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No one can run Zambia better than President Sata, he is not a Dictator-Kabimba


Patriotic Front (PF)  party secretary-general Wynter Kabimba
Patriotic Front (PF) party secretary-general Wynter Kabimba

Patriotic Front (PF) party secretary-general Wynter Kabimba has said that there no one can run Zambia better than President Sata who is a kind, humble and tolerant man with 40 years in public service.

Speaking yesterday in Pemba in Southern Province when he addressed PF officials, Mr Kabimba said it is sad that the UPND is “peddling lies” that President Sata is a dictator.

Mr Kabimba said Mr Sata refuses to take bottled water up to now because many people do not have access to water.

“We still argue with the President on bottled water because of the love he has for Zambia. That is how humble President Sata is,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said President Sata has developed the PF into a political organisation for all Zambians.

“Southern Province should rally behind President Sata and forget the lies of the UPND,” he said.


  1. Guy Scott, Kabimba and Lungu’s IQ put together is less than that of Sata, so what do you expect of our country right now! Chikwanda says one thing Shamenda says something else we are in real trouble!

    • Scholars have long concluded that peace is a practice of justice. It is not the result of entertaining a hodgepodge of ragtag POLITICIANS who specialize in oppression, repression, and suppression of the population.

    • Heeeesh, what is that about forcing someone to drink water from a bottle he doesn’t want? The blasphemy iyi manje? Anyway, I don’t want to add such to the cases leading to citizen arrest of Kabimba.
      When I say “Kabimba na pena lelo techakuseka, eminine pakonauna icalo cesu, Zambia Zambia”…

    • Kabimba – am with you on this one, except you forgot to say in the Current Cabinet. Of course there is non among yourselves.

  2. Does he drink from a stream? Kabimba you are a lier, why hasn’t he given that bottled water to those who have no access to water?

    • They staff at state house pour the bottled water into a glass instead. If not he must be dehydrated, that explains alot. Someone should give water “life” to Sata.

  3. Bwana Kabimba hahaha you’re truly lost.FYI,there are two kinds of light,the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures.Sata has truly become a blinding glare to your mind and your vision.

  4. Pemba to forget UPND and Mazoka’s wife the MP? No way. Wynter Kabimba should forget about that, move on!!!

  5. Mr Kabimba you must really think we are fools, hey? Ati Sata refuses to drink bottled water which costs K2.00, what about the helicopter flights, bribing MPs and all the wastsge of state resources? If he is that humble, ask him to be walking from the airport rather that get into the chopper, it will save us a lot more money that a bottle of water…

  6. Winter chikkala,zambians dont even have decent housing,so tell that block to stop constructing his house if he has the suffering of zambians at heart.

  7. Summer kabimba is right looking at the political players pa zed MCS is still the best and lets just wish well to continue implementing projects which were intitiated by the failed MMD govt.PF deserves extra 4 terms because of its splendid manifesto and accomplishment of various projects.

  8. Taff time ahead of you bwana minister with this budget deficit. Budget overran as early as April sure? And you say you have a plan to run this country? You Jockers

  9. These PF Chaps really think that they re the “bees knees” as chi Guy Scottish would say. Your Sata has been 40 years with nothing to show for it. You keep saying the MMD is to blame- well Sata spent half the time of the MMD 20 years as the Chief Cadre just as you ka Kabimba- now we are supposed to see him as Godsent. You can fool some people sometimes- but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. Get out! We will be ot for your hide in 2016 you dictator minion.

  10. ba Lusaka Times, what is wrong with the word fool? In case you did not know, to fool also means to deceive. Ni mantha ati banga mu blocken naimwe?





  12. Wk, cant talk with out mentioning UPND i wonder sometimes, failed goverment wth full of lies, budget is in mess, salaries extended to October lol

  13. Poor Kabimba, the full is sounding more and more desperate. Before 2016 Kabimba and Mmembe will be in jail for abusing state institutions and for their sheer criminality! Tick Tick Tick! Be afraid Kabimba! GBM is watching you! We look forward to the civil war brewing in PF! There are only 5 Ministers who speak. The rest are quietly doing their calculations as the PF canoe is slowly filling with water.

  14. No one can run Zambia better than Sata? This is certainly one party syndrome!
    Kabaimba u are a liar. We are all better than Sata!

  15. is this what it means to become a politician? to become blinded by money? to become a liar? to side with the president no matter how crapy they are? the statement annoys me Mr. Kabimba.

