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Ghana High Commission refutes Chipolopolo trip sabotage claims, blames FAZ’s agents and officials

Sports Ghana High Commission refutes Chipolopolo trip sabotage claims, blames FAZ's agents and...

The Ghanian High Commission in Zambia has blamed FAZ officials for the delay in the National team trip to Ghana. I a statement released to the media, the High commission said that they had done everything to make sure that the Zambia national team had a smooth trip to Ghana.

Below is the full statement.



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  1. that is why some of us insisted that the team be camped in West Africa not just to ease on logistical bottlenecks but to also acclimatize. Kumasi is humid, so how are they going to acclimitize in less than 24 hours?

    • I have always said Faz is group of bandits who dont know what there are doing other than stealing money. How does Faz explain all this nonsense? We have a faz president who is based in south Africa no wonder the team always camps in SA and you expect anything good to come out of Kumasi when you have a rotten faz president and a rotten Herve Renard. Common Ghana hammer those disorganized chaps and save as from further shame.

    • yaba, ba peter njovu please check your facts. Kumasi is in the mountains of central Ghana and is not humid. Accra is humid

    • Ba Nizi did Lesotho also book the trip by road to Maseru? Who opted to travel by road instead of flying…you people develop selective amnesia at times its no surprise you don’t take stats seriously.
      Wake up and stop taking the bullet for the incompetent empty suits at Football House!!

    • It is true.Lesotho had to wait for before connecting to Kumasi which is in the Ashanti region.Lesotho wasted or lost a day for training whilst in Accra waiting to connect to Kumasi a distance of 270 km.Am seeing Chipolopolo arriving in Kumasi an hour or two before the game.FAZ & Government you had the 3 months to organise the trip but as usual its mightie iwina icingulo. It seems the we do not learn as a country this exactly what happened in Uganda or is it Sudan where they team arrived a day or some few hours before the game.

  2. This is just damage control.Why should they continue renovating the airport in the first place when they know that a foreign team will visit ? And why didn’t they take the match to Accra ? Why a bumpy road between Accra and Kumasi ? These guys are just pathetic.

    • put your house (FAZ) in order saulosi Kalusha and his men at FAZ are sleeping. Peter Njobvu is right in his suggestion, that would have avoided such last minute preps. Better still, chipolopolo needed time to acclimatize with the weather of that region, so camping shud have been in the west, somewhere there.

    • Blame everyone but yourselves no wonder you are in the dumps…why not fly to Accra and THEN charter a light aircraft to Kamusi? YOU would be on a training pitch in Kamusi before noon. When YOU complete constructing that stadium in Mongu you will understand better but don’t tolerate incompetence on our side. It is FRANKLY inexcusable.
      In the meantime WAKE UP from your DOCILITY!!

    • This was part of Ghana’s strategy; and it has worked. They took advantage of a sleepy Faz management. It is really a fuzzy plan they cooked; very similar to the Lesotho one, of bus travel, they had earlier. (I pity the soccer players: they will have another bumpy ride all the way to Kumasi!)

      Even so, Bon Voyage!!!

    • @Jay Jay……… its not Kamusi… its Kumasi…. get it right, we want to leave no stone unturned in this game.

    • Thank you very much for the correction.
      Additionally If they had bothered to check they would have also discovered that the airport in KUMASI was being rehabilitated.

    • You dont expect your rival to treat you with kid gloves when fighting,every body including FAZ knew the kind of hospitality in waiting,our boys should soldier on and win the game.NO EXCUSE

  3. FAZ saw this coming, but took their eyes off the ‘ball’. Now Ghana will feast over your lack of foresight. Next time, if you want someone who can handle your fixtures (or even couching) efficiently, ask me. I can help. (This is an open-letter application for a position on FAZ panel.)

  4. Please Ghana High Commission do not waste your energies on these utterly corrupt DOWNRIGHT incompetent empty suits at Football, these people would mess up on even something as simple as booking a taxi from the airport. They are used to somebody from Ministry of Sport tying their shoe lases …you can’t expect a jumped up character like Mwanza to make simple flight arrangements, this boy would mess up his on daughter’s birthday party cake.
    Most properly run FAs have what is called a Team Manager, he is an experienced someone who is responsible for making all these arrangements well in advance.

    Wake up people from your docility you are not going ANYWHERE with these administration of empty suits!!

