Edwidge Mutale becomes 5th Permanent Secretary for Central province since PF formed government

File:Gender and Child Development Division Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale (left) with Jesus Cares Ministries founder pastor Godfriday Sumaili donate clothes to orphans and vulnerable children during a luncheon organized for them in Lusaka
File:Gender and Child Development Division Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale (left) with Jesus Cares Ministries founder pastor Godfriday Sumaili donate clothes to orphans and vulnerable children during a luncheon organized for them in Lusaka

Outgoing Central Province Permanent Secretary, Anne Sinyangwe, has bid farewell to Heads of Government Departments in the province following her transfer to the Ministry of Gender.

Mrs Sinyangwe expressed gratitude to the Heads of Government Departments for their support during her eight months’ tour of duty as Permanent Secretary for Central Province.

She said she is happy to be part and parcel of the progress going on in the province and hoped that her little contribution in the region in as far as development is concerned will be sustained.

Mrs Sinyangwe called for continued professionalism, collaboration and hard work among civil servants in order to enhance service delivery.

She also advised the provincial Heads of Government Departments to remain committed to the effective designing of the Decentralisation Policy, saying their role in the implementation of the policy is key in as far as the advancement of the province is concerned.

Mrs Sinyangwe urged the civil servants to accord ultimate support to the in-coming Permanent Secretary as she takes over the office.

Meanwhile in-coming Central Province Permanent Secretary, Edwidge Mutale, said she is happy to be in Central province, adding that she enjoys working with the grassroots, especially in rural areas.

Mrs Mutale said she did not expect many difficulties working in the province, as the ground was already fertile for production but called for teamwork among civil servants.

She said she is a very flexible person who does not need appointments to perform government duties but warned against late coming and laissez-faire attitude towards work.

She added that she wanted to work with a proactive team with fresh and viable ideas that will enhance the development of the province.

Mrs Mutale becomes the 5th Permanent Secretary for Central Province since the Patriotic Front, PF, took over government in September, 2011.


  1. On average (22/5)4.4 months each PS service in central province.this MCS has find a working team,the problem most of the PS now are pf cadres,promote the deputy PS to PS especially the youths who are non partisan.

    • I eagerly await my turn to be called to state house, swear upon the bible and after 8 months be unceremoniously sent packing.

      It would do my CV a world of good just to have “former PS, ministry without portifolio, but mainly accepting donor aid” written all over it.

    • If the Head of State understood how critical these positions are in his establishment he would do a thorough check and suitability assessments of his candidates. But as it is, all that matters is one or all of the following:
      1. Whether and how you are related to him, his wife and in-laws
      2. Your ability to mobilize thugs to support PF
      3. How much hair and NOT brains your head has
      4. Whether you can speak his “official” language
      5. Your ability to take instructions irrespective how they be in conflict with the countries laws, etc.

      In other countries, a serious evaluation of a candidate is done, with the understanding that they are to serve the government’s full term of office, for the benefit of the citizens, no trials like in soccer!

    • Again the president is doing an amicable job.
      If you are not up to the job the president will move or remove you.

      These attributes are rare brave and what are needed, we do not want to see people occupy positions for a long time if they are not up to it.
      The president has not moved the vice president, meaning he knows he got it RIGHT

      Another master-class by the president, I would expect people short sided deluded and misinformed to condemn this


  2. Yes my president works like Chelsea football club.He don`t care how long and how many people he employs within a certain time frame. He hires you expecting good results and if he doesn’t then you are gone as early as you came. Seleni tubombeko !!!

  3. Frankly apart from galavanting to campaign for by elections and ofcourse swearing in people I don’t see our head of state working.Its becoming a major concern-seriously.

    • ewe when delegating you don’t have to show your face or rant anyhow. The president is doing just that he shouldn’t just be appearing anyhow even on trivial matters like when some chaps went on fully to condemn subsidy removal without proper analysis. Leadership and politics need a combination of wisdom and some form of education including some learning, lacking any of these attributes leads to frustration and ultimate failure. I pity the opposition they have really lost it none of them is making good readable news or opposing properly or wrongly but properly they are boring

  4. Anne Sinyangwe was rushed into a PS position by her uncle, the president. Now her inadequacies are showing. She was in the process of being fired from Cabinet Office and was saved by the change in Government. She caused him to travel in economy class to Brazil and failed to deliver in Central Province. Her biggest success was introducing Charity Kaande to you know who.

  5. Great! E nchinto bengabombakofye bamudala. Things that need serious planning teti bakwanishe! kikikikikikikik owe……elyo lwanya, lwati na paaaaaaaaaa…..

  6. Mushota is insane again he is back on this article after apontela ifwe at unza,you need prays from TBJ IN NIGERIA

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