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MMD to only make known adopted candidates during filling-Nyangu


MMD  Deputy  National secretary Chembe Nyangu
MMD Deputy National secretary Chembe Nyangu

MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu said the party would remain silent on the adopted candidates for Petauke and Mkaika and would only be known during the filling in of nominations.

“We have a number of enemies and we shall not disclose the names of our candidates and would only be known during the filling in of nominations,” he said.

Mr Nyangu said he was pretty sure that his party would defend the parliamentary seats as it did in Chipata Central.

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) have floated former Mkaika MMD Member of Parliament (MP) David Phiri as their candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary by-elections slated on September 5th this year.

The filling in of nominations would take place today in Western and Eastern Province respectively.

PF has also picked 2011 losing candidate Leonard Banda as well as a Mambwe businessman Jack Shuma to stand in Petauke Central and Malambo Constituencies parliamentary polls.

The ruling party has also settled for former Gender Minister Patriciah Mulasikwanda for Mulobezi Constituency in Western Province

According to Petauke PF campaign manager Bob Sichinga, the Central Committee picked the three candidates because of having traceable records.

Mr Sichinga who is Minister of Agriculture and Livestock confirmed yesterday the picking up of the candidates.

However UNIP in Eastern Province have finally announced the candidates for Petauke, Mkaika and Malambo constituencies respectively.

Provincial UNIP Chairperson Donald Sakala said Nelson Mwale would vie for Mkaika,Ignitius Phiri for Petauke Central and Jairos Mchenga for Malambo Constituency.

He said the candidates adopted by the former ruling were marketable to the electorates.

But UPND General Secretary Winstone Chibwe preferred to disclose former Malambo MP Maxwell Mwale as a candidate for the constituency and remained mute on the candidate for Mulobezi constituency.

Meanwhile National Restoration Party (NAREP) has fielded Abel Phiri for Petauke Central, Nigel Mphaketeni for Mkaika and Michelle Manda for Malambo Constituency.

Party National Secretary Reverend Javani Kamanga said the party would campaign vigorous to win the parliamentary seats.



  1. Let MMD win all Eastern province Seats and UPND all Western province ones. PF must come out last.

    They cheated people too much…. Eastern Province is an agricultural province, the PF only bought cash maize from Mpezeni’s farm leaving the other cotton and tobacco, maize and groundnuts farmers in the cold.

    Teach PF a lesson.

    • No Dora, No Mwale, No Mtolo! Politics is game and PF is playing it tactically. Finally the Supreme Court is proactive and all these corrupt MMD candidates who were backed by RB will not stand. Bring on the clean guys in MMD, if at all there any

  2. Nick and I believe that PF are very corrupt and a disgrace to my tribe.
    Sometimes I appear to support them but the truth is that I know fully well that they are in power by accident and by fluke with thanks to the Post.

    Please forgive me for my earlier rantings. I can’t continue pretenting that I’m blind to this disaster. Now we have this election circus? Yo kwena I’m ashamed to be Bemba…

    ….although I still love Nick.

  3. We wonder why it is so difficult for ECZ to interpret a simple law. Am not an expert in law but really did the ECZ think they can fool us on their stupid interpretation.
    To start with who told them that those Parliamentary seats have been declared vacant, and hence they could not be told the reasons, shame to ECZ.

  4. All the candidates for PF are former MMD and most of the seat seats being contested for byelections are MMD’s. does this mean PF within their ranks have credible people to represent them?.

  5. ba pf mwanya amafi yamenshi lelo. you claim to be popular using taxpayers money, you are about to annoy more of the civil servants if you do not pay the september overdue salary increment. 2016 yena whether you like it or not kuya bebele bangwele imwe. i’ve just read on watchdog that sata actually collapsed at statehouse before being evacuated to india! shame, a president spending 3/4 of his time in hospital instead of running the country.

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