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Kambwili backs down on stadium name

Sports Kambwili backs down on stadium name

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili poses for a photo in front of the 90 days legacy swimming pool
FILE: Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili poses for a photo in front of the 90 days legacy swimming pool

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has revealed that the Government has renamed the new Lusaka Stadium which is under construction to “Heroes National Stadium”.

Kambwili said the Government has listened to the views of the public concerning the earlier name “Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium.”

“I wish to confirm that the stadium shall now be called Heroes National Stadium, this puts to rest the issue of naming the new Lusaka stadium,” he said on Friday afternoon.

Kambwili added: “We have listened to the concerns of the people.”

“The Stadium belongs to the people of Zambia.”

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    • Kambwili, high on cholesterol and low on brains has finally been tamed… Thanks to the people

    • This is such a disjointed government, you have the vice president endorsing a name thats out character in parliament, making the zambian people think they are not well educated about matters of public interest and a minister of sport calling a press release and backing down on the naming matter….Where is the president in all this??

    • What? I missed the earlier discussion on this topic. So they were going to name a Zambian stadium GABON something something? And even use the word DISASTER? Why do we like depressing names in Zambia? Ati njikala ku:
      Kanchule (Kitwe)
      Chipulukusu (Ndola)
      Navutika (Chipata)
      Kantolomba (Mufulira)
      Chibolia (Lusaka)
      N’gombe (Lusaka)
      Messenger or Messinja (Solwezi)
      Kapisha (Chingola)
      Twapya(Ndola), JUST TO MENTION A FEW.

    • If only govt can cast ear to the more important issues being raised by a distressed people, as they’ve done on this name change, then we’ll be guaranteed of improved living conditions!

    • 1.5 Wanu Ngwee,
      Please, remove ‘Kapisha’ from your list of concern. That residential area is named after a ‘hot spring’ in the local language ‘Kapisha’

      I do agree with you, some names seem to have psychological influence on residents of the same areas. Nevertheless, a name influences you only as much as you allow it to.

    • If he wants he can change again.
      To Kambwili; don’t listen from these people here on LT, they are not people. Some are even insulting you ati toddie = tombolilo. Fichinje again back to your favorite “Disaster”. Ku Bantu takwaba chisuma mwandi Kambwili.

    • @Zebige
      Don’t be fooled that “this is a listening Govtt”! Theybdidn’t listen, Kambwili is just embarrassed over the fact that he, and the cabinet have been exposed. How many people have spoken against the removal of subsidies and why haven’t they listened?

  1. The fat toad, high on cholesterol and low on brains has finally been tamed… Thanks to the people

    • awe you are saying the truth, i dont know why you got negative vots. the order of the two words should also be considered and the implication in meaning of such order. Heroes national stadium – creates an ambiguity when said as it sounds the same as when written as Heroes’ national stadium. the latter would mean that the Heroes have a nation and the stadium is theirs only. So by writing it this way,there is no doubt some connotation to these heroes being sovereign enough to have a country of their own. This name will not raise ambiguity if it is always written and not said.
      National heroes stadium – This name however does not have any ambiguity in terms of the way it sounds when said as it talks of the Zambian heroes or national heroes to whom probably this stadium is dedicated to.

    • He didn’t listen, he is just embarrassed over the fact that he, and the cabinet have been exposed. How many people have spoken against the removal of subsidies and why haven’t they listened?

  2. yes! its official, the president himself phoned me to tell you all… am sad the name has been changed…. but its all good am not bitter…hahahahah

    • “Cannabis sativa is an annual herbaceous plant in the Cannabis genus, a species of the Cannabaceae family. People have cultivated cannabis sativa throughout recorded history as a source of industrial fibre, seed oil, food, recreation, religious and spiritual enlightenment, and medicine. Each part of the plant is harvested differently, depending on the purpose of its use“… that is called ndobo/dobo…. nothing wrong with it… if you hate it (ndobo/dobo),, throw away your dollar bills or euro notes because those are made from it!!!

    • ndobo…..im smoking one now, its messed me up cause of the heat wave here in uk Yaba im high!!!!