  16. He is best to Mr Kabimba and only inclusively pro PF.
    If thats the case that “No one can run Zambia than Sata” then Kabimba should not seek the presidential office in the future because and according him that there’s no other or will never be is a very arguable statement.
    Isn’t recuddling to note that Mr Sata has only been presidente for less 2 years, what then was before? Factually, Zambia has past,inclusive to all regimes as busketed in, Sata, to KKs, FTJ’s and MMD’s first 10 years in power. What has he symbolicaly done for the development, if not the Merzaf housing issue?
    Calling others “cabbages” or the “Chawama Panga Massacre” after ripping cabbages to pieces when the majority of people have no food, suffering absolute poverty?
    If “no one” can not is arguable,…

  17. Nowanda smone had likened this PF govt to ANIMAL those of u hu read the novel and watchd the movie this wynter guy is a snobo who made sure that he eliminated sqiral who was a threat to him and his boss napoleon.actually wat is happenin in our country is a true reflection of the novel.wer some animals think they ar mo equal than others wen in the actual sense we are all equal under the constitution and the rule of law.This guy wynter really amuses me wat difrence does a bottle of water make compared to the high fuel and mealie meal prices.hw can he say that wen its our money that he uses to send his children abroad wat pinch do these guys feel?THUS I FIND HIS STATMNTS ANNOYN AND VERY INSULTING.THEY DONT EVN CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM SO WYNTER DONT FOOL US.

  18. Like some people have said, and I repeat, surely there is better news than what’s coming out of Kabimba’s mouth. Or is it the soap opera that Lusaka Times is only interested in?

  19. Refuses to take mineral water becuase he wants to be identified with the poor, on the hand other refused to go to the airport by road. He would rather be air lifted. IS THERE LOGIC. PF DOES NOT STAND ON ANYTHING. ITS AN OCCULT WERE LOGIC CAN NOT PREVAIL. EXPLAINS WHY LUBINDA HAS FAILED TO THRIVE.

  20. if he love zambia .he shud have not increase his salary 100%,use a chopper from the airport to state house,start building his retirement house.the list is long but from this list you can tell the man his greed.he just think about himself and his inner not be cheated people again let him come out with a container when there is fuel shortage.SATA IS A LIER”

  21. Kamimbya, Stop being a cheer leader, just because you are being allowed to line your own pockets. Lucky for some as the election promise “more money in your pockets” rings true. Sata had good intentions, & its folk like you who’ve destroyed Sata. If you are a TRUE democrat, you would have stepped down as soon as Trafigura allegations were raised. Kabimba show us you are really the best mob to rule Zambia by, 1. Arresting a Thug who’s alleged to have let off a fire arm @ a campaign gathering, & 2. Announce and without interference vigorously investigate allegations that Trucks belonging to your fellow cheer leader were impounded with illegally acquired Copper. If you meet these demands, I may begin to see you as a democrat fit to rule Zambia. At the moment Government coffers r empty

  22. Why rush to Indian and UK for medical treatment and you say you can not drink bottled water.
    Politics of the dead.

  23. Kasebanya also does not take mineral water but is happy to unconsitutionally take money for the non-existent office of the first lady to go shopping around the world.

    I do know very well that when Mr Kabimba said this he wanted to impress his boss the current president
    TRUTH IS LIFE GOES ON-with or wiithout Mr Sata Zambia will make it simply because God always has a remnant
    If Winter resigned today, from government am telling the same Mr Sata will someone to do his job, LIFE DOES NOT START AND END WITH SATA

  25. Mr Sata never fought 4 Zambia to be independent where was he? WK wake up there are more competent Zambians. You re just his mad master’s voice.

  26. If Sata has the poor at heart and wants to be identified with them let him go to UTH or Chilenje clinic for check-ups like any other as opposed to the exclusive hospital in London that he went to two weeks ago.

  27. One party state mentality. That is what MCCs and cadres used to say about KK. They were using this as a strategy to block each other from contesting the presidency. Very cheap slogan used in the dark ages of totalitarianism. I doubt if President Sata takes such statements seriously if his 40 years in the public service has taught him anything. I think some of these statements just embarrass him.

