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Nigerian businessman weeps and praises RB in court


Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

SARB Energy Managing Director Akpan Ekpene this morning shocked a Lusaka Magistrate Court room when he broke down and protested that he didn’t know why he was being involved in the court matter.

Mr. Ekpene, who is a state witness in a case in which Former President Rupiah Banda is charged with abuse of authority wept during testimony describing Mr Banda as a man of great honour.

He was testifying in a matter in which former President Rupiah Banda, 75, of house number 3 Plot 2759 off Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka is charged with one count of abuse of authority of office.

Mr. Banda is alleged to have procured a US$2.5 million Nigerian government-to-government oil contract in the name of the republic of Zambia “which he in fact meant to benefit himself and his family”.

[pullquote]Mr. Ekpene said Mr. Banda was not involved in the oil deal[/pullquote]

Akpan Ekpene, who spoke between sobs, said he holds Mr. Banda in high esteem because Mr. Banda believed in him.Mr. Ekpene wished that Mr. Banda had won the 2011 general elections to avert what the duo is now facing.

He told the court that no money was paid by the Zambian government and that Mr. Banda did not pay anything adding that Zambia did not lose anything.
Mr. Ekpene said Mr. Banda was not involved in the oil deal.

During cross-examination by defence counsel, Professor Patrick Mvunga, the witness said he travelled to Zambia to confirm that his company did not receive any money from the Zambian Government and that his team took a great risk.

“I was not happy with what I was reading about my company in online articles which I could access. So when I came here I wanted to confirm that we did not receive the US$2.5 million from the Zambian Government, we took great risk and delivered our mandate,” he said.

Mr Ekpene said the lifting of the crude oil was done in September 2011 after Rupiah Banda had ceased to be the Republican president and that the contract was later terminated, an indication that nobody further benefited from the contract.

When further asked whether he had access to parliamentary proceedings concerning the matter where it was stated in the notice of motion that the investigations team had established that the Zambian Government paid $2.5 million to National Nigerian Petroleum Company (NNCP) for the procurement of crude oil, Mr Ekpene said the Zambian Government did not pay any money.

He explained that the said amount was actually his money paid to the Nigerian Oil Petroleum Corporation (NOPC) paid by every businessman who wants to export oil from the country as surety.He said he has actually since been refunded that amount and no body ever lost any money in the purported oil deal with the Zambian government.

The magistrate adjourned the matter to tomorrow and the DPP indicated that he will be bringing a new witness tomorrow.

Meanwhile, attempts to block Daily Nation Newspaper from covering court proceedings proved fruitless.Chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda cautioned Daily Nation Newspaper to be professional in their reporting following and application by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mutembo Nchito.


  1. Its so sad that PF decided to persecute an innocent man.How ludicrous to drag a former president through mud,take away his immunity when they don’t even have any solid evidence against him.and this is the state witness declaring RB’s innocence.DPP Nchito and all the PF lawyers are a disgrace!

    • imwe bantu,,,, nchito, kabimba and company grabed RB`s diplomatic passport claiming that when he RB travels abroad, he is going to harass, bully and intimidate witnesses…
      Now here is this witness `crying only` alila eka in court… does it mean that RB is still intimidating witnesses without his diplomatic passport in court???

    • A Nigerian can cut his own throat for money.

      Don’t be taken by crocodile tears and don’t think old man RB is an innocent.

      Stop being gullible imwe bantu!

    • you missed the point,, off course RB might not 100% innocent, this nigerian witness wont give nchito and company anything because he is afraid scared of his bosses (nigerian government) who love and support RB,,, And possionately hate Sata and PF to the core!!!!

    • Remember this is a State witness. It sounds like he actually completely destroyed the state’s case. I have met Banda and I can confirm that he is a very honorable man. He was not my favorite President for Zambia, but he is truly a good man. The PF have dragged this man to court out of their Bemba Tribal tactics. They hate everyone who is not Bemba. There are many good Bemba people and these Swines in PF are making good Bembas look Bad.

    • @ndobobo: in that case why would Nchito have wasted time and money by making him witness? The fact is Nchito didnt do his job properly….as usual! He was just relying on Kachingwe…his cholestrol must be shooting up! Hope he will not enter a nole…which his speciality!

