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It’s time for Zambians to eat, Fr Bwalya


File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally
File: Father Frank Bwalya addressing a PF rally during the run up to the 2011 elections

Fr Frank Bwalya says the successful launch of his Alliance for Better Zambia party marked the beginning of the journey to restore the moral campus in Zambian politics.

Fr Bwalya who launched ABZ yesterday at Changanamai grounds in Kitwe’s Kwacha East Township said the launch marked the beginning of the restoration of servant leadership in Zambian politics.

He said yesterday’s launch marked the beginning of the participation of new people in the governance of Zambia.

Fr Bwalya said Zambia needs new people with the new thinking in order to create a new Zambia.

Fr Bwalya declared that time has come for ordinary Zambians to eat hence the decision to pick the “Pot” as a symbol for ABZ.

“Therefore, I have the audacity to declare that time has come for you the people to eat as well. This is why we have chosen the “Pot” as a symbol of our party. The powerful including politicians have benefited more hence creating a huge gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have not. Time has come for you the people to benefit equitably from economic progress,” he said.

The outspoken Catholic Priest said time has come for Zambians to enjoy the benefits of paying tax.

“Time has come for new people with new thinking to participate in politics and provide leadership required for the creation of a new Zambia where all citizens should afford three decent meals.

He charged that the powerful in society including politicians have benefited more hence creating a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

He charged that the majority Zambians are poor because a small group of citizens has monopolized political power.

Fr Bwalya said this ground of the same recycled politicians has been making laws to exclude the majority of Zambians in public life.
“We had a wonderful and success launch. It was peaceful and people enjoyed. To the get the kind of crowds we did during a time which is outside the period of general elections is a big success – many have told us, “he said.

He added, “It was clear that people missed my voice from a platform and I really enjoyed it. The part I liked most is when I asked those who wanted to join ABZ to raise their hands. Almost everyone did.”


    • We have never had a Bemba president in Zambia. Kaunda from Malawi/Eastern Prov, Chiluba from Luapula – Bwile or Ushi, Mwanawasa Lenje, RB Eastern, & Cobra Bisa – Muchinga Prov. If you say Chiluba & Cobra were/are Bembas, then I will also argue that there has been a president from Central/Southern Provinces or from Lenje/Tonga people

    • its not about bemba or tonga or lozi or whatever!!! at the moment anyone who speaks against the injustices of PF makes sense to the masses,,

      Sata has become unpopular!!!!

    • bo simataaa and Howard Mulenga… and just dont go tribal and dont forget Father Bwalya`s father is tonga thats why his head looks like HH maybe they are half brothers or cousins

  1. Ba Fr Bwalya should not start on lies too! The time for Zambians to eat is not anywhere in sight yet. There needs to be a paradigm shift in Zambia in order to change for the better. Everything just needs to change -Politics, mindsets, work attitude, priorities and everything else including attitudes to local labour.

    • You’re either wise or clever but you make a lot of sense. I wish all could read what you just said. #goodthinking

    • @its a worry
      He seems to be targeting the lowest common denominator. Really Base.
      Even the language is below par. “Eat” should not even feature in his rhetoric. His chosen symbol is a pot??

      I don’t know, but I just feel this guy is well below the standard required for a President. But my fear is that People may vote anyone in, just because they are an alternative to Sata, suitable or not.

  2. Go for it Frank! Start participating in bye elections as soon as possible. Create a strategy for ABZ and make it clear that it stands for the common good of the people of Zambia. Avoid personalizing ABZ but make it the people’s party. Shun the PF methodology of violence, intimidation, abuse of its own party members and subsequenty disdain of the people of Zambia. The boat out of willful unreasonableness has been steered into the reeds by Sata, Kabimba and Edgar Lungu. Now they are stuck! Yours is unbounding opportunity! Go for it …….

