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Zambia needs a progressive and independent judiciary-Wynter Kabimba


Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

ZAMBIA needs a progressive and independent judiciary which is accountable to the majority of the people it serves, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has said.

Mr Kabimba said the country’s judiciary should be sensitive to the court of public opinion and promote good governance and human rights.

Speaking in a presentation on legal and justice reforms in Zambia during the seventh annual State Advocates workshop in Livingstone yesterday, he said it was vital to have a judicial system which did not believe in divinity of judgments it pronounced.

“The Zambian Government would like to have a justice and legal system which will be a catalyst for social and economic development as well as the overall stability of society,” he said.

He said in a constitutional democracy such as that of Zambia, a legal and justice system which was able to meet and fulfill the aspirations of the people was most appropriate.

He said the lack of political will since independence to reform the legal and justice system in Zambia could have contributed to growing poverty and inequality and slowed economic development.

“We need a judiciary which promotes good governance and human rights as well as a judiciary which commands the respect and confidence of society. We also need a legal system which does not compromise the local and international standards,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said a Police Service which promoted the civil liberties of individual citizens and the human rights regime of all citizens was another aspect of a just legal system.

He called for a Prison Service which was not penal but reformatory so as to ensure that prisoners had a post-prison life as citizens.

“We need a system of appointing and promoting Judges on merit and not any other extraneous considerations. We also need a media regime which is free from undue political pressure and influence but which is also accountable and responsible in its reporting,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said under the MMD administration, the stakeholders in the judiciary and the general public had lost hope about judicial reforms.

Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba urged participants to put in their best during the workshop.

Mr Akafumba said he had no doubt that the participants would find the meeting useful in their career as lawyers.

The five-day gathering has attracted many lawyers from the Government and from the private sector.


  1. A Progressive Judiciary with Old Rugs Sata, Chibesakunda, Mutembo and yourself still in the system. It’s a Joke of the Year.

    The 3 of you are a major drawback to an Independent and Progressive Judiciary. But comforted to learn that your time of reckoning is near. God bless Mother Zambia.

    • I don’t like your way of thinking and calling Sata a rug, you better get arrested tomorrow. And Sata is not close to be a lawyer or understand it, so spare him on this.
      BUT- I am glad you mentioned Mutembo.

    • I can’t wait to see a replacement as Progressive and Independent Justice Minister. Gen. Miyanda said it already that Kabimba need to be sent in foreign mission, so we can have an Independent” Justice Minister.

  2. I am beginning to like this guy, only because he says things he doesn’t believe even himself. He is basically so dull he just reads what’s written for him. I bet if you asked him a week later he wouldn’t even know what you are talking about, he is not in touch with reality!

  3. Hon Kabimba you are a liar, when you are winning, ECZ professionals are qualified and competent and when you loose they are incompetent and unqualified. Hon Kabimba you act like a chameleon, like a flip flop, your tongue has become untamed. You are not the Kabimba we had known 1 and half years ago. See how you behaved when ACC required you to present yourself before it. You are not a good example of a servant. You are not the right person to be taking about Justice although you are a minister of that ministry. Even though I support PF I will not support your untamed tongue and I will not support unjust things done by PF. You ‘re letting down PF.

  4. for us to have an independent and progressive judiciary first of all wynter kabimba you must step down and give way to well meaningful people to lead our judiciary but aslong as you lombe chibesakunda mutembo nchito at the helm we are goin in circles.you must step down *****.

  5. winter, was that campaigning? come on, stop joking, you busy using the police in violation human rights, today you want a just police force, the police follow command issued by you, how dare you take us for kids, you are in power, make sure you implement all you said us Zambians need, when we call for resignation of chibesakunda, you want us arrested, what then are you taking about? which zambians are you referring to? yourselves? because you dont even look like a Zambian even in your actions. fuma apa iwe!!!!!!

  6. winter, you have brought cold winter in the judiciary. you need to step down or be fired before we have a progressive judiciary

  7. So now the judges should follow public opinion. Then we might just resort to mob justice. I thought judges ought to be wise and pass independent judgements? funny lawyer and confused justice minister.

  8. This statement by Mr Kabimba is so similar to a Lion that’s just hunted down & crippled an antelope, is about to kill & eat it, then starts to cry & tell the antelope its sorry. Actions speak louder than words, & posturing. Check out Kabimba’s recent reported history & actions. I really cannot tie them to what he’s preaching. I believe its better to keep quiet, than show yourself up

  9. @sansakuwa….that is funny. I saw his comment on his facebook and he mentioned accountability and independence of the judiciary…but somehow he did not post the whole thing.. which made me think the man did not really know what he was talking about…..how many points did he get at G12 this man? Maybe more than 21 point…this man is a G12 failure…

  10. Does this id10t really think Zambians are so stupid that they can listen to this BULLSH!T when they can see PF subverting the course of Justice with their own eyes?

    He should be busy impeaching people for breaching the Constitution, not regurgitating such drivel and nonsense.


    Another LIAR and Hypocrite typical of PF.

  11. unless u step down mr summer& the lest as others have said it, wil a progress occur in our judicial systems.

    stop making fun of us ok……

  12. Human rights, justice and good governance sound strange coming from Hon. Kabimba’s mouth. I am glad I left the public service before he became Minister. I would not help but voice my diagreement and be fired.

  13. Anybody can change i.e. from bad to worse-worst, bad to good-better (not best). Wynter can change also either changes are equally possible with him, lets wait and see. He was actually born good (human beings are essentially good) but maybe the environment changed him to what people now see is.

  14. The chief Chimbwi No Plan Wynter Kabimba is headed for a humiliating defeat following testimonies from his sponsored witnesses that neither Nigeria nor Zambia spent a penny in his created RB-Nigerian oil deal. It was a foolish Commission of Inquiry with a 100% false report. This is the best lawyer PF has and they think they can rule! This country is on automatic piloting. Chimbwi No Plan Wynter lied to the President and people wonder why this useless fellow is still retained in govt.

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