CCZ Board meeting held in Lusaka’s Makeni Ecumenical Centre on 28th June, 2013, described the development as unfortunate and sad.

“This raises questions as to the sincerity of the Patriotic Front government to deliver a people driven constitution. The action is to say the least malevolent and intended to derail the effort of Zambians to give unto themselves a good constitution, ” read the statement

“The church believes that the constitution review process which is currently underway is a justice issue and the Zambian people demand, justice, honesty, righteousness, fairness and integrity.

CCZ demanded that government allows for the extension of the Technical Committee’s mandate to allow for the completion of the draft constitution before it is handed over to the minister of justice at least up to end of July, 2013.

CCZ said that he constitution making process in Zambia has been on going for 17 long years, and extending the period of this particular process for another one month was not too much to ask.

“Allowing for an incomplete draft to be submitted will not only be unfair and unreasonable but also a waste of both time and resources, ” read the statement.

“The church is therefore calling on government to release required additional financial resources towards the completion of the constitution review process and extend their mandate for the required one month up to 31st July, to allow them deliver a complete and satisfactory draft constitution according to the will of the people, ” concluded the release.


  1. I totally agree with CCZ. Kabimba has sinister motives in what he is doing. One month is not too much to ask for. After all, the Technical Committee have even offered to work without any allowances up to 31 July. .

    • kabimba has mad cow disease plus others inccurables… its very unlikely he will listen to anyone,,, he wants an incomplete draft because its better for him to read and understand.. ….a complete draft will confuse him…

  2. What is unreasonable is to expect Kabimba to issue any sensible statement. The guy is a retard for Gods sake. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS. Just do what’a right.

    The chapter is closed, the constitution is a Zambian people’s one and not for PF. It will be submitted only when it will be ready in totality.

  3. Amsterdam is not an international lawyer but an international criminal who is only interested in getting part of the stolen money from RB.Amsterdam is not a Zambian & he is deliberately ignoring Zambian laws.Amsterdam knows dat as long as RB does not travel outside Zambia he will not meet him and wil not get da money he wants from RB.This man shoild know that Zambia is an independent country with its own laws and nobody including Amsterdam will dictate how the Zambian lawsa should be applied.RB is a thief and in Zambia thieves are not allowed to travel if the government feels that the thief might not return,worse stilll to go and meet another international criminal like Amsterdam!!

    • Not only are you posting in the wrong thread, but by saying this:

      “Amsterdam knows dat as long as RB does not travel outside Zambia he will not meet him and wil not get da money he wants from RB”

      ….you apparently have no knowledge of telephones, email, IM, or any other type of modern communication. Have you even heard of fax or telex? Maybe telegram?

      Really, if PF is going to give out free computers to paid bloggers, can’t they at least TRY to find 1 or 2 smart ones…. or at least ones who can spell?

    • @spuds….
      not be naive,,, Amsterdam is getting paid somehow!!! RB `s outside connections are still alive,,,, even that deal in nigeria is stil alive thats why nigeria are un cooperative,,,, so the way PF is playing the game at the moment is an advantage for RB in the international eyes… at the moment every one knows RB has already be found guilty even before the court sits to hear his case,,

      mark my words… If PF donot change their play style right now,,, RB will be a hero in future!!!

    • @ ndobo, of course Amsterdam is being paid! Same as being able to communicate, I thought that is obvious by the fact he keeps on working. Duh?

      Anyway, let’s talk about constitution-making here which is far more important than ANYTHING to do with RB, Amsterdam, etc.

      For example, if Kabimba is happy to roll out a half-baked constitution what does this say about other PF policies (subsidy removal, ZRL management, district-making, etc. etc.) and why should we believe these other policies have been thought out any better than THE CONSTITUTION?

      PF has spent a lot of time barking that it is “in a hurry to develop”. OK, fine. We all want development! Except when you get in a hurry you make mistakes! Far better is to do things right – in a timely manner, but right!!!

  4. Mad leaders full of HIV and AIDS spiced by mad cow disease and prostrate cancer. Removing subsidy so they can travel to india on our money.

  5. This is a situation where a boy suddenly finds himself with such a big toy beyond his wildest imaginations, beyond belief!

    This is what people like Kabimba, Kambwili, Miles Sampa find themselves in. All of a sudden they have this power accompanied with unbelievable public wealth all at their disposal to enjoy with their girlfriends and relatives.