  28. Mr kabimba u really give these id iots headache. Continue like dat nd let de whole pf b aggresive even de more. Y do i say so?Becoz wat the opo & deir cadres like above re not for any gud. Sata bravo!kabimba treat them!Maybe Camel ‘ll kam 2 deir aid

    • A headache when the bastard is hated in every household every day.this moron in the next year won t even be walking the streets of lusaka,he will be lynched and he should be getting the 2016 results from zimbabwe otherwise in zambia we will urinate on him

  29. Dont tell us that, we know, but he only lacks education as his basis for leadership, as he mostly uses his intuitions gained from vast exprience, which sometimes becomes problematic, you who are known to be educated are useless as u only studied to pass you exams and thereafter you forgot all, nowonder he is receiving the worst advises that have ever been taken. so shut your mouth up because the majority zambians are educated and they scrutinise what you have to say and subject it to test, thats how come that can say that you are Dull man.

  30. Kabimba has now elevated Sata into some indispensable demi-god because no one can run things like this fake messiah.This is what dictators like :being worshipped and treated like they’ve got some divine powers.Useless PF.

  31. Someone on another topic called him Ka-imbwa.
    I see why now. It’s like those little dogs tha start to yap and won’t stop. Very irritating.

  32. Some serious boot licking going on here. Because a lot of people in Zambia an uneducated, this kind of speech can be applauded. The PF should just killl the education system and sell hope to the masses, then they can rule forever.

  33. Aha! Campaigning for party presidency wishing Sata will hand over power to him.

  34. The PF senior politicians and “technocrats” so entrenched within the GRZ system and most likely to engineer Sata’s downfall are: Wynter Kabimba, Sylvia Masebo, Mutembo Nchito, Guy Scott, Edgar Lungu and Lombe Chibesakunda. GBM and Kambwili are the authentic pioneers of PF who mean well for the President. Ba Sata must take this message seriously. History will confirm this observation.

  35. A man called his law firm and asked the receptionist if he could speak to his lawyer, Mr. Smith.

    She replied that she was sorry, but his lawyer was dead.

    The next day the man called again wanting to speak with Mr. Smith.

    The receptionist again said that she was sorry, but he was dead.

    The next day, the man rang again and and asked if he could talk to his lawyer Mr. Smith.

    The receptionist said that she was sorry but she had already told him a hundred times that he was dead.

    The man replied, I know that, I just like hearing it!

  36. President Sata may be referred to as a “Dictator” now because he does not want to embrace laziness which is a chronic disease here in Zambian. We just want to sit there and wait for relief food or handouts. It is the same Sata we where praising when he was Governor, Minister of Health, etc. The former Prime Minister of Malaysia was equally said to be a “terrible” Dictator by the Malays about 20 years ago with the minority Chinese and other groupings claiming that he was about to “eliminate” them! Go to Malaysia now and hear about how the Malays praise him as “DATO”! He insisted on transforming things even the mindsets of all Malays and he did that with. Today Malaysia is one of the most developed countries or atleast fast developing countries in Asia. In Zambia we do not want to…

  37. As regards archaic laws in this country, all Zambian lawyers have really disappointed me. Why should we be quareling now about a law that was passed in 2006 or even earlier regarding the conduct of an election? It all goes to show that we were not serious when we were enacting these pieces of legislation – a problem of enacting a law with someone in mind and when that person become irrelevant then we leave things like that without revisiting them. Most of these pieces of legislation were enacted by previous regimes MMD included and not PF, but they have become issues because PF is now reminding us that this and that actually do exist. Pleae Zambians, if only you were as vigilance as you are now then we wouldn’t have been quarelling like this now. There is too much talking in this country

  38. F**lish! Chiluba has his own mistakes, but will be remembered as a great leader. No matter how much the media called him names, he never arrested any chap or threatened to close any media outlet.

  39. If it’s true that ‘no one can run Zambia better than Sata’, why do you feel the need to reiterate? Probably you know the opposite is true! Personally, I feel no one can run the country better than HH!

  40. @ShoSha Rocks!! No, no, please. FTJ did cause the arrest of KK, the late Nakatindi Wina (MHSRIP)! Remember Shoa Sha Rocks? In Zambia we are known to talk too much and criticise early. KK was called a nasty dictator but united the country with all its 73 tribes. Imagine if he had attempted to engage the Ian Smith soldiers of now Zimbabwe and South African Army supported by the Portuguese armies then some of us talking would not even be there. FTJ came in (MHSRIP) but ended up privatising almost every company; When Levy Mwanawasa came in (MHSRIP) he was called all sorts of names (cabbage, garbage, etc) even before he spent 6 months in office, but what did he leave behind? In came RB and what has he left? President Sata takes over and within the first year he is called all sorts of names!!!!

    • If ba Sata ba mudala is surrounded by people who can’t advise him. They are all scared of being fired. I think its time this PF govt started working for the people instead of behaving as if they are still in the opposition, always campaigning>>>>>>>

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