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PF will not honor improved salaries for Civil Servants in September- UPND

Economy PF will not honor improved salaries for Civil Servants in September- UPND

FILE: UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba protesting against the Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda outside the Supreme Court
FILE: UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba protesting against
the Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda outside the Supreme Court

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has cast doubt on the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s commitment to honoring the improved salaries and conditions of service for civil servants as per 2013 collective agreement.

This follows the announcement by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda on Sunday that the 2013 civil servants collective agreement which was scheduled to come into effect on the 1st September will instead be effected on 1st October this year.

UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has said that the PF government is taking civil servants for granted as it has continued to postpone the effective date of the collective agreement which was initially supposed to be implemented in April this year before it was deferred to the 1st September.

UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has challenged the ruling PF to be frank with the civil servants and admit that government is broke and cannot afford to honor the approved 2013 collective agreement.

Mr. Simusamba in an interview with QFM said it is not right for the PF government to continue creating expectations in the minds of civil servants which they cannot fulfill.


  1. I hate pessimists.Shame on you Upnd for always looking forward to the worst.Anyway this is typical of African opposition parties.Smh !

    • The High court in Lusaka has this afternoon granted a stay of execution over the barred candidates in tomorrows nomination’s to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and Movement for Mult-party Democracy (MMD). The concerned parties have since submitted the court ruling to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ). The interpretation of this ruling is that the scheduled tomorrow’s nominations in three constituencies will not take place until the out come of the Judicial review over the matter is known. UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda this morning told Zedchronilce that his party will only decide on plan B over the barred candidates after the court ruling. The Three, now famous, Ex Members of Parliament were waiting for the Court to make a ruling in their…

    • Dream on my friend. I can see you are vexed because UPND is telling the truth. Why postpone to October if money is there.

      I have predicted this from the day it was announced. September salary increment is the latest the single in the BUFI album. So sing alone mune.

    • Ba Saulosi, you hate it because it has come from UPND, but it’s the truth. Why should people be optimistic when they have been lied to by PF for a long time now? This salary ( 90 days ) promise is not one that people will take lightly. And please don’t say it was just a campaign strategy like all other PF promises. This one is serious.

    • saulosi, just swallow your pride and realise that your pathetic fools have driven this country into bankruptcy. there is simply no money whether you like it or not you dunderhead. wake up and smell the coffee

    • Saulosi you must be a fool who will never see trouble in troubled PF. I now regret for voting PF in 2011 hoping that it will improve the well being of Zambian citizenry. PF that everything in government was so simple, now they have seen for themselves and they are even regretting for in power.

  2. i did not hear Chikwanda saying the collective agreement for civil servants have been defered to 1st October from 1st september. can someone shade more light on this?


    • They have no powers to increase the salaries, that was just another amapinda to make you feel good, world bank will not allow them to increase salaries to those levels

  4. Gvt is broke period. They overstretched themselves in trying to impress.
    Those increments are not coming. If you had adjusted yo belt in advance,
    Pliz just tighten it back

  5. This is the beginning of the end of pipo without agenda for this great nation/ country. The dispute is declared between gvt and the workforce. Five months of wage freeze is more than enough. An extension will be unacceptable and a declaration of war btn civil servants and gvt.

  6. No God is greater than our Great Omnipotent Dictator (GOD) Sata. Not even God can control Sata. Sata is the only way, the truth and the light! King of kings Judge of judges. His wish is our law and command! As his faithful civil servants we will wait upon our Lord Sata even for 90 years without reacting! Long live O King!

    • @ To sata be the glory ( blind follower) If this is your idea of a joke then you will are not funny at all…the bible says there shall be no other Gods before him. God is the head of all principalities and power. Do not be an idle worshiper else the wrath of God will be upon you

    • GOD iS God and He is the almighty. He is the creater of the unerverse and earth and everything in it. So do not mention His name in vain. As for me GOD is my creater,my provider, my Protector; I can not exist without Him(GOD). He is my father in heaven. May His name be glorified. AMEN

  7. Its sad to UPND to continue wishing PF bad lack. but what i know in life is IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A PRESIDENT SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT,SUPPORT A PASTOR TO BECOME A PASTOR. as long as UPND continue to wish PF bad things they will never see it coming to PF but only good thing.

  8. But,why agitate people over something that was not said. I now think that OPPOSITION means opposing everything Govt does. Never to agree with anything at all.
    Govt should strive to prove the opposition wrong hence improving especially the welfare of mostly the poor being a pro poor Govt

    • In denial my friend? Continue burying your head in the sand. By the time you realise your back side will be gone,eaten by the PF chimbwis.

    • Who ever told you Govt had shifted from September must be laughing at the fact that they can fool you at will.
      Believe it or not,Govt never said they their position had changed on the subject matter. Govt has also dispelled the rumour knowing there are people out there like you that believe every thing they hear on the streets. Let us wait for September. Personally, I do not believe in rumour mongers.

  9. Two useless universities in the middle of nowhere in muchinga province. Dont expect too much from these PF f.o.o.l.s, to even balance the budget. All supporting facilities for a university in zambia are along the line of railway. It is like building a university in the game park

  10. Jeremiah 17 vs 5.

    So says the LORD, Cursed is the man who trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from the LORD.

  11. Ghana will fall even though the reffereer and match officials arived yesterday, but its too early Ghanians will bribe them.

  12. Liars; is it your HH who announced because AC never did. You won’t win our hearts by inciting. We voted for the P.F and we have hope in them. Sorry, you should find other ways of convincing us that you are better than your competitors.

  13. Our useless corrupt(Teachers, Health, Agrict) unions are to blame for allowing GRZ to dribble them. Wen I lukd @ the agreement, I was shocked to see that all Diploma and Certificate holder ve the increament of 4% with the funeral and health insurance being effected which means the little given will be taken again! I don’t know if the suport staff whom they ve increased some by more than 100% will do professional n Technical work eg in Health facilities. Come September, KAYA!


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