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PF in Central Province calls for an end of endorsement debate

Headlines PF in Central Province calls for an end of endorsement debate

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Central Province has advised its members not to join in debates relating to the endorsement of a Presidential candidate for 2016 General Elections.

And the PF in the area has vowed to wait for guidance from the top leadership of the party over the matter relating to the endorsement of a Presidential candidate for the 2016 polls.

Central Province Political Secretary (PPS), Beatrice Sikazwe says the ongoing debate on the preferred candidate for 2016 on the party ticket was too early and would fuel divisions in the rank and file of party.

Ms. Sikazwe advised the ruling PF members in Central Province to desist from uttering statements regarding the endorsement of a Presidential candidate for 2016 stating that the continued commenting on the issue would result in ‘perceived infighting in the ruling party.

She said thisx in an interview in Kapiri Mposhi District , yesterday, following the recent fracas in Lusaka where PF members from two opposing camps crushed over the matter.

“I’m advising all meaning PF members in Central Province to refrain from issuing statements on this matter.

“ The issuing of statements on this matter is resulting in ‘perceived infighting in the ruling party.

“ I am happy; however, to note that so far, no party official in my province has taken part or has spoken on this matter.” Ms. Sikazwe said.

She said the ruling PF in Central Province was saddened by what transpired in Lusaka last week adding that the action will expose the party to the opposition.

“I am speaking as PPS … my humble appeal to the PF members in Central Province is that they should not engage in discussions relating to the endorsement of the presidential candidate for 2016,” Ms. Sikazwe said.

Ms. Sikazwe instead advised PF members in the Province to channel their energies towards strengthening the party as well as fostering developmental project in the area.

“As you may be aware, the President has created more districts in our Province and it is only prudent that we work hard and ensure that sustainable development is recorded in the newly created districts in our Province,” Ms. Sikazwe said.

She said the PF in Central Province, shall wait for the top leadership of the party to give guidance and direction over the matter relating to the endorsement of a Presidential candidate for 2016.

“We cannot be having the so called ‘infighting’ at the expense of development. We have a mammoth task ahead of us… let us concentrate on organizing the party we also need to focus on fostering developmental projects in Central Province and wait for our top leadership to provide direction in this matter”, Ms. Sikazwe said.

Ms. Sikazwe hoped that PF members in Central Province would heed her advice in the matter for the sake of harmony and unity in the ruling party.


  1. No! Why end the party so early? It’s only 2013 we have three more years to jive. I hope Kabimba leaves early, though.

    Nigga Daz, pass the weed!

  2. You can advise them to stop these endorsements they will come up with another dramma that will make us beasy these guys badabwisa

  3. GBM is a baboon . His low education makes it harder to engage into serious discussion . He made money using the mwenso brothers way . Stealing by not delivering but collecting payments

  4. The fact is the behaviour of party cadres and other senior leaders in our ruling party just reflects the level of ignorance that exists even in just the general population in zambia. Those leaders that don’t know what to do with the leadership roles they have been given are diverting attention from their non-performance by misdirecting people from focussing on national development issues to just making noise every day, because talking too much is what they know best – whether that is genetic or not. It is good that our president has ignored them because he knows they are non-performers. In every village there is always this lazy bugger whose job is always to just wake up and start rumour mongering while his fellow men have gone to the farms to till the land. We know them!

  5. When foolzi are arguing dont joint them coz you may end up being like them. These guys are using tactics so that the nation stops highlighting their failures and all concentrate at 2016 talk

  6. PF must continue beating each other within their party and not harming the innocent people. We are tired of amaka ya fiwa. If I knew that this is what it meant to be beating innocent people as we have seen, I would have dropped my vote in a frog. This is shameful and un acceptable. Please change for better. You are remaining with three years to go and if this continues, no matter how best you will come up with your good policies and hard work, Zambians will change the course.

  7. When opposition lamented that PF is a party of violence, what do we see today? I have never run away from my own country because of civil war and I am not of that idea. God must remove all the perpetrators of violence in any way either confusing them or defusing them into a cage of hell.
    Please the president must address these PF cadres and some party officials who are in full support of violence or else people will be refraining to attend some important funerals because of these thugs.

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