    • And the witness testified that Banda would have continued to benefit from the anticipated lifting of the crude oil had the contract not been terminated.
      Mr Ekpene said that he made a donation after Major Richard Kachingwe insisted because he told him that in an event that Banda won, he was going to be identified and in turn given major contracts.
      Earlier in cross-examination by defence counsel, Professor Patrick Mvunga, the witness said he travelled to Zambia to confirm that his company did not receive any money from the Zambian Government and that his team took a great risk and exhibited their mandate to the best of their knowledge.
      “I was not happy with what I was reading about my company in online articles which I could access. So when I came here I wanted to confirm.

    • Whatever has been wasted on this case will be RECOVERED In FULL with INTEREST from KABIMBA, MuMMEMBE and MUTEMBO.

      We will sell off any small property they have to recover wasted Tax Payers Money even if there BROKE. Time is fast approaching.

    • The Bible is clear on the definition of an honest man. It states that he will be accused wrongly, but he will be found with no case to answer by a fair court of law. This is what will be witnessed in this case.

    • The Charge against Mr. RB is not one of theft – it is Abuse of Office. The state witness has established that Mr. RB abused his office by soliciting money for his election campaigns using a government deal. The witness has shown to the best of his ability that he transferred money into an account, requested by RB and engineered by Henry. This is abuse of office!!! You do not use government to government oil deals to get money for your elections….

      Now it is clear why RB removed the abuse of office clause from the anti-corruption Act – he knew this case may come up when he leaves office.

      He did not steal from Zambians – but he ABUSED his office – an office of betraying the trust of the Zambian people. Too bad. I hope the judge will be lenient on him as a first offender.

    • The Bricklayer , I don’t think this has anything to do with the fact that RB is not Bemba. I don’t agree with the humiliation that RB is being put through. It is misplaced politics rather than tribal. I don’t see how Sata would hate his tribal cousins so much. When KK faced the same humiliation, I did not hear anyone call it tribal!

    • “The chameleon changes color to match the earth, the earth doesn’t change color to match the chameleon”

      _______ Senegalese Proverb

    • So 90 day PF miracles,Sata saying one thing as opposition leader yet doing different as president isn’t being good actors and pretenders?

    • trust a Nigerian!!!! when RB went to Nigeria shortly after getting into office to woo investors from that country, those who know what Nigeria is all about, knew what was coming. WHO in his right mind goes to Nigeria for investors!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????.

  2. so far most witness have said nothing, however, if anyone the case goes against them they appeal to high court and then supreme court where the case will go for the government. This will be after a long time.
    photocopy letter
    Singapore bank
    the Nigeria duo
    Now the owner of the company

  3. Can we have some apologies from those bloggers that were casting stones at RB on the earlier article claiming the Nigerian was “proving” something. I spend most of my morning “defending” justice and now “justice” is speaking for itself.

    • RB is very innocent and God is seeing what is happening. If current leadership just want to revenge, I can tell you God will protect the whole deal. Be strong RB .Kachingwe stop being a traitor and do not allow some people to use you like a tissue. Where is Hapunda? I know aKachingwe ati yamunyokola njala, even if nisebaana wikkute, awe! You must be a fake ka major. No wonder those small boys man handled you.

  4. Amwe, fya ku bantu! maybe there was a ng´anga in court pulling strings..kkkeekkeke,, how can witness cry and praise RB at the same??
    Since the witness cried for RB and praised him,, does it mean that RB will be given back is diplomatic passport??!!!!!!

  5. I have seen in the UK a murderer of his own Children sob and cry in the news to deceive everyone that the children died in a fire tragedy. However, after thorough investigations, the courts and the police proved that the father set fire to his own house and killed his own children. Do not believe the emotions people show at face value, always dig deeper. Why would a Nigerian company pay so much money to RBs Family if they don’t stand to benefit anything? And why sneak $260,000.00 cash into the country as if there are no banks? They never wanted any trace of this money to them and so they transacted in cash.

    • You are now not making sense at all! RB & the person in the UK case are two different people! In fact even in the UK case, that man was given a lenient sentence because he was genuinely sad – he didnt mean to kill……he was only trying to make a case for rehousing from the council who were delaying despite repeated pleas!!! Dont just yap without facts Mr Know It All!

    • @Kuta, you are off the topic.
      This is a state witness who was brought in to testify against RB, but things went against the state, that’s the point. The issue you are raising does not relate or explain what is going on here.
      One wonders what agreement was there between the witness and DPP.

    • #9.1 & 9.2, point taken. now explain the part where money is secretly brought into the country “like there are no banks”?