  3. what time did cabinet meet to change the name, meanwhile the muzungu is defending,please do not confuse us ba jerabo sure

  4. This is how the government must be, not just becoz muli ma cabinet ministers, what ever they call you guyz ……and you are want to name the Stadium which belongs to Zambian people at Gabon disaster tuka mwinfwe nafuti…….:) shame on you ma cabinet, you should even call you self at ma cabinet disaster.

  5. That sounds Perfect Now,unlike the term of “disaster” thankx for listerning to people’s comment
    The tym of fixing all in pisition is now……….thanks for your sincerely

  6. yalila zambia e yalila Eford chabala yalila zambia e yalila Moses masuwa yalila zambia e yalila Lota keny yalila zambia e chikwalakwala yalila zambia yalila yangu bulande yalila yalila zambia yonse yalila zambia e yalila. uyu mwaka wa 1993 ba zambia balile ukuteya umupila ku senegaj eko baleya e bafalo endeke bakwete.

    EPULOGULAMU ba Zambia

    • why should the people correct cabinet all the time. its like having an employee you train every morning in work and yet he or she has been employed for over two years.

  7. About time…however the arrogance exhibited by Kambwili has left a bad taste in my mouth. No doubt the pressure was too much be bare.

  8. Awe we have changed our minds,we still want disaster name to appear,please can cabinet go and resit again and retain the disaster name.
    But anyway well done ba pf for listening to the masses.

  9. His name “Kambwili” is a joke itself! If they can fail to do something as simple as naming, how about tougher things that require brains like the Economy? Ridiculous

  10. It still sounds silly. National Heroes would make sense. Ba cabinet do you have to name the stadium? Cant u delegate that to experts? Ukufwaya ukumonekela!

  11. Eeeish Kambwilis arrogance went abit far.The nation needs an apology for telling us to hang
    However we are happy we have a listening govt Pabwato 2016

  12. Kambwili mwalasa.listnening 2 pipo is not weakness but a sign of wisdom tho not 2 everything. Further,u dat re again insulting him u’ll b deamed haters who re undemocratic 4 in a democracy u even acknowledge yo compititors.National heroes stad…

  13. This change doesn’t excite me at all. I don’t easily get f.o.o.l.e.d. How could an entire cabinet sit and agree to name a national institution “Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium”, without anyone of these people realizing there was a problem there?

    This is a true reflection of the governance quality and style of our State leaders. The Republican Vice President went to parliament to defend this name and advised those that didn’t like it to omit certain characteristics that they didn’t like. Can you imagine that?

    Zambians should take such insults with a corporate groan and a pinch of salt.

    • Spot on….if 20 individuals can get it wrong with such a small issue imagine how many cock-ups they must be approving on a weekly basis that concern our economy? Its scary….we are paying these people for doing nothing.

  14. Chinyo 90 Days Legacy Pub & Grill soon openin in Luanshya by Kambwili…..guest of hounour DJ Dochi Kubeba and performances by DJ Donchi Kutina

  15. Why do we tolerate this mediocrity this BUFFOON should have been given the sack a long time. Zambia is basically on AUTOPILOT at the moment.
    Wake people!!

    • Its taken you long to release that the ship has no captain… in other words the king has no clothes

  16. We shall continue pressurizing you, you think you can take us for granted?wait,anyway the name sounds much better.

  17. Cabinet English is really a problem. Just to arrange the names in a plain meaningful way is disaster. “National Heroes Stadium”. “Ucar” Godfrey Chitalu and Alex Chola were National Heroes and not Heroes National. Simple English made in Zambia.

    • Mukapena na syntax. Lets not confuse these cabinet fellows any more. Otherwise they go back to disaster fimo fimo.

    • naine mwandi pepsi efyo ndedabwa. why rush and not critically analyse,so nafuti bafilufyana. teti sure ba chitako correct or leave the whole naming thing to professional scrutiny seeing that they already messed up once. ba kambwili,the name still needs to be put correctly like pepsi,wapya munzi and i have said, chisungufye mdala.

