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Kapiri husband kills man caught sleeping with his wife

Headlines Kapiri husband kills man caught sleeping with his wife

A 27 year old man was been beaten to death after he was allegedly found committing adultery with the wife of another family member.

The deceased identified as Leonard Chitambala was beaten to death by Sebastian Kunda after he was found committing adultery with his wife in their matrimonial house at Kamisadaka village in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Deputy Central province Commissioner of police Edwin Bwanga who confirmed the development said the incident happened at the weekend around 23:00 hours when Mr Kunda returned home.

Mr Bwanga said that after the beating and on his way home,Mr Chitambala collapsed after moving few metres. He died on
the way to the hospital.

Police have since picked up the accused person to assist with investigations and that he would be charged with the offence murder once investigations are concluded.

He cautioned the public against taking law into their own hands.

In another development, Police in Kabwe have arrested a 40-year-old man who allegedly defiled his five year old grand-daughter.
The accused identified as Emmanuel Kunda is alleged to have defiled the girl at her parents’ house in Nakoli township where he had gone visiting and took advantage of the absence of the girl’s mother who had briefly gone out.

Mr Bwanga said the incident happened around 16:00 hours, on August 4, 2013.He said the matter was reported by the daughter to the accused and
that he has since been arrested and charged with the offence of defilement and would appear in court soon.


    • And men are?!! anger How does this behavior help him now? Now he is going to jail instead of divorcing his wife…never let anger run your life!

    • @Washington, You better get married man, you can’t continue nyangaling your friend’s woman. If you don’t like these women without petticoats, then marry that 62 year-old.
      We don’t just want to hear that you married a man.

    • The incident happened around….hours

      This is the Zambian way of reporting, never found here in Europe

      terrible reporters

      Either way I give it to only one man, in this case Nick and only him. Anyone one else can try they are wasting their time, I will refuse


    • This is a crime of Passion, “a crime nonetheless!” The Courts should show leniency towards the accused. Also, the cause of death has not been clearly ascertained. There are other extenuating circumstances that may have led to the death of the Adulterer. This is not an easy case. Warning!! If I catch you with my wife, I am taking my life. But before I do that, I am taking you, my wife and your wife or girlfriend, if you have any. I am not going out alone.

  1. release that man who beat to death the immoral adulterous man.people who go for other people’s wives dont deserve to live

    • How does this behavior help him now? Foolish man, now he is going to jail instead of divorcing his wife…never let anger run your life!

    • But was the woman was also a consenting adult. She should not have allowed the man to touch her if did not consent unless if she is an imbecile


  3. What emotions can do.Anyway maybe i might do the same if in the same situations.I can just imagine the pain of finding my wife balemuchita in our matrimonial bed.Hope you will get away with manslaughter brother.

    • Ati balemuchita mu matrimonial bed! Does it make it any better ngabalemuchitila mu living room nangu mu toilet?

  4. the bible say

    26 ???????for on account of a prostitute one is brought down to a loaf of bread,
    but the wife of another man preys on your precious life.
    27 ???????Can a man hold fire against his chest
    without burning his clothes?
    28 ???????Can a man walk on hot coals
    without scorching his feet?
    29 ???????So it is with the one who has sex with his neighbor’s wife;
    no one who touches her will escape punishment.
    30 ???????People do not despise a thief when he steals
    to fulfill his need when he is hungry.
    31 ???????Yet if he is caught he must repay seven times over,
    he might even have to give all the wealth of his house. Exod 22:1; Exod 22:4;
    32 ???? 32 ???????A man who commits adultery with a…

  5. 32 ???????A man who commits adultery with a woman lacks wisdom,
    whoever does it destroys his own life.
    33 ???????He will be beaten and despised,
    and his reproach will not be wiped away;
    34 ???????for jealousy kindles a husband’s rage,
    and he will not show mercy when he takes revenge.
    35 ???????He will not consider any compensation;
    he will not be willing, even if you multiply the compensation. “

  6. Case 2?? A 40 Year Old having a 5 years granddaughter? Maths?? At what age did this man marry to have daughter who has also a 5 year old??? LT is this coincidence or mistake?? Sebastian Kunda the Killer and then Emmanuel Kunda the Defiler?? Is it a day for Kundas

    • Maybe he impregnated a lady at the age of 16 and had a daughter. That daughter, who is this year 24 years old, could have had that 5 year old baby when she was 19. There are many possibilities. Some girls give birth at 14 years..

  7. Ok but lets reason together, the husband should be release with no case. He beat the man in his own matrimonial home and then ran and dropped and died on the way. OK what was he supposed to do upoun finding the man on top of his wife on his matrimonial bed???? was he supposed to just chase the man and just start court proceedings or catch him which was not possible, ,,,,no common sense would tell one to hammer and he did well….I don’t blame him at all. A lesson to all promiscuous men, who cant even afford to book a room for such, and have no respect for someone else’s matrimonial bed

  8. Zambian Police very quiet at conclusion?? What is the cause of death??Has it been proven that he died from beatings?? Maybe he just had a heart attack considering the act and then running for his life?? Get the facts before holding the innocent / traumatized man. The Adulterer Died in his own sins??

  9. Before jail nga naipaya na chibwi,umukashi. No matter how much you provide,even when you are rich that’s how all women are. Its bad indeed coz naine nalibomba namukamwine but i repented when i went to bread and honey ministry church. Sorry Bra

    • Iwe it’s not just women, how many married men are parading around for hot married women or single girls? i wont even descriminate white, black a man is a dog, excuse me for the lingo but thats a fact, if it was the otherway round, still the blame would of been on a women, lets just say it takes tow to tangle and a man is the cause of all these sexual escapades otherwise, a woman needs love as well.