  6. Fred False Prophet Mmembe… Your time is up !!

    What next now?
    Are you going to accuse RB that he has attempted to overthrow Sata by staging a Security Stunt last night, just messing up Security Wings for nothing.

  7. What crap is happening here??? hehehe witness cry and RB damn!!! those niggarz are real pretenders,criminals _ Nigerians.

  8. lack of headlines, LT you are becoming boring. bringing such news you should come with photos atleast

    to those with access to ZNBC or MUV TV did you see this on their main news?

  9. You should have heard the ZNBC PF news version. Ludicrously outrageous. They made it sound like the witness wept because Bwezani is guilty. Such a moronic TV station!

  10. Just to put things into context and help those being confused by RB apologist-this was a gift from the Nigerian govt to the Zambian govt=since the oil could not be refined in Zambia it was to be sold and the proceeds given to the Zambian govt.Before the lifting of the crude took place RB asked for an advance from the proceeds to help with his campaign-that advance was to go the Zambian govt but RB asked for $1m of which 500 000 was deposited into an account in Singapore and the balance was returned to ekpene.Please keep context in your comments.RB may be a good man but that is not the issue here-the issue is that monies from proceeds meant for the Zambian govt were channelled to a private account

    • @al
      Let’s all rejoice that justice is speaking for itself, and if that is the case, then the Screen (Courtroom) shall show us more and reveal more truths. YOU do NOT need to start other speculations. The case claimed this to be a Govt to Govt oil deal in which Zambia paid $2.5m so dont stray and start bringing in “gifts” now things are falling apart. So far nothing has been presented, in the form of evidence, to show that this was an agreed gift or deal apart from an letter that has been deemed a forgery. And why would Kachingwe be forging Govt stationary (Govt seal) if it was an agreed gift. Please accept the the lies and deceitful mentality of the PF is at play in this case. BUFI….

    • You have put it more clearly, and people must learn never to lose sight of the sequence of events. It boils down to the fact RB pocketed for himself money that was meant for the Zambian people. If this isn’t stealing what do you call it? Why are we skirting around a straightforward case? Because RB is seemingly a nice and honorable man? I say there’s nothing honourable about this shady transaction.

  11. In the interest of Justice, our Dishonorable justice minister, Winter Kabimba, SC should resign for having lied to Parliament and the entire NATIONThis is not a light matter or one of political point scoring. Kabimba had full and unfettered access to Govt payment records and therefore there is no reasonable excuse for him or anyone to claim that Govt paid $2.5m for a Govt to Govt oil deal when in fact not. We cannot and should not continue to tolerate this uncouth and quite frankly criminal acts driven by bitterness and personal vendettas from our so called leaders. Flights, posh accommodation and allowances all being drawn from the public purse simply to fabricate stories aimed at fixing enemies. This is unforgivable and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

  12. I for one I will only talk once the case is concluded and not at this point because emotions will never be a determining factor whether somebody is guilty or not.I hope the best for the bigman RB.His family surely needs him.The the law take its fair course.

  13. This is comedy… and how does the DPP recover from this?? An unquestionable exhibit of the epitome of folly…

  14. Wht ilogic is,a suppiplier suplies goods in his capacity & repaid to him as repayment!Wht stupidity is this?Who repaid him?And why ws he repaid?Aftr realisng tht it a crimnal trnsction.Which account ws he paid back & ws it the acount tht he used to facilitate paymt?DEC get al bank statemts fr the dummy a/c the liar is falsfyng ws paid back thru & ensure tht a/c the interest it had in the whole proces.Money laundering!Dont let tht crook leave Zambia ensure a holistic investigation.He is a liar & thnks can hoodwink us with cricdile tears!Forensic audit at hand.

    • This is a legit business man worth millions of dollars. Dignified response without having to accuse an innocent man.

    • Bra, the monies were paid by a Nigerian to a Nigerian firm as a requirement if you have to export oil. Read the story. There is nothing DEC can do about this. Please guys, don’t expose you ignorance and luck of detail. Better keep mute.

  15. stop this know rb will not go to jail..he will not refund the money if he has stolen but the LAWYERS will damn sure be rich at the end of it whether on his side or the governments side.





    • it all gone. Nchito had no further questions to this man. He now wait for other 4 witness. so far had lack guys.

  17. Th false accusers and persecutors of RB may escape man’s justice but they’ll never escape God’s justice.This Nigerian businessman is a Godsend.

  18. Wow! What a witness! He was supposed to be a star witness and instead he turns against his own side? Very strange behaviour indeed.