  5. @Saulosi: Don’t show your ignorance. It’s like you are trying to Turn Chipata Airport to an International airport. Note that there a lot of other logistical issues required?? Passport control and other things. Mwaya kwabene, mwaamba ifitala?? Have you been to Kumasi?? It’s just a small Town. Have facts before you start pointing fingers at others. It’s Mistakes from Our Incompetent FAZ. Start of Trouble already. Hope the Players recover from This Nonsense. Good Luck Chipolopolo

  6. We have also to blame FIFA for approving the match to be played on a Friday taking into account that it has been busy hectic previous week for almost all major clubs (CAF Club games) etc. For goodness’ sake if say a club like TP Mazembe that recently played in Tunisia and players needed to make all connections! It is ridiculus difficulty!

    Secondly Ghana out of mind game move the match to “remote” Kumasi that has no airport. Honestly in this modern era all these were supposed to be looked into before settling for Friday. I will always think as Africans really we need to remove this petty jealous and let “fair play” take its course! The better team win! We heard how Lesotho got vangushed for a sole winning! Why switching off electricity? Then play during the day!

    • They chose Friday as most of these world cup matches are merely a formality to some teams who have already qualified. The weekend has been FIFA sanctioned for international friendlies for teams who take them seriously like Ghana who have booked a date with a high ranking Japan. So what is your FAZ arranged for the weekend?? eh… apart from the press conference where the PE teacher will hand in his resignation and your Great King Kalu will give his usual pathetic excuses after the dust has settled.
      Wake up!!

    • Part of the blame goes to FAZ itself: they should have foresight (and enlightened advisers) to query those issues you have raised in the first paragraph.

      As for you second paragraph: it is obvious that this has something to do with the sub-SAHARA mentality. Unfortunately, we are stuck in this. No wonder the football game is still “sub sub”.

    • You have points in your contributions but just one thing; was HR not a trainer in Ghana for him to fail advising about Kumasi situation?

  7. where is the full statement? Zambian journalists…alota fye ati let me say something about the ZED Vs Ghana game…

  8. Hehehehe.kikikikikiki….elo lwanya. Honestly ba FAZ, you were applying for clearance on 4/09/2013 at 12:55h when the team had already boarded the plane. I can imagine the agony you were in. People were at lunch and you expected to bulldoze your way to Kumasi…bakoswe imwe.!!!! lets not blame Ghana for your unpreparedness bane. you have been caught napping,,,,,,,we ccan only keep our fingers crossed hoping to win otherwise this can terribly affect perfomance, from plane straight to the pitch. its PAYA FOOTBALL

    • In Ghana you don’t go to lunch at the same time as Zmbia. 12:55 hrs in Zambia is 10:55 hrs in Ghana.

    • It is not FAZ’s responsibility to apply for clearance but the company that owns the aircraft. These are the people to blame because they were told time and date of flight and they would have requeted for clearance much earlier. Please stop blaming FAZ on this matter. In Ghana there is no national airline and the private airlines operating in Ghana have serious safety concerns. The High Commissioner must not pretend and defend their govt. Accra which is the capital city of Ghana is the only one with an international airport. But they knew they were going to host an important game and opted to play qualifying match in Kumasi where standard and facilities are not of international status. Why did FAZ and Kambwili agree to this foolish idea of playing the game in Kumasi?

  9. Just thinking if Zambia does not come back with the result then what? Complete reoganisation of the FA , National Team, Coaching staff & technical bench. I have a feeling it is time we tried other people and tactics. Some people have been associated with Zambian football either as players, player coaches, team captians from the time of the KK11. We need fresh blood …. even AF has left Manu

    • @kamudoti, good point though i only forsee the PE teacher resigning. Our SA based FAZ presido cannot/will not leave that seat at free will.

  10. The DC-9 plane carrying the Zambia National Soccer Team has now 14:00 GMT just departed from Kinshasa Airport for another 3-hour flight to Kotoka International Airport, Accra.

  11. Unfortunately, the incompetence at FAZ reflects the overall attitude to almost everything we do in this country. No attention to detail…

  12. I blame the ghanians trust me!! they will use every trick in the book to frastrate us…for once open your eyes…Lesotho was also treated badly same as us. The ghanian high commission is just doing what all diplomates do In such situation…cover up if you look at this issue critically you will notice it doesn’t make sense at all…there is a saying that if you use more than one excuse to justify a wrong then that explanation is a lie….firstly they said the airport is closed for rehabilitation secondly they said the plane couldn’t land at night then thirdly they said clearance was granted to us late…dammit what is the real reason…to frastrate us PERIOD

  13. There will be enough time next week or in the coming months to determine what went wrong. It’s time now to focus on the prize (beat Ghana on their home soil).

  14. My dear Zambians, fellow Africans,
    you see in the long run your own undoing will be as a result of the doing of the FAZ.Lets hope for a beautiful game at the Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi.Of course, I hope and pray that the Black Stars of Ghana and indeed of Africa carry the day.
    Thank you.