  10. Oh my God this is scary! I thought “black men” were excluded from crimes of passion?
    No way out, white boys.., ati wesheko kapambali, he dumps you in the deep freeze together with chop sticks, Black dudes following suit, how else are those trying to enjoy the gift of life going to survive? mind you every one at one time in their life have gone outside their relationship realistically speaking.
    This man also…, nowonder his girl was looking somewhere else, ine nayopa but.

  11. This is happening because people are frustrated with the pf administration. They have no money in their pockets and try to get their pleasures every which way they can.

  12. A REAL MAN: If a REAL MAN is to find his wife in bed with another man he would tell the man to get up, get dressed and leave. Then he would turn to his wife and say “let’s pray. It appears demons have invaded our home.”
    I, unfoetunately, am not a real man. I would’ve just whupped both their asses too!!!!

  13. FATCTS:
    (1) The man may be failing in bed to satstfy his wife, may be that is the reason she went to another man.

    (2) Where was he when he reported home at 23hrs?

    (3) Could he have gone to another girl friend?

    Careful before you conclude.

    Could be that the man was also abusing his wife by leaving his matrimonial home to other women.

    If this is the case the woman should have requested for a divorce insteady of comitting adultery. This is where she made a mistake.

  14. Cakupapa sana.Women plz rspect yo homez.Naifwe fwema Guyz honestl ucaye kafwafwa Gelo yamwine mun’ganda yakwe?That’s suicide.

  15. Murder??? This is a crime of passion, let the man go free. When you find another man bonking your wife red handed, you are momentarily insane….mind is not right….and should be aquited on grounds of temporary insanity!

    • Partially i agree with you but i beg to differ on the aspect of acquittal on grounds of tempoprary insanity. My advice to the accused is for him to invoke the defence of provocation as he was not the master of his mind when he found the deceased and his wife “fraglante delicto”(red handed). Due to circumstances of the case which to me is not clear, the offence may be reduced to manslaughter.

  16. adultery is bad, and lots of people are doing it, lots of married women, and they are going for bald headed men.

    the problems are the men, most are drunkards and come home done by their girlfriends and they are seriously not inspiring in bed, and women need satisfaction too.

    some are even married to English soccer more than their spouses.

    Mwanya imwe, if you knew what your women are doing, you would stop that foolish addiction to soccer and give your wives true love.

  17. Nothing like taking law into their own hands,that dead man he deserve to die same nakaliule kakwe.lwe judge if you are going to jail that innocent man bukala bobe in advance.

  18. I feel sorry for the man MHSRIP and the owner of the wife be hanged to death for murdering his friend.Men should learn to satisfy their wives because returning home midnight or early in the morning can resullt in such.

  19. Its not murder!The man was an intruder(thief),stealing other peoples goodies and surely deserves to die.I would also thrash him to death.Moreover he was beaten and not killed.Maybe manslaughter!Get a good lawyer.You are a free man.Where is the woman?Ala Ubuchende?

  20. Moreover, you shall not lie carnally with your neighbor’s wife, to defile yourself with her. (Leviticus 18:20 AMP) …. You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22 AMP) …. Neither shall you lie with any beast and defile yourself with it; neither shall any woman yield herself to a beast to lie with it; it is confusion, perversion, and degradedly carnal. (Leviticus 18:23 AMP).

    Churches don’t teach these things any more, hence the depravity we see!

  21. Surely so many single women around in Kapiri Mposhi including some loose prostitutes along the road. Lomba ukatole wamuyako? M’paka kufwilapo ka!! Shame!!!!

  22. ..Those of us who are privileged to have witnessed British flag being drawn down and up went Zambian flag were treated to a similar case in the late ’70s. ‘Man axed to death’ read the Times headline. The husband worked for Super loaf then(making bread usually on night duty) and the adulterous were from UCZ church those guys who wear red jackets and skirts. From a tip off, the husband caught the two in action on his matrimonial bed. Armed with an axe..the rest is history. Almost six months later..’Axe man acquitted’.. read the Times headlines…That’s how rest rooms we now call guest houses were popularised. Out of 100 Kundas, 99 wld do the same. Advise..Don’t go for someone’s spouse period …but if u cannot hold..never use matrimonial house. Rest hses, bush, car are all at your…

  23. The dead man wore a cap that fit him well.
    The victim here is the owner of the wife. Dead man and the wife ganged up to put the victim in this predicament.
    Please,release the victim and deter would be offenders.

  24. This case needs some serious re-think by the Police. They shouldn’t have arrested the man who beat up the adulterer. He deserved all that happened to him. I mean why is the woman not chraged for conspiracy to murder because she’s the main cause of his (adulterer’s) death. If I were in that situation I will probabaly would have zapped both of them. You are dead if I catch u in my matrimonial bed….wow some people koma balina nyele yo vuta. I don’t care what one would say or do–if I catch you you gone son—I will blugeon your ass and parade it in public for all to see including the popopo (police)…..Dora Siliya is still walking freely f***ing around like none had happened. I think Dora deserves to be in the dog pound for once. I will be happy.

  25. Mr. Kunda! You did a good job by KILLING tht goat man you found sleeping with ur wife. At list we have lost unwanted sole on earth. May He Rest In Pieces. Kill him again in hell

  26. Hahahahaha I wonder which law schools sum of u guys went to,read the case kambilu-mbilu Vs the people,as for the police they r jus doin their Job,if u read the article carefully,u’ll c dat it says “help with investigations” Guys get ur minds right

  27. Women Close your legs, tell your hubby nicely “Baby let us try this, Baby I Need this, Baby touch me there” etc… and you will satisfy each other and Men lock your Pants, dón´t pull out that machine anyhow and forbidden fruits aren´t sweeter trust me…they mean death…

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