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President Michael Sata to lead mourners in putting to rest late BY today

General News President Michael Sata to lead mourners in putting to rest late...

PRESIDENT Michael Sata is today expected to lead mourners in putting to rest late former Defence Minister Benjamin Mwila, who died in South Africa last week.

Family Spokesperson Ary Mumba said Mr Mwila would be put to rest at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Lusaka.

General Mumba said burial would be preceded by a church service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 10:00 hours.

Mr Mwila died at a South Africa hospital after an illness and his body arrived in the country on Wednesday.

Mr Mwila fondly known as BY, was leader of the Zambia Republican Party and had served in various ministerial portfolios under the late Frederick Chiluba administration.


    • Yo picture is misleading. U r not a woman because women r a lot wiser than this. U must b some riffraff high on mbanje yaku Malawi. Ilakukola mwaice so early!

    • The fact that you’ve never heard of B.Y. Mwila tells us how old you are and also gives the justification for your childish comments.


    • Kindly accept my apologies. Nick and I share a laptop. When I was typing, he was wiping my ‘exhaust’. You see, I have a running stomach and it’s affecting my brain.

      Nick and I would like to personally thatnk BY for the contribution he made in the development and evolution of what we now refer to as our nation.

      May God comfort his family and perhaps lead them to prophetic church…..
      ….and may that aunty not wear black for the whole year as she did last time.


    • Iwe nsanya if you do not know the man you better not comment and just stick to things you know. Do not offend people by your unwarranted pathetic comments! Ulesamba maybe your will grow some manners Mushota. I wonder why you are even still called Mushota! I feel sorry for Nick and your parents.

    • Mushota, you seem to have an identity crisis or is it inferiority complex. I find it difficult to believe your claims that you have never heard of BY. I believe you must be telling lies. Being in UK does not mean you are in heaven. There is nothing special about UK. You are not the first Zambian to be in UK neither are going to be the last. You do not need to be an angel to be in UK. You claim that you are highly educated but you certainly lack wisdom. You are full of education in the head but no reality in the heart. Your comments are quite disgusting.

    • It’s a pity LT won’t publish what I have to say to you Mushota.

    • How are King Solomon, his father David and their great grand father Abraham resting? If u have no money n are carrying a smo kalilozi dangling between your rickety legs leave the issue of women alone. Continue roasting on earth.

  1. Let us hope that those who claim to be leaders will learn to re-examine and respect their own consciences. The late Ben Mwila (BY) was a victim of a well known living tyrant.

    As time moves on schemes designed to torture fellow humans will often end up tragically. We thank RB for his kind heart in providing the much-needed human assistance to BY in life. MHSRIP.

  2. We always wish our departed friends to rest in Piece, and will do that to you as well, regardless of whether you were a hardcore criminal or not.

  3. When a man of BY’s stature passes on, a nation goes into mourning and somber reflection. Apart from leaving indelible foot marks, such departed ones leave behind lessons for others to learn from. Go well, BY.

    • bamudala wic book of moses are you toking abt? we tokn abt putting BY to rest and you are tokn abt sexual intercourse nonsense and misplaced comment.

  4. Thought the family refused to have him buried at that park,guys the way PF treated this man in life died a depressed man now want to side with PF .Shocked

  5. Sad indeed the man had super business acumen. Though he also as expected of every mortal had his own misadventures. will be greatly missed.

  6. Who cares if you had heard of him your opinion is dull as you are and what you represents smelly used up trash can

  7. You Guys are missing the headline hear, Sata at the funeral…yayayayaya let us all brace for complete drama and comedy. more embarrassments.

  8. Zambia reporters are difficult to follow .ZWD said the family declined to bury in Lusaka and now you are saying it will be in Lusaka . Which is which

  9. Embassy Park is for presidents,

    BY will buried at Leopards Hill Memorial Park.
    I would have been shocked too, if it was Embassy Park, but then, I thought too that family declined and said they bury in Kitwe near the fathers grave?..well, the dead knows nothing, even if SATA gives a good treatment, BY has died a miserable man due to the ill treatment by SATA government. The Dead Know nothing,

    Leopards Hill Memorial Park

    Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a private cemetery in the eastern suburbs of Lusaka, Zambia, offering quality facilities in landscaped and secure grounds, giving a tranquil final resting place for loved ones.

  10. I would like to set eyes on Mr. Sata as verification that he is still alive and at the helm. A video would be best but pics are fine too.

    He appears for a funeral but not for Press Conferences? Most people would be more appreciative if he skipped the funeral (mourn privately) and address the many ills the nation is facing in a question and Answer session.

    Talk to us sir!

  11. GBHS……, i hope his next life is better than this life we have on earth, rejoice guys it’s not the end of him maybe in this life but for sure his just entered another chapter of his journey we have no clue about, so do not be weary for it is well with him.

  12. when the occasion does not call for talking about the economy or strategic developmental plans, you can be rest assured Sata will ‘take the lead’. I liked BY and am genuinely sorry he died.

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