    They learnt it the hard way! Next time consult normal people with the right frame of mind like us Bloggers, Soccer fans, organisations in general Zambians, you dont know that you are just a servant? how dare you, this has made you loose even a little number of supporters you hard! simple issues that are supposed to be dealt with in seconds had to take you this long on top of that the weight of every Zambian?
    How do you grade yourself? non starter indeed chimbwi no plan, i never thought i would ever say these words, you forced them out of me, shame on you FATMBWILI!

  19. Really when it comes to soccer matters i can cleanily say i miss the likes of Kafupi, yes Ba FTJ MHSRIP, the guy was smart, akachenjela ka smart daddy mwe, he could’ve sat down with bena Kalu, then ask us to make suggestions there after give the stadium a clean name, not these dirty ministers we have today, Fieow!!!!!! mwasensela elokawa, ama points dropped!

  20. Heroes Stadium is better. No need to add National. I wouldnt be surprised to hear National Freedon Statue at the rate we are going.

  21. I would be rejoicing if more serious matters were adressed, like freedom of the press, following constitutional law, eradicate corruption etc…

    The name was ridiculous but not detrimental to our well-being. Don’t be satisfied with the crumbs falling from the master’s table. Ask for a place at the table.

  22. Clueless government. If they were keen to add the word ‘disaster’ in the name then PF Disaster would have been apt.

  23. The pressure mounted on this matter should now be extended to policy matters like subsidies. PF wl gave properly under pressure

  24. It’s still incorrect,it should be National Heroes Stadium. Which schools did these f..kers go to kanshi?

  25. “National Heroes Stadium” would be correct grammatically. what’s wrong with these P.F goons?

  26. Kambwili said it was final. I really can’t get it. Just today the veep was defending the Gabon name in Parley. Surely then, when did cabinet meet to change the name? Any way we thank this listening gvt for the change.

  27. Who has the authority to name and change names of institutions or public facilities like Stadiums or swimming pools? Guy Scott said it would take the privtate citizens taking a motion to parliament to change the name and now Kambwili wakes up see’s a few pictures online riduculing him and says okey we’ve changed……Is there a system of governance in Zambia? Is that swimming pool in the picture really called 90 days legacy swimming pool? this guy should be arrested!

  28. When a person is corrected and he accepts his being corrected, we should take that as a positiveness. When like the kambwili in the sports minister acknowledges his tantrums were over the bar, lets not clap for being honest. The naming of the Zambian much as Chishimba and others wanted to make it, had nothing to do with some of my friends who perished in 1993.

    Lets give credit where it’s due.

  29. This matter seemst o have come to a close. Thanks to the cocerned citizens for applying the pressure they did and to the government for listening to the people. Its now time to move to more serious issues like:
    1. Freedom of assembly
    2. Right to clean and safe water
    3. Right to a clean and healthy environment
    4. Right to Education
    5. Right to good nutrition and medical care

  30. What! I missed news ati “Disaster Gabon Stadium???? maybe HIPC Completion point National Stadium could have done.

  31. We have just spent a few days taking a tour in the mind of Michael Sata, for him, he sees no reason why the name should have changed…yaba, the people our kaponyas elect for us!

  32. Hope u have learnt your lesson… think b4 u act next time….if English ivutha mu cabinet local languages are allowed

  33. yesterday it was cabinet sat and named it GDHNS and any one who doesn’t agree can hang today we are told by the same kambwili that sata has renamed it HEROES STADIUM. PA FIPUBA party useless *****s. by the way when sata renamed it was in a cabinet meeting suprising since sata seems to have gone AWOL.

  34. We wasn’t going to win any match @ GABON DISASTER……….. how possible when it was self- proclaimed disaster ????

    “Heroes National Stadium”
    Iyi enormal mukwayi……….. KUICHAYILA !!!

  35. Let’s hope they used proper cement to build the structure because our government have cursed this stadium by associating it with disaster. They should now send a priest to cleanse it of evil and pray that it will be a source of joy and happiness to the nation.

  36. those were not concerns we aired; it was disgusting to name a place for our unity and dignity a “disaster” naiwe Kambwili. Uleibwelamo, aaH

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