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President Michael Sata mourns Ben Mwila

Headlines President Michael Sata mourns Ben Mwila

President MC Sata at Statehouse 06

President Michael Sata has said that he was deeply saddened at the passing of former defence minister Mr. Benjamin Yorum Mwila who died in South Africa on Saturday.

In his message of condolences to the Mwila family, President Sata said the late Mr. Mwila 70, rendered a gallant service to the country and its people.

“It is with a deep sense of shock and sorrow that I offer my heartfelt condolences to the Mwila family on the loss of this dedicated and steadfast compatriot,” President Sata said.

President Sata said he remembers the late Mr. Mwila from his early days as a proficient entrepreneur who devoted his professional and political career to the cause of the country.

“No doubt, during his distinguished business and political career our departed colleague served this country with brilliance and vigilance in the many national tasks he executed. Therefore, his distinguished services will be deeply missed by all of us. We beseech the Almighty God to grant the bereaved family comfort and strength during this difficult period,” the Head of State said.

The late Mr. Mwila served as defence minister in the first MMD Cabinet as well as energy and water development minister among other positions.



    • It was corruptly given to BY and the Govt had to do the right thing, we should always distinguish between being friends from national issues. Please stop being petty!

    • The contract was corruptly awarded and he was taking too long to construct the road. Lets not mix work with friendship.

    • @Bankipi and the Observer
      Indeed there is nothing wrong with cancelling a corruptly awarded contract but we have LAWS of the land including an institution that is equipped to fight corruption. Therefore if a Govt has sufficient evidence of corruption, it should not just end at cancelling the contract but it should also prosecute those that were involved in the in the activity leading award. In the absence of following this through, there remains room for people to criticise just as others are now doing. Andrew Banda’s case is one example that comes to mind. We cannot be so blinkered to accept that all that PF does is without malice, lies or vindictive.

    • Now that you mention that failed contract did BY pay back the money, he had been paid upfront? some body must ensure it is paid , that is taxpayers money!!!!! otherwise cabipa too young to die .

    • Why don’t you just mourn the dead? Even if “ufwa tafimba pa chi..” bushe nifi?
      Bushe mwalifwapo imwe?

    • Notradamus is a blog addict. Like an alcoholic, you can’t stop him especially when he is on Kachasu. We, his friends are advising him to take a break, but he will not listen. He keeps blogging in the morning, in the day, in the night, and every hour. He does not know what effect this has on his health. Mwana, please take a break and care for your family. Uleumfwa iwe wesilu.

  2. 15th August, 2013

    The Barotseland Intelligence Agency has received reliable information that the Zambian Government has now started ferrying military hardware and numerous soldiers to Barotseland in readiness for war. Trucks are seen in the night bringing weapons, cheating that they are going for trainings. This came out from the security meeting which was held at the PS’s office which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary Mr Emanuel Mwamba in Mongu on 07th August, 2013.
    Therefore, we would like to tell the whole world that Barotseland is our heritage and we don’t need to ask for it from any one. People must learn to speak the truth. It is the foreigner who must leave us alone, and if it means…

    • My friend you might not live longer to see the so called Barotse gets independence. Your days are numbered.

    • This is a very important message to all peace loving Zambians who detest bloodshed at any cost. Prophet TB Joshua has been asking all Christians to pray for the nations, that there will be protests everywhere. He cautions that the protests have to be stopped at the peaceful level and NOT allowed to escalate into what we are seeing in Egypt or that of the Boko Haram in Nigeria. Just the other day I was watching the Rwanda genocide documentary. It all started with a simple idea such that people around and beyond chose to ignore it as something that would just die out. But they were VERY wrong! Someone is hungry for human blood in Zambia and his agents are ready to carry out that mission at any cost. Let us pray for our Great Nation which has declared Jehovah as their God that the blood of…

    • You don’t have the means to stay out of Zambia. Just vote wisely next time. Remember, you are easy to fool…MMD was much better. Lozis admit you were used.

