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MMD old guard advise Nevers Mumba


Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence
Dr Mumba at the news briefing at his residence

MMD founding members have given party president Nevers Mumba a seven-day ultimatum to correct the “illegality” of tolerating the MMD Die-hard youth wing headed by suspended Bowman Lusambo or face legal action.

The founding members’ representative Joe Mwale told the Daily Mail yesterday that party elders were incensed to learn that the party leadership allegedly abandoned the secretariat on Monday for fear of being lynched by Mr Lusambo’s group.

“If the MMD doesn’t correct this situation, we are taking the matter to court. This leadership has embraced an illegality,” Mr Mwale said.

He said Mr Lusambo is a “hired gun” who does not belong to any party structure and his wing is not provided for in the party constitution.

Mr Mwale said the founding members are major stakeholders in the MMD and will not watch the party go into extinction.

“We met Nevers Mumba and his leadership today to give them direction. There are divisions in the MMD but we need to protect the party from collapse,” he said.

Mr Mwale said the reality on the ground is that the MMD is sinking.

“I feel sad that the MMD is sinking and as elders, we have decided to come together to discuss the way forward,” Mr Mwale said.

He said all the MMD founding members countrywide will soon gather in Lusaka to discuss the woes afflicting the party.

And Dr Mumba said he was grateful that Mr Mwale and other elders gave the party counsel.

“We receive counsel from senior citizens. They are welcome to advise us. That’s what will make the party grow,” Dr Mumba said.

On Mr Lusambo’s status in the MMD, Dr Mumba responded: “I cannot tell you why we have maintained Mr Lusambo but the party is dealing with that.”

Mr Lusambo was recently suspended from the MMD for attacking the party leadership, accusing them of trying to hound Dr Mumba out of the party presidency.


  1. keep the fire burning by keeping lusambo.he is a courageous boy like julius malema.
    got no problem with him.

  2. The only reason why Nevers Mumba tolerates Lusambo is because it is the MD Die Hard youth wing who supported his candidature as MMD president and ensured his election.You may recall that when Nevers Mumba returned from Canada it was Lusambo and his team who received him at the airport chanting slogans that he should take over from RB. So it may be a expecting too much that Nevers Mumba will turn around to discipline Lusambo and his crew. Worse still if the MMD Die hard are not part of the party structure (and its members probably not even registered, card carrying members of the MMD) how then can they be subject to the disciplinary process? Tricky situation. Which ever way they need to be sorted out…though I can’t see how

  3. Leave lusambo alone is the only one who has leadership qualities in MMD to take over from Nevers the retired man of God.

  4. Joe Mwale a hired gun just like kachingwe being used to destroy the opposition when PF is being humiliated in by – elections. Mumba has the oratory and charisma the party needs to win elections. UNIP is in opposition today because the KAUNDA family conspired to remove Kebby Musokotwane. Where is UNIP today? Think before you talk.

    • Only Lusambo can tackle PF thugs because he is one of them! MMD needs characters like Lusambo who can counter PF intimidation especially during elections. Just find a way that would stop him from insulting elder leaders of the party!

  5. Lusambo is a hired gun of PF that is why they (govt) have given him a contract of putting new aircons in all Ministers houses. This Lusambo is always at Hon. Sakeni office, residence or at Northmead what do they discuss? ZNBC cover Lusambo prominently and give long time coverage always no OPPOSITION LEADER who is being given such coverage by ZNBC as Lusambo

  6. Bashi Mumba, do not loose that guy you need him.He has what it takes to fight pf, those elders tell them to join pf.MMD will stand .Keep on praying .LUSAMBO DONT LEAVE SHI MUMBA ALONE.

  7. Lusambo is a way forward for MMD.He is the only threat to PF but not very much. VIVA PF PA BWATO SELENI TUBOMBEKO you can form a big alliance against us PF you still be crying because of our powerful manifesto ,timely implementation and quality leadership style of running and twisting the devasted economy by the previous failed govt

  8. Lusambo is a fearlaess young man that Dr. Nevers Mumba must keep at all cost. I like Nevers Mumba for his eloquence.

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