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Establishing the rule of law is a noble endeavour -Bill Clinton


Former US President Bill Clinton (right) and Zambia’s acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda (middle) at Royal Livingstone Hotel on Thursday night during the official opening of the 2013 Southern African Chief Justices Forum and Conference and Annual General Conference
Former US President Bill Clinton (right) and Zambia’s acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda (middle) at Royal Livingstone Hotel on Thursday night during the official opening of the 2013 Southern African Chief Justices Forum and Conference and Annual General Conference

FORMER United States of America President Bill Clinton has observed that establishing the rule of law is a noble endeavour but a difficult one everywhere in the world.

Mr Clinton said there were examples of controversy even in United States but he always reminded people to preach the rule of law to others.

He was speaking in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel at a welcome cocktail hosted by the Southern African Chief Justices Forum and Conference and Annual General Conference 2013.

The conference is being held under the theme “The quest for an efficient judicial system as a key to democratic and economic development.”

Mr Clinton, who is also currently visiting other African countries,said he was very honoured to be in the beautiful place of Livingstone in Zambia.

He arrived in Livingstone on Thursday at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport around 19:15 hours aboard a Boeing 737 800.

Yesterday, Mr Clinton visited some projects in Manyemunyemu area in Kazungula District.

Speaking at the same welcome cocktail, Zambia’s acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda said the Judiciary in the region should keep working hard for it to contribute to their respective country’s economic and development.

“Let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to interact and discuss how the Judiciary will be the backbone of development and democracy to stabilise the nations,” she said.

Ms Justice Chibesakunda said the Judiciary had the potential to become a pillar of economic development and democracy adding that judicial officers should help the institution achieve this goal.

She thanked the judicial officers from the region for coming to Zambia adding that the country was ready to host the conference despite being given short notice.

Ms Justice Chibesakunda said she was grateful Zambia had been chosen to host the conference.

The Southern African judicial officers are in Zambia to attend Southern African Chief Justice’s forum annual conference 2013.

Meanwhile, Mr Clinton has observed that most people especially children in Africa die from poor health care and lack of good sanitation.

Speaking when he visited Manyemunyemu health post in Kazungula district yesterday which is one of the projects under the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Mr Clinton said it was important for people to have access to quality health care and also have a good environment.

The Former US president said it was for this reason that he and his family decided to come up with this initiative in order to help the vulnerable communities.

“We are here in Zambia with this health initiative because most people especially children die due to poor health care and sanitation,” Mr Clinton said.

The former US president, who is accompanied by daughter Chelsea, said he was impressed with the services that some Community Health Assistants (CHAs) were offering to the local communities.

Other than the health post, Mr Clinton and Chelsea visited 2 households in the community where the trained CHAs demonstrated how they carry out their daily work.


  1. Public policy and the rule of law are intertwined … great expose, Mr. President. You don’t just talk about it, you always demonstrate it. It is no wonder the entire White House used to call you “The Secretariat” during the Clinton years.

    I personally miss your economic policies, you presided over the greatest increase in the history of the Stock Markets around the world. The Daw Jone Industrial Average rose from about 1,300 when you took office to about 13,000 when you left. Your policies created the largest number of billionaires in eight years of your tenure than other US President in history.

    I really miss the goo ole days … the thrill is gone, Mr. President.

  2. Has Mr or I forgot it’s a Lady though the face do not look like it, Ms Chibesakunda got Elephantiasis or what!!!

    Those Legs do not look health to me, not even one bit.

  3. True she has problems with legs. Someone should have advised her to put on boots like what Hon Masebo does. The problem is, all advise to her is regarded as being directed to old age and illegally occupying the office of CJ.

  4. How embarrassing it must be to attend a conference talking about rule of Law and to be illegally occupying the position of Acting chief Justice after being placed there by a relative.

  5. this is extreme casual, mr ex president: how do u ride on a Boeing 737 800, wear jeans and checked shirt with moccasin. worst still your security personnel look like my kids going to attended school games.

  6. Why do we employ patients who will only focus their attention on looking after their health than the job at hand? l know we all don’t want to be sick and it’s not anyone’s wish to be so but this to me is a mistake and at tax payer expense. Anyone taking up high profile office must be able to present a clean bill of health as a qualification criteria.

  7. Zed rocks for sure. Otherwise these guys cant be falling over each other to come relax here. The other day George Bush was beating drums and dancing Vimbuza on his 2nd tour in a space of months. Im sure even ka Obama cant wait to come to Zed.

  8. Chibesakunda is very sick, even if you need money but health should come first. just write a resignation letter. Sata, Sakeni and Chibekunda are not healthy. its too much nursing three people at one time

  9. chibesakunda its shameful that you are running away from your shadow and host such a workshop when you know very well that you are illegally occupying that office,step down shame upon you,you have no feelings of feeling guilty honestly as old as you are,i ve no kind words to describe how disgusted i feel about your immoral and corrupt behavior,you ve worked and retired what more do you want?

  10. Thank you Mr President for confirming that there are controversies everywhere, i have been preaching to that fact almost every chance i get, i hope these projects wont die silently as soon as you vacate the premises and reborn upon your or Mr Bush’s next arrival.
    Those childish minions making fun of those elderly sickly legs should be ashamed of themselves!
    But ka Clint is still hot even with his grey hair, whose hotter our fat pot bellied politicians or Clint? I say clint without a blink!

  11. Cindy calm down. Chibesakunda has no morals and she really stinks. She has the audacity to talk about rule of law when she is occupying the office illegally. Clinton is too smart and he will talk sparingly not to make danderheads think otherwise. He choses his words intelligently. If he knew all the facts/issues facing zambia at judicial level and asked to comment candidly, you can be shocked. He calls a spade a spade.

  12. I don’t expect Sata to understand the nobility of rule of law. Sorry Cliton there is no rule of law here , let alone an effort to work towards that. What is there is flight away from the concept of “rule of law”. Shame on Sata and his clique.

  13. Yeah, it’s a good thing to have US former presidents pouring into our tourist capital one by one. While some are trying to figure out the ulterior motive behind these visits, I also see an open door for true partnership and responsible investment.

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