  19. What has bid security to do in oil supply from government to government?
    Who is giving bid security to who?
    Let the money that belongs to state be paid back.
    We need every single ngwee to invest in infrastructure development

  20. RB knew the sort of people he was dealing with. They never leave a track and if you dare challenge them…Just ask the UK Borders how much drama they get from trying to deport a Naija. This guy is going to dupe the ruling government, the former government and the future government going by how this case is being handled. Ask the Republic of South Africa how they lost on western money union. Is it true that the UK imposed visa requirements from Zambians in the 90s as a result of some naija posing as Zambian in the UK linked with criminal activities?

  21. Fishing expedition gone too far and now being exposed by this Nigerian businessman.Bwana DPP and your evil cohorts how do you explain this huge blow to your evil case which has no merit.

  22. Evidence is there the RB & son recivd ths mony in a/c held in foreign country.The mony hit tht a/c folow those bank statemts.DEC hold tht crook & findout who evn reimbursed him & thru which a/c?He has testfied the trnsction took place & wishes to twist it in the falacy of reimbursement.Trace those accounts & dig deeper why he ws being reimbursed & not those crodile tears!Anothr ofense false pretences & yet the mafia is on oath in court.Forensic investigation must quickly take course.





    • But if the state loses the case. RB is big money to pay the naija and all lawyers. 2016 he can even bounce back as the president of Zambia

  24. I mourn for mother Zambia on these fake developments which are taking place in this country. Just who shall redeem this beautiful country out the mess of deep hatred the PF administration has induced among its citizens ? Innocent people are being pursued on no apparent grounds and those who have got serious cases to answer are the ones who enjoy freedom in the streets. Anyway, everything has got its own time and the PF administration’ s days are numbered because the God of heaven will respond soon and soonest. What a bunch of dogs running this country ?

  25. RB was too excited with Life that’s why he’s going thru all this. He never showed us any form of seriousness in his ruling.Anyway wish you the best although in my opinion you deserve it.

  26. It is mind boggling to reflect as to how the PF regime is now rating the integrity of their own Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito. The DPP is paid to prosecute and win cases on behalf of the current “GRZ”.

    AS part of his paid mission the DPP brought in a STAR prosecution witness, SARB Energy Managing Director Akpan Ekpene, at Govt’s cost to ensure that RB is convicted in the Courts of Law. However, facts being unleashed in Court have shocked legal the fraternity.

    Only God’s wisdom and power will prevail on the Magistrate with a balanced mind-set to uphold the Rule of Law based on facts presented in Court. May God Save Zambia as a unitary State.


    • He is the state witness. Dont you understand that concept? It was not the defence team that is, RB’s lawyers who brought him to the dock but the prosecutors ie the people with vested interests who want to see him behind bars. No wonder this pa fipuba regime can run roughshod over the governance of the country if such a high proportion of the populace (even the ones who one would assume have had a modicum of education) dont understand simple procedures.

    • Senior state councel, Nchito, dragged a “state witness” a Mr Akpan Ekpenene to court with a view of adding a final nail to Mr Banda’s coffin. However, the Nigerian national destroyed the already weak state case by contradicting everything that which supposedly strengthened the above case before court. Whilst attempting to conceal the battered tail in-between his legs, the poor senior state councel (Nchito) threatened the media and promised to bring another liar (a state witness) to court so as to settle his accounts with his rival, Mr Banda. The state has professionally managed to display a circus with a pack of lies so far. The state should have reviewed all sections,subsections and paragraphs of the Criminal Penal Code of Zambia before charging the accused with this laughable attempt.

  28. Let us reflesh our memories and get back to the day parliament was lifting the immunity of RB. Cadres were shouting in Parliament crucify him crucify him. Now Matibini is ashamed let the speaker resign on moral ground. I remember Hon Muntanga rose on a point of order to tell the speaker that the Pf shall emback on journey the will never find. This is what they said and they have been vindicated.

  29. RB







  30. So ubukopo buchilimo mu Zambia ka to this day….awe mwandi chakupapa sana. If you know all to well who Nigerians are and what they are made of, you will not post silly comments on this site. I mean he’s crying when he knows deep down his heart that he and former presido chewed the money together. If I were the judge, I would not even wink once cause I know it was done. Remember people, Nigerians are the main reason we as Africans are required to obtain visas whenever you wanna visit any country in the world. We needed not in the past. They have made the white man to believe that Africans are drug dealers and fraudsters—-lock them up you are wasting taxpayers’ money.

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