  3. What about the attendance and reception of the People towards the Launch. I understand it was a dismal failure with a handful of people in attendance. Could this be the reason why no picture is accompanying this post. Hahahaha wina azalila

  4. Yes you are welcome, Frank. You present a far much more message of hope than what the hopeless HH and Nevers have been hallucinating. You and Chipimo have a political future after PF in either 2026 0r 2031. Meanwhile Sata will go full two terms and another PF steward will captain the boat for another term or two. Then you Father Frank Bwalya or Elias Chipimo will come on board. HH and Nevers will never rule.

    • I notice you totally discount anyone that’s not Bemba. Poor Show, Inkonko.
      From Umubemba Nkonko, the real deal.

      You’re Welcome.

  5. I totally agree with you. Let’s take all OLD RUGS OUT of the polical system and bring in new thinking. We speak the same Language Father.

    Please circulate ABZ’s account details so we start rolling out funding (No matter how Little) to the party for the betterment of mother Zambia! Am sick and tired of these Old Rugs, Sata having being the Last Old Rug I indicated I would vote for.

  6. ABZ may after 20 yrs frm now as things stand HH is the president 2016. am a pf bt i can not c any future as things re bad

  7. We have never had a Bemba president in Zambia. Kaunda from Malawi/Eastern Prov, Chiluba from Luapula – Bwile or Ushi pipo, Mwanawasa Lenje, RB Eastern, & Cobra Bisa – Muchinga Prov. If you say Chiluba & Cobra were/are Bembas, then I will also argue that there has been a president from Central/Southern Provinces or from Lenje/Tonga people – Dr Levy

  8. At time to eat! ls it not Mr Munkombwe’s version of politics? lt is the more reason subsidies were removed so the poor can’ve good roads in even in their villages.Bwalya’s massage lacks reason and is just childish.

    • Bwalya is already telling Zambians that he wants to eat. You pipo open your eyes. Only his family, relatives and close friends will benefit once made president. Never be fooled again this time around.

  9. Frank bwalya should be examined by team of doctors from chainama hospital or any hospital for mad persons.This guy is ruining mad.Frank was not popular,on CB people wanted a change,but elected the wrong people into office.
    I think no convincing words bwalya can tell to people because is full of lies like his fellow sata.ONLY HOLP IS HH!!!!!!!!

  10. But i don’t see any genuineness in Bwalya, he has formed a part out of frustrations,if he was appointed in cabinet by PF he would have not done that. It will be a COZMO MUMBA type of political party always supporting other parties.

  11. Comeon Bwalya excomunicated priest u need a salary now not gifts frm pulpit!Prepare budget u failure failed clergyman.U thnk politcalwise u wil succeed now!How this is not a voluntary industry!

    • I don’t support him but your language speaks a lot about you. Maybe it’s your head that’s shaped like that part of male genitalia.

  12. Father Bwalya! ABZ all the way…. Politics has now become a norm in Zambia were one can just work up and say, “i think i should form a political party.” Well, that’s democracy but i think having to many political parties weakens the opposition and strengthens the ruling party. That’s were we miss it. We all want to be Presidents….

  13. @Howard Mulenga. This is what has continued to baffle me! True, there has never been a Bemba President in Zambia – may be a “partial” Bemba speaking President! I even wonder as to whether HH s a Tonga or Ila. Is it because those who were deciding on what languages should be called “representative” languages condemned the rest of the tribes to extinction with the Tabwa, Lungu, Mambe, Namwanga all be called Bemba; Ila and other smaller tribes in Southern Province be be called Tonga tribe; Chewa, Nsenga, Ngoni and others be called Ngoni (and there is no tribe called Nyanja anyway!), etc? It is as id we do not know that Zambia has about 73 tribes that are all important in Zambia. What unites those from Northern. Muchinga, Luapula, Eastern and Southern Provinces is their ability to…

  14. ka bwalya turning against your own father SATA,just wait for him to die the way l kno sata he cant let it happen giving u POWER teti.

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