    • I also hope and pray that the Chipolopolo of Zambia and indeed of Africa carry the day.

      In short may the best team carry the day for the sake of Mother Africa.Thank you.

  15. Yaba, they did the same in Sudan and Lesotho and now they have done it again in Ghana. We all know what the results were in Sudan and Lesotho! MaFAZ pull up your socks. What is it with South africa. You are playing with Sudan you camp in SA? Play with Ghana you camp in SA.

    • So that Kalusha’s wife can handle their logistics and get over paid. Can ACC move in and see what was paid in SA.

    • So that your Great King Kalu (you so worship) can collect his finder’s fee from the Hotelier and transport coach company….bringing business to a hotel of 30 men is no joke.

  16. This is pure circus at Football House. They shouldn’t start blaming others for their poor travel arrangements. We knew about this game months before…but we couldn’t make proper travel arrangements in advance.

    Instead of camping the team in West Africa, they went to camp in SA. Oh… my foot.

    Anyway, we don’t expect anything from Kumasi. We messed up against Lesotho and Sudan…. The Ghana game is just a formality.

  17. Running a countries football association is a big job, most successful FAs have educated business men at the helm. The organization of the FA directly translates to the national teams successes. We have illiterates running the show, what do you expect.

  18. Commission of inquiry will definately be excuted next week believe you me. Some1 will be fired somewhere some how. And more confusion in FAZ camp.

    • Commission of Inquiry into what? Incompetence…everyone knows that Football House’s corridors is full of corrupt self serving empty suits. Do you honestly need your neighbour to tell you that your toilet is overflowing?

  19. Pathetic planning by FAZ, but then that’s characteristic of our nation, we are rich but poverty stricken, unbelievable paradox, but that’s us. I hope they wallop the black stars tomorrow. Chipolopolo is still the better team.

  20. A 35-man Zambia contingent has arrived in Kumasi for Friday’s crunch Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifier against Ghana.

    The Chipolopolo flew in from Accra where they landed via a chartered flight at midday on Thursday.

    The 2012 African champions have a little over 24 hours to prepare for the match which will be played at the Baba Yara Stadium.

    Herve Renard and his charges are expected to train at the venue tonight as the rules stipulate.

  21. How and when did the ghanian embassy know that the plane was to refill in drc. The embassy maybe lying that drc delayed to sell fuel. The air transport has the best form of communication and easily controlledby their system.

  22. Go Chipolopolo go its neva 2 late.You know wht we ar waiting for,nothing like “awe mukwai twalicelwa ukufika ku kumasi,blah blah blah. They treated us badly blah blah. The weather was not friendly blah blah. That`s why twabwela nelyakwanamungwa”
    I think i wil join Jay Jay condemning the empty suits @ f/house.They sound to be kind of …..real CNP.

  23. To say the truth,zambia knows are losing this game,now they start to lie people,at first place what were they doing in south africa? Why did they not camp next to Ghana? Our minister for sport said zambia have no excuse to lose the game today,

  24. Beloved. Is it not the same FAZ, Coach and back room staff that won the AFCON in 2012? For your own information the current technical team and players have not lost a single competitive AFCON match since 2012. When they won the AFCON, the team was camped in RSA. What has changed now? Let us support the team. Some of you who seem to have very good analytical skills on soccer matters might not even have watched any soccer match for Chipolopolo. Even if we loose we shall remain Zambians. I am waiting to read what the so called Soccer Analysts will post after we beat Ghana

  25. Frankly, some of the the comments I read here are embarrassing. If you guys care to know, Kumasi has been the home of the Black Stars for years. Ghana does not play her home matches in Accra, a fact a lot of you are just unwilling to admit. Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana. It does, however, not have an international airport. How you expect to be given special dispensation to land there directly is beyond me. Do you play your matches in Lusaka? The date of the match was set how many months ago? Please blame your own poor arrangement on your authorities. It’s a game, people. If Zambia wins, it will be hard for Ghanaians, but trust me, they will get over it. Ghana does not need to resort to tricks to defeat Zambia.

  26. Why is it dat,always, zambians find it dificult 2 google or do some research on oda countries n their cities before they talk rubish just to run-down other cities and countries? Is patetic. De fact dat Kumasi does not hav an int’l airport does not mean Lusake runs Kumasi hands down or beta still more developed dan Kumasi. U pple shud be careful wit de way u ran ur mouths on Ghana cos one of these days we will put u pple at ur rigth corner. U pple knows Ghanaians n nigerians very well but u pretend as if u dnt no us. U pple tink u can insult eh, moniter de social networks of Ghana n Nigeria den u will know dats spewin out insults is just a song 2 us, aboafunu.

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