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Zambia Prisons Service bans distribution of condoms to prisoners, it encourages homosexuality

Health Zambia Prisons Service bans distribution of condoms to prisoners, it encourages...

HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu (far right) addresses inmates after commissioning the newly built Mwembeshi Maximum security prison in Mumbwa district
FILE: HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu (far right) addresses inmates after commissioning the newly built Mwembeshi Maximum security prison in Mumbwa district

THE Zambia Prisons Service (ZPS) has said it will not condone distribution of condoms in prisons because doing so encourages homosexuality among inmates.

ZPS commissioner Perce Chato said the prisons authority had no intention of embarking on the distribution and supply of condoms to inmates.

Mr Chato said this in an interview in Kitwe shortly after he launched the Mobile Hospital at Kamfinsa State Prisons.

He said permitting distribution and supply of condoms would be encouraging Sodomy, an act which was illegal in the country.

“We have an obligation to protect and promote the Republican Constitution. If we permit distribution of condoms its like we are contradicting the provisions of the Constitution which prohibit homosexuality,” Mr.Chato said.

He said homosexuality under the Zambian law was illegal and that the prisons service had no intention of changing that.

Mr Chato also said the prisons service was determined to prevent acts of homosexuality in prisons because it was a known fact this was one of the major driver of HIV-AIDS.

He further stated that the service five years ago conducted a survey on the status of HIV/AIDS in prisons and it indicated that the prevalence rate stood at 27 percent in all facilities which was very high.

Mr Chato said a significant number of prisoners were today aware of the vice and this had helped to reduce the prevalence rate.

“Most inmates are now aware about the danger of indulging in homosexuality and its consequences. So the HIV-AIDS prevalence rate in most facilities across the country is now at minimal level.”Mr Chato said.

Mr Chato also called on concern non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other relevant stake holders to come on board and conduct a research on homosexuality and HIV-Aids in all facilities across Zambia.


  1. The issue here should not be preventing sodomy. The issue should be preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The reality is that inmates will have sex with each other anyway. It is irresponsible, and a fantasy to imagine otherwise. Therefore, the government should reconsider their position on this, otherwise the fight against HIV/AIDS can never be won.

    • you are right 1&1.1 they should just give people the condoms …they can´t control what the imates with do after darkness…some are coming out and are infecting innocent women/girls/men/boys

  2. Are their ladies who go to prisons for the prisoners to have sex with? If not no condom should be allowed! Bastards let them die and finish of aids if they want!

    • The reality is, a large proportion of these prisoners are in there for petty crimes that probably do not carry a sentence of more than 6 months. Once they have served their sentence, do they not come back into society? Do they not copulate once they come back out into society? Does that not heighten the chances of the spread of AIDS? Is that not a drain on taxpayers money in the long term?

  3. this is a very tricky scenario. on one hand distributing condoms would encourage gayism but not doing so again will lead to an increase in the spread of HIV in prisons because whether we like it or not the act of gayism in prisons will continue with or without condoms. the solution maybe to add more years to sentences for those found performing such.

  4. This is not wisdom at all. Granted, homosexuality is illegal, but in prison conditions different rules apply , control of bullying is impossible and disease flourishes. The guys who get the recieving end (raped or “domesticated” usually have little or no choice, and it is usually the weak and the guys with smaller crimes according to the prison hierarchy, the guys also most likely to come out soon and spread it around. Please stop thinking with your prejudices and think with your capacity to rationalize. Do not punish the victim, worse still in a manner that puts yourself and your loved ones at risk when he comes out, doing women.

  5. More prisons to reach the standards in thewest so that there is no congestion. Four bunkers per cell would would almost wipe out sodomy. We just have to invest and use the prisoners productively. We just need to think big and long term. Prison can be anyone’s home. So please, make them reasonably habitable.

    • 1 bunker with 2 prisoners per cell and the cells facing each other with a corridor in between. we see that in the movies dont we? The Hard working PF govt should immediately commence a “SAVE PRISONERS” campaign by constructing massive prisons in the districts with the prisoners themselves providing the unskilled labour. in a very short time we will have de- conjested the prisons and saved a lot of lives. in the meantime i find it hard to justify the distribution of condoms because the prison service command has been vehemently denying the existence of sodomy in the prisons. definitely distribution of condoms was a terrible contradiction if not hypocrisy.

  6. Consider redesigning the prisons!
    Solitary confinement may help to curb both evils of sodomy and the spread of HIV!

  7. There we go again. Back to the dark ages. Even Pope Francis said he has no right to judge anyone. Which kills people sex or AIDS? why would a minister make such a serious decision without consultation? We have toiled for years to bring down the spread of HIV and these fools can just dream up useless and retrogressive policies.

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