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3 dead and 20 injured after bus overturns due to high speeding


THREE people have died while 20 have been injured after a bus they were travelling in overturned due to over-speeding.

The fatal accident involving a Hiace bus Registration number ALG 8717 happened yesterday on Napundwe road around 18:00 hours.

The bus driver identified as Michael Mwale, 41, of Chipata Compound and Emma Malanda, a passenger died this morning at UTH while one unidentified passenger, died on the spot bringing the number of dead people to three.

Police assistant public relations officer Ester Mwata Katongo in an interview said the accident happened after Mwale lost control and overturned due to over-speeding.

“His bus was over-loaded because it is a 16-seater but there are 20 people who have been seriously injured,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Katongo said the police have arrested Loyd Chipalala of Kamposhi Village in Kapiri to help with investigations following the death of his friend, Sydney Chisunka, 23, who collapsed after they had a quarrel.

She said the incident happened last week Friday around 08:00 hours after a quarrel and fight between the duo ensued at a drinking spree and Chipalala later left.

“But immediately Chipalala left, Chisunka collapsed and Police rushed him to the clinic, where he was pronounced dead. His body is lying at Kapiri district hospital,” Ms Katongo said.

In another incident police have apprehended Josias Phiri, 30, of Koswe Village in Chief Chanje in Chipata, Eastern Province, for murdering a taxi driver, Patrick Phiri, 29, of Magazine compound over a K100.

Ms Katongo said Phiri admitted murdering Patrick using an iron bar which he used to hit him on his head after he failed to give him his K100 at his home.

She said Phiri put the lifeless body of Patrick in his taxi, a Toyota Sprinter registration number ALT 7787, and drove along Kangunda road where he dumped it in a 15 meters deep borehole.

Ms Katongo said Patrick was reported missing on July 30 to the police and he was last seen with Phiri.

She said people suspected Phiri to be behind Patrick’s missing because he deserted his house immediately after he was reported missing.

“Blood was spotted at Phiri’s home and members of the public apprehended him on August 2, when he appeared,” Ms Katongo said.


  1. 90% of accidents on Zambian roads are caused by reckless, irresponsible drivers who think over-speeding is a mark of an experienced driver.

  2. Imwe a Phiri imwe, name a Mwale kupaya anthu aliye mulandu zoona? Koma Chabwino a Mwale tizapita kuchililo chani, tikonka chabe moa nansima. Imwe a Phiri loani munjenje, beans , inda na TB zikuyembekezani.

  3. They want to drive like they are playing video game.There is need to offer these drivers refresher courses because they become over confident.

  4. What speed was the bus travelling at? How did the come to the conclusion that the cause of the accident was over speeding? Can the police show us a detailed report of there investigation which led them to conclude that the accident was caused by over speeding.
    I personally doubt if they did any investigation because the period is too shot. One rule in accident investigation is that,” NEVER GO TO INVESTIGATE AN ACCIDENT WITH A PRECONCIVED MIND.”

    • Iwe that is not your business to know every single detail of what happened on that bus! They have told you he was over speeding because that is the only info they (LT) were given! What do you want to do with the details you are requesting anyway?

  5. Does RTSA ever make the driver and the owner of the bus to pay to the family of the deceased for the funeral and loss of earnings of the deceased?

    Who pays for the loss of baggage of passengers, their medical expenses and loss of earnings for the days they are away from office?

  6. Indeed these mini bus drivers do over speed. One day, I was surprised how a mini bus overtook me on the siavonga road when I was moving at 110 km/h. I tried to increase the speed to 140km/h I could not catch up with the bus. And the bus was loaded to capacity.

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