    • Greed will consume the Lozi’s. the lozi men are alwfully greedy and self centered. quite opposite from their women for whom i have so much respect.

  3. Passing of a brilliant entrepreneur. His sound business acumen will live on and should inspire the youths of Zambia. He ran Hume Pipe in Luanshya like a Swiss watch, making it the best pipe manufacturing venture in Zambia. He will always be fondly remembered by my contemporaries, Zambians and expats.

    • UTH is closed for proper treatment. Its only open for minor flu’s and stomach upsets where they can easily administer ORS & cough syrups

  4. @GBM if you have limited knowledge on contracts formulation and termination you are advised to keep quiet as your exposure to ignorance is worsening. Morever it is not the right time to bring such detrimental assertions. Contract management is a course which you tertiary education to comprehend its language. RIP BY.

  5. @Muletasha why do u publish sensitive security maters like tht.Ar u ready to prove yr words absolutely?I urge refrain & stop alarming peaceful citizens of western provnce.One Zambia One Nation.We remain a united nation.BY may yr RIP.Condolences to family.

    • the i***** actually collapsed and fainted for 45 minutes on thursday. very unfortunate that the “husband grabber” was on standby to resuscitate the dragon, whatever they do this year destiny will determine the direction of our country, no amount of medication will save the devil from destruction. no wonder there is a hive of activity in pf with camps emerging.

  6. Very saddened.RIP big man. @Zwd ,is your time not coming?Unwise being indeed!Can the government deal with these id i ots alarming the nation once and for all? They think imperialists will come & rescue them. lt is too much.

  7. You think it is a kind of hate u have for others?kupusa bagalu!U wish him dead as though u will leave for ever.Next it maybe yo Hh .Did yo know that it could be BY’S time to go now? Mulekwata amano mwefyanangwamwe! RIP batata.

    • @Osmore

      People are frustrated Osmore.
      I’ve said it once before: Zambians are peace-loving, fun-loving people. For them to get to this extent, something must be deeply wrong.

  8. How does this work guys; you grab a guys business tenders, he dies and then you suddenly remember he was a ‘gallant’ man.

  9. Lets hope the next will be the heartless President himself to die.
    Look the way he is treating the students and everyone else, he behaves like the almighty, God take this evil president away.

    Sorry am just speaking the truth.

  10. Ka BY was no angel, this ka chap also eliminated a lot of his comrades both in business and politics. Go and meet the maker.

  11. MYSRIP … you will be greatly missed, Shikulu. You are a great example of another self-made million. You will always be remembered for that.

  12. BY nashala neka party wishes to convey its deepest condolencies to Mwila family.BY was the finacier and great leader of our party.May his soul rip.

  13. The joke of the year even a fool when he keeps quiet he is seen wise manje baka ponya awe everything is bus stop mentality

  14. @High Speed Black Mama yr tuely a woman like mama!Are a citizens spokesperson?Its u alone who ‘s frustated not evryone.Moreover coz u re HH agent frustrated aganst Sta’s victory.Tel ZPA agent its not time liquidate Zambia.The chap amased wealth crookedly & want hoodwink Zambians now,we can bet 2016 saimyanga!I can guarantee u.Why re tryng stir pipo jealous [email protected] Osmore u re great my man & objective gud day.

  15. Chabipa ba BY lelo i hope u knew God. Ba Barotse, mwisamwa!!! Mukafwaa bonsee, pew pew!!! Mweba lozi tukalamishuta pamatako capwaa!

  16. Ukwa mourns Mwila through George Chellah, we may just as well put George Chella as president.,,,,twanaka, we dont want speaking through a second person.We want ukwa to be seen and heard

  17. My heartfelt condolonces to bereaved family indeed its a great lose we commit him in the almighty’s hands for do not have powers over DEATH or rather to restore HIM but we have assurance from the BIBLE 1corithians 15 31 58,that DEATH will not have dominion over US.
    May the MWILA family to stand firm in the lord in such a sorrowful situation..GOD will sEe you through,may HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE…..


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