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President Sata is very popular in PF circles and doesn’t need endorsement- Ngoma

Headlines President Sata is very popular in PF circles and doesn't need endorsement-...

Dr Guy Scott with President Sata at Statehouse
Dr Guy Scott with President Sata at Statehouse

Political analyst Alex Ngoma has said that President Michael Sata is a very popular leader among Patriotic Front members and that he does not need to be endorsed to go for a second term.

Commenting on the ongoing debate in the Patriotic Front on the endorsement of President Sata as the PF’s sole candidate for 2016 elections , Dr. Ngoma said that those endorsing him are merely creating unnecessary debates that will not yield any fruits.

Dr. Ngoma said that those endorsing President Sata want to be seen as close friends to President Sata, when the constitution allows him to go for two five year terms.

He added that those endorsing the President are also doing so to win the heart of the Head of State.

Dr. Ngoma added that time will come when the Patriotic Front will have to go to the convention which will be the appropriate time for people to start endorsing him.

He said that the debate on the endorsements is uncalled for stating that there are serious issues that require to be debated on that will help move the country forward.

In the recent weeks’ debate has heightened in the ruling Patriotic Front pitting those endorsing President Sata’s 2016 candidature led by Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba and those who feel the endorsements are unnecessary.


    • Guys, I am the real Nostradamus, not the guy with the American flag. I was away now I am back to claim my name. I apologize, the guy misled you with his shallow comments and his hate language. To all those he harmed, I am sorry. Coming to the point. Sata must be careful not to be so complacent. He must not take people for granted. It can be said that his popularity is not as strong as before the elections. Things are happening fast. He might find himself outside the gates of Plot 1. HE Sata take heed, fire are the riffraffs from your government.

  1. If this ngoma guy is the ballot paper thief,then i know he is on the membe/kabimba team.next commentetor please.

  2. Ngoma & co afraid to tell their king he’s got no clothes.Afterall,a circle gets smaller and smaller as it disappears over the horizon and the PF circe is fading fast,very fast.

  3. And GBM said Miles Sampa is one of the rifraffs in PF! fighting has erupted in the titanic ship. The captain of the ship is just watching.

  4. Power vacuums need to be nipped in the bud. By eulogizing MCS, certain PF members are sending one signal: United we stand, divided we fall! Leadership is complex and sensitive. What is wrong with that? Or are you proposing a successor?

  5. mwalosheni bonshe! i think its stil national mourning for great son of the soil B.Y.

    This issue of endsorsing of Sata for president raising alot of questions than answers. why should one normal adult stand up and endsorse Sata now for 2016, when he (sata) has not even served half of his first five in office?? And why should there be death and health rumours circulating NOT on the ZWD but within PF at the very top level?,, and these rumours are confirmed by a PF big shot!!.. are things okay behild the sences? is the president healthy and okay?.. this does not make sense, Sata can potentially rule for 10yrs and judging from those pictures he( sata) looks healthy,,, no need for people to go into panic endsorement mode! vultures dont just fight unless there is a dying prey near

  6. Infighting deepening in the PF camp with Miles Sampa challenging GBM to produce his CV. He claims the man failed grade 7 three times. He added there are no historical records of Mwamba’s secondary education anywhere as he claims to be a form five. Wapya munzi!!!!!!!!! vayamba kuululika manje!!!!!

  7. This endorsement circus and statements like the one above only serve to fuel a fire of suspicion that all is not well within the PF. They are disintegrating from within lol. Chimbwi no plan ni so chabe. Those that keep insulting HH will have to re-think. If he plays his cards right he can offer strong opposition 2016.


  9. Isoka iyabula na Venom! ATI SATA my foot. We are tired of non-develompmental outbursts from the so called leaders.

    Atase ifyamumatako fyekafyeka.

  10. Yes Sata is popular but he is a sick man who needs rest. People who are endorsing Sata for a second term are selfish and they know quite well that Sata is PF and there is no any other person who can lead better than Sata. But forcing or encouraging Sata to stand in 2016 is simply sending him to the grave quickly. Besides which people want to have a president who simply confined in state and address them? The only person we hear is his spokes person! On the other hand PF has run out of ideas and they have no national issues to debate about instead they want to endorse a dictator in the party. Who even has the balls to challenge Sata for presidency anyway. There is no democracy in PF and there is only Sata’s word period!

  11. No doubt about it now – the battle lines have been drawn – Team GBM versus Kabimba clique.

    This is going to get very ugly indeed – my money is on Team GBM.

  12. I would love to see PF out of power in 2016 but who would take over??
    NOT – A LOZI


  13. But there’s no news sure. LT please send a reporter to get a real story not just “this one said”, thanks

  14. I definately believe it fter seeing those fotos at BYs funeral, man….. his aura is just bewitching not even RB can ignore it, very facinating I trust this man will deliver if not all… then half of it, watch him sweep this nation to a deserving spot! Am not allucinating this is what am betting on.

  15. I wonder if this party will exist when Sata is no longer at the helm. It will probably disintegrate into: GBM Chitumbo Party, Kabwisebo Arrogance Party, etc.

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