    Over and above that, they have a powerful media to back up their bellicose rhetoric on their ‘visions’ and divisions of the Nation. Whatever they say is printed and reprinted and makes headlines for days on end and they sit back on their swinging chairs and “Wow, I can’t believe I’ve so much power at my disposal, this is incredible”!

  6. By the way !!!!!!!!!11who is kabimba, the former council secretary? My foot. He is trying to grow so big within two years to extent to telling Zambians that they are nothing. Sort this thing out please. The “Constitution”
    So we expect all MMD Mps to expelled by the AC J and MACS by the end of this year. OK. We told you MP’s that you move a motion of impeachment?
    1.0 The constitution is being overlooked by allowing AC J who was rejected by Parley
    stepping on Human rights
    falling to hold press conferences
    Hiring Chipoka from Malawi with consulting
    telling lies and employing relatives. Now you will all go. 59+UPND(???) could have moved the motion.

  7. There is no need to be so afraid of Armsterdam, if the PF claim to be so competate, they should even allow him to come and represent RB here in Zambia, why do they think he will win them? The court instructing PF to release the passport which they defy, all this is making RB stand charged guilt even before trial.

  8. Time is money. The Technical Committee must adhere to time frame. This is a basic requirement of the conduct of government business the world over. Government should have last word because government recruited the committee members. How do you tell whether after one month the committee will not request another three weeks from government? That is the issue, really. Time is money. Government is setting a precedent.

  9. What’s the point of deadline if they are to be disregarded? It is evident that the committee has been to a larger extent self serving going by the extraordinary fees that they have been amassing. That aside the deadline was made in full consultation with the constitutional committee and GRZ when they requested for the previous extension late last year and they (committee) advised GRZ the time frame. That in mind with all they have accumulated over the past months the extension of upto 31st July 2013 must be worked at no cost to public funds – then I will be convinced that they mean well. We all work with deadlines and when we miss the deadline there is hell to pay and there is no way we can charge overtime for failing to meet deadline. In fact come bonus time this failure will resonate

    • Voice of Reason. Well put! I work on large projects and when project completion slips I put in a ‘no cost extension’. Meaning I will do the work for free until I deliver to project specifications. We can not continue paying people for their lack of planning and inefficiencies period!

  10. Follow up from 10 – Kabimba is right to demand for the report as per agreement and they can highlight in the letter accompanying the “incomplete report” areas remaining to be completed. I am certain that the report must be at the very least 95% complete so the committee must wise up and be proactive. The employee gets to do as they are told and it is insolent to disobey the employer at any given time. In the corporate world that we work your boss needs to know what exactly is remaining and why it has not been completed on time. The boss may even want to look at what has been completed so far. However, the Constitutional committee is just stating “need extension” without showing evidence. Go ahead Kabimba and protect tax payers money

  11. First things first.Kabimba is making the PF look insencere on most issues.Secondly,he is holding to many position.Thirdly,he should state which statements represent the party and which ones represents the gornment position.Fourth,we should know clearly who the chief government spokes person is.Fith,the constituion making committe represents the people who are the government,so when they requested for an extension,it is not the PF nor Kabimba to deny or accept,he should have taken the request to parliament for approval.Kabimba and the PF are not the one making the constitution,they are just supervising and thus they should keep away so that the process is independent of gornment interference and there is no accusations from the general public and the opposition.

  12. Kabimba is very right in asking for the incomplete report because we don’t know how far these guys have gone in drafting the constitution. They are working in the dark without updating the people on what remains to be done and asking for more time and money, people need to know how far they have gone and the govt can budget for the extension and agree on the time required. The Technical committee reassured the nation that the constitution will be ready by June 30, what changed? They should have hired more people when they were given more money for the extension.

  13. anything the government does, retards like crap young lumpen NDOBO, ll say the opposite. Susan matale for once took leave from her many occupation of looking for nude pictures in newspapers and realise there is a constitution making process. Susan! If the government gives the committee 4 more years you ll still cry foul. What really do you want.

  14. The question is. Has kamimba got the draft constitution? The answer is no. What next? The committee will not buy what the govt is saying. This ia biggest problem in Zambia where there are no laws. What does the law say for not meeting the deadline? Nothing. PF said that they would deliver the same within 90 days. Deadline past. What are we saying. Nothing. RB is charged seemly all witness lack credibility. Law is quiet. ACJ rejected by Parley, but still working illegally. Judge Musonda resign making President decision hopeless. So where we going.
    Lawless country with awkward laws.
    Morsi is no longer head of state and constitution suspected.

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