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MP’s throw out motion to restore subsidies

Economy MP’s throw out motion to restore subsidies

Members of Parliament
Members of Parliament

Parliament last night rejected a motion requesting government to reinstate the fuel and maize subsidies.

The motion moved by MMD Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa was urging government to reinstate the fuel and maize subsidies in view of the hardships that Zambians were facing as a result of the removal of subsidies.

Mr. Mulusa’s motion was seconded by Kabompo West MP Ambrose Lufuma who argued that the subsidies were a necessary fixture especially in fractured economies such as Zambia’s.

When it came to voting, 52 MP’s voted in favor while 70 were against the motion.

In moving the motion, Mr. Mulusa said there are 31 possible sources of savings that government could have considered without removing the subsidies.

He said government needs to consider increasing tax contributions to GDP adding that Zambia has the capacity to collect K40 billion or twice the projected tax collections in the 2013 by utilizing efficient tax collection systems.

Mr. Mulusa said, “ If you consider the fact that Norway captures taxes worth 60 per cent to its GDP, then the argument is that Zambia at 19.4 per cent tax collection to GDP, still has potential right up to the world’s best benchmark of 60 per cent. “

“This means that Zambia can potentially raise an additional K50 billion. This is no exaggeration especially that when we properly account for our GDP, THE GDP figure will self-correct and increase proportionately. “

Mr. Mulusa who catalogued 31 sources of losses of income and wasteful expenditure said Zambia has enough resources to maintain subsidies on fuel and maize.

He said, “In justifying the removal of subsidies, the government observed that the fuel subsidy was not benefitting the rural areas but the urban, Mr Speaker, we must be careful here. There is no analysis done to show that indeed, the rural poor do not in any way lead their lives in a manner that has no link to any activity, service or product which has fuel input in their production processes.”

He added that the argument is also silent on the fact that there exist poor people within urban areas, meaning that Zambia, with real unemployment rate of around 90 per cent may just have 90 per cent of its combined rural and urban population living in abject poverty.

“Remember that poverty is largely caused by unemployment,” he said.

“The so called urban rich actually support their poor rural relatives through social transfers. Withdrawing any support from them may actually affect their ability to assist their poor rural relatives, Mr Mulusa said”

MMD MP’s Situmbeko Musokotwane, Victoria Kalima and Garry Nkombo of UPND debated in favour of the motion while Nkana PF MP vehemently debated against reinstating the subsidies.


  1. The triumph of good sense over self defeating dependency syndrome.

    We at least know that there are 52 !mbeciles in parliament who still think it is government responsibility to wipe their arses after they take a crap. Shame on them.

    In the words of JFK , “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. And that country is today one of the top five (if not the leading one) leading countries in the world in many fields of human endevour.

    • Debate why subsidies removal is a good thing Anna ….. and not insulting. Mr Mulusa has raised valid points. Your PF govt is said to be pro-poor. In what sense are they pro-poor if they cannot caution the hardships of their people. It is clear that PF MPs all they care about is heavy allowances and salaries they get as deputies without duties. If selfishness was not the main driver for they position on this matter the number of deputies would have increased to help serve the little income made by the govt.

    • Nokoh jik muchinyoh chi anna,wait for 2016 and you will see how your grand father dr bufi will scamper back trying to introduce susidies,but he wont go away with it this time.we have know the burger

  2. Even HH wouldnt surport ths subdisy. HH is a hard-nose capitalist and he is just seekin cheap publicity

  3. Hon Mulusa thank you for your suggestions on how to increase ta revenue. I hope the government will implement some of your ideas. However, I don’t support the restoration of fuel and maize subsidies as they are a cost to the tax payers.

  4. sunkutu Hichilema go to ZWD if you can and read the full Motion moved by MMD Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa, from Genesis to Revelation. Then think again.

    • PF is not creating by-elections.The by-elections are being created by poor politics in the opposition and the corrupt practices of the MMD during the 2011 elections.What kind of an Engineer are you who cannot think independently?

  5. @ What life please be objective. Let me give you a quote from Mr Sata when enticing Mr Ngimbu (Kabompo MMD MP) and others too numerous to mention- you can check for yourself in the archives if you want; ‘ I will give you a car, free fuel and a house which your president Mumba cannot give you’. Now think does this sound genuine to you? How many by-elections have been caused by such offers leading the the current MP resigning from the party that sponsored him? Masumba, Namulambe, Taima, the Feira MP (whatever his name is) Mkushi MP etc etc! It is the selfishness of such MPs and the wish to destroy the opposition by PF that is to blame for these by-elections. Let those MPs publisise their points as well as Mr Mulusa did and then we can see who has more sense.

    • I totally support you. under pf zambia is heading to great disaster.

      Hon. Mulusa raised very good and valid point which sadly is beyond so called pf mps understanding. Please Hon mulusa keep it up you will be vindicated.

  6. Chinghimbu mudala you regret am sure big time for siding with Masumba .Of all pipo sure you befriend Masumba with no calibre stupid boy .No one sir will vote you in Kabompo you re a traitor .You shud ve refused .You were better off as an MP.The ground in Kabompo is unfertile for you now.

  7. The PF government no loner commands the respect, dignity, popularityand integrity people thought it had when in opposition. Sentimental attachment to the party is why many Kaponyas still cling to the unrealistic hope offered by Sata. Young people are coming to terms with the fact that they made a huge mistake by voting out MMD. People’s live are being short changed, for example thru the removal of subsidies by this PF failed leadership. Change is necessary to save Zambia from these savages masquerading as leaders/ministers

  8. Our parliament is already dominated with PF and their sympathizers. It’s very difficult for the opposition to pass a motion in parliament, and impossible for PF’s motion to be dropped .This is what Sata wanted and the reason for offering jobs to opposition MPs so that they can side with him. Again this is a confirmation that there is no longer strong opposition in parliament, thus compromising democracy.

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