Government happy with UNWTO success

President Michael Sata being entertained by  traditional dancers  on arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport for the closing of  the 20th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly August 28,2013 -Picture and caption by THOMAS NSAMA
President Michael Sata being entertained by traditional dancers on arrival at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport for the closing of the 20th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly August 28,2013 -Picture and caption by THOMAS NSAMA

Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary (PS), George Zulu, is profoundly elated with the success of the 20th United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly, which was co-hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Mr Zulu said on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television shortly after official closure of the assembly at Royal Livingstone Hotel in Livingstone that his ministry’s efforts to organize the event were not in vain.

He paid tribute to all ministries that played different roles, organizations and the media for their unwavering commitment towards the organisation of the event and eventual successful hosting of the UNWTO general assembly.

Mr Zulu said he was happy that the general assembly has come up with resolutions that would be read out on Thursday, August 29, 2013.
He hoped that visions of Presidents Michael Sata of Zambia and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on tourism development would be implemented fully.

He said the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe were determined to make Livingstone and Victoria Falls town as permanent tourist destinations.

On the part of Zambia, Mr Zulu said government has upgraded the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport into a very good piece of infrastructure while Zimbabwe was also rehabilitating and expanding its Victoria Falls town airport to accommodate huge aircrafts.

He said he would want the 145 member states that attended the conference and the over 800 delegates to be the two countries’ ambassadors on what they have to offer in terms of tourism and hospitality.

The Tourism PS said Zambia wanted to promote Livingstone as a tourist entry point before they go to other areas.Mr Zulu has, however, called for private investors to develop hotels and increase bed capacity in hotels in order to alleviate the problem of accommodation that has been daunting the tourist capital, Livingstone, for a long time.

He said the tourism industry is a big employer and, therefore, government would want to create jobs in the same industry.Mr Zulu said Livingstone has new markets, roads, good internet and general connectivity which people should make use of.President Sata and his Zimbabwean counterparts officially closed the 20th UNWTO last evening.


  1. Hon Masebo we r very proud of u. U have always bn the shining example of how a minister must take his/her assignments seriously. Congrats Ma’am n God continue richly blessing.

  2. ZNBC was a letdown.For instance the gentleman who gave the prayer was not shown. But they kept on showing a confused chief Mpezeni who doesn’t understand English!!Why was he even invited.That function was for degree holder chiefs like chief Ishindi of the Lundas not Mpezeni.

    • Mpezeni is a cadre and if you check the invitation list you will see that its full of PF cadres. Its payback time for the PF cadres.

    • Who told you that the function was only for chiefs who hold degrees? Some chiefs are complete 1diots even if they hold degrees.

    • That’s the point I wanted to raise this conference is useless its only participated by poor countries, it was not covered by international media like bbc or cnn and only poor countries bid to host it the G8 countries do not even send representatives

  3. A fool always looks at the mistakes on has done but does not look at the success on has archived. Let be realistic guys if you at Livingstone now you will see that things has indeed changed. The Auditor general said it was good that the minister of tourism did a good job in making sure that the people who were involved in awarding contracts for the some event that some of you guys are yapping about were suspended. So what s wrong for you people to appreciate what Masebo has done? I ‘m not in Zambia but I can see that things have changed in Livingstone.

  4. Bafikala ba LT you are you just other morons why do you edit some information for other people but when they insulting people you don’t edit ????????

  5. The change in Lusaka Times reporting is startling. No longer objective and questioning; now part of the political machinery, merely reporting the movement and utterances of the modern scourge – politicians. Faga lo long pockets!

  6. UMWTO is cartel for thieves who air lift animals from poor countries and lodge owners in National Parks are evading tax

  7. Agree with you I.P.A. Manning. LT has not shown us a single photo or video that shows success on the ground. Airport is half finished. the bus stop is not finished. the market is not finished. more people stayed in Zim. so what success are we talking about? why was satata blasting ministers at the event?

  8. too much negativity from some people. in everything you try to find a wrong. I had to come back home because sometimes you dont see reality. your reality is shaped by the media. and its only logical that if you want to make change in a country , you have to be the change and you can not achieve that change by shouting and hauling a tonne of vernom from the London eye.

  9. Bravo to the PF Govt for the successful co-hosting of the UNTWO General Assembly. I am very sure a lot of aloe veras hoped it would be failure. No wonder their weak leaders were leaders did not show up. They only missed a great opportunity to show the world that they exist.

  10. LT where is my post on the roads and streets lights in Kitwe and Luanshya? Are you jealous of the development of u re the ndoshi